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  1. Temporary conclusion: For the MacOS X 10.13 High Sierra environment FileMaker 18 Pro and FileMaker 19 Server Ubuntu virtualized in Joyent SmartOS / BHYVE For the Mac Classic environment I will simply keep running the old environment and using my very own sync using FMPXMLRESULT import and export via DAS / SAN.
  2. Does FileMaker 11 run on MacOS 9.2.2? AFAIK FileMaker 7-11 does not run on Linux, I'm trying to get rid of MacOS X and Windows server side, the alternative for MacOS 9.2.2 clients is to write a HTML4 frontend for FileMaker 19 Server, however that will remove some FileMaker relationship dynamics that still some technical people from operations are used to be able to tweak in order to propose new business logic.
  3. Is there a sub forum on here for system architecture brain food? For example I will build a new system now and would like to have some input on the KPIs in which are On-Prem Operations have a preference for High Sierra on their workstations; due to the obvious cover flow view in Finder. I would prefer to use FileMaker 5.5 and 19 Server on linux Which versions of FileMaker will work in combination with High Sierra and FileMaker 19 Server? Is this page up to date? https://ithelp.brown.edu/kb/articles/high-sierra-macos-10-13-what-works Also do you know of any good sync between FileMaker 5.5 Server and FileMaker 19 Server? I have not yet found a good approach to using FileMaker 19 Server running against FileMaker in MacOS 9.2.2( using this approach and system bridging on the workstations https://asciinema.org/a/zSeXCawvuh9mKAtGePgS59Fh8 in combination with host enabled bridging for access to DAS, mainly for working with Quark XPress 4.x Passport and older fonts utilizing Fontographer )
  4. No, I did not decipher the issues. The issues encountered were FileMaker scripts in a multi user environment. I had nothing to do with CWP, I have do XML exports and imports to PostgreSQL where most others would use CWP / DATA API. I use CWP for signaling; changing statuses, and submitting documents. This part I was ready to revise, however this was not the deal breaker. That said the solution was built in FileMaker 2 and upgraded well until 18, and may or may not suffer from this alone. Script steps not being executed in the same sequence as listed in the script.
  5. I was not able to successfully upgrade to 19 server, I had to go revert to 18. 19 is just different for server, i e. 19 as a client is just fine. My current set up is 18 server and clients ranging from 16 through 19.
  6. Personally I prefer to load this type of files with XSLTPROC and CWP using cURL on the command line. For me one such line may look like xsltproc /opt/local/integration/integrationnumber/pendingstock2cURLpayloadForCWP.xslt \ | curl -XPOST http://filemaker.server.lan:80/-new -d - && mv {} done triggered by crontab or chokidar( https://www.npmjs.com/package/chokidar ) using BASh's && to mv file upon success. Some basic BASh: "A ; B" Run A and then B, regardless of success of A "A && B" Run B if A succeeded "A || B" Run B if A failed "A &" Run A in background. It's also possible to use chokidar to trigger a script in FileMaker Server using CWP based on changes in the folder. curl -XPOST -kL http://filemaker.server.lan?-script=loadFileFromFolderUsingXMLImport In order to have some sort of validation it could be desirable to do a `-new` with the filename to produce some logic on what to do next `mv {} done/` or `mv {} error/` as pr example, depending on the success rate of the parser.
  7. Did you see the recording named something like `d20 Wim Decorte - SSO with keycloak Clip` Not sure if this is still valid for FM19S thought, the video is on FM18S IIRC.
  8. If you need to use keycloak in a Joyent SmartOS zone I wrote down my own notes on gist: https://gist.github.com/TyrfingMjolnir/d99226078f76cd4760114ff223fbc702 I use Joyent SmartOS for virtualizing unix, linux, BSD, and others. A Joyent SmartOS zone is very similar in use case to docker.
  9. Where do you put this calculation? Numeric field with a calculation? Calculation field? Set Field in Script? Others?
  10. What do you reckon is the real difference between the 2 approaches? What makes the one approach better than the other? https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/serialincrement.html Did anyone benchmark these two approaches in strace, dtrace or similar and compare the outcome?
  11. I like this approach, however if you are working on a Mac I would do a double filing of JobDates in FileMaker and in Calendar, not sure how this would work if you are on Windows though.
  12. If something is an act of crime, it means somebody already did the thing once. Better not 😉
  13. I must admit the invitation was way better when I could read this on paper with a pile of accompanied chocolates. Maybe it's time to suite up?
  14. I'm revising a solution that has been with me since FileMaker 5 Pro, imaginary tables below( the real one is about refining lumber ) however I expect more people to have relations with doctors and taking blood samples from a patient perspective. Let's say we have a table with all the options for testing blood. Selections from these are ordered by groups in 2 separate tables, one for groups and one for the members of those groups. Now when ordering a blood sample, let's say that doctor expects the patient to have a given type of cancer( or the architect to pick lumber for an arch, ) this will trigger an export as FMPXMLRESULT of the group member primary keys to Get( TemporaryPath ) + timestamp, and an import to the order list of this temp file. Is this best practice? This works well PSOS and on the client. Is there an approach to this that is more FileMaker?
  15. Personally I'm stuck at FM18S until access is granted to FileMaker's Apache Thrift service for integrations.
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