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  1. The title says it all. I want to be able to replace some text strings in a Word document with text built from data in FileMaker, and I'd like to maintain the style applied to the data in the field. It doesn't look like there's any straight-forward way to do this, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks, -jb
  2. jbsherry

    SuperContainer and ScanSnap

    We have a free solution that is cross-platform, if you're willing to run FM12. You'll find it at http://www.fullcityconsulting.com. You'll see that our sample file inserts scans into a container field, but you can customize the example script to do SuperContainer, or simply execute your own script instead. The solution requires FM12 because I'm using the 12 version of fm url protocol, which can run a script and pass parameters. The old fm7 url protocol cannot do this. Hope this helps, -jb
  3. Hi, this was not functioning and you had confirmed by phone that this was similar to another bug that had been reported ( plugin not working in IWP, I believe ). I finally got a chance to test SuperContainer Companion Plugin 2.852 which was released the end of December, and am happy to report it's working as expected. I'm now able to export from container fields with a scheduled server script using the plugin. Thanks for your assistance, -jb
  4. Hi, Sorry, I should have been clearer that this was a technical question, although it's good to know the licensing requirements. Given that Insert Picture and Export Field Contents don't work ServerSide, I'm wondering if I can expect SCSetContainer to work. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong, but it's not working so far. Thanks, -jb
  5. i'd love to be able to run this from a scheduled script. Is this possible? Thanks, -jb
  6. Hi, I'm running SC 2.77 in Standalone mode on Snow Leopard, and have a set of web viewers on a layout that users will need to zoom 150% or 200%. I'm finding that if I use the applet, images don't resize. But, if specify a url that includes style=noapplet&width=105 ( the width of the web-viewer ), pdfs immediately acquire scroll-bars, whether at 100% or higher. My URL: "" I'm following the recommendations of Sam in a post from 2008, quoted below. Is there anything I can do to get web viewers to scale appropriately? If necessary, I can switch to containers. I've had better luck with them in the past. Thanks, -jb ------ "Try using a noapplet style and hard-coded width, for example: http://localhost:802...&style=noapplet What appears to be happening is, the applet isn't able to detect the zoom state of the filemaker window, because its width is simply set to 100%, which the web viewer seems to interpret as the width of the web viewer when zoomed to 100%. If you don't use the applet, but use a dynamic web viewer width, that doesn't work either because the width in the URL reflects the zoomed state, which means SuperContainer returns a larger image, but it gets zoomed again by FileMaker, so the image is too large. Setting a hard-coded width in the URL with the noapplet style solves this, as the image is generated in SuperContainer at the 100% zoom level, then FileMaker zooms the image accordingly. "
  7. jbsherry

    Plastic Credit Card Processing

    Thanks, David. The documentation for Authorize.net says that both address verification and Card Code Verification are services included with an account there. It appears these can be turned on by logging in on the Authorize web page. Currently, transactions are being verified without the name, address and security code, but it appears that we may be able to make these required if the client wants it. I'll follow up with the client.
  8. jbsherry

