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  1. Thanks Lee, The font I actually used is called Latin 725, it is my employers corporate typeface. They requested this font to be used in FM to keep it in line with their "brand identity". I assume the font is swapping out to helvetica on your machine so it must look even worse than I had imagined I will try replace the font across the layouts to something that is more cross platform and see if that has any effect. I would never have even guessed at the font been the problem, thanks for the pointer. Lee Edit... **** You were right, there is some helvetica in there too. I will change all the fonts to 'arial' and see how it goes.***
  2. Thanks for looking & checking it out Lee. The problem is there is no set routine for making it crash on my machine. This morning it crashed just by resizing the window, I honestly now think it is the program rather than the DB. I will try replicate the crash with a different DB which I did not create. Thanks again Lee P.S Sorry for the delay in a response but I'm in the U.K.
  3. Thanks once again Lee, this really is a great place for a new starter like me. I may end up posting a copy up on here for someone to have a look at if possible. I will need to remove most of the records though, client confidentiality and all that, but the structure will be the same. Cheers Lee ***** Edit **** I've attached the file now. I have removed all the records and left a few dummy ones. If you create a client , add a contact then add a new job it should work. Its just crashed on me flicking between the layouts. P.S Please dont laugh at my initial attempt at any database in any program -) Only had a manual and 2 weeks to produce it......erm it shows. Not exactly up to your levels on here but its just an initial DB to see if I can get it to work, some of the buttons wont work and design is all over the place. If someone could have a quick look then that would be great. It should autologin in - if not the user is Admin but no password (Default). Many thanks once again Lee Lees_FM_Problem.zip
  4. Yes Lee I did, looking like a full re-install this. One thing I did note today is that the DB crashed when I was running a certain script , very simple one with a set variable using feild in current layout - set field in new layout using the variable name. Tried it 5 times and 5 times it crashed in the same spot. I opened it on the PC and it worked!! Rebooted and it then worked on the Mac! Ive asked for another Mac to trial the DB on, if the problem goes away then it the install on the inital Mac. If it doesnt then it the DB.....seems the only way I can really test it.
  5. Sorry about that. They are not been shared at all, absolutely no sharing. I am not using time machine, I manually backup my work to a 1TB Lacie disk. Thanks again.
  6. Repaired beyond all recognition or so the O.S tells me. Even booted up from original O.S disks and used the disk utility tools.
  7. Hi Guys, Many thanks for the suggestions. Just a little update for people who may experience a similar problem. I decided to try and work on the original DB for about four hours last night at home on FM via the laptop (Windows XP) rather than my Mac at work. FM did not crash once nor did the database corrupt itself silently in the background. I fired up the original file on the Mac this morning and tried working again on the Mac and FM crashed inside 45 mins and has continued to crash every hour since pretty much. I'm edging towards that the problem lies with the OS and/or setup of my local machine. I have re-installed FM and it still crashes so it must be something that FM doesn't like with the OS or the OS has a more deep rooted problem. Unfortunately I cannot re-format and start again just yet as the mac is where I edit video for my employer and I don't fancy a 6 hour install of Final Cut again. Has anyone else experienced problems with FM pro 10 on 10.5.7 using an Intel mac? Maybe its a co incidence that the PC didnt crash or maybe it isnt! I'll try again tonight and see how it goes. I do have parrallels Desktop on my Mac which I could use FM on if needs be. Many thanks, keep up the good work! Lee
  8. I really should rephrase that as it sounded very arrogant and pig headed, I've basically only copied their work all be it in another program (and I cant even do that right by the looks of it). Ill try the locate the patch, although I did run the updater and it returned no results.
  9. Hi Guys, Many thanks for the response to my 1st post, I just wish it could have been something better than a "Help me I'm new!", but everyone starts somewhere I suppose. I'm totally at a loss to what it is now. As of 5 mins ago the DB has not corrupted today but FM pro 10 has crashed about ten times. Each time the DB opens back up fine, all be it without the past few minutes changes. On 2 occasions FM just hangs and uses 100.1% (yes 100.1%?!?) of one of my processor, this then requires force quitting. I've re-installed FM today too but still the same problem. The program can crash at any point too - layout changes or simply browsing the files in makes no difference. In currently running Mac 10.5.7 with 2 x 2.8ghz quad cord intel xenon procs and 10GB DDR2 Ram. I recently upgraded to 10.5.7 but unfortunately I only had FM running for 2 days prior so cannot really tell if its down to the OS update. In response to a few of the questions above (thanks by the way) Do you have FileMaker server on a dedicated machine? - Yes, I'm only working with FMPro10 on my local machine. I don't have FMserver (yet) or advanced (IT ordered wrong stuff!) so am just creating the DB locally. Do you have OS level sharing turned off to the file location? Yes - all sharing is turned off as is web access. Do you do a lot of schema changes to the live files? The DB schema is not really getting changed. The DB does have around 100,000 records but its not really advanced in terms of live schema changes. Plus the DB is purely text, i.e no container fields. The only images I have in the DB is a company logo, button (resized for various layouts) and a left and right banner graphic. The most dissapointing thing is that I have done in 1 week using FM (with the missing manual) what it took the two guys that left the database over 1/2 years to do in MYSQL. The problem is I dare not implement it when it seems so buggy. I will remove the graphics and see how it goes I suppose. Many thanks once again guys Lee
  10. Hi all, I've been a voyeur on here now for a while and have learned some pretty invaluable lessons from you clever folk. I'm a total FM newbie but decided to try and teach myself it in order to replace my companies aging and unsupportable mysql/html database system. Last week I suffered a non recoverable data corruption (Something to do with the permissions been tampered with?) on the DB which made me return to the previous back up. I created a 'clean' file and started again, copying and pasting layouts etc and imported the tables/scripts etc. This made me very nervous and therefore I started to create a backup every hour. Ive come in today and the last 6 backups on Friday are all corrupt. The file was working fine when open but something happened just before lunch that broke the saved file. Luckily this time the file could be recovered. I am very concerned that FM doesn't seem to be very stable. The file only has about 20 scripts and the same number of layouts and this is now the second time the files corrupted. The most worrying thing is that the file corrupts 'silently'. If I introduced the system this means that days/months worth of current jobs/invoices/orders etc could be lost due to the file corrupting silently and thus all the backup been corrupt too. Could I have some script/layout/data field etc in the DB which is causing the corruption. The log doesnt tell me a right lot. The FM DB looks very nice to the eye and works as I would have hoped so far but I am so scared of implementation with so much possible corruption. I think I will re-install Filemaker and try again. Is there a best practice for creating a New DB after corruption? Is it ok to simply copy & Paste then import the data again or will I be just copying over the problems. Many thanks A slightly concerned Lee
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