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  1. I downloaded Filemaker Pro 13 and Filemaker 13 Server trial versions running on Windows 8. I have an app I developed in FM 12 that I want to host on FM server 13 using WebDirect. The server install on Windows 8 went well but I get an "Registration with directory service failed" error message when I test the directy service settings. I have the following questions with regard to this installation: Do I have to install Active Directory on Windows 8? Which IP address do I use to set in the Entry Point: The Filemaker Server, Web Server or the Web Publishing Engine IP address? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. John, I truly want to thank you for all your kind support. It is obvious that I was not articulating clearly what I was trying to accomplish. I have an invoice app in Filemaker 11 that I was using to send invoices as email attachments (saving trees). I would save the pdf in a container field to use as a visual reference after sending the invoice. I was doing this manually using the insert object function and wanted to automate the process. I learned that Filemaker 12 has an insert pdf function so I upgraded to 12. You can see the end result in the screenshot. Like you I love using Filemaker for developing solutions. Meeting fellow users like you is another great reason for using Filemaker. Once again thanks for your help.
  3. Embarrasing. Yes you are right. It works but the container field returns an "unknown container object" error. My goal is to save a pdf file in a container field using a scipt action using a file path to the target field.
  4. Thanks so much for the reply. I tried again and I still get the same error. See my screen shot.
  5. I am running Filemaker 11 pro advanced and I am using the latest version of Scriptmaster. When I enter the path to the file I want to load into the container field (It is a PDF file) I get the following error: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: pathToFile for class: Script1 Parameters: {J:Invoices1265.pdf=null} ---Script--- Script: File f = new File( pathToFile ); fileExists = f.exists(); return f; I also tried using "/" in the path and still get the error. I also tried "filewin:/J:/Invoices/1265.pdf" and still get errors. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I might address this problem.
  6. I have a container field and I am using the GetFileAsContainer function in a SetField statement to insert a PDF file. I keep getting an error every time I enter the path to the file. The statement looks like this: GetFileAsContainer( e:invoices$$filename)&".pdf" I tried using quotes forward and back slashes, filewin: prefix...you name it and I still get a table not found error. What is the proper syntax for the path to file statement. Help
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