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  1. Hi, Sorry, can someone delete this post. Thanks Michelle
  2. Hi, I have not posted in a long time...I kind of stopped FM @ v13. Has FM done anything to accommodate the storage of remote containers across a network to a storage device such as an UnRaid box ? Michelle
  3. I do not visit the forum as much as before so, did I miss something...is FM going away? The post is somewhat cryptic and I may not be reading between the lines correctly.
  4. Note: I just read a post you had in another topic and I am not sure if your post here is related. Is this happening on a database you created or a db that was part of the demo, that you have in another post? If you created it then: This was when FMP 12 frist came out and they did not know if it was a glitch or a problem with our db. I don't know if we still have the video (we are looking at some old storage disks) it was only two or three seconds showing how the scripts started at point A and then jumped to point B...after seeing the video they wanted a sample of the db and then came back w
  5. Not sure if this is your issue: I had the same issue with moving from 11 to 12 (Ill try to find the video I submitted to FMI) they diagnosed the issue to be a corrupted db...but nothing was showing as being corrupted through my normal ways of detection. After moving the data to an older version of the db all worked well.
  6. I keep watching for something to be posted here, but nothing yet. Can someone tell me what FileMaker 14 Stand by Server Deployment is about, as I have not yet installed FMS 14...it sounds interesting. Michelle
  7. Do I need to upgrade to Server 14 or... Since the file format is still .fmp12, are there any issues hosting a file created or modified with FMP 14 on FMS 13. I would think that the server is just pushing the data out, and FMP 14 is rendering the data, everything would work without any issues. Is my thinking correct? Michelle
  8. Not sure what brand of server you are looking for but we have purchased several servers from Dell using coupons we have received from: http://www.techbargains.com/dellcoupons.cfm We got lucky one day and found a $500 coupon for a server we were getting ready to purchase + free shipping saved some cash. The coupons change from time to time and you have to keep an eye on them or sign up for their email alerts.
  9. http://1drv.ms/1pXZuiv We run FMS 13 on 2012 R2 Standard at our side business without any issues. (I am sure from your credentials, you know about the process below, but I posted it here for some who may not know of other methods to serve a FM solution). We run it in a virtual desktop environment. The user connects to Server - #2 in photo and gets a virtual desktop and that connects them to the FMS 13 - #1 in photo. By doing this the user is contained within our network which is set up for 10g (waiting for the switches to come down in price), this helps with security, and sin
  10. We have had this problem for some time on a very simple student database, as well as a database that we have at our private company. I, being a novice thought it was something I did to the iPad layout. I do not think it is your server as we have a massive server at the school with a fiber connection of 100 mbps down and around 40 mbps up, and we still have the same issue with a small database that we have at our private company running a medium speed DSL connection.
  11. I see on the FM website that Windows Server 2012 is listed as an acceptable OS. http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-13-specifications.html We are just getting started with FMS13 and have plans to purchase a new server, wanted to get some advice on which Windows Server OS we should look at. Has anyone installed FMS13 on Windows Server 2012? Thanks, Michelle
  12. Well that was easy! I have spent the last two hours searching and you fixed it in a few seconds. I should have started here. Thank you again for your help, the staff will be happy that they can open their reports. Michelle
  13. Windows Server Windows Workstations I have searched the RC topics but could not find an answer. We are trying to convert one of our DB's over to FM13 to be hosted on our FMS13 using Remote Containers. In our previous version FM11 we had an export script that would set a variable and put the PDF on the users C: drive then open it (below is the script step which I typed in manually): SetVariable [$_document_temp; Value;"filewin:/c:/ShcoolReport/" & " " & GetAsText(Reports::Student_Report)] Export Field Contents [Reports::Sudent_Report; "$_document_temp"; Automatically o
  14. Wim, I have a question about the backups. If we are doing an hourly backup, plus the Progressive Backups (@ 15 min intervals), what happens when the hourly and the progressive happen at the same time? Would there be an issue using a backup from the Progressive, if the above scenario happened? Thanks, Michelle We are still testing FMS 13
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