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  1. Since Bento iis no longer updated, I started my db for my students over with FM Go. Please consider three tables :students:, :subjects:, :aplications: During time, students have several aplications on various subjects, ok? In each application, students updates their address, email and... photo In students main layout I have successfully created a portal with sorted aplications over time. I also have a beautifil big portrait near the name and wish that portrait to display the photo of the most recent aplication available for that student. So :students::portrait is a container w
  2. Not clear to me. The script works as if project is "closed", the message will appear, but after I change the value. Could you be more detailed please? Thanks
  3. Im running a db on my iPad to tracking students projects. Once a project is "closed", I must protect the evaluation fields. Used an old script called "Lock evaluation_field". If (table_status="closed") Show Custm Dialog ("Sorry, cannot change the evaluation") Else Go to Field (evaluation_field) End If Well, the script lets me to alter the evaluation anyway. It doesnt lock the field. I think this script worked for me in the past for FM 10 Pro, as I pointed it out. Please help me to refine this. Many thanks once more :)
  4. Hi comment, thanks for your reply. Have a joint table for tags is a bore and useless thing to work with. I created a file for you or someone make some sense with. Hope you can help on this. Composers.zip
  5. Ok, just created the following :Nationalities name ::Composers nationality1 nationality2 Made a X relationship between the two tables Created a portal and filtered as name = nationality1 or name = nationality2 It worked. My question is, if this procedure is praticable for large amount of records, said 500+
  6. What I want is to implement a tag system, nationalities is just a start. Checkboxes for 100s of tags is a bore. Suppose I want to assign Johann S. Bach, not only to Germany, but also to Prussia, Dresden, Leiptzig and Weimar, by the time independent States. Cant do that with checkboxes.
  7. Ok, I am not thinking in a relational table :Composer to nationality And I dont want a multiple value checkbox field. It would be nice to have ::Composer ComposerID Composer_nationality1 (value from ::Nationality) Composer_nationality2 (value from ::Nationality)
  8. Hello everybody, Can't get rid with the following question I created a database for composers ::Composers ::Nationality When adding Beethoven to Composers table, I realised he had two nationalities, German and Austrian. I have no idea how to relate my record to the national table. Please help. Cori
  9. Here goes a bar and a pie chart. I need to costumize the Y values to range 0 - 10. My pie chart doesnt work... test.zip
  10. Ok. Another questions please: How can I costumize that chart title? I found that bold black font quite heavy...
  11. Thanks you for the support. You have a wonderfull plugin and the alpha makes a really cool effect.
  12. Ok, charts working now but I have a problem with the colours, as barChartSetSeriesColor doenst work at all. Test_Chart_3.zip
  13. Ok, Im getting better, need some retouch with variables as bars wont display. Aid appreciated Test_Chart__2_.zip
  14. Just bought your chart plugin. I just need very simple things like a bar chart to display boys and girls in a classrrom. Can someone make it simple for me to understand? I guess you'll need to create a calculation field in Classes table, something like that Set Variable [ $result = Let( debug = pieChartCreate( "Gender distribution" ) and pieChartSetDataPoint( "boys" ; Class::Class_total boys ) and pieChartSetDataPoint( "girls" ; Class::Class_total girls ); pieChartShowGraphic( 360; 360 ) ) Please make it simple for me to understand, without error messagens
  15. ValueCount( FilterValues( List( relation::Field); "7")) works great for static values (eg. words and strings). I want to count values greather than "7". I tried something like this ValueCount( FilterValues( List( relation::Field); "relation::Field > 7")) However, it returns me "0"
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