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  1. Since Bento iis no longer updated, I started my db for my students over with FM Go. Please consider three tables :students:, :subjects:, :aplications: During time, students have several aplications on various subjects, ok? In each application, students updates their address, email and... photo In students main layout I have successfully created a portal with sorted aplications over time. I also have a beautifil big portrait near the name and wish that portrait to display the photo of the most recent aplication available for that student. So :students::portrait is a container with calculated value GetNthRecord (:aplications::aplications_photo;0) I unchecked Auto-Enter/ do not replace existing value of field I also tried to set field as Looked-up value with "copy next higher value". No photo displais so far. Need help.
  2. Not clear to me. The script works as if project is "closed", the message will appear, but after I change the value. Could you be more detailed please? Thanks
  3. Im running a db on my iPad to tracking students projects. Once a project is "closed", I must protect the evaluation fields. Used an old script called "Lock evaluation_field". If (table_status="closed") Show Custm Dialog ("Sorry, cannot change the evaluation") Else Go to Field (evaluation_field) End If Well, the script lets me to alter the evaluation anyway. It doesnt lock the field. I think this script worked for me in the past for FM 10 Pro, as I pointed it out. Please help me to refine this. Many thanks once more :)
  4. Hi comment, thanks for your reply. Have a joint table for tags is a bore and useless thing to work with. I created a file for you or someone make some sense with. Hope you can help on this. Composers.zip
  5. Ok, just created the following :Nationalities name ::Composers nationality1 nationality2 Made a X relationship between the two tables Created a portal and filtered as name = nationality1 or name = nationality2 It worked. My question is, if this procedure is praticable for large amount of records, said 500+
  6. What I want is to implement a tag system, nationalities is just a start. Checkboxes for 100s of tags is a bore. Suppose I want to assign Johann S. Bach, not only to Germany, but also to Prussia, Dresden, Leiptzig and Weimar, by the time independent States. Cant do that with checkboxes.
  7. Ok, I am not thinking in a relational table :Composer to nationality And I dont want a multiple value checkbox field. It would be nice to have ::Composer ComposerID Composer_nationality1 (value from ::Nationality) Composer_nationality2 (value from ::Nationality)
  8. Hello everybody, Can't get rid with the following question I created a database for composers ::Composers ::Nationality When adding Beethoven to Composers table, I realised he had two nationalities, German and Austrian. I have no idea how to relate my record to the national table. Please help. Cori
  9. Coriolan_66

    FM 11 charts

    Here goes a bar and a pie chart. I need to costumize the Y values to range 0 - 10. My pie chart doesnt work... test.zip
  10. Ok. Another questions please: How can I costumize that chart title? I found that bold black font quite heavy...
  11. Thanks you for the support. You have a wonderfull plugin and the alpha makes a really cool effect.
  12. Ok, charts working now but I have a problem with the colours, as barChartSetSeriesColor doenst work at all. Test_Chart_3.zip
  13. Ok, Im getting better, need some retouch with variables as bars wont display. Aid appreciated Test_Chart__2_.zip
  14. Just bought your chart plugin. I just need very simple things like a bar chart to display boys and girls in a classrrom. Can someone make it simple for me to understand? I guess you'll need to create a calculation field in Classes table, something like that Set Variable [ $result = Let( debug = pieChartCreate( "Gender distribution" ) and pieChartSetDataPoint( "boys" ; Class::Class_total boys ) and pieChartSetDataPoint( "girls" ; Class::Class_total girls ); pieChartShowGraphic( 360; 360 ) ) Please make it simple for me to understand, without error messagens and stuff. Thanks Test_Chart.zip
  15. ValueCount( FilterValues( List( relation::Field); "7")) works great for static values (eg. words and strings). I want to count values greather than "7". I tried something like this ValueCount( FilterValues( List( relation::Field); "relation::Field > 7")) However, it returns me "0"
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