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  1. Hello, I am importing orders from my online cart solution into filemaker. There are two fields that come from my online cart solution called comment and internalcomment. I wish for both of these fields to be imported into the same filemaker field. Is this possible in some way? Creating a filemaker field for both is not an option since I need both of these values to appear in the same field. I have not been able to think of a way to make this work.
  2. The left menu on my website is dynamic and it is based off a recordset from my filemaker database. My left menu is included on every page of my website and I do not want the find of the recordset to occur every time a user browses to a different page. I am looking for a way to store the results in a session so that it only has to look for them once per session. The code that creates my leftbar menu looks like this: <?php // FMStudio v1.0 - do not remove comment, needed for DreamWeaver support ?> <?php $categories_find = $Rackspace->newFindCommand('vehiclesearchsmall');
  3. Hello, I have written a lot of scripts in filemaker that use the Show Custom Dialog option. Is there a way to change the position of these dialog boxes? instead of them popping up in the middle I want them to appear on the left. Or is there a way to make that a default setting for ALL dialog boxes? Thanks for your help.
  4. I began to split the items and export them in smaller chunks. The second set of items i was exporting gave me the same invalid character error and it is only 3k of them. It sucks because even though it gives me the line and column in which its in it creates it in a temp file. Then a blank file is created. So I think you're right it might not have exported all the records because of the same error. The challenge now is to find these illegal characters with in the thousands of records and their many fields. But that is my problem to solve your style sheet works perfectly I uploaded su
  5. I don't. It creates the file but i read this comment at the top: I dont know if that is normal. Also I scrolled down to the end to see if it did all the records and it does not. I exported 20k items and there are only 13k lines of code. Plus the ending line is a description which is cut off. Maybe the problem is the size of the file? I can probably try to see what the limit is and split my items once again.
  6. I get the attached error when doing the export. It works fine when i do a found set of other items. So maybe it could be that I have illegal characters in one of items when i try to export the whole database. I'm actually pretty sure that's what that is. Unless you specify something different. Its going to be hard hunting down these illegal characters.
  7. Thanks a lot once I try this out I'll let you know how it works.
  8. This is the php code i use to create the pages. It should give you an idea of the format and fields. <?php require_once('../Connections/Rackspace.php'); ?> <?php header('content-type: text/xml'); echo '<?xml version="1.0"?>' . "n"; echo '' . "n"; echo '' . "n"; echo 'Discount Truck Accessories' . "n"; echo 'http://www.discounttruckaccessories.com' . "n"; echo 'Truck accessory products updated daily' . "n"; ?> <?php $items_find = $Rackspace->newFindCommand('googlefeed'); $items_findCriterions = array('xml'=>'=='.fmsEscape('g'),); foreach($ite
  9. Ok that's what I thought. So I just need to format this XSLT style sheet so that the fields in the database go in between the marks up I set up on it. Is there an example of this being done anywhere? My knowledge of XML and XSLT is very limited.
  10. Hello, My truck accessory company uses Google's Merchant Center to put our items in their google product search. One way to upload your items is using XML (which is what I use). To put all the items from my filemaker database into an XML format I use a PHP page which disguises itself as an xml page. And just basically echos the xml in the google format. I have over 20k items and my method is time consuming. One because the php times out since I have so many tiems so I have to break down the database into bits. I've been looking into exporting the database and all the fields that
  11. That's exactly what I am trying to do right now. The only problem I am having right now is relating the second import of the items back to the invoices. When I export the items from the website they have an invoice number but it is different from the field InvoiceID which we use in our filemaker. The InvoiceID is an auto created serial which keeps each invoice unique. The portal field is set related to the InvoiceID field not the one that comes off the cart. So for the second import I would need all the InvoiceID's that were just created from the first import to relate the items and have
  12. Here is my scenario: My business gets it its orders from our online shopping cart website. The orders get stored in the control panel of our shopping cart solution. These orders have to then be taken out and put into filemaker where we process the orders. When there are a lot of orders this becomes a very tedious process, but I noticed that the shopping cart solution allows you to export all the orders. The only issue is that in my filemaker invoice solution all the items for the order are stored in a portal field. Whenever I export the records as a csv file from the website, an
  13. getascss was messing it up thanks alot!
  14. yes it looks like this EmailCreate( "orders@pickupspecialties.com" ; PICKUP SPECIALTIES::EMAIL ; PICKUP SPECIALTIES::emailSubject ) and EmailSetBody( GetAsCSS( PICKUP SPECIALTIES::emailBody ); "html" ) and EmailSend which is set in a variable $result the emailbody field looks like this: Dear Steven: We are sending you this email to let you know that we have processed your order 137470. Many customers that purchased part # LRV6928 have also purchased these items: the email is sent fine but it comes in with the html tags showing. I need them to be actua
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