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  1. Thanks for the link, But Im sorry I still cant seem to get it done, Can anyone please guide me through it step by step? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi, I want to publish one of my file through FMServer. When I access it through IWP, there will be a default "Instant Web Publishing" Page for us to select our database to view. The thing is, I intend to only publish a single database in FMServer, and I was thinking whether can the default page of IWP be remove and go straight to my database? Another thing is, I have already set my file option to "Log in using:" my admin name and password, and also performed script to go my main page. Once I access my database with IWP through FMServer, it will come to this log in page about "Guest
  3. Sorry im abit late here But u mention there are other ways to do this.. Can u teach me how? : Many thanks
  4. Thanks Lauren for ur reply : After I saw ur example..I kinda got what I want there..Selecting "Use values from field" instead of "Use custom values" kinda solved my problem : With that I can add new values.. The problem now is how do I remove or edit one of the value in the list instead of removing it one by one from the database? Can it be done without going into layout mode or without the "Edit.." function? Eg.. I have an existing database with PackagePlan DropDownList, Values : Plan A, Plan B, Plan C.. And now I want to remove Plan B from the list when Plan B is no longer ava
  5. Sorry im still new here, now sure whether these questions are at the rite place.. just trying my luck.. Q1 : I was wondering is there any script that enable me to edit value list with a click of a button in browse mode? Other than the "Edit..." function.. Q2 : When we convert our filemaker file to php, how do we edit our value list? Will the "Edit..." still appear at the bottom of the value list and pop up a window for us to edit it?
  6. Thanks for ur reply.. Can someone guide me through that? Or maybe some example.. Thanks alot
  7. I have a designed layout database with links and connectivity. And now i want to publish it in PHP instead of IWP. Used PHP Site assistant, Everything went well. The problem is.. I cant get the layout i designed in FM Pro.. For Example, I have customer page, product page, service page. What I got was the default, Home, Find, etc. etc. Can anyone help me? Sorry if i couldn't explain better, English is not my main language.
  8. Wow.. Thats something I didnt know.. Thanks alot! :(
  9. It has been done, Went through the forum, got to know that we have to open port 5003 to connect. Thank you both alot for ur help. Appreciate it :(
  10. HammerHeD Thanks for the reply, I am able to view the sample file there, Thanks! But I was hoping I wouldn't have to check the ip address each time I wish to access to the database. Is there a way for that? mr_vodka Thanks for the reply, I wasn't sure the steps u advise was to FM Server or FM Pro, therefore I tried both, On FM Server, under File there was only Exit. Went through Database Server configuration, List all database and FileMaker accounts only checkboxes are already checked. On FM Pro, followed the steps, Netword sharing was turned on, Currently open files wa
  11. Hey there, Im totally new in FileMaker, was told to get it and im suppose to learn myself asap. Therefore Im still kinda blur with everything in it and still in the learning stage. I have FileMaker Server Advance on a machine running on Windows Server which serves as a dedicated server. And FileMaker Pro(trial version) on the other machine serves as a client. Problem: I cant seem to access the sample database hosted by FM Server from FM Pro. Tried Open Remote, Im able to see the host name, but there are no files available. Checked FM Server, status of the database is Norm
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