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  1. Hi, I have data that I want to import into the same field, where I currently have a calculation where the last name gets stripped out. (eg. Bill_Smith) so only Smith appears in the field (I use the "middle"/'position' with "_" to only have "Smith" appear in the field. The question is that some of the data that I am importing has the 1st and last name switched around (eg. Jones_Nancy). So I was wondering if there is a script solution to this problem. I have got the calculation to strip out the last name in the "Jones_Nancy" example. But through the script, is there a way to select which wa
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response. I do actually have that relationship set up already, so the field in the 2nd (sum) table fill out really well (but I have to type in the item and date manually, checking against the main database to see if I got all the right items for that date). In my scripting, I think I will 1st try in the main table to 'show only 1 record for each unique item" and then continue with the script to create a record per item / per date in the other table. I think it might be more simple than creating a loop that goes through the data in the main table searching for unique
  3. Hi, I am half way there for a new script that I am doing. This part is where I am not figuring out how to do it. I have 2 tables that share a relationship 'by date". The main table has all the data in it and the other table I am needing to create a summary of all the data 'by date" and by item. The script for creating the new record and populating the data from one table to the other works well (with portals and such). However, in the main table, there are multiple records with the same item. What I was trying to figure out is how to automate is only create a record 'by date' and 'by item
  4. Hi, Thank you for your responses. I am in the freelance world, where my fellow co-workers are all freelance during a given period of months to a year (tv - film world) to a company. I have no problem passing on the database for the said project I am on, however my fellow freelances will most likely take a copy for themselves and pass it as their own for their next job. I don't mind that either, but I thought it would be nice to have a 'splash" of some sort that appears on launch saying that I creating the database. That way, if someone else (other freelancer) is using it, at least my name
  5. Hi, The database I am currently creating, I will have to pass onto the company that has employed me when my contract is up. I have to give them access to everything, but I have created a script that appears on startup (as a script) that says that says my name (Script = Show custom dialog). I was wondering if there is a way that one script can not be modified? Everyone at the company accesses the database via other account other than the me (administrator). I just hate to see all my work be given over ( I was not hired to create the database, just has become a minor part to this job)a
  6. Hi, I am wanting to create a script where by I have a new record created to sum up 'text' data per date. I have the main database of all the items sold and have another relationship database my date. Right now I create a new record in the date database and in the item field type in the item that I now sold that day. All the info comes up to do with that item. The problem is I have to manually create a record and manually cross-reference which items were sold in the main database to be able to go back to the other relationship database "date" and manually create a record per item in order
  7. Bridge

    Tracking assetts

    Hi, I just worked out my own last question. Works really well. Just wondering about something else. Just wondering if for the 'current location' if there is a way of adding a 'default' location for all the other items that have not been shipped and are still sitting in the main place of origin? Would this 'default location' have to part of a calculation or can I add it in as part of the 'options' in the original 'shipping to' field? Bridge
  8. Bridge

    Tracking assetts

    Hi, Thank you for the fmp example database. I think this is totally what I am looking for. Just a question though. Since I might be moving 10 or move items on one tracking number and the next shipment to the new location might not be the exact items, I guess the best way as what I am gathering from the database, is just as there is a drop-down menu for the item iD, each log id (shipment tracking number in my case) would also be a drop-down number. That way if the 1st 10 items were sent on the same shipment to the same location, but then only 3 of those 10 get moved to the next location, I
  9. Hi, This is more of a general question about another portion of a database I have been designing and I am not sure how to proceed. I have to track the location of a given item from one location to another (the item having been sometimes shipped to various locations before returned back to its place of origin). I want to create a tracking history of this item and also want the main database to only display the latest location of the item. How is that for confusing. Anyway, any pointers would be great. I was thinking relationships together with portals? Bridge
  10. Hi, Wow. Thank you. It totally works now. You've just given me a window into a new area of Filemaker that I am most definitely going to explore more. Thank you!!! Bridge
  11. Hi, Thank you for pointing me to the direction of custom functions (totally new to me). There are steps (lack of understanding) that I am missing. I am going to post what I have done, even though I suspect it will be totally laughable to those whose understand FMP. I created the custom function named "CollapseList" and added the function parameter called NextList. I lift the calculation box empty. And said "OK" to close the window. Then I went to my define database to a my "collapse numbers" field that I created and pasted the custom function in there and replaced the "listofvalues
  12. Hi, The field with all the numbers is return separated (between each number). I tried it again and only got the very 1st number to appear. But it is certainly since I removed the "CollapseList ( nextList )" at the end of the function, since my filemaker 8 said it was an unknown function and I was just wanting to see if I could exit the calculation window. Am I in too old a version of FMP? Still a snail - Bridge
  13. Hi, Thank you for the link to the Brian Dunning site. I found some very useful calculations / topics. But I did try the CollapseList and I am most definitely not getting it. Could it be because all of my numbers are in one field, not a value list? I also found another calculation on the same site called Pagenumbers_condensed_with_dashes. I played around with this one too, but I didn't understand in the calculation "flag". So I was not able to get through that one too. Still working on it - Bridge
  14. I have recently started using functions. I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for a calculation I would like to use. I am wanting to take a data in a field that is separated by commas and added dashes to collapse the data. This is what the data currently looks like: 210,211,213,214,376,377,400,501,502,503 I would like the calculation to produce: 210-214,376-377,400,501-503 Since sometimes the data separated by commas can be 50plus numbers in consecutive order, than a jump in the data, I am looking for a way to condense the data. Since I have be
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