    Plastic Credit Card Processing

    Thanks, David. What about verification? I assumed that if we pass in optional parameters like name, that those would have to match the information on file or the transaction would fail. But that's not what I'm seeing.
  9. Hi, I'm wondering about the parameters that control the approval process, and the best way to submit a name when it has a middle initial. I notice that lots of websites simply have a single field for the complete name as it appears on the card. I've also noticed that lots of people have a middle initial on their card. So what is the recommended way to submit a full name as it appears on the card, so that it will be verified? If additional parameters are submitted ( like first name, and last name ) should't the transaction be denied if the name doesn't match that on the card? Working in test mode, I'm finding that I can submit my card with other people's names, and the transaction goes through. Thanks in advance for shedding some light on this, -jb
  10. Hi, I just wanted to confirm that if I call ccRegister and then CCSetTestMode(1) in my startup script, test mode is active for the duration of the user's session. Is this correct? Thanks, -jb
  11. Thanks, David. "Make sure that you have the "everyone" permission set to "Read and Write" to make sure that all users and processes can access it." I updated the permissions, and am now consistantly able to auto-install ScriptMaster, but not SuperContainer Companion Plugin. They're configured identically, so it's very odd. I noticed that Filemaker's "fms10_autoupdate_en.pdf" doesn't mention any specific permissions needed for auto-update from a Windows FMS. Thanks for your help. -jb
  12. Hi, update from your server works. So I grabbed your script "Auto Update SuperContainer plugin" and ran it in my solution. I still get error -1, which your script conveniently defines within a case statement for the error message: Case ( $result = -1; "The file to be downloaded is missing from the temporary folder"; ----the rest cut off for brevity----- The question is, what does that mean? Since there are other messages that refer to the Extensions/Saved folder, this appears to mean that the file should be downloaded to a unix tmp dir and then copied to into the Extensions Folder. I am getting the Tarred plugin appearing in /Extensions/Saved when I run your script. What should happen? The file is clearly being downloaded from the server, so the directory structure, permissions, etc. are correct. The file works if I un-tar and move it into Extensions. It's odd that I can consistently install a Troi plugin from my server, and consistently install your plugins from YOUR server, but not install your plugins from MY server (only on the Mac side). -jb
  13. Hi, I've got an auto-update script that works fine on Windows, but fails on SuperContainer and ScriptMaster on the Mac. I'm running FMSA 10.02 and FMPA 10.0v3 on Snow Leopard. When running on the Mac, Troi File successfully installs, but neither of the 360Works plugins will. This is repeatable. When stepping through the script, I see that the tar files are downloaded successfully, but they are not un-tarred, and error -1 is returned by the plugin update call. I can manually un-tar the downloaded files and place them in the correct directory, and they work fine. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, -jb
  14. Hi, I'm running SuperContainer 2.631 with FMS 10.0.2 in IWP on a W2k3 Server. I've had to jump through hoops to get Supercontainer Images to display in a WebViewer when in Preview Mode. Websites display fine, and the URL expression will Evaluate while in Preview mode. But Web Viewers pointing to SuperContainer are behaving differently. If the image loads in Browse Mode,and then I switch the layout to Preview, the image displays fine. But this is because normal FM behavior is that the Expression doesn't re-evaluate when switching to Preview. What I found was that if I put a Pause before PrintSetup [Restore;No Dialog], I get the images. If I disable the pause, or disable the PrintSetup, the URL Expression does not seem to evaluate. More experimenting - My script ends in Paused Refresh Mode. If I manually Refresh the window, the images display. But the Refresh script step doesn't do it, even with a Pause before the Refresh. Only a Pause followed by PrintSetup displays the images. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi, I've got SuperContainer 2.56 running on a W2K3 install of FMS I'm trying to get a second instance running. I copied the SuperContainer folder to SuperContainer2, updated the web.xml file with info (root path, key), and updated the uriworkermap.properties to load the second instance. It works. I am able to upload successfully to folders in both SuperContainer and SuperContainer2. There is, however an odd caching problem if the same URL exists for each. After uploading to these directories, they display consistantly: fms10/SuperContainer/Files/SCTest/ fms10/SuperContainer2/Files/SC2Test/ If I put in this URL: fms10/SuperContainer2/Files/SCTest/ I get the upload button. Once the file is uploaded, I can't display this: fms10/SuperContainer/Files/SCTest/. If I clear caches and quit the browser, and load this path first, it displays: fms10/SuperContainer/Files/SCTest/ Once I load: fms10/SuperContainer2/Files/SCTest/ the first one won't display. Note that this only occurs when the paths after the Instance name is the same. If I delete the file (even when the wrong one is displaying) the file is deleted from the correct path, and I get the Upload button. I can upload a unique file to the unique path, and then the cache thing happens. Is this a configuration issue? Any help would be appreciated. -jb

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