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  1. Howdy y'all, is this a valid approach to saving PDF's from an IPad into SC and having them be viewable soon-thereafter from web-viewer on same iPad??? On iPad in fmGo solution I can Save-As PDF and send PDF to a Local Email Address. Yipee! I have a Web server that receives these emails and downloads the PDF's into the Documents Folder on server hard drive. Yippe! Filemaker Client (not fmGo) running a dedicated local Image_Robot_File.fp7 can SEE that folder, and import only the new images into container fields, AND based on First word of Email Subject (foreign key) link that image back to Correct Record that was being viewed on iPad. Yippee! How would you suggest migrating the process into SC? Would I script something in the existing Robot File that loops newly imported images and 'sends' them to SC Server using companion plug-in (per SC integration video example?). Thank you!!
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