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  1. Hmmm I'm not sure that I fully understand the part setup so that may be the source of the problem....I tried however to remedy by analyzing Comments file to no avail. I've attached 3 screenshots, one in layout, one in browse and one in preview. I can attach the actual file if you would like. It is largely based on the contact management layout provided with FMP only with a number of modifications tailored to managing leads in the window business. I've also added onto it to accommodate other needs. I guess I'll just attach that too but keep in mind what is there right now is a work in prog
  2. Thank you LaRetta I was able to implement what I needed to based off of your file. I'm surprised however that you were the only one who understood my question. I am now able to view data from table 1 in layout/table 2 as well as use it, the only problem I'm having is those text and entry fields don't show up in preview nor for printing? BruceR point taken....However in my opinion this is a resource that one might consult to inform himself. I find suggested reading more than helpful and sample files to be above and beyond that. I do attempt to inform myself on my own first but when the
  3. Here is a file attempting to accomplish the above scenario.... TestFile.fp7.zip
  4. Let me just phrase this a bit more simply because there are alot of other layouts. I have two layouts and two tables; layout 1 & table 1 as well as layout 2 and table 2. Table 1 has one number field; Cost. Layout 1 contains an input field for cost and a button. When the button is pressed I want to make the following happen. Layout 2 appears, a new record is created. Layout 2 displays the following text; "The cost from table 1 is: (Cost From table 1)" as well as 1 editable field that also displays the data from (Table 1 -> Cost). Thats what I would like to know how to do
  5. Ok I know this is probably very simple to do but I still can figure out how to make it work. In a nutshell I have been working on a database to manage leads, sales, commissions, assets, estimates, work orders, etc. This question is really applicable to relating alot of these tables and layouts but simply put what I am attempting to do is this. In my lead management layout we store contact info including name, address, phone, email, etc. As well as some of the estimate details, lead outcome, sale price, marketing info etc. All of that data is in its own table; "Contact Management". The comm
  6. Hello all I am fairly new to FMP and am at a beginners, conceptually alot of it isn't too difficult as I am familiar with Obj-C, C, some java, etc so I get some of the underlying concepts. Essentially what I have done so far is created a database for the window and door company I work for. What it presently does is store the prospects name, address, phone numbers, email, the product demoed, high price, low price, demo outcome, where the lead came from, a number of image containers to upload purchase agreements and various other docs into. It generates and emails reports and various other th
  7. That did the trick it was in the header. Thank you very much. -Mike
  8. I really appreciate your help but I still dont get what you are saying. What do you mean when you say to make sure all the data is contained within that tab. Is there a way for me to embed layouts within a tab because thats the only thing I can think to do at this point. As previously stated when I am in edit mode nothing overlaps but when I click the pencil icon and attempt to use the database all the objects from every tab appears in every tab. It doesn't make too much sense but then again its likely something I'm doing. Again if you could try to clarify, I know English isn't your first
  9. I'm not sure exactly what you are saying, can you elaborate? And how exactly do I accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thanks again
  10. Hi everyone this is my first post. I am quite new to FMP and I have been teaching myself thus far. I have some degree of experience in coding in Cocoa, ANSI C, BASIC, AppleScript and a little PHP. Anyhow I am creating a database in FMP Advanced 9 that organizes my clients, their respective systems, service records, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, inventory, active projects, notes and I would also like to implement a email message center of sorts. Basically I am attempting to develop a custom content management systems for my business. I am attempting to do this with a tab control to
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