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  1. Hello FM crew, This experience has stopped being enjoyable...moved into frustrating...and is now bordering on maddening. Each time I get a suggestion or a file from someone, I get all fired up and excited because of the great ideas. Sadly, each is a different shovel with which I continue to make my hole deeper. I have posted my original file. This is the closest layout to what I need as well as the layout my employees are used to using. There are a couple of things I need it to recognize: 1. Pay periods are 11th thru 24th and 25th thru 10th each month. 2. Work weeks
  2. Ocean West, I just spent HOURS trying to modify that file to meet my needs. I am rapidly realizing that I am fighting a losing battle. I DID learn a lot while playing with the calculations but I am in over my head. I was able to get it to take care of two weeks and not just one at a time bit it still only allows for one set of begin and end times. I also need it to recognize a specific pay period. (ours runs from the 11th to the 24th and the 25th to the 10th). Don't ask me why, because I just don't know. I think I am going to go back to plan "A" and wish for the best. Thanks f
  3. Mr. D, Thanks for the file. I will have a look and see if I can mold it a little. Thanks again. B
  4. Hello all, After looking at the modified file and creating records with different "work dates", I am realizing that it does, in fact, not work after all. I will try and ask my question again and I will post the full-access file. If anyone has the time to look at it, I would be forever in your debt. What I tried to do was put together a timesheet that would allow each employee to input his/her own times. Our work week runs from Monday to Sunday and frequently an employee will work a 6 day week. I am hoping to be able to count the number of days worked within the same work-
  5. MORON FOLLOW-UP QUESTION Jesse, Lee and any other Guru's, I think that in my ignorance, I have managed to put the cart before the horse. This solution works perfectly if I have only 1 employee. I am not seeing how to include 14 more people in the mix. Is my layout out in left field? Should I revert to the other layout? Is suicide the only rational solution to my problem? :-) Thanks for all the help. B
  6. Lee, Thanks for trying. I just went and looked and realized that the first file was set to open incorrectly. They should both open with full acces now. Jesse got the #2 file working for me. If you have the time to look at #1, that would be great. They both do the same thing but they are laid out differently. One is, "One recored for one day" and the other is "One recored for the entire pay period". I dont think the fix for #2 will work for #1 because of the individual records. Thanks again. B
  7. Jesse, IT WORKS! Christmas in August. Thank you so much for the help and the sense of humor. One of the companies my employer owns is beginning to transition to FM and I imagine there will be a need for your services when the IT people start battling with the conversion. I WILL let them know how to get ahold of you when that service is needed. Thanks again! B
  8. JesseSFR, Thanks for taking the time! I am encouraged that you feel that my problem is solved but I am embarrassed to tell you that I am not sure how to apply your information. B
  9. It was suggested that I create a dummy file that I could post here in the forum so that you may better see my issue in its' natural habitat. I did a couple of layouts and just removed company info but my problem is the same with both files. If my files are usefull to anyone, please feel free to use them....If not......I won't be too surprised. :-) Thanks, in advance for your help! B PAYROLL_EXAMPLE_2.fp7.zip PAYROLL_EXAMPLE.fp7.zip
  10. I'm sorry. I guess I am not explaining it correctly. I would be glad to send you the file. It would be much easier to understand than my weak attempt at describing it. Is there an email address I can send it to? I would rather not post our business files in the open forum.
  11. Comment - Frequently an employee will work 6 days in a given week because of manpower shortages. Also employees may work various hours within a day or will come back later in the day, after an 8 hour shift to cover another employee who is sick or had a medical appointment etc. ex: 08:00 - 16:00, 20:00 - 24:00 Also, some of the employees work a 9 hour day with a 1 hour lunch. These employees are required to sign out for lunch and then back in after lunch. ex: 15:00 - 19:00, 20:00 - 24:00 If one of these employees comes back for coverage, all three sets of
  12. Thanks comment, No. In my inexperience, my layout may be part of the problem. Each record represents one full pay period for one employee. It works as needed eccept for the "6th day issue". Thanks
  13. Jesse, Thanks for taking the time! Let me see if I can ask my question clearly. Forgive me but I am a noob and a half. What I have is 3 sets of time fields "IN" "OUT", "IN2" "OUT2", "IN3" and "OUT3" Those six fields are ultimately added together and return a number to the "ATOT" field. The field "ATOT1" looks at the total in the "ATOT" field and returns the total, but only up to 8. This is because anything over 8 is overtime and will be returned to a different field. [color:red]OK....THE PROBLEM: Our work week is from Monday to Sunday and everything works per
  14. Anyone? Am I asking my question clearly enough or am I in left field? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello and thanks for your help. Last week I put together a time-sheet solution that keeps track of all of my employees time. Regular and Overtime hours are automatically calculated based upon time fields, thanks to help from some of you. MY NEW PROBLEM is...Our work week runs from Monday to Sunday. If one of my people works an extra day, the hours are calculated as regular hours when they should be all overtime. [color:red]- Can a script be written that counts the number of days worked within a specific period and if >5 returns 0 in a field that would normally have to show 8?
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