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  1. Hmm..I wrote an application that does all that for AutoCAD simply by taking advantage of the Autodesk API. Why is this so hard for you people to understand. FM can't even take care of the most mundane Windows calls.
  2. Please tell me you aren't really that stupid. I guess that sound you heard was this topic going right over your head.
  3. Make an application that will read AutoCAD entity block information. Display that to the users. Allow them to change the value of the attributes and then write them back to AutoCAD. Users should also be able to fill in required information in a grid and let the system automatically create and generate AutoCAD files. Users should also be able to instruct the system to move, delete, or create new blocks without using AutoCAD. The system will generate the blocks and place them in the files accordingly. Users should also be able to fully control the layers in drawing. Including defi
  4. I've been fighting FM for quite a while. I was hired to fix the issues they have with FM because of thr seriuos limititation it has. I will challenge you to create in FM any application comparable to what I have created in a real platform. FM is neither a good database nor a good GUI maker. It was obviuosly created so that very inexperienced people can make something. Unfortunately some of these people have real businesses and now have issues. BTW. This is the fouth client that has asked me to convert them away from FM. Good for me. Keeps in business. You all keep mak
  5. All youe needed to answer originally is NO. The fact is FM cannot access another windows app. Using VBS or XML is tanatamount to you claiming to speak German when in fact I say something to you and then you turn to your freind that does speak German. I'm just trying to understand why anyone would use FM to create an application. It is even more crude than MSAccess. Heck Access at least supports SQL (not very well mind you). Reminds me of the old days of PFS an other garbage like that.
  6. ^^ Bingo. FM is not a real programming language which in turn makes things much more difficult. However, even interpreted languages such as those found in Paradox, FoxPro can all reference API's and DLL's BTW, Delphi, Java, C++ are not MS products and they do fine. So if FM is so good, show me an example of how to do the following within the code of a button click: - Add a reference to a DLL - Instantiate an object to this DLL - Execute commands against this DLL I've been a developer for over 20 years now and I can assure that I hadn't even heard of FM until 2 weeks ago
  7. Doubel translaltion. How can you say that is easier. I am stunned that FM has no way to properly interface with Windows. How can you create real business apps then. FM is then no a seriuos enough platform to do this with. Unfortunately one of my clients was sold a bill of goods when it comes to FM's abilities. Now I need to convnce them to totally cross over to a real enterprise platform.
  8. Of course I can. From within VB, Delphi, MSAccess, etc. I can easily control Excel, Word, Outlook, AutoCAD, etc. Why is this so hard to understand. That's what API's are for. It's just like if you were using the other app yourself. This allows me to code what a report is going to look like completely from within the control if the calling app. I guess FM does not have the ability to get out to any other windows app that has an exposed API. Most development environments allow control of these via objects. Like this code below: oExcel = CreateObject("E
  9. Wow. That's really convoluted. So the answer is NO then. No way to control Excel from within FM.
  10. Is there an API that can be used from within FM to generate Excel or Word reports. I don't mean export. I need something like VB that can have full control over Excel or Word. I've searched but all I can fing is info on Exporting.
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