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  1. Hello All, The attached file is the simulation of my excel worksheets. I have three (3) accounts Admin, John & Lola all the three (3) accounts has no password. In my layout "ReportsEquipmentTime", I want that If I click the "project x equipment" button I will see only the record of the current account that is login. The script that Im using is Set Error Capture [on] Allow User abort [off] Set variable[$_columns; Value: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "Equipment" )] Set variable[$_rows; Value: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "ProjectCode" )] Set Field[Users::RELOGIN; Get(AccountName) Enter Find Mode [Pause: off] Set Field [DailyReports::CreatedBy; Set Error Capture [on] Perform Find [] Go to layout ["ReportsEqipmentTime" (ReportsEquipmentTime; Animation: None] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Column Headers; $_columns] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Column Source; "EquipmentUsed"] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Row Headers; $_rows] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Row Source; "ProjectCode"] Commit Records / Request [With dialog: off] Please see attached File. Thank you Lola Hours.fmp12
  2. Lola

    FM Quickstart 17

    Hello DB Services, In your FM Quickstart 17, in the Company - List Layout and Location - List Layout script triggers you mistakenly put (OnLayoutEnter - Quote - OnLayout Enter - save Last Visited View) Thank you.
  3. Kabayan...try this link and this link
  4. Hello All, I have two tables, Material table and Material Transaction table In my material table I have the Quantity on Hand a Calculation Field (Sum ( Material Transactions::Units In | Out )) and on my Material Transaction I have the following Fields Quantity Dispensed ; Quantity Returned ; Type (Auto Enter Data "In") ; Units In | Out which is a calculation field(If ( Type = "Out" ; 0 - Quantity Returned ; Quantity Returned ) In my portal from Material Transaction I have a button bar (In | Out) which there is a single step script that set the type into In or Out which is not working and my Quantity on Hand and my Quantity Returned is not matching which is my problem. I want also that my Initial value for Quantity returned is my Quantity Received from my parent table. Attached is the file that I'm working. Thank you so much in advance. Material Transaction.fmp12
  5. Thanks Rivet, This is awesome! Nice UI.
  6. Kabayan, See this thread & this link...may be helpful.
  7. Lola

    Progress Bar / Wait Card Window

    In Addition to Agnes Riley Link...also this
  8. Lola

    Missing Themes in Pro 16

    Do you mean FileMaker Pro Advanced 16?
  9. Thanks Dough & Steve...I really appreciate it...
  10. Hello All, How can I capture all the materials that are going to expire and for retest this month. My problem is with my present graph relationship (Retest) it will not capture all the materials that are due for retest this month. it only capture today's date and future dates and also it captures the next month dates same with my expiry relationship. I have attached the file that Im working on for your reference Thank you so much.. Retest_Expiry.fmp12
  11. Lola

    Auto enter

    Hi Steve, Thank you for the reply. Do you have any link that I can take a look? Thank you
  12. Lola

    Auto enter

    Hi Bcooney, Sorry for my Avatar. I will change it. I will upload try to upload the file again when they fix https://fmforums.com/announcement/10-ssl-certificate/ Thank you. Hi Bcooney, The file is uploaded. Thank you. Invoices.fmp12

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