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  1. [color:blue]I've got a leftbrain torture for you, i just hope i can explain te problem clear enough... Here goes, I'm using FMP 8.5 Adv for small labels, which are saved as PDF, and in acrobat (with the aid of a imposer plugin) combined on larger sheets, and from there to a printing press. (All of the above is no problem at all, so you won't find any of this in the samplefile below) The problem is that each label (item) has its own printrun, and i'd like to optimise the sheets for the printer as much as i can. Therefore i'm duplicating some records so their printruns are lowe
  2. I had this once, and it turned out to be a hidden checkbox; print evens (or odds) only. just my 2¢
  3. So my font seems to be the problem (odd), a conflict somewhere with the FM PDF engine... I haven't used the OSX default Futura for ages (because we usually use the Futura std Opentype we bought from Adobe) Your suggestion made me search for it, and -surprise- it worked! I just hope the that font contains all special characters too (have to test that) Oh, i've found the language setting in the storage too, i'll set that for the data fields, probably helps with hyphenation on the rare occasion the text is longer that one line. Thank you for your help!
  4. This text was typed on the layout (static text). Besides that i'm not sure what you mean, or where to look. My FM is dutch, the text is Czech Republic (i doubt i can select that language anywhere) could you explain a bit more? thank you :-)
  5. Hi, i got a nice question for you guys (gals) i'm trying to use FileMaker 8.5 Adv to generate PDF's with Central European fonts (in this example Futura CE) I receive the texts in Excel, and sometimes in a email, and importing them in FM is a breeze... But the problem i got is when i generate the PDF with the FM build-in PDF engine, the special characters are either lost or replaced with anonther letter (?) When i make the PDF's with the printdialog -> save as PDF the result is correct. And you guessed it, i'd like FileMaker to do that too (because i want the files to b
  6. Thank you.. it's much simpler that way nice trick with the background, and the shift-click was new for me too bcooney: i discarded the portal idea, because this worked for me just as fine :smirk:
  7. Thanks for your quick reply, i found another way to show the range, i'll include a example file, comments are welcome. example_daterange.fp7.zip
  8. Hi, i hope someone can help me with this, i'm trying to make a portal with a range between two timestamps my records all have a date and time field i made a selection box 'select', with '1' as the value for a [X] a calculation 'Timestamp_selected' > If(select;Timestamp ( Datum ; Start );"") resulting in a timestamp when the record is selected. now, i'd like to select two records (by putting a 1 in the 'select' field) and see all records between the two calculated timestamps in a portal. i tried this with three more calculations; > the calculationfield 'one' = 1
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