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  1. Thanks for the response but could I bother you to please write what I need to code exactly. I have tried various forms of what you have suggested above and keep getting error's. EvaluateGroovy( "File tempFile = File.createTempFile(\"/base64\", suffix);" & ¶ & "FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream(tempFile);" & ¶ & "stream.write( new java.util.Base64.Decoder.Base64.getDecoder().decode(encodedText) );" & ¶ & "stream.close();" & ¶ & "return tempFile.toURL();" ) Thanks Spiro
  2. I just upgraded to FMP18. I use Scriptmaster to convert Base64 for electronic message delivery via PDF. This has been working perfectly with version 4.42 using the following: EvaluateGroovy( "File tempFile = File.createTempFile(\"/base64\", suffix);" & ¶ & "FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream(tempFile);" & ¶ & "stream.write( new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(encodedText) );" & ¶ & "stream.close();" & ¶ & "return tempFile.toURL();" ) In the new version of the plugin, when this same script runs I now get the following error: "Compliation failed: startup failed: Script1.groovy: 3: unable to resolve class sun.misc.BASE64Decoder @ line 3, column 15. stream.write( new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodedBuffer(encodedText) ); ^ 1 error" When I load the old plugin into FMP18, I get the no certificate error but once accepted and loaded, the older plugin works fine in FMP18. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Yes, I have been doing separate lines but unfortunately it is not a very elegant solution as there are gaps if no data is entered in the field and the other issue is not only with addresses but also with paragraphs of text that are formatted with a carriage return. I think once this issue is solved, this will be a very useful plugin.
  4. Thanks yes I figured this out - it is not very clear in the online manual that this only works in windows. I managed to create the placeholders however again Scribe looses the carriage return so formatted text (e.g. an address with three lines) is converted into one line. Is this going to be addressed in newer versions?
  5. Hi, I am having difficulty getting any great answers from 360Works Support on this issue. Has anyone managed to use the ScribeDocWriteValue to write to a word document? Support at 360 say it isn't supported and that I must use ScribeDocSubstitute, which firstly is not in keeping with their online manual (which says that the docwrite function does work with word files) and secondly the substitute functions has several limitations, in particular that it ignores carriage returns. I have been unable to get this to work and am not even sure how to make a placeholder tag in the word document, they talk about in their online manual. Any help would be great
  6. Hi, I am using EZXSLT to export to a word document. It works great but for each new template I have to hard program the export order. Is there a way to set the export order at runtime based on mappings stored in a table related to the template? Thanks
  7. Okay, I may be silly by placing this question in this forum but I am certainly having difficulty figuring this out. Is there a script to compare one text with another and give a degree of match. So a complete match would return 100% but if only two of three words in the one field are seen in the other field, 66% will be returned? What I am trying to do is evaluate a field that a user enters free text with a keywords list and then enable the user to use an "Auto Generate Keywords) based on their text to create an index table of matching fields. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  8. Have you solves this problem? I am having the same issue - amazing that 360works have not documented this fundamental step.
  9. Just to let any of those who are interested, 360Works support got back to me. The issue is that FMP converts all quotes to smart quotes. You need to have an auto calculation to convert these back to traditional "straight" quotes ore disable smart quotes from file options.
  10. Hi, I am using 360works Email plugin now for over 12 months. Been working very well until I added an e-mail with an apostrophe (e.g. megan.O'dea@email.com). No error is generated by the script and says that it is sent successfully however no e-mail is received. Anyone come across this? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. NOPE Still crashing!! I am going nuts with this problem. I have tried everything I can think of!!! Every 4-5 days, the Database Server gets a red light and stops responding in the admin console. Can't restart unless the system is rebooted!!! PLEASE anyone have suggestions??
  12. This problem has also happened to me and caused me a lot of grief. Despite calls to FMP support, no help. Then I saw this stream and decided to try the installation of V3 then V2. This did not work as it said that the version was incorrect (i.e. didn't like to install down to V2). So I decided to uninstall and try again. It was then that I think I stumbled on the problem (at least for me). Before I tell you this, a bit of background and my thoughts: 1. The problem for me: The server initially was working well for 12 months flawlessly. Then I made some changes to a few of the database field validatations which meant that some of the data would have ordinarily failed validation. I had scripts running daily on the server and each time they would run, due to data validation failure, the server would go into melt down and become non-responsive with nothing in the log. I initially upgraded to V3 due to this problem and then later realised that it was the script crashing due to data validation failure. Anyway once this was sorted out the server started working well again, for about 1-2 weeks that is. Then it randomly started to just shut down with nothing in the logs. I disabled backups, scripts, everything I could think of but it continued to crash. That is when I found this stream. 2. The WPE Component not responding error is not the problem but more a symptom. This occurs when you try and contact the IIS server when the server is down 3. When I tried to install down to V2 as suggested in this forum and it failed, I uninstalled and also went into the FMP server directories. It was then in the LOG directory (C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerLogs) that I saw a file pe_application_log.txt. This is a log of all script errors. I could not open it because it was 4.6 gig (likely as a result of my previous script error) !! So I figured, if I could not open this file in Word, Note pad or text editor then if FMP server tries to write to it it will also have problems. I deleted the log and hey presto, no more crashes (for now). So FMP you need to: 1. Have better handling of scripts errors when run server side or through the IIS (i.e. stop them going into a loop and enable timeouts to be set) 2. Limit the size of all logs and not just the Event log. I hope this helps some of you as it has been driving me nuts!!! I will keep you posted if any more crashes occur
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