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  1. Hmmm I'm not sure that I fully understand the part setup so that may be the source of the problem....I tried however to remedy by analyzing Comments file to no avail. I've attached 3 screenshots, one in layout, one in browse and one in preview. I can attach the actual file if you would like. It is largely based on the contact management layout provided with FMP only with a number of modifications tailored to managing leads in the window business. I've also added onto it to accommodate other needs. I guess I'll just attach that too but keep in mind what is there right now is a work in progress thus it is a little rough. Thanks again. LeadTracking.fp7.zip
  2. Thank you LaRetta I was able to implement what I needed to based off of your file. I'm surprised however that you were the only one who understood my question. I am now able to view data from table 1 in layout/table 2 as well as use it, the only problem I'm having is those text and entry fields don't show up in preview nor for printing? BruceR point taken....However in my opinion this is a resource that one might consult to inform himself. I find suggested reading more than helpful and sample files to be above and beyond that. I do attempt to inform myself on my own first but when the documentation can in some cases be fairly unorganized, esoteric and confusing it has in the past behooved to ask. I thought the scenario was presented in a fairly simple manner. From what I understand from LaRettas sample(I may be wrong however) is that the "=" relationship is an evaluation rather than a statement. I would like to thank everybody for their replies so far and in the future. LaRetta I appreciate that you relate to people in a personal manner and seem to go above and beyond the average poster. I appreciate being welcomed as a beginner on this board, not being viewed as out of place and consequently ostracized. While I am a beginner with regard to this particular skill set I do have experience in thinking and articulating logically....namely C, Objc-C, Java, Visual/Real Basic and more. I do apologize if my question was perceived as being vague though I do feel it was presented logically. Thanks. Mike
  3. Here is a file attempting to accomplish the above scenario.... TestFile.fp7.zip
  4. Let me just phrase this a bit more simply because there are alot of other layouts. I have two layouts and two tables; layout 1 & table 1 as well as layout 2 and table 2. Table 1 has one number field; Cost. Layout 1 contains an input field for cost and a button. When the button is pressed I want to make the following happen. Layout 2 appears, a new record is created. Layout 2 displays the following text; "The cost from table 1 is: (Cost From table 1)" as well as 1 editable field that also displays the data from (Table 1 -> Cost). Thats what I would like to know how to do in a nutshell....the script question I'll work around, I think I know how I will handle that issue. In other words the essential question that the above scenario presents is the following: How can one enter data in a field in layout + Table 1 and have access to that data in layout + table 2. If someone can help me with that I should be able to apply it to the original scenario and accomplish what I'm looking to do. Thanks, Mike
  5. Ok I know this is probably very simple to do but I still can figure out how to make it work. In a nutshell I have been working on a database to manage leads, sales, commissions, assets, estimates, work orders, etc. This question is really applicable to relating alot of these tables and layouts but simply put what I am attempting to do is this. In my lead management layout we store contact info including name, address, phone, email, etc. As well as some of the estimate details, lead outcome, sale price, marketing info etc. All of that data is in its own table; "Contact Management". The commission layout has its own table; "Commission". This layout is used to calculate sales reps commissions and generates a report. What I am looking to do is use various data from the "Contact Management" table, after the lead info is entered and if a sales is made a "Generate Commission" button is pressed. It switches the layout and creates a new record. In that new record in the "Commission" table/layout I would like to import data from the above lead such as Name, Address, Contract Date, Sales Rep, Sale Price, Customer #, etc. essentially linking a commission report with a given sale. So the question is: 1) Is the best way to do this via relationships in order to display and manipulate data from "Contact Management" in the "Commission" table and layout and how do I go about doing that? 2)In order to in fact link these and then view them at a later date my above approach of click a button, switch layout & create a record is obviously flawed in the sense that when I pull up that lead after the commission has been created and attempt to view it again by pressing that button it will ultimately create a new record. What is the best way to link the two layout? Sorry if this seems fairly trivial but I can't seem to figure it out. Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hello all I am fairly new to FMP and am at a beginners, conceptually alot of it isn't too difficult as I am familiar with Obj-C, C, some java, etc so I get some of the underlying concepts. Essentially what I have done so far is created a database for the window and door company I work for. What it presently does is store the prospects name, address, phone numbers, email, the product demoed, high price, low price, demo outcome, where the lead came from, a number of image containers to upload purchase agreements and various other docs into. It generates and emails reports and various other things. It works great for this but I would like to add an additional layout that I can generate a work order for the factory with. The idea will be to add a button in the main layout to add a work order, the new layout will display the clients name and other information in a header along with an auto-generated work order #. What I would like to do is have a number of contextual menus below. The first being the series of the window but I would like the data that populates the model list to be based on the series selected and so on and so forth. I know there is some pretty good stuff here on dynamic value lists but alot of it is still a bit over my head so if anyone could point me to a good article for beginners or a sample layout that would be great. Ok so thats problem number 1, heres number 2. The layout will look as follows: Header with name Auto-generated WO # address Phone number ___________________________________________________________ Contextual menus: Series, Model, Glass Pack, Grids, Color Check Boxes: Tempered Glass, Double Strength, etc Text Fields: Width, Height, Quantity, etc ok so you can now picture the layout but since the quantities, series and models all vary from job to job I was wondering if there was a way that by default it will just display one row of the above menus, boxes, etc and with the use of an "Add" button I could add additional rows? If so if anyone knows of a good starting point for that sort of thing it would be very helpful. If not perhaps there is an alternative approach that I could utilize with a relational database where I simply added a new record for each item and could have them displayed in a list view of sorts? Thanks, Mike
  7. That did the trick it was in the header. Thank you very much. -Mike
  8. I really appreciate your help but I still dont get what you are saying. What do you mean when you say to make sure all the data is contained within that tab. Is there a way for me to embed layouts within a tab because thats the only thing I can think to do at this point. As previously stated when I am in edit mode nothing overlaps but when I click the pencil icon and attempt to use the database all the objects from every tab appears in every tab. It doesn't make too much sense but then again its likely something I'm doing. Again if you could try to clarify, I know English isn't your first language so maybe I'm interpreting your response wrong. I'll upload a PDF of what it looks like when trying to use the database. In the meantime I'm going to search for a basic working example with tabs in it.
  9. I'm not sure exactly what you are saying, can you elaborate? And how exactly do I accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thanks again
  10. Hi everyone this is my first post. I am quite new to FMP and I have been teaching myself thus far. I have some degree of experience in coding in Cocoa, ANSI C, BASIC, AppleScript and a little PHP. Anyhow I am creating a database in FMP Advanced 9 that organizes my clients, their respective systems, service records, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, inventory, active projects, notes and I would also like to implement a email message center of sorts. Basically I am attempting to develop a custom content management systems for my business. I am attempting to do this with a tab control to separate all of the above categories. While I am in editing mode everything is fine but when I transfer to form mode the data from each tab overlaps with each other. I only have two form done so far so to give an example; the forms, data, text and everything else from the clients and systems tabs are overlapping and visible in the clients tab in fact they are visible in every tab. If someone could help me remedy this it would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone could recommend a good book, tutorial, documentation or otherwise that would be a good learning tool to understand some of the more complex capabilities of FMP it would also be very helpful. I am aware of the learning center and will be checking that out but anything in addition to that would be great. Thanks in advanced. -M.V. Hurlburt
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