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  1. hehehe...no all i need is to update the comments field being displayed based on where the user is typing (doesnt have any relation to table A's contents but rather which field it is) so if user starts typing in ..say Paragraph (table A field = Paragraph) comments should update saying you have 10 lines for paragraph. get(activefieldname) is enough to find out its Paragraph. user starts typing in Bullets, comments textbox should update saying you have 20 lines for bullets. table B has textareaname | comments ------------------------ Paragraph 10 lines max
  2. hi guys, sorry if this is under the wrong section. i've got text fields on a layout linked to table A. i've got a table B that has field names and comments from B. So whenever a user starts typing in "paragraph" text field, i would like a comments field to get updated from table B. i know i can put onModify trigger script. what i dont know is how to select and update the comments field. i can get everything in variables but how do i pull up the record and update the field with it? thanks!
  3. hi guys i've got a single table to which 40 layouts are associated. these are layouts for print ads in different sizes. each layout has 6-9 user editable text areas. i need to display formatting rules for each text area the users can type into and need to display "x number of lines allowed, x characters allowed". the idea is that as user moves to the next text area, the formatting rules window updates and displays the rules for the text area the user is in at the moment. putting in validation checks for fields wouldn't work as the same "Paragraph" field might have 80 characters
  4. that actually did the trick...it works perfectly on onObjectModify the problem i am having now is how to put the focus back to the field where i was typing so assuming i was typing in a field called Title and the character count was being displayed in Counter...Counter gets populated but it also steals the focus...i dont have named Layout Objects so i cannot use Go to Object and that is not an option since i have approx 35 layouts where i need to implement this...none have named layout objects thanks to the previous developer.. is there any other way to give back the focus to t
  5. Guys, I am having a brain freeze. I'm trying a simple thing as counting the number of characters in a field and displaying it..i've got FM Pro 10 Advanced, ive got a onKeyStroke trigger that fires the script.. the layout has 6-10 fields so i cant name the field, ive tried Length ( Get (ActiveFieldContents) ) ..no good Length ( GetAsText (ActiveFieldContents) ) ..no good and then assigning the value to could someone tell what im missing here... update: ok i solved that part...it was getting it correctly, i was using Set field to display it...ch
  6. First off, This product is amazing and has amazing potential! What i'm trying to do is alter the cropImage function so it pulls the image from a container, image has already been uploaded, resize it and put it back in the container. is SM able to retrieve data from containers? i havent seen any sample doing that? thanks atlz
  7. Hi Guys I just started on FM so please excuse me if this is too basic or not even possible. I am modifying an existing FM Pro 7 db in FM 10 adv. There are some 50 layouts with similar fields going into the same table. i need to make small modifications to some fields like changing the default color, default font etc. is there a fast way to do it? i was thinking change it in one layout and copy/paste it (would this break any references to tables/scripts that point to it?) but i also had a question in mind that for future purpose can all layouts point to the same object
  8. well got that one done... though i finally had Fm Pro Advance installed, i logged in as Admin (hold Shift while opening) i also learned you could use script debugger and intercept the startup script to disable all menus.
  9. hi guys, we had a fm pro 7 runtime app in windows developed last year that now needs some modifications in the source. how can i look at the source (scripts, tables) in file maker pro 9? i've tried opening the .USR file, holding shift while opening it and specifying the Admin user..everything just opens the app with the splash screen and all functionality locked out. any help is appreciated. thanks
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