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  1. I have a Submit button (with an an exit application step), and I modified the iwp_home page to just have a javascript onload.redirect countdown timer that actions on 0.
  2. On a webpage use window.open to get around the popup blocker issue: <a href="http://your.ip.add.ress/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=yourDBname&amp;-loadframes" onclick="window.open('http://your.ip.add.ress/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=yourDBname&amp;-loadframes','yourDBname'); return false;"><span class="btn_text">yourDBname</span></a> D'oh, just realised the OP was 2007... m.
  3. As I have no answer to my other request - which probably can't be done. I am thinking: 1. a webpage has a small iframe loading a (IWP) search layout 2. typing search text in 'name' field and click search button. 3. search script includes open new browser URL script step 4. the resulting browser window has a larger iframe with the search results layout. Does anyone see that this wouldn't work? Thanks in advance. m.
  4. Currently my employer's website has a button that opens a new browser window with the IWP and search layout loading. No problem, everything works as designed. However, the boss now wants their main HTML page to have a small name search field on it. Upon entering text, eg "John Smith" and clicking search, this should open a new browser window and the IWP search layout with John Smith entered and ready to commit. Is there a way to do this without messing with PHP (I have no idea) custom web publishing?
  5. Many thanks Comment. Worked a treat. Got all contact names and their organisations showing on the new record, and most importantly all the email addresses (in a hidden field). I can now generate an email, BCC'd to all. Next problem is sending attachments and/or HTML emails, but I guess that's where an FM plugin would be needed, I suppose.
  6. You're probably right. I imagine that could be achieved by post-processing an export (Excel) file. I like Comment's simpler approach which suits me as a novice.
  7. Thank you very much Mr Comment. I will give it a whirl, later today and report back. Cheers. David.
  8. Sorry. I should have written that 200 would be the exception. Probably ~50 for most emails.
  9. Thanks. Probably ~200 max. Using FileMaker's built-in email facility. Also, I've checked with out IT, and the SMTP server can easily handle that many.
  10. One record (of the email sent) showing who received it.
  11. Thanks. The purpose of the second table is to keep a record of all the emails sent (with referenced attachments) and to who.
  12. Thanks. Single email to all found contacts. Name and Company info is just for the user to see before sending the email.
  13. I am not able to properly describe things, suffice to say its the first table contains over 1500 contacts, the second table has no records yet. My intentions were to: 1. Find a group of contacts in Table1, then 2. Execute a script from Table1 that would capture the Name, Company and Email fields, then create a new record in Table2 (with a scrolling non-editable text field that simply shows those found contacts - just for the user to see). The Table2 layout would also have email subject and email body fields as well as a couple of containers for attachments. Then 3. Gen
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