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  1. Here i found a good article from Wim Decorte and Steven H. Blackwell that covers the orange lock scenarios pretty well, it helped me resolve the issue: https://support.filemaker.com/servlet/fileField?entityId=ka10H000000bwfr&field=Public_File_1__Body__s
  2. Thank you, now you tackled a different but equally interesting subject of backing up those files. This is a particular case of a museum with tons of various container data that is hitting the disc limit. So, as far as i can see the best we can suggest is to either get the super container or buy a larger disc. That might be good enough in this case.
  3. I am asked by a fellow FileMaker Developer is it possible and in which way to store container data of the file that is hosted on a FileMaker Server 17 on a different or even remote volume. Strait from the bat i would say no but then i read this on https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/container-fields.html: "•FileMaker Pro saves externally stored container data in the same folder in which the database file is located. When externally stored container data is hosted on FileMaker Server, the data CAN BE located on a different volume from the databases, including on a remote volume. See Managing external storage of container data and FileMaker Server Help. For the love of god i could not find any clue at the offered links to relate to the above sentence ( the "different volume" and "remote volume" are not mentioned anywhere further on.) I know that you CAN store container data on a different volume if the Filemaker File is on the local machine. I also thought i know that you CAN NOT store container data on a different volume if the FileMaker is hosted on the Server. According to the above sentence from FileMaker documentation it looks like it might be possible but no clue is given further. The nice touch to it is that FileMaker on the server does give you an option to choose a different volume that you have setup previously when the file has not been hosted and then sets up that path inside its RC folder. So, i am betting that you CAN NOT store your container data on a different volume if the file is hosted on the server and i would love if someone would prove me wrong. Of course, without Python, shell script, Apple script, plugins etc... only native ways.
  4. There are a few certificates listed on the FileMaker support web pages as tested for FM Server 17 and i am trying GoDaddy one as it is the cheapest one. On 2 servers i tried so far, after more hustle then expected, i managed to install the certificates and now i got an ORANGE lock on both stating that the certificate is there but can not be trusted. Why is this happening? Could it be that they listed the certificate that is not really working well with FM Server? I have been installing GeoTrust certificate on previous servers and never had these issues... On the top of this, now it will not open my files and it is describing them as unencrypted even though they are encrypted. Is there a good way to approach this in order to understand what is going on with FileMaker 17, certificates and encryption on the files, why is it not working smoothly. I installed everything by the book and it simply does not work as expected.
  5. Thank you Olger, i have been monitoring the CPU usage for the last few weeks and it looks like it will be ok, the CPU usage never really went to high. I will definitely go for the t2.xlarge on this server with only 4 clients as it saves us $1400 and if it works we have 3 other servers with Amazon serving FileMaker clients, so the savings could potentially be significant. And i will monitor and test the performance in order to gain elaborate knowledge in terms of the limits. However, it would be nice to get to some documentation where someone already tested it and gave some more details. It is easy to go big and with expensive armor, but the real challenge is optimizing the performance to make it smaller and cheaper while keeping the same user experience. That kind of article i would love to read at this moment.
  6. Hi guys, could anyone please suggest in depth literature that goes beyond what we have on FileMaker official website (with some case studies perhaps), on hardware requirements needed to successfully run FileMaker Server 16 on Windows Server 2016 operating system for 40 - 50 users. I am asking because i would like to optimize my costs on AWS and thinking to replace the following: m4.xlarge instance that we have with: 4 (x4) core Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 processor and 2.4 clock speed (GHz); 16GB Ram and high network performance (over 600 Mb/s) WITH t2.xlarge instance with : 4 (x4) core Intel Xeon family processor with burstable performance and "Up to" 3.0 clock speed (GHz); 16GB Ram and moderate network performance (over 400 Mb/s) There will be 40 - 50 users in average active over the office hours on this platform. They did very well with m4.xlarge for a year but i am wondering now how low can i go without lowering the user experience. I guess it would be difficult to answer directly before knowing exactly how the files look like and which processes are in place, however i hope that someone can point me to some good article that tells more about these hardware requirements so i can make an elaborate decision (well i already made a decision to switch but i need to know more...) and be prepared before having to take it on my chin in case it performs bad.
  7. I am a Senior FileMaker Developer certified in 13 - 16, currently researching the possibilities to employ myself in a better way. I believe I fit your requirements 99%, the only problem being time difference. I already work for FileMaker Agency based in United States as a senior developer and managing the clients, but only for 4 hours a day. This is why I am not entirely happy with my contract and am looking for a full time job. I also trained a group of 3 younger developers, they are all certified with various skill levels. I am looking to employ them better as well, if possible. Pass me a note here or email me on: milanm@milanm.com (please don’t use the email used here on the forum) if you wish to discuss further.
  8. "imagewin:/" is giving an Error 3 - Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or model)
  9. Thank you Wim, this was a very useful read. It does not give an easy way but at least it points and tests the inconsistency of container field behaviour on Mac vs Windows over the FM versions (13,14,15) and depending on the way the pdf files are imported in the containers. The worst is that this highly buggy behaviour produced the thumbnail somehow on a PC when the files where hosted on Apple Server and FM Server 13, so users got used to it and want their buggy functionality back! I will try "imagewin:/" suggestion as well, look into a couple of plugins perhaps and report here how it worked.
  10. Has anyone had the following issue and might have a quick fix. I migrated client files from FM Server 13 residing on Mac Server to FM Server 14 residing on Windows Server. All went very well except one thing, which i would be grateful if someone could help me on. PREVIOUS STATE - The client had his files hosted on OX platform and with FileMaker 13 Server. - There is a container field in the records that would contain pdf files, these are 1 or more pages document files. - When the user dragged the file into the container field it would display as page thumbnail BOTH on Mac and Windows. AFTER THE MIGRATION TO WINDOWS SERVER - files still display thumbnails when dragged on MAC - the files are displaying FILE ICON when dragged into the container on WINDOWS. Tech boards are suggesting that Windows can not insert the file as picture into the FM container field, but there it happened before. Does anyone have any isight on this behaviour, is it documented anywhere? Thank you
  11. Hi Cril, i see this is the old post with no answer. Have you resolved this?
  12. There is a chart as described above in Nightwings scheduling solution. You could buy a developer version if you are up for spending some money and see how it's done exactly. It does not work so well with Webdirect though.
  13. There is actually a swipe ability on the list of hosts, i just had to press a bit harder to squeeze it to the left, than i got the desired delete option.
  14. Hi, i thought i knew my ways around FM Go 14, but now when i accidentally typed the wrong IP for one of my hosting servers i CAN NOT find the way to edit it and change to the correct one. Is there a black hole in my mind not allowing me to see or is it really that obscure (i would imagine that it should be an easy casual task). Please notice that i am not talking about going to "Recent" tab and swiping the file, this is not what i am trying to do - i would like to edit the remote host from the list of hosts.
  15. Certified again, this time FM 14, really a great feeling...again.

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