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  1. Michael Frankel

    GTRR Bug in FM 16

    Hi Lee - The debugger did not reveal anything about what was causing the issue. I ran it multiple times and did not see any errors. This is what was troubling to me. The files are customer files with live data, so I can't post them anywhere. And, since this was an action item for my customer to be fixed, I have already changed the code to work around the situation. Thanks, -- Michael Frankel Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.
  2. Michael Frankel

    GTRR Bug in FM 16

    Hi Lee - No AppleScript involved. In fact, the system is running on Windows. Thanks, -- Michael Frankel Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.
  3. Michael Frankel

    GTRR Bug in FM 16

    This is something I discovered by accident. The solution is one that was worked fine in FileMaker 13, but appears to break in FileMaker 16. In FileMaker 13, you can do a GTRR and specify that you want to use an external table's layouts. In this case the "external" table is in another file. When you do that and do this in a pop-up window, the normal behavior, based on my experiences, allows the window to be referenced by name, moved, and resized. It does not appear to work that way in FileMaker 16. In FileMaker 16, the window will appear, but cannot be moved, resized, referred to by name, or closed. This may be due to having the menus on each window or the external table being from another file - I'm not sure. The work-around is to create a TO for the table in the other file in the local file and re-creating the layout in the local file. When that is done, it works properly. I'm curious if anyone else has come across this "bug". Thanks, -- Michael Frankel Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.
  4. Michael Frankel

    ScriptMaster version 4.206?

    Hi - On their website, it says that the current version of ScriptMaster is 4.206, however the link to download it does NOT download version 4.206, it downloads version 4.205. Could someone at 360Works please fix this? Thanks, -- Michael Frankel Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.
  5. Michael Frankel

    ScriptMaster on FMS12

    Ok - I've done some testing on this lovely Easter Sunday. In all cases below, I've attempted to create plug-ins for both Mac & WIndows at the same time. For reference, I've done this under Mac OS X 10.7.3 and Windows 7 SP1. Here's what I can report so far: 1) Creation on Mac: plug-in creation fails if you want the plug-in created on the Desktop. By fail I mean it hangs FileMaker Pro 12 indefinitely. Using any other folder seems to work. 2) Registering the plug-in on Mac: Attempting to register it using the automatically generated code in the Preferences dialog causes FileMaker to, again, hang indefinitely. After force quitting (Mac) and re-opening FileMaker 12, the plug-in is properly registered. 3) Creation on Windows 7: plug-in creation fails if you want the plug-in created on the Desktop. By fail I mean it tells you it can't find certain libraries. So far I've not been able to get this to work at all. Another, more important issue has also arisen. FileMaker, starting in version 11, had a method to load plug-ins in a folder other than the FileMaker application folder. On Mac, this was ~/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/ - I don't recall what it is on Windows. The problem is this: FileMaker 11 and 12 both read the same directory, so you have to manually disable the incompatible plug-ins. I hope someone from 360Works can comment on the ScriptMaster issue. Thanks, -- Michael Frankel FileMaker Certified Developer Wizard Consulting Group Office: (818) 706-8877 Skype-In: (818) 483-4686 Mobile: (310) 291-3419 Skype: michaelfrankel Website: www.wizardconsultinggroup.com
  6. Michael Frankel

    Adventures with FileMaker & SQL

    Just a note to let you know that the problem with MMQuery was a version issue. CNS had revised the plug-in after it's release for the Mac and I had downloaded the plug-in before a small bug was fixed. Special thanks to Daniel at CNS Plug-Ins for advising me about this and directing me to re-download and re-install MMQuery. Now it all works beautifully. Thanks...
  7. Michael Frankel

    Adventures with FileMaker & SQL

    Hi Kevin - Another thought. I remember seeing comments about the CREATE statement being "experiemental" in doSQL, however I could not find any specific documentation on the using SQL with ScriptMaster. Can you give me an idea of where to look (or if Jesse Barnum is lurking here, Jesse?)...
  8. Michael Frankel

