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  1. Thanks for the fix - I'm not sure why I was getting the question mark result, but this solves my problem (will investigate further no I can see a master at work). Re: XML exporting - working on this at the moment as I'm getting fed up of hard coding the tag markers many thanks David
  2. Hi Comment, I've attached a small sample - one record which has an example of this character. My current work round is also included where I use GetAsCSS to make the character "visible" then perform a substitution on the CSS version back to plain text. Many thanks in advance David Character Problem.fp7.zip
  3. Hi Comment, this is giving a "?" in the resultant calculation field - I've checked I'm returning the result as text (also tried as number) But no joy best wishes David
  4. Hi, I've got a problem with some data coming in with a line break I can't remove. When viewed using GetAsCSS it gives the following code & # 8232 ; rather than the expected <br> character of standard line breaks. This is a problem as the record is not parsing in XML so I need a away of removing it in FM. Has anyone come across this problem and do you know a way of removing this from a text string? I've attached a single record which I've copied from a much larger database. This problem is popping up randomly across a number of different fields - and is really diffic
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how I might capture the current geo-location using FM Go on iPad2. I'm working on a database that would allow people to get out and about with an iPad2 and I want them to capture the current lat/long coordinate when a new record is created. I had thought about running an applescript to extract the georeference from the iOS - but I understand applescript isn't available on these machines. Are there any apps I could shell out to, record the current location and bring that back the information into FM? If this is an option how would I e
  6. This "Reply interface" is exactly what I'm after..... so it is possible!!! I'm after something very much like this site - where the user has an interface with styling buttons. This allows the user to select some text and then apply in-line styling like bold, italic or both Does anyone have any idea the best way to do this? David
  7. Thanks, I had already thought this might work - but that only gives me a "display" method (unless I'm missing something) What I specifically want is a method where the use can modify a field - I work in publishing and have authors who access the database to write and review copy. Part of this might result in a phrase or single word being styled as italic or bold. Currently I'm having to get both Fm users and web users to hard code the paragraphs using <i>....</i> tags - which is a real pain. Within FM I can set up a button command to apply a CSS styling to an in-li
  8. Can anyone help? I am publishing layouts using IWP from FM Server 11 Advanced. Some fields have text with bold and italic styles added by FM clients (using FM 10 and 11) - these change to plain text if edited over the web!!! I need to preserve this styling as I'm using this at a later stage to generate XML tags. I'm having to resort to getting my users to key in tags <b>...</b> and <i>...</i> and <bi>...</bi> around sections or text. The problem I need help on is: 1) Convert existing styled text to something useful over the web e.g. <b>
  9. Hi Will, I'm about to embark on a similar voyage - using MS SQL Server as the back end. Any pointers would be welcome - should I give up now? David
  10. Hi Comment, This is great - the problem you identified was that I cannot assume the number of strings that might appear within a field - infact this varies from zero to over eight or nine.... This approach gives me the starting point I require Many thanks David
  11. Hi Comment, The problem is the result of a poor inital XML structure - or more accurately NO structure. I've imported XML from an InDesign document which has had some tagging applied - but as you point out it is in need of much more granularity. The end point is to extract the contents of these XML tags into different holding fields and swap the values for publiction in UK and US markets - also remove the imperial measurements for European publication. I will eventually be coding these as , , etc in the body text and holding the metric and imperial values for each value set in di
  12. Hi, I've got myself into a knot trying to solve a problem of adding XML tag pairs into a text string: Intial text: The plant is 30cm (12in) tall with dark green leaves 12-16cm (5-6in) long. Required result: The plant is 30cm (12in) tall with dark green leaves 12-16cm (5-6in) long I think I need to find the position of "cm" and work back until I find the first preceeding space then inset after that space. I can change the "in)" with a substitution for "in) but was wondering how I might do this with a caluculation for future reference i.e. find the position of "in)" a
  13. Fantastic - that works wonderfully! Thank you very much. I've just got to limit my use of them otherwise everything will be turning red..... kind regards David
  14. I've just re-read your question. There may well be a requirement to have a number of tag pairs in a single field: some text which then has a second text selected. There may be yet another here....... I don't know how many instances there might be. In long articles there could be quite a few pairs. They would all have the same structure. David
  15. Yes - the tags will be in pairs and . If we get into nesting tags these won't be used for display formating: I might end up with something like: Some text this will be red and back to original style I will then expect to see: Some text [color:red]this will be red and back to original style I can then substitute out the index tag markers in the display version. kind regards David
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