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  1. According to the error message I am not permitted to upload this kind of file. Tried using the advanced and basic uploader but neither will let me. Tried uploading a screen shot but that fails also.
  2. Hey all, I am trying to export FM data to an excel or CSV file but the result isn't coming out like I would like it to. The data is Program/Style/Color, a program can have multiple styles, styles can have multiple colors. What I want is to have an excel or csv list of the above but what i am getting is... ProgramA - Style1 - Color1 BLANK - Style2 - Color2 BLANK - BLANK - Color2,2 ProgramB - Style1 - Color1 BLANK - BLANK - Color2 The export function is not filling up all the cells. Can this be corrected or is this a FM fail? Thanks Michael
  3. mfl

    Locking down a Layout

    We have a table "Fabric Library" which contains all the fabrics we use and their associated details like Content, Properties, Mill and Coding info. This detail info is specific to each entry in the library and is not supposed to be changed if it is being used in a style. Despite the fact that we have a portal that shows if the fabric is being used and which style it is being used in we are running into situations where data is being changed. I can lock down the field if the user is not an authorized user but this means that I have to do it field by field but I would rather lock a layout.
  4. Hope this is possible. I have a layout with a bunch of fields and I need to be able to lock the fields so they can't be modified. Can this be done with the script trigger OnLayoutEnter using a field from the table that if > than blank lock the fields, or do I have to do this field by field. Thanks
  5. Thanks comment worked like a charm.
  6. Sorry, probably should have worded that differently. What I need for this value list to show is all records from the MeasurementChart_Defaults_List_Gender_Customer except any charts that are designated "Retired" in the default list regardless of relationship to MeasurementChart.
  7. No its give me everything from MeasurementChart_Defaults_List_Gender_Customer except any charts that are designated "Retired" in the default list regardless of relationship to MeasurementChart. I've already been pointed to the ExecuteSQL as a solution and I am looking into this but I don't have the time slice right now to implement this.
  8. I have a table relationship between..... MeasurementChart and (TO) MeasurementChart_Defaults_List_Gender_Customer MC_STYLE_GENDER = MCDL_GENDER and MC_ID_CUSTOMER = MCDL_CUSTOMER_CODE and MC_WORD_RETIRED != MCDL_USAGE MC_WORD_RETIRED will always have "Retired" as a value, automatically entered when user creates a measurement chart. MCDL_USAGE can either have "Retired", "Current", or be blank. My drop down value list is located on 2 layouts which are based on MeasurementChart. The value list itself is based on the Defaults list and is set to "Include all Values" and
  9. Well you were correct about the explanation part. I get the SQL part, it's when I get to the Filemaker part thats where I get lost. What gets setup where etc. Unfortunately time being what it is I'm not going to be able to work through this. Thanks for the suggestion will have to take some time to work on it.
  10. No they want to see all the records in the default table except for the ones that are designated "Retired". Right now the drop down value list is bringing in everything including "Retired".
  11. Matty, Sorry should have clarified a bit more. There is a field in the Default table called MCDL_Usage. Normally its set to Current when the chart is created but the user can set to Retired. Now when a user creates a new measurement chart it puts "Retired" in a field called MC_Word_Retired in the MeasurementChart table right away. In the relationship between MeasurementChart and the MeasurementChart_Defaults_list..... it "sorts" out where MC_WORD_RETIRED != MCDL_USAGE. Seems that this relationship doesn't play a roll in the drop down value list which is set to include all values
  12. Environment MAC 10.6 with FMPA 12.0v2 I have a situation that works but needs to be refined because its not doing what the user requires. It starts out at style development where a user creates measurement charts for various stages of garment development. The layout(Enter New Chart Name) to create a new chart has 2 drop downs where the user selects a default measurement chart depending on size range and gender. The CUSTOMER drop down should display customer specific charts and the ALL CHARTS needs to display all charts minus ones that are designated RETIRED in the default chart. T
  13. Thanks dansmith65 worked like a charm
  14. Hello, Would like to know if it is possible to copy the conditional formatting of one field and apply it to another field or do I have to do each field separately? The situation is I have a layout that has 4 columns of portals each having 12 rows. The same type of info is displayed in each column/row. One field has conditional formatting applied to it which changes the color depending on the content of the field. I would like not to have to manually apply the CF to each column field as there are 7 tabs that need to be modified and there are 16 CF conditions that need to be applied
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