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  1. Kabayan, See this thread & this link...may be helpful.
  2. Lola

    Progress Bar / Wait Card Window

    In Addition to Agnes Riley Link...also this
  3. Lola

    It's been 4 days

    This may help..
  4. Lola

    Missing Themes in Pro 16

    Do you mean FileMaker Pro Advanced 16?
  5. Thanks Dough & Steve...I really appreciate it...
  6. Hello All, How can I capture all the materials that are going to expire and for retest this month. My problem is with my present graph relationship (Retest) it will not capture all the materials that are due for retest this month. it only capture today's date and future dates and also it captures the next month dates same with my expiry relationship. I have attached the file that Im working on for your reference Thank you so much.. Retest_Expiry.fmp12
  7. Lola

    Auto enter

    Hi Steve, Thank you for the reply. Do you have any link that I can take a look? Thank you
  8. Lola

    Auto enter

    Hi Bcooney, Sorry for my Avatar. I will change it. I will upload try to upload the file again when they fix https://fmforums.com/announcement/10-ssl-certificate/ Thank you. Hi Bcooney, The file is uploaded. Thank you. Invoices.fmp12
  9. Lola

    Auto enter

    Hello All, I am using the invoice starter solution, I add a Catalogue Field to the Invoice Data Table which is an (Text ; Indexed, Look up from related Table Products::Item) I've been playing over the weekend but I cant make into work. If I put the Catalogue Number my item its not filling automatically. Can you please help me. I have also attached the file that Im working for your reference. Thank you Invoices.fmp12
  10. Lola

    Show All Previous Post

    Hello Admin, How can I find all my previous (old Post) since I started posting in the forum? Thank you.
  11. Lola

    Help with relationship

    I removed the constant in the relationship..still did not change my result still showing "?"
  12. Lola

    Help with relationship

    I used the constant in the relationship to match the same record. Is there a way that I can make my Material Stock a Number field but still always show my current stock when I change my Quantity Dispense Field? Thank you.
  13. Lola

    Help with relationship

    Hello All, I have a problem with my relationship. In my Dashboard I have an alert that will tell me how many materials are expiring & to be retested but my problem is it showing me a "?" The relationship graph is below Dashboard Fields Constant = 1 Constant Today = Get (CurrentDate) Global Number = Number field Value is 1 Material_Expiring Today Constant = 1 Material Expiry Date = Date Field Material Stock = Calculation (Material Quantity Received - Sum ( Material Transactions::Quantity Dispensed ) If I change my Material Stock into a Number Field It will show my desired output. Please see attached file that Im working. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you Materials (2).fmp12

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