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  1. Rense

    Filtering duplicate entries

    Hi, I have a database with the tables orders and hours. When I have a portal in the orders layout to hours I'll get all the hours entries that belong to this order. In the hours table I also have a field activity. I would like to have a portal with the activities but only see a activity once. This is an example that I want to realise
  2. Hello, I need to make a function (or script) that will auto generate the next order number for me. first 4 numbers: the first 4 numbers are unique. every order has to get a unique (next in line) number. 0001, 0002, 0003 and so on. I dont wont it to have 'wholes' like 0001, 0003, 0004 because someone started to make 0002 and deleted it before commiting, so it has to check what was the last number that started with 0 (because we have old orders that start with 2010) and do a +1. the 2nd part is also 4 numbers: these numbers are given by us (client number) and the last 2 numbers are shipment numbers. this also has to check if the client already has an order and get the last shipment number and do a +1 so it should look like this: 0001-2222-01 0002-2233-01 0003-2222-02 0004-2222-03 0005-3333-01 0006-2233-02 0007-2222-04 I was thinking the function should be something like genOrder(client) Anyone who can help making this effecient and bug free? thanx in advance!
  3. Rense

    Google Charts

    Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. Really like the Google-O-Meter.
  4. I've spend some more time on this problem and made some progress. I now have a portal that gives me the activities and the right calculation result from the hours spend in it but now the problem is that I want to see a activity once. If an order has 3 records in it and record 1 has a number of hours for activity 1 and reord 2 and 3 have a number of hours for activity 2 my result will be: activity 1 followed by a number of hours activity 2 followed by a number of hours activity 2 followed by a number of hours and I would like it to be: activity 1 followed by a number of hours activity 2 followed by a number of hours I've have attached an updated file. test.zip
  5. Hi, I want to caculate for each order my total hours worked on it (this works already) an see a list of the activities and the hours spend on it. In total the hours spend in activities have to add up to the total hours spend on the order. To make it more clear I have a file attached. test.zip
  6. Sorry I wasn't clear about that but I mean that they can fill in dates from today and from days before today like yesterday ???
  7. I'll make an example of it and post it later. Maybe you can help me with this: I'm making a script but I want to add a feature that compares the current date with the found records and if the current date does not exist it makes a new record. What I got so far: Go to Search set field emloyee with user set field checked with no Search Sort if (:Date = Get (CurrentDate)) Go to First else New record request end if
  8. I tried that approach but then I get the problem that only one user can use a date. I want all my user to use dates from today and earlier but a user can only use a date once.
  9. I want to validate the input in my Date field by a calculation. I have the fields: EmployeeID Date It has to check if the date already exists for that user and if the date is older than tomorrow. thanks in advance
  10. Rense

    Repeating Fields

    I was so busy focusing on avoiding the old problem I totally forgot the even think of that option thnx a lot ;)
  11. Rense

    Repeating Fields

    I tried to start over and using a portal, but something is wrong because if I am using Lay-Out UrenDatums I cant add anything in the portal. admin and no password test.zip
  12. Rense

    Repeating Fields

    Anyone who can help me on my way on how to do this in my template? Any help will be welcome ;)
  13. Rense

    Repeating Fields

    I'm not able to open the template now because I'm not at work atm, but no hacking skills required : Its just admin without a password. I'm still getting used to the way of working / thinking of FM but already loving the community : Good sharp feedback and fast, thanks already guys.
  14. Rense

    Repeating Fields

    Ok I understand now that it's a big no no to use the repeating fields. The white paper made it really clear. Could you maybe help me on my way with the related record? MBA.zip
  15. Rense

    Repeating Fields

    I think the problem is that its a repeating field. It works like this: Our employees can log in and fill in a day chart wich is based on the HOURS::Date They can fill in that they worked for x number of hours on an order, its possible that someone works in one day on 10 different orders, hence the repeating fields to 10. In the HOURS::TotalTime it adds up all the hours the employee has worked on a day (this works). In the ORDERS::TotalTimeWorked I want to see howmany hours the employees have worked on that order. My calculation workes when all the employees fill in their chart with only one order When they fill in that they worked on 2 orders in one day the calculation goes wrong and also adds in the hours worked from the 2nd order they worked on. Hope this makes my problem a bit more clear.

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