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  1. Thanks, can you give an example? I am actually doing this with a loop function. The problem I have is that after the loop I end up on the last record, not on the current onne. I am also trying with: set variable [$ITEM; field] Go to find mode set field [field;$ITEM] perform find if [field<>""] Exit script Does not work...
  2. Hi all, I am trying to create a report where it shows sub totals sort by projects. As projects are really big, I need to break the report so that each project can be "separated" in a different page. Can this be done? If I do "Find" I lost the sorting set up, but I need to keep it. thanks.
  3. Hi all, I am creating a portal and from that portal I want to populate records of another table. I am doing this with set variable and set field. The problem is that if I click more than once the button on the portal row, the script create duplicate records. Ideas to avoid this duplication?
  4. Thanks, this is the best I achieved. The really strange thing is that I resize the pop up window 2 times and it magically works... Windows magic... window.zip
  5. Oh that's great. Why they do this? It's really boring. Are there any possible ways (excluding trowing of the window the pc) to avoid this? Any Windows settings?
  6. Well, cool solution, but the problem with this is that what you find is not "clickable". I mean, on the portal I am using buttons with scripts and that is important to me, more than doing a serach for two different fields. Did you had a look at the file? I really don't understand why the portal shows just 1 row!
  7. Hi all! I know that is a basic question, anyway, how do I avoid the current window to resizie when pop up a new window? I mean, I created various pop ups, so it would be better to have just the pop up without any changing of the original window.
  8. Thanks for helping! I have been working on this all this morning (rainy day). This thing is really challenging. Now, I can search different fields, but the portal report just 1 row. It's a weird behaviour because it does the search, but it shows only the first rercord and not the others similar. ............ I have put all the calculation to text and translated all names to english :) SearchMultipleFields.zip
  9. This is what I am trying to do. I want to be able to search in the "CODICE ARTICOLO" or "DESCRIZIONE" by selecting this option in a global field. multipleColumnSearch.zip
  10. Hi all, I am trying to create a portal that: 1)Has a google search type - did this! 2)Has the possibility to decide where to search (for example: search for articles, search for descriptions, etc.) - getting mad to do do this... Does anyone has a solution? I solved the first point making a global field, then a calculating field related to the record I want to search. For the second point, I have been trying to use the getfield, but no results. Thanks.
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