    Adventures with FileMaker & SQL

    Thanks, Kevin. I might have gotten the parameter incorrect with DoSQL and I'll have to check the ScriptMaster documentation more carefully as I didn't see any parameters. Thanks for your input. -- Michael Frankel FileMaker Certified Developer Wizard Consulting Group Office: (818) 706-8877 Skype-In: (818) 483-4686 Skype: michaelfrankel Website: www.wizardconsultinggroup.com
  9. Hi Everyone - At the generous invitation of Kevin Frank, I have been asked to share my wisdom (really, it's just my experiences) with FileMaker and Internal SQL Calls. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to present on this topic at the most recent meeting of FMDiSC (FileMaker Developers in Southern California) on March 11th. The preparation for this presentation was, in brief, quite an adventure. In preparing the presentation I toyed with the idea of testing all the available plug-ins, but settled on ScriptMaster Advanced (360Works) and DoSQL (SH Partners / MyFMButler). After the meeting (i.e., today) I spent some time experimenting with the MMQuery plug-in from Comm-Unity (CNS). I was also fortunate to have Chris Dragon of Dracoventions presenting at the meeting as well, who has another SQL Plug-In, SQL Runner. While I did not test his plug-in, I did get some helpful and sometimes valuable insights from him during my presentation. I did not test a huge variety of SQL statements so as to keep my presentation simple. I tested the following: CREATE, INSERT, SELECT, SELECT DISTINCT, and UPDATE. I tested the WHERE clause using the IN, LIKE, and BETWEEN clauses. I also tested the UNION clause. In the course of my presentation and my preparation, I did discover some interesting things. I offer them here for your consideration: 1. Not all the plug-ins support creation of tables. In my tests, ScriptMaster and DoSQL created the table but crashed FileMaker. MMQuery created the table but asks me to check the "I Accept the License Agreement" box every time I ran the SQL statement (even though I had properly registered the plug-in). 2. Sub-Queries do not appear to be supported by any of the plug-ins I tested. 3. Doing a search using wild-cards was, in most cases, slower than in native FileMaker. 4. Not all the plug-ins communicate or interact with the FileMaker UI, so that it was sometimes difficult or impossible to tell if a query was actually running. 5. Because of #4, it was impossible to stop an SQL query from running once it was started. That is, unless you want to forcibly quit FileMaker. 6. Performing the exact same commands took much longer with some plug-ins than others. I do not know why. 7. Because of #4, some of the plug-ins would report errors and some would not. 8. FileMaker's Internal SQL API only supports basic SQL commands and, according to Chris Dragon, using the SQL-92 standard. That means that any vendors specific extensions to SQL, such as those currently used in Oracle and MS SQL Server, are not supported. The most powerful aspect of using SQL in FileMaker, in my opinion, is the lack of dependence on context. In other words, you can execute a SQL command from any layout and it will run fine regardless of the context of that layout. This single fact offers much promise and, from where I sit, almost limitless possibilities. I am far from an expert on SQL, although I do have enough experience to get myself into trouble. It's a miracle that the demo file I used for my presentation still works, considering the fact that I've had to force-quit FileMaker on it at least a dozen times. I hope this posting adds my voice to the others already here in looking forward to FileMaker adding even more SQL capabilities and improving the existing API to perform better, provide better error reporting, and to allow more of the available SQL commands to be used. Cordially, -- Michael Frankel FileMaker Certified Developer Wizard Consulting Group Office: (818) 706-8877 Skype-In: (818) 483-4686 Skype: michaelfrankel Website: www.wizardconsultinggroup.com
  10. Michael Frankel

    Unable to click on Upload Button

    Hi Valentin - I've uploaded the files you requested. You should also know that I can work around the problem in the following way: If I'm on the layout the has the Upload button and I can't click on it, if I switch to another application and then back to FileMaker, the button suddenly becomes active. Thanks,
  11. I'm in the process of developing a solution in FM10, and am running SuperContainer in stand-alone mode on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.7. The Upload does button does not work most of the time, and the Contextual menus to delete, upload, etc also do not show up. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks,

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