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  1. :yourock: Thanks LaRetta! I re-indexed the Contact ID field and it returned an accurate list. What a great feeling. I'm not in the office regularly but a crash is certainly not unheard of with our setup, so I guess this is the evidence. FMPA 10 runs on an XP workstation and then another workstation on the same network opens it remotely. I'm sure one of the machines has crashed in the last little while.
  2. Thanks for your replies! I checked for a carriage return and there is nothing in the field except for the numbers 14029. And yes, it is a number field. Where would you recommend starting with an indexing problem? (Not very familiar with that kind of issue.)
  3. Hello, I have a Line Transaction table with about 113,000 records in it. When I enter Find mode, and enter 14022 (for example) in the "Contact ID" field, the results show 83 records found, 82 of which have 14022 in the Customer ID field and ONE which has 14029 in the Customer ID field. I've included the screenshot below to help explain myself... note the circled value near the bottom! Thanks for any ideas or things to look out for...... never had this happen before.
  4. Hello, thanks for reading... What I currently have is a customer info layout, with a button that runs a script to create a new invoice for that customer. I'd like to create a 'hotkey' to create the invoice, instead of mousing over to the button on the layout. When I add an OnLayoutKeystroke trigger that runs the 'new invoice' script when 'i' is detected, then of course any time you enter any data containing the letter 'i', the new invoice script will trigger. Is there a way to implement this by only triggering the script when no modifiable text field is selected? Thanks for any
  5. Oh man, this works great. thanks for the nudge in the right direction Cheers
  6. Hi, I've created a database file that needs to be accessed by three clients concurrently, and I own three computers of the PC variety. One has Vista Business installed and the other have Windows XP currently installed.... so.... the question is! Can I install FM Server 10 on the Vista machine and FM Pro 10 on the two XP machines, and access the database on all THREE machines simultaneously? Or would the Vista machine have troubles acting as papa and bambino... (and is this even possible, regardless of performance?) Thanks for any insight.
  7. That is absolutely what I was hoping for, thanks for your work on that! I very much appreciate it. Works like a charm.
  8. Hello, I need to create an invoice that, when a specific customer is selected, the price field will display pre-defined prices that are set for each individual customer. I found a sample invoice solution in this forum which I will use to help pose my question. Please refer to http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/ Using this example, I'd like to have the following happen: Adam should pay $1 per "Alpha", Betty $2 per "Alpha", Cecil $3 per "Alpha", David $4 per "Alpha" and Eve $5 per "Alpha". Ideally when the customer is selected and an "Alpha" product is added to t
  9. Hi, I created a test DB to try and script a way to pass along a customized date into a new record when it is created, but it always creates the new record with a blank field. Can someone see why this script is resulting in a blank? I've attached the database, I'm using FM 10 for the Mac. Thanks for any help! date-script.zip
  10. I want to make a simple script in my Customers table that performs a find based on a radio button that is selected in the records, but I am not sure what the proper syntax would be. The 2 value options for the radio button (which is assigned to a value list called "Method") are "Deliver" and "Pick Up", and I want to have only records with a "Deliver" value in the resulting found set. What is the syntax for scripting this? I tried to find all records where Customers::Method = "Deliver", but no records were returned, where many exist. Thanks!
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