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  1. Hello everyone, I have a database hosted in a FMS and can be accessed from my local filemaker clients I now want to use filemaker GO so people outside the office to have the ability to control our invoice system Now we work with the following procedure: When someone is purchased something we print a paper at our printer, and our inventory personnel takes the paper to get ready the order. Until now I did not have any problem as the file was printed from the client it did the transaction to the printer at the inventory room. But now with filemaker go I cannot print something from iphone to the printer I have at office. So I tought I can mask the invoice for printing. and then print it from the server. But server cannot print So the only solution is to buy a hole filemaker client and install it on the server so to print every lets say 5 mins. Is there a way to do it without purchasing a hole licence?? I tried filemaker runtime solution option but it cannot connect to server. Is there any plug in or something I can add to runtime solution in order to connect to the database??? Any other idea Thanks
  2. this layout that the fields that are duplicated, how many time should be done that?? I do not know how many accounts the user is going to merge. I would like to duplicate the fields dynamically. This is actually my problem.
  3. Hello everyone, I think that I need some help on how I can accomplish something. I have a table that represents banks. and an other that has the account name de debit the credit and the sum. Until now it worked fine. But now I have a new need. I want to have merged accounts What I mean by that. I have lets say a loan that is linked to a bank account the pays the loan. So I would like to have a layout that has both accounts side by side. Let me explain. I need something like this: Date | comment | account 1 credit | account 1 debit | account 1 sum | account 2 credit | account 2 debit | account 2 sum shown in list view. so if something is done to account 1 the account 2 part will be empty and vice versa. I know that I can link the accounts and add the fields in the layout and be OK. But I would like to do that with scripting. the account credit | account debit | account sum will be shiwn based on the personal user preferences of the user N amount of times lets say that I am a user that does not have access to layouts, and I want to add the merges accounts. can I manipulate the layout with scripting?? The end user in no a programmer but he will have a menu that will make this custom layout based on his needs. Thanks a lot George
  4. Hello everybody, I am looking to print a form in a text file. My problem is that the text file should be formatted to look like the printed document. example: I have a table with two columns the name and number. The exported text file I wont. Should look like this... Name Number test 3475634865 an other test 8775349875349 can I do something like this but with more than two columns??? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I am trying to find an inventory system that can show also the profit of something sold. Here is my idea for the problem. I think that it does not work as I like and that is the reason I as you here. When something is bought it is written to the inventory table with its price and quantity. When something is sold it is written also to the same table with the sold price and quantity. At every sold Item I need to have the purchased price of the product and so I search the original purchased item I marked it as sold take the price and write it to the sold item. So I have the profit of the sold item. This was easy. The problem now What if I parchase a product named "test" from a supplier with quantity 5 and price 10. Two days later I purchased some more "test" with quantity 10 and price 12. Then I have a customer that needs 3 "test" with the price of 20 and at the same day an other one who needs 6 "test" with the price of 20 I wrote a script that for the first customer takes the 3 "test" and finds the first not sold "test" it is the first 5 we bought. The script duplicates the record and makes the first one to have 3 and the second to have 2 items of the "test" product. so the customer has its 3 and so the cost of the sale is 20 - 10 = 10 For the second customer who bought the 6 I find the older free product (It is the duplicated record we created before that has 2 items) I mark it as sold take the price (10) and go to the client purchased record and duplicate its record, so to have 2 items in the fist one and 4 items to the second. So I write the 10 price to the first to sold and gives me profit 20 - 10 = 10 and also to the second record of the 4 is doing the same job but it finds a record that has more items available so the second purchased items is also duplicated so the 10 items are splitted to 4 and 6. The record that has the 4 items is marked as sold and its price is added to the remaining 4 items of the second purchase. So the profit of this is 20 - 12 = 8. So I have the hole profit of the first purchase with is 10 * 3 = 30 profit for the 3 "test" products and the second customer has 10 * 2 + 8 * 4 = 52 for the 6 "test" products The script I wrote is working but I think that the hole solution is a little bit wrong. Is there any idea I could use in order to clean the hole process?? Thanks in advance.
  6. I found the solution it is done with the Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) = "¶" script step thanks anyway
  7. Hello again I want now to start a script when return key is pressed. I tries to use the trigers but only enter can be used. I have a form where someone sets its preferences and when hitting enter to save and close the window. The I show the onlayoutkeystoke script trigger but it starts ob every key I press I need just the return key.
  8. Hello again I would like now to save some records as pdf file. The problem is that when I do it if there is a file with the same name in the user desktop it just deletes it. I just want to check if a file exists and if it is not then to tell filemaker to create me a new one. Can this be done.
  9. if I do not have data to display to blend it with the background and so make it invisible. I found here a nice idea for other objects to hide them from a layout but I cannot do it with portals.
  10. Hello again, Can I change the colors (Fill color and Pen color pattern etc) for a portal with script??
  11. yes you are right I can do that but I have to make a hole table with a relationship for just some attribute I need to check. The problem starts when I have more that 10 boxes Thanks anyway
  12. I just wanted to ask, Is there a way to have a scroll bar in my checkbox set filed. I have a value list that takes data from a table. So I do not know how many are going to be all the items in my checkbox list. I would like to have the ability to add a scrollbar. I cannot see this in field properties.
  13. hello I would like to make gray some fields in a layout. The reason is to create one layout that can be used in different circumstances. The basic layout is the same but I need to deactivate a checkbox or text filed. Lets say I have a form that has checkboxes. When I press the checkbox "other" I want to active the field near it to write in there. If it is not pressed it will be gray and inaccessible.
  14. hello I need to open a window but I do not want someone to close from it close box, but from the ok button I have. Is there a way to disable the close box button???
  15. The reason for this is that I want to display in the header of the print form the total number of pages. Also All the totals I want to be displayed only at the last page. So I could create fields that will print numbers only if the current page is equal to the last page. I was looking for a way that I can accomplish that automatically (meaning something like a get command in a calculation script). I can use other methods but I asked for something like that. I will use the other methods then :-)
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