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  1. Hi all. I am think I am close but I am stuck. I have spent 2 hours trying to figure this out and I am at my breaking point. I have text field with a timestamp in it. I want to do date math between that field and the current date. My result is a huge number though. Any help would be appreciated as always.I have attached 2 photos one of the script and one the debugger watching the values. Excuse all the work fields just trying to debug it.
  2. It is a view. The status field is a text field. I am going to try the drop down over top the status field using a value list with a find script. It should work. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. I am looking for some ideas on how to solve 2 problems with a dropdown list. I have a layout with the customer records on it. I want to have a dropdown list that shows status. So the dropdown list will show active, inactive or all customers. My questions are: 1) What field do I use on the dropdown? I cant use the status field can I? I dont want it to update the records just to filter them. 2) How to I handle the All filter? There isn't a status for All in the table. I was thinking about an IF statement in the script to show all if dropdown = All. Any help is ap
  4. Hi everyone. Have an import records script that I have edited, but the new fields data are not showing up and I cannot figure out why. This import is importing from a clone database. The data is in the clone (I have verified that) and it is on the layout in the script. But the data in the new fields I added never gets from the clone to the main database. I was wondering does the order of the fields in the script mean anything? I have attached screenshots. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi everyone. I have a layout that shows all the records in the table. However when I go there I want it to only show the persons records that is logged in at that moment. I am capturing the user logged in user correctly however the layout is still showing all the records in the table. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. I have a script that pops up a custom dialog and then saves data entered in it to a table when they press ok. The only way I could do this is to open the layout behind the scenes and hide it. Then pop the dialog up. The screen is grey behind the dialog. I think it looks bad. Is there a way to have the dialog pop up on the form I am calling it from and then save to the table? I have attached the script. Thanks in advance
  7. That worked perfect. Thank you as always. Great help!
  8. Hi all newbie to filemaker. I have this script that I am writing to add the detail records to a separate table. It seems to work fine except it does not fill the key field with the proper value. I have checked the relationships and it is set to allow adds. It also works if I hard code it in the script. So it must not be pulling the value from the header table when it creates the detail. Can anyone help? Here is the code of the script. Thanks in advance. Jeff Williams
  9. Ok that is exactly what I want. So now I am wondering if there is another problem maybe relationship.
  10. Sorry it didnt work. I need to correct myself it is a checkbox not a value list that I am pulling the data from. Here is what the formula looks like now: Substitute ( color ; ¶ ; ", " ) When I click on the first box the calculated value says Red. When I click on the second value the calculated value says Red, Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi everyone newbie here. I have a value list that has approx. 40 entries in it. What I want to do is a calculated field that is a summary of what they picked in the value list. For example say may value list has 1) Red 2) Blue 3) Green The user picks red and blue Then I want the calculated field to say Red,Blue All the data is stored in one field called color but my calculated field is called ct_color. The formula currently looks like this color & "," & color. However this is not working. Thanks for the help
  12. Hi everybody. Is there a way to have a script rename and replace a layout with a new version? I have runtime versions that I need to keep up to date and this seems like a good way to do it. Thanks for your help. Jeff
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