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    Some Help with tabing

    ...something must be wrong. I've done was tv_kid told and did not worked. :
  2. Mreis

    Some Help with tabing

    that could be.....but (and because a a newbie) how do I do it? :
  3. Mreis

    Some Help with tabing

    well...that is done from the beginning but still, everytime I had a new record, the first tab appearing is the last one visited... :
  4. Mreis

    Some Help with tabing

    wow Mr Vodka you are my replier for all posts.... ok...but can you tell me (step by step) how can I do it ("script the new record creation with a go to object step.") Very much appreciated
  5. Thank you, That is an application for FM? If I use it will I not have the problems that I've described (the files uploaded will be in the db, what the origin may be or even if the origin is changed)?
  6. Hello, I've created a tab field in the records and every time I push "new record", the cursor jumps to the last tab written (they are 3 tabs)...how can I change it so that when I press "new record" the cursor goes to the first tab?
  7. H : ello everyone! I'm building a db for by Phd investigation to be able to keep all the records available for study in one place only. Each record contain 2 fields with images (in a container field). This images are located in a separate hard drive and I've seen that if the hard drive is shut down the FM db displays a message of "not found" in the container. For now there is no problem with this, but, this db will be delivered for public consultation...so I'm wondering if I'm doing it all wrong and making hard work for having to do hard work again. I don't wont to overflow this db with unnecessary bytes but if I have to get trouble twice because of the image problem I'd rather do. Is there any "script" to later indicate the new source of the images? Can anyone give some light here? Thank you all
  8. you are again correct! now it worked! i guess I was not selecting the right field before. :qwery: Many many thanks! I solved the situation in only 2 hours...uau. Before I was developing a access db and I took more than 2 days to do what I have done so far. I'm loving Filemaker!
  9. I've tried that in the first place...didn't work. Even if I erase all the records and set the next number to "1", still goes on the supposed next. If i need a script...what would that be?
  10. From scratch. The number that my database have are just "shadows" of try-outs of records.
  11. Thank you! In the meantime (actually just now) I was able to solve it. (that was it ) But still...I cannot reset the serial to 0 or 1...
  12. You are absolutely correct. I might have to do 3 (average) or 5 or 10 altar records per church, but that is not a problem to me because each altar got to have one inventory file. I just don't want to type the same boring information in those 3, 5 or 10 records... :bang:
  13. First of all let me say that I'm going on my first steps on FM, although I wanted very much since I can't remember...but I really need some help in two points for now. (so I'm counting on you guys ) The facts: I'm building a database to help me keep the records to my PhD thesis in Art History. I have several art objects (altars) that I need to save specific information, and the places where they are (churches) also need information saved. In two (2) Layouts I'm able to save all the information I need, BUT, some fields are the same in the two tables. (about 5 fields) For instance: Layout A: Churches Registration One record per church - in that layout I have one field with an automate serial number Layout B: Altars Registration One record per altar - in that layout I have one field to REFER to that automate serial number in the Layout A. What do I want with this? what I want is: when I enter, in Layout B, the number of the record from the Layout A, the repeating fields (from the Layout A) are automatically filled in the layout B! What I've done so far: -I'm created the same fields in the 2 Layouts -I've created the relationships between the 2 Layouts (but don't know if they are correct) -I've chosen the option "Lookup" in the repeating fields. Status: NOT WORKING (off course, I'm just a newbie how could it work?) The other thing, I think it's more simple: how can I reset the serial number to 0 or 1 (no records are there yet)? Please don't forget about me or I'll be totally doomed :titanic:
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