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  1. Personally I'm stuck at FM18S until access is granted to FileMaker's Apache Thrift service for integrations.
  2. FYI: I have not used any other browser than FireFox since FileMaker went web for admin panel.
  3. Exporting XML files on the form FMPXMLRESULT works just fine PSOS FM19S linux, no need to worry about XML not being ported to FM19S Linux.
  4. Does IIS have http2 at all? The major difference between http1.x and http2 from an application perspective is that http2 has mechanisms in place to avoid tcp slow start. I know that nginx and apache both have http2 in place; however there are no major benefits to http2 unless your solution has multiples of small files required for the same use case. https://blog.stackpath.com/tcp-slow-start/
  5. Looking for documentation on interfacing the Thrift interface of FileMaker server. Are there any official or unofficial prior work in this area at all?
  6. What is the consensus for doing foreach record in FQL? Do I do n queries using some sort of iterator? Or do I do 1 query and iterate through its results? I'm setting one global variable for each record, there is about 100 global variables to be set from records.
  7. FM18P: What is best practice when it comes to importing data using JSON / ION? I usually use XSLT and FMPXMLRESULT for import, is there a similar way to do these imports of records into FileMaker? FM19S consideration: I guess the simplest way is to write something in ECMA or Swift that outputs the portable array as FMPXMLRESULT? As pr example curl -kL https://api.domain.tld > /opt/local/usecaseION2FMPXMLRESULT > /opt/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Documents/usecase.$(date).fmpxmlresult.xml But then again FileMaker 19 Server does not allow for XML imports?
  8. I have been running on 2 copies of the same license in my house, in the mean time I bought a 5 user VLA, how can I change the license in FileMaker 18?, when the trial expires I can simply click Browse and click on the cert file that came with the VLA.
  9. I use XML for documents( UBL, OAG, MTML, OAG, and a plethora of other business document formats ) and REST API for UI. Not sure how anyone can see JSON replace XML.
  10. Just ask. I have been doing XSLT since 1998, I read alot of source code libxslt amongst others in that time, and heaps of man pages, I did not read any books, so I have no formal education in this, I have tried, failed, and experienced. There is a book `XSLT Jumpstarter - Level the Learning Curve and Put Your XML to Work` that may or may not be good if you'd like to learn stuff "correctly" opposed to by need.
  11. That part would be exactly the same.
  12. Not sure what you mean by "You cannot set $$vars to external data sources in the same script that uses them" I have a startup script that sets the $$vars. Then I push CMD + SHIFT + D to look at the relationships, the relationship is there, and I can always select the relationship, however it does not always show the tables. There is nothing on any layout of the launch file yet; hence there is only a splash screen. I have the External Data Source of type FileMaker named `Contact` set to: $$FM16S00CONTACT, based on the startup script setting the variable `$$FM16S00CONTACT="fmnet:/fm16s00.do
  13. For FileMaker hosted solution does anyone use $$VARIABLE for external data source? I'm able to make $$VARIABLE="file:filename" work, however $$VARIABLE="fmnet:/host/filename" does not. In my case this would be $$FM16S00CONTACT="fm16s00.domain.tld/contact" and $$FM18S00CONTACT="fm18s00.domain.tld/contact" This now works, however it's unclear to me what triggered this working. I have a startup script that sets the variables. I have configure the External Data Source with $$FM16S00CONTACT, and this works, however adding another data source does not work for now, I tried quitting FileMak
  14. Can you please write statically as examples what you have on side( in the XML file ) and what you would like it to look like after its translation?
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