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  1. Ahh ok. Guess I'll have to redesign the layout differently. thanks for your help
  2. yeah - this is for the purpose of printing. I've tried grouping different combinations but haven't had any luck yet.
  3. Hi people I've got a large text field that is used for comments in one of my layouts. Around that field I have a border/field container made up of image files (i.e. top-left corner, top-centre, top-right corner ... etc - 8 images in total). I've currently got the text field to slide up, depending on the amount of text within that field. What I need help with is getting the surrounding border images to match the sliding of the text field. When the text field slides up, I need the border images to slide up accordingly. Anyone have any ideas? thanks Cory
  4. Hi people I know I can get FM to hide any white space I may have by sliding things up, but what if I need it to slide down? I've got a comments field, that at the current layout design is 20 lines deep. What if there are 22 lines of comments though? At the moment it'll only print up to the 20 line mark. Anyway I can get a field to print in full, regardless of how big it is in the layout?
  5. That seems to work a treat - thanks! I'm trying to get understand your calculation, so would you mind talking me through it a little? From the looks of it, you've got a repetition of 6. Does that mean it will only go up to the 6th attempt? Or have you got it to count the 6th repetition as >=6? As for the why - we contract out the service of assessment marking to education providers. So one of the reports we need to generate is how many assessments came in and what attempt were they? We've calculated the time it takes to mark each assessment dependent on what attempt it is.
  6. Hi Søren - thanks for your help and patience with this mate : I've just checked out your attachment, and it's not quite what I was after. You've only taken into account the last instance of an attempt on a unit. So if Scuba Steve took 4 attempts to finish his 111 assessment, then in your report only the attempt 4 is showing. I also need to take into account the first 3 attempts. This means that Glenfield, should be showing 5 x 1st attempts, 4 x 2nd attempts etc. Would you know how we can get this? The way I previously did it, when I had the attempt number as a field, was to have fiel
  7. ok - so how would I go about getting the sub-summary report to work? If I have a field in ATTEMPT with the attempt number, I can get the report I need to work fine, but am unsure how to go about getting it to work without this field. I've attached a copy of the report I've generated in the past. This is what I'd need to get the new system to show me. Any ideas?
  8. No - an assessment can come in many times. So the initial assessment details are stored in the ASSESSMENT table (who owns the assessment, what the unit is etc), but each time that assessment comes back to be marked it is updated in the ATTEMPTS table (the date it came in, the number of times it's come in (aka attempt), the date it was marked etc). Does that help to make things clearer? It is the number of times an assessment has come in to be marked that I need calculated.
  9. * Quote: _pk_std_id is the unique code for any providers student's within our system, and so there will only be one student per _pk_std_id That what I needs to be indeed, but why doesn't the fields populate when picking one students ID and enters it in a newly created record in the Assesment table. You mean if a student already exists within the system?
  10. By having the actual attempt number, stored with each attempt occurrence, I can easily run reports on specific attempts i.e. How many attempt 2 assessments were marked between two date ranges.
  11. We contract our services out to external providers, and so student_id is an id generated by them. We have no control over how this code is generated, and how accurate the uniqueness is. _pk_std_id is the unique code for any providers student's within our system, and so there will only be one student per _pk_std_id As for the rest of the student details arriving when the student_id is entered, all the students details are entered into the system at the DATAENTRY_student screen. Before this stage, the student doesn't exist within our system.
  12. Relational Structure What's wrong with the relational structure? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Attempts As for the attempts - sorry I obviously wasn't clear with what I wanted to do. If you have a look at the layout "DATAENTRY_unit" I have the attempt count as a summary of the count of date_received - but as a running count. While this works on screen, I need the actual attempt number stored permanently in the DB, as this will be called upon for future reports.
  13. Hi people I'm working on a student assessment database, where an assessment can be marked a number of times (these are called attempts) until the student scores 100% on their assessment. A student will have a number of different assessments (called units). Within my DB, I would like to have the attempt field automatically increment every time that unit was received. So for example: Unit - Date Received - Attempt 112 - 1/09/2009 - 1 111 - 2/09/2009 - 1 112 - 6/09/2009 - 2 112 - 10/09/2009 - 3 ...etc I've included the DB so you can see what I'm on about in
  14. Thanks for that! That file was very helpful! Seems the answer was quite simple in the end: Separate portals showing only 1 row, but starting from sequential rows. The fact that we discussed everything BUT this tells me I need to work on my FM Communication skills :
  15. Sorry - missed this one: You asked: There will be two records in the ASSESSMENTS table (which actually becomes Registrations) and 3 records in the MARKING table (which really means Attempts)? In response: Yes - that sounds about right. Have I missed any of your other questions? What do you think doesn't sound right here?
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