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  1. Hi Lee, I already deleted all the tables that is connected to my material table, but still giving me same result. The custom function that Im using is on my inbox.
  2. Hi Lee, Thanks for the reply, How can I solve the problem? Thank you
  3. Hello All, Please find attached two sample files that Im working. In Materials_DB1 when I create a new record my lot numbers are repeated, while in Materials_DB2 it works fine. is there something wrong with my other file? the monthly serial that Im using is from Daniel (Raybaudi ) Materials_DB1 Username is Admin PW: No Password Thank you so much in advance Materials_DB1.fmp12 Materials_DB_2.fmp12
  4. Rank function

    Please see this link thanks
  5. In my example, at present we are using Inventory card, they will get the card from me, then they will write what is the Quantity they returned and the Quantity they used, then I will transfer it to filemaker. Thanks,
  6. Sorry for the confusion, my bad...is my example can be done using FM? Thanks.
  7. Hi Comment, Thank you very much for the file. I really appreciate it. To explain my self well please find expected result below For Example if I put Quantity Received is 15 Im looking for the result below Date Issued Returned cUsed 8/1/2017 7 8 7 8/3/2017 5 3 5 8/4/2017 3 0 3 I would appreciate if you can revise your example file. Thank you so much.
  8. Hello, Thank you for the response, Sorry for not making myself clear I want to trace the Lot Number and particularly the Quantities of Materials used.. "Can you ever receive material from the same Lot Number more than once?" Im only allowed to receive once. Thank you.
  9. Hello All, I want to trace the Lot Number and How many quantities in which a certain material was used in a certain product until it finished. My problem is I need help to my calculation to my Quantity Balance and Quantity Returned Fields because I cant figure it out. In the attached File If I Received like for example 50Kg and they Dispensed 23Kg I Have a Quantity Returned of 27Kg, but in my Quantity Balance Field it shows only 4 Kg. and when I put 27Kg to my Quantity Dispense Field my Quantity Balance Field Shows 0 but in my Quantity Returned Field it shows 23Kg. Please find attached file that I'm working. Thank you so much in advance LoLa Inventory_Transactions.fmp12
  10. Hello All, I want to use the FM starter solution (Invoice). in the Webdirect Layout (Invoice Details | Web) I want to create a new customer using the button (Select) but Im getting an error ("This operation cannot be performed because one or more required related records are not available and cannot be created"). What is wrong with the starter solution? Is there anything that I'm going to change to correct the problem? Thank you
  11. Hello Gurus, Hope all is well. Please help me modify the payment info popover for invoice starter solution. I added one more choice (Received) to the radio button field "Method". What I want is if I select the "Received" it will only show The Date and the Received. Please find attached file that Im working on. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. Invoices.fmp12
  12. see this link.. http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-oauth-dropbox-part1/
  13. filemaker 12 extension is .fmp12
  14. Toggle Sort & Unsort Button

    Please comment to my final file for improvement thank you Sort.fmp12
  15. Toggle Sort & Unsort Button

    Hello, Profile updated...how can I make the other material name button not showing if I will click the material code button. thanks

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