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  1. it would be nice that a field will become visible when a certian condition is met, other wise the field must be invisible, sio you can stack a few one on top of each other so saving place on a layout
  2. i want this feature also; since we have a 64bit server
  3. for the better understanding it would be nice that the text in scripts could be formated in color or bold .. like in VBA for MS access p.e. predefined or user defined it doesn't matter, but it is easier to locate related scriptsteps
  4. filemaker server 10 is there an updat available that is runs on sbs2008, which is teh newest standard of windows server now, or is filemaker behind ?
  5. we are running filemaker server on SBS2008. the apllication is hosted by this server, i access the database using remote access over the internet. Sometimes it worrks veryy slow, i see an houglass for serveral minutes and even in worse cases i even see a coffeecup, but don't know where it comes from, because it is the first time i see this little icon i have changed the scripts in the way that i replaced all (quite a few) the "replace field value " scriptsteps in a recordselection by a loop with "set field value" through the different records in the selection, This speeds up thin
  6. is the number of fields visible on the formview of any importance or just limit the number to the minimum? is the same happening in case of a search? for example: what in case of searching a set of records to delete them afterwards pe best to do the search in form view also? thanks a again i like it when something is done for a reason, this info is hard to find in books!
  7. so for the good undestanding: it is in FORM view that the results are better, not in ist view?
  8. thanks for the great explination, and yes i gonna to change the layouts in list view, hope it will speed up things i gonna change also the scripts in loops tommorrow thanks again freddy
  9. in a found set i want to replace the value of serveral fields with a value tha in in the paramaters ($para1; $para2,$para3,....) what is considered as best practise (works faster) working with a loop function: loping trough every record in the foundset and replace the value with the "set field" scriptset example: Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Set Field [Table1::field1; $para1] Set Field [Table1::field2; $para2] .... Go to Record/Request/Page [Next] Exit Loop if [Get (RecordNumber) = value] End Loop or with the "replace field script set? a
  10. The previous version of our filemaker application runs on a single amchine ( Filemaker v10) in this application we had a script who made a selection of records and saved this pdf file on the harddisk of that PC (in the scriptstep we had the relative path file:kitchenprojects/$filepath which saved the pdffile in the folder kitchenprojects on the hard disk of that PC; $filepath is a variable that gives the pojectnumber. so far so good. Now we installed a server who linked together the PC's from our store in a small LAN. On this server we had a "common" drive on which all the
  11. i developed the apllication on my home pc , and on this machine it runs smoothly. and at reasonable speed (stand alone version lets say) now we moved the application to the server of my friends company so the personnel of the company can use it (there it was designed for in the first place). The different PC's in the company are linked by a smal LAN which is managed by a SERVER with Windows 2008 on (64 bit version). How the application runs, is behaving, in the LAN itself (slow, fast) i don 't know. i will go over there next saturday to check it. I work at home and i 'm reponsa
  12. that is not what is published on the filemaker website: in the tech specs windows2008 is mentioned see specs: http://www.filemaker.com/nl/products/fms/tech_specs.html yes we have the 64 bit version. i think that i better stayed with good old access cu freddy
  13. i have moved an application to filemaker server yesterday, in the company there is a smal LAN but i maintain the application from my homeoffice via the interenet; The problem: now the application runs very very (unacceptable) slow, especially when executing a script where there are a few scriptsteps " replace field value" in i could get a coffee before it is finished what can i do to solve this problem? or must i accept this and reconsidering to return to a stand alone application not on filemaker server? i wasn't be able to test if the application slows down on the machi
  14. Steven what do you mean by that? we installed filemaker server 10 on an server machine running windows 2008.(SBS 2008) (In the profile page i had to choose windows 2003 because windows 2008 as not available in the proposed choices)
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