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  1. I'm creating in FMP12 Advanced a solution to run on Filemaker Go (Go_iPad 12.0.4) on iPad3 in kiosk mode for users to scan a barcode on an ID card. It opens in kiosk mode correctly, but when a user clicks to scan his ID, it uses Open URL to call CNS Barcode using Profiles. When the CNS Barcode Profile uses Launch URL to send the barcode digits back to Filemaker Go, the kiosk mode is lost, giving the user the ability to close the window. Does anybody know how to preserve kiosk mode when switching between applications like this? Thanks, Rod
  2. Rod Haden

    carriage return in set field?

    Tried copy and paste on ALT-20. Tried "nr" No dice. I'll just use another separator instead. Thanks!
  3. Rod Haden

    carriage return in set field?

    Thanks. Neither of those puts a carriage return into the Filemaker field, though.
  4. I want to put a carriage return into a text field using set field, like this: $currentRecord->setField('tActivity_Log', $text . "Carriage Return"); What do I use in place of the "Carriage Return"? Thanks!
  5. Rod Haden

    Is there something after commit?

    Doh! It was this: on the Server Admin Console, configuring Web Publishing Engine, on the PHP tab, there's a checkbox for "record data pre-validation." I unchecked it, and now it works. I don't know what it validates, as none of the fields I'm editing have any validations in Filemaker.
  6. Rod Haden

    Is there something after commit?

    I don't know if it matters, but I'm not doing it with a "Submit" button; I'm doing it by a link, i.e., one page lists the records, and if you click on one of them, it passes the record i.d. in the URL and goes to a page that finds that record and then performs the set fields and commit on the found record. If someone's in the record, it returns "Error: 301 - Record is in use by another user."
  7. I still can't figure this one out: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/210459/ If I have a fresh, clean, virgin record that I have not edited via php, I can successfully edit it via php once. If I try to edit it again via php, Filemaker returns "Unknown error." Even if I log out and back in. Even if I go in and edit the record from within Filemaker, it still won't let me edit it again via php. Is there something that should come after the commit() to free the record up for editing?
  8. Rod Haden

    Unknown Error on Commit

    Does anyone have any thoughts on receiving "Unknown Error" from FileMaker on a commit() command? I have one page where a user can click a link and "sign up" on a slot. It works, using setField() and commit(). I have another page where a user can click on his own name to "unsign" from the slot. It does not work, also using setField() and commit(). I can't for the life of me see any difference in the commit commands. This is code from the page that does NOT work: $findCommand = $fm->newFindCommand($layoutName); $findCommand->addFindCriterion('n_SlotID', $slotID ); $result = $findCommand->execute(); $records = $result->getRecords(); $currentRecord = $records[0]; $currentRecord->setField('tUser_ID', $nullText); $currentRecord->commit();
  9. Rod Haden

    Summarizing a GetSummary Calc

    Beautiful, perfect. Thank you! And just for posterity, I had a discrepancy with the grand summary calculation being off by $0.01 because of the differences in rounding, so I had it operate on Round (hours; 2)/ # of line items so that it comes out to the same as what you get if you actually add the column. Thanks for the help!
  10. Rod Haden

    Summarizing a GetSummary Calc

    Aha! Since my report has no body, only a sub-summary part, the calc that uses the GetSummary function only appears once, but it actually exists for each record in the found set, so that if there are 4 line items for an employee, the calc is added 4 times in the grand trailing summary. There doesn't appear to be a function returning a boolean for whether or not a record is in the current found set. Is there? That would make things much simpler: a count where InFoundSet=1 and fk_EmployeeID=fk_EmployeeID. Is there an easy way to figure out how many records are in the found set with fk_EmployeeID=fk_EmployeeID?
  11. Is it possible to have a summary field that is the total of a calculation field that uses GetSummary? I am running a sub-summary report that finds all line items in a date range and sorts them by employee name. The fields are: num_Hours_Worked summary_Total_Hours_Worked calc_num_Overtime_Hours = If ( (GetSummary ( summary_Total_Hours_Worked; text_Name_Full )- 40 ) > 0 ; GetSummary ( summary_Total_Hours_Worked; text_Name_Full ) - 40 ; "") I then have a summary field summary_Total_Overtime_Hours. The sub-summary report, sorted by text_Name_Full correctly totals the overtime hours for all of the line items in the date range for each employee. The problem is the summary_Total_Overtime_Hours in the Grand Trailing Summary at the bottom. It wildly inflates the actual total of overtime hours across all employees. Am I missing something, or is it just not possible to summarize a calculation based on a summary? Thanks!

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