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  1. how can we develop plugins in file maker. is there any document or guidelines is available. please help me out.
  2. i want to count the number of records in address book using apple script.
  3. I have filemaker server 10 advanced and i want to upgrade it to filemaker server 11. i have key of fm server 11 but still i don't know the process of installation how to update it.when i am updating it via admin console its not getting updated.
  4. HI, can we count the number of records using apple script of any other application like Address book,number of mail in apple mailer etc. plz help me out. Regards, John
  5. kindly tell me it's posiible or not in file maker.?
  6. Hi, I am building a solution in which date field is used in many places. Suppose i want to change the format to dd-mm-yy instead of mm-dd-yy.for this i have to change the format of date field every where in the solution.Is there any technique available to change the format at one place and it would be reflected every where in my Solution.
  7. Hi, I want to generate bar code without using barcode plugin.can we perform this kind of operations in filemaker if yes then plz help me out. Regards, John Wiliams.
  8. Hi , I am developing a solution in which i am using another file that is seed code calender.in which i am able to see the appointment in calender according to date.in which what i also want is that i will be able to filter the data according to name in calender view.i have tried so many times to do so but unable to do it yet.plz help me out. Regards, John Wiliams.
  9. kindly tell me it's possible in file maker or not? plz help me.
  10. Hi, I have developed a application which will running on run time and kiosk mode in this what i want is that when the user run that application in kiosk mode then it will automatically increase the size of the layouts and its object depending upon the screen resolution.plz help me in this regard. Regards, John wiliams.
  11. what i means is that mail is directly sent to the person whom we want to sent and that sent mail should not shown in the users client sent items.
  12. johnwiliams

    Send Email

    Hi Sir, i want to send mail without using mailer(e.g. apple mailer,outlook e.t.c). is there any option available in filemaker to send mail so that sent mail should be in the mailer list.
  13. i want to obtain serial no. of machine similar like (nh905659yu7y) can i obtain this using filemaker functions not by using apple scripts.
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