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  1. I had things working well before trying to use the relationships. I would just import into Players and add the sports/seasons/teams manually. Then I would use search/find to narrow results. Here's a new file. Do I have the fields set up right? I added a test record to players but nothing seemed to happen. I don't really know what else to do so I really appreciate your help! I suppose I could go back to how I was doing it, and just import players twice, one to a table for the sport, and once to the table with all players but it seems like there should be a way to only import player
  2. are Sports 2 and Teams 2 Tables or TOs? I really appreciate your help. The relationships idea is very new to me.
  3. I tried to set up something based on what you told me Comment. Can you take a look at let me know what I'm missing? Thanks! Xoso_Copy.fp7.zip
  4. So I would import the record from the registration download directly into signups and then assign a sport id? What would the record look like in Players? Would there be a way to separate all the volleyball seasons under Sports from the basketball seasons? Or would they all be thrown in there: Fall 09 Basketball, Summer 08 Volleyball, Spring 09 Volleyball, Winter 08 Indoor Soccer, etc.
  5. Most of the time a player will sign up without a specific team or a player request. I just import their info into the Players table and then have been adding the season (Fall 09 Dodgeball) in the Current Sports and All Seasons field. Then I perform finds for "Fall 09 Dodgeball" to work with all the signups for that season. I assign teams if they weren't requested and use find to check and make sure each team is balanced. Then I use show all records to see my total players all time. In the Current Sports field there may be a few listed, one above the next, in order for me to perform searc
  6. Examples: Basketball; Fall 09[;u] Bob Smith, Wildcats, wants to play with Bill, Betty Crocker, tbd, same team as Sue Johnson Soccer; Summer 09; Bob Smith, Scorpions, no requests, Amy Sellers, tbd, same team as Jim Johnson Bob has played two sports, one season each. I don't want Wildcats to override Scorpions because he may play fall soccer and I need to know which team he was on in Soccer. Also, Betty may play Soccer but want to request to be on another friends team because Sue Johnson isn't playing Soccer. I don't want to lose their team requests if they're playing more t
  7. Ok I think I understand you. How would that work for fields that are sport dependent? It seems like I want something similar to the actor/movies example here: http://fmprelationships.blogspot.com/2009/05/filemaker-join-tables-explored.html which I think is what you're suggesting also. Is there a way to do many to many without using portals? So if Bob Smith plays in multiple sports, he should have multiple teams, one for each sport. When he signs up, he may have requests to be on a team with a certain player. I'd like that to be independent based on the sport, and not upda
  8. Thanks for the reply comment! I'm not sure why you don't think I should have sport tables. I also don't understand how that would make things much different than the way I have it set up. Can you elaborate please? I was thinking about it more and it seems like having one main table that shows most Player fields would be best. Each field in the "Player" table should show the most recent result from one of the sport tables. There are a few fields that should be independent by sport. i.e. Bob Smith plays all sports all seasons, so I need a way to retain his "team" field and "previous t
  9. Ell, how did you do it? It sounds like what I'm trying to do as well. I have multiple sports and participants. I want an easy way to work on a current season of a sport, but also have a table (table view) showing all participants for all sports/years.
  10. hello everyone, this is my first post. I've been reading for hours trying to figure out a solution and I'm having trouble. I've been using filemaker for almost a year on a pretty basic level. I use it to keep a database of players in an adult sports league. Up until now, there have been two sports, about 4 seasons each per year. I had one table: Players and in that table I had a field called Current Sports as well as "All Seasons". Current sports reflected the sport/season combo the player was currently participating in such as: Fall 09 Basketball Fall 09 Softball "All Season
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