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  1. Hello! I have a table that contains 3 text fields (med, qty, directions) and they can all repeat up to 8 times in a record. So, something like this: MED(1) QTY(1) DIRECTIONS(1) MED(2) QTY(2) DIRECTIONS(2) MED(3) QTY(3) DIRECTIONS(3) etc. I would like to have a 4th column/field that contains a serial number for each of those lines. I don't mind if each record gets 8 serial numbers, so long as I can hide the extra ones. How do I do this? I have a separate layout for the form where I can just hide the extra serial numbers- if I could have help with that though too that would be great. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a database to record data entry errors. In the "Log" table the user selects the transgressor from a value list "staff" that pulls from a field called "StaffID" in a table called "Staff". I would like the values displayed to be from a second field- "Staff::Username". Unfortunately, "Username" is a calculated field - Right(Users::LoginID;Length(Users::LoginID) - Position(Users::LoginID;"";Length(Users::LoginID);-1)) "Users" is a external SQL database. The values of LoginID read like DOMAINNAMEUsername so the calculation is to trim off the domain name and the slash. If I try to create the desired value list, when I specify the fields for it, I select "Staff::StaffID" for the first field and "Staff::Username" for the 2nd (displayed) field. When I do that, I get this: This value list will not work because the field "Username" cannot be indexed. Proceed anyway? And the value list doesn't work. Am I missing something? I'm sure there is a better (working) way to do this.
  3. Thank you sir. Given the price difference, I can get over not having IWP.
  4. Forgive me for asking, then- What is the benefit of FM server (non-advanced), over FM advanced (non-server)?
  5. Just want to make sure I've got something straight here: Filemaker Pro 11, Advanced, and Server Advanced all have IWP, but the plain Server version does not?
  6. That works! I actually get it now. Thanks so much. Now I just need to figure out the report thing you had mentioned. And how to attach a scanned pdf that proves each affiliation.
  7. Thanks for all of your help. I love your example but adding the third table into the mix is confusing me. Does this look right?
  8. Thanks. That unfortunately doesn't mean a whole lot to me but it sounds like a good starting point. I'll try it out!
  9. Hello, Sorry to put this in Value Lists, since it is much broader. I wish to build a file that lists what nurse works for a particular doctor, and what facility they work at. A doctor can work at multiple facilities, and a nurse can work for multiple doctors but only one facility. It would be super great if I could pull up a facility, and have it list which nurse works at that facility and for which doctors, or pull up the doctor and list what nurse works for that doctor and what facilities they work at, or pull up the nurse and list what facility and doctors they can work for at that facility. I have no clue where to begin! TIA edit: Maybe this would help someone help me. The list I currently have (edited, of course!): Dr. A Facility 1 Nurse Jane Nurse Cindy Nurse Mary [*]Facility 2 Nurse Tyrone Nurse Katrina Nurse Andy [*]Facility 3 Nurse Fred Nurse Tupak Nurse Shelley Dr. B Facility 2 Nurse Tyrone Nurse Andy [*]Facility 3 Nurse Tyrone Nurse Katrina Nurse Andy Nurse Bobbie Nurse Felicity [*]Facility 5 Nurse Johnny Nurse Cheryl Dr. C Facility 1 Nurse Jane Nurse Mary [*]Facility 6 Nurse Gizelle Nurse Poppy Nurse Frank Nurse Guiseppe Nurse Henrietta
  10. I'd like them to be able to enter the field, then start typing the result they are looking for. The desired selection will then be highlighted, and they can press enter. Apparently, pop-up boxes don't give you that option (under control style in layout mode). If you change it to a drop-down box, the "auto-complete" check box appears in the field control menu, but is greyed out. I've got them using it, but now they want radio buttons for the errors! I told them no; it would be too complicated to make a radio button list for the errors, that was based on the error category.
  11. Do you know why I can't use the autocomplete function on fields in the Log table?
  12. Great points. Thanks. I like the manager flag thing- that way we can track their errors, too. Nothing is wrong with the full name. I just wanted it to be as thoughtless as possible. Managers will complain that they don't know everyone's initials, and that they don't know which initials equate to what name. If you worked with these people, you'd might understand. Not a big deal, though. Thanks for all your help.
  13. Yeah, that's what I am looking for! Thanks a lot. I wanted to put it together myself, but your example is too tempting not to use. I'll pick it apart sometime. The list for the manager should probably be separate entries, but I can figure that out. Is there any downside to using their initials for the staffID, and is it possible that they can select from either their name or initials in the log layout?
  14. Hello, I've read through posts regarding what seem like similar situations, but I am afraid I just can't wrap my brain around the examples. I need to track errors for employees. I need to make the database as easy as possible for the managers to use, otherwise they won't use it. The first field would be the manager selecting their own initials from a simple value list. The 2nd & 3rd fields would allow them to select the initials of the offender, OR, the offenders name. If they picked JMS in field 2, then John M. Smith would get automatically filled out in field 3, and if they picked John M. Smith from field 3, JMS would be filled out in field 2. I assume I would have to have a separate table that contains the offender's initials and name. The 4th field would be the category of the error (packing or typing). There will be different kinds of errors for the two different categories, so the 5th field would only show values related to that kind of error. for example, if they picked "packing", this field would only let them select 1,2, or 3, but if they picked "typing", they would select from A, B, or C. It would be fancy if they could skip field 4 and select from 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, in the 5th field and then field 4 would be automatically filled out, but that is definitely not necessary. The final fields would just contain the auto-calculated time and date of the logging. I would need to be able to create charts and reports later on, based on these results, but I'll tackle that later! Sorry for the basic questions. Thanks.
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