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  1. Please quote the query and its output. My immediate thinking is that the default of FX.php for php7 skips repetitions. The simplest query you can do is: curl http://<<username>>:<<password>>@<<IP>>/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-dbnames | tidy -i -xml -wrap 0
  2. $ exa -lT /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/ drwxrwxr-x - fmserver 7 Jan 16:20 /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/ .rwxrwxr-x 48 fmserver 7 Jan 16:20 └── timestamptotmp.sh here is the content of the script: $ cat timestamptotmp.sh #!/bin/bash echo $( date ) >> /tmp/timestamp.txt The script runs fine as user fmserver when ran from command line and as any other user on the system as follows: sudo su su fmserver /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/timestamptotmp.sh /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/timestamptotmp.sh /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/timestamptotmp.sh /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/timestamptotmp.sh /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/timestamptotmp.sh $exa -lT /tmp/ drwxrwxrwt - root 7 Jan 16:31 /tmp .rw-r--r-- 140 fmserver 7 Jan 16:46 └── timestamp.txt $ tail -f /tmp/timestamp.txt Mon Jan 7 16:31:22 CET 2019 Mon Jan 7 16:46:40 CET 2019 Mon Jan 7 16:46:44 CET 2019 Mon Jan 7 16:46:47 CET 2019 Mon Jan 7 16:46:55 CET 2019 When I try to run this script from the scheduler the error is "User Aborted" for type System Script; and "Script is Missing or is invalid" when ran as part of a Script Sequence. Anyone with experience in this? I have solved the issue "User Aborted" `chmod 777 /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/` So I can run some "System Script"s, but for "Script Sequence" the same scripts that runs as "System Scripts" does not run. I suspect wrong error message. I find no details in FileMaker Server console logs, and`tail -f /var/log/system.log` also has no more info. However here I find the actual error: $ tail -f /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Logs/stderr fmshelper: failed to exec() '/Volumes/FMTestServer/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Scripts/timestamptotmp.sh', error Exec format error
  3. As I was not able to make the GUI approach in beezwax blog to work; I wrote this blog / HOW-TO on how to sign your own certificate mainly on command line: https://github.com/TyrfingMjolnir/SelfSignedCert I wrote this blog / HOW-TO after doing a deployment for a KYC( Know Your Client ) system for a financial institution.
  4. How do you query the index of a FileMaker field using FileMaker Data API? The FileMaker equivalent would be to push ⌘ + I I'm not asking how to achieve a sorted unique list of 10 000 000 records, I'm asking how to extract the n possible values from the index of the field in question. Where n probably is between 5 and 20. A poor man's solution to this is obviously using a value list; delivering the ideal values of the filed, but that's like positive testing and that will not deliver what I ask for.
  5. The annoying part about launch center is that it interrupts AppleScripts; there should really be a disable launch center check box in preferences. I have tried having the AppleScript reference the file, and this is not an easy task, I have put a delay 10 between launching of the file and execution of the script; and it usually works, but not always.
  6. I chose to suppress the SSL warning for a given host in my FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced. Which file can I edit or remove for FileMaker to forget that I chose to suppress invalid SSL warning?
  7. Now that must be an OS setting, no? I would imagine you can set the OS to open recent folder. Why not just drag your desired folders into the side panel?
  8. I would use Get( DocumentPath ) and put MarinaPro and ResScheduler in that folder; not sure why you need your app at the root level. custom function docPathMarinaPro = Get( DocumentPath ) & "MarinaPro/" custom function docPathMarinaProDo = Get( DocumentPath ) & "MarinaPro/do/" custom function docPathMarinaProTmp = Get( DocumentPath ) & "MarinaPro/doing/" custom function docPathMarinaProDone = Get( DocumentPath ) & "MarinaPro/done/" custom function docPathResScheduler = Get( DocumentPath ) & "ResScheduler/" . . . and inside each of those folders I would put do, doing, done where "do" is the write folder for Outlook 2010 *"doing" is where your parser moves the file it's currently working on; a temp directory in other words and "done" is where the file is moved after the parsing has been done completely. *doing could of course be named "In process," but I like the way it's sorted when named doing. As pr example:
  9. Is it yet possible to install self signed certificates in FileMaker 17? To my knowledge I have only seen this documented for FileMaker 16 in this article: https://blog.beezwax.net/2017/12/03/creating-your-own-ssl-certificates-for-filemaker/ That said I'm not able to make a valid self signed certificate following that article; I have been better off using openssl in terminal. Publicly signed SSL certificates are good to document who has a web site. Self signed SSL certificates are way better for security.
  10. Where do you split the export into separate files? And why do you use for-each? The error you are asking about is sometimes due to async sources and FileMaker being sync. It's hard to help you without any hands-on.
  11. If it's not already in MacOS High Sierra: brew install netcat nc -l 8080 ( Any port above 1024 should work without sudo )
  12. To track down this issue I would change the URL to 80 and launch netcat; as such: nc -l 8080 and change my queries accordingly; using the URL: localhost:8080, then I would compare what the queries look like on the server side.
  13. Use CWP and do the PHP yourself. FileMaker's PHP is heading down the same rabbithole as their XSLT; they just don't give a flying tomato in reverse about keeping up to date.
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