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  1. This is how we do our job numbers. Like tomorrow (11/13/09) would start out new with 00220091113KA If we get two jobs tomorrow the next project would be 00220091113KB and so on. And that worked! Thank you!
  2. For the color have you tried conditional formating? If Value Contains Active text color is green. You can have the portal sort by whatever. I have my sort by date. I just right clicked (sorry not MAC friendly) and goto sort and pick the field you would like it to sort.
  3. I hope that this should be easy. I need to find out if I can have a certain field automatically file in the date format I need. When we open a sort (say today) it goes 00220091112KA This is broken down by 00220 (Our Location number which never changes) 09 (year) 11 (month) 12 (day) K (never changes) A (starting at A and ending on which letter we are on for that night). When I go to put a project into the system I enter the date in the date field 11/12/09 and the project number automatically populates 00220 I would have to fill in the rest of the numbers 091112KA. I would
  4. Jeremy G


    I need to see if I can do this or not. I have Time Card tab where I can put in the persons time. I have a calendar pull down and select the week begin. It automatically inserts the dates mon-sun. I put it in the sime and it will calculate hours in week, hours left, overtime, and total hours worked. But it I change this all the times I inputted stays. I would like to see if it is possible to when I chang the date it clears out the time I put in for that week but If I select that week again it will show me those time I inputted into all the fields again but only for that week. Any hel
  5. Thank you. I will look into these.
  6. I need a monthly calendar that I can type a persons name into. Nothing special just somethign where I can goto and put Jeremy day off and that would be it. I could have upto 10 people on one day. Just in one month.
  7. THANK YOU! this is about the last report I have to get done and its kicking my A$$ as you can see. I wish I knew more of the ends and outs of this program. Jer
  8. Okay I have been trying the way you told me to but I cannot get this to work at all. Any other suggestions please.
  9. Okay i've tried several different ways I cannot get it to change and sort through the dates
  10. okay this is starting to work but I tried a pull down tab from the tabel gMonth and gYear (I made) and it is not related.
  11. I tried but it gives me an error when saving the script in Set Field - An operator (e.g. +,-,*,...) is expected here. What if I send you the file to look at and see what you think on this. I am sorry about being such a noobie about this. I've learned quite abit in the past month.
  12. Well I really could care less but maybe a pull down box for the month and same for year. Usually this would be done just at the end of the month or begining of the first month.
  13. I was thinking about this more and thought about how could I get a window to pop up when the 3day report button is selected. This window would give you a search range and then you enter this and the report will show automatically. any ideas on this?
  14. OKay I bet that you guys can tell me in 2 seconds on how to do this. I've tried for 2 days. I've ironed out all my other problems with complex scripts but I cannot get this one to work at all. I have a report that looks at ALL projects (120+) that has been started and ended. It shows all these projects. Nice but not needed. These projects do start and end on various dates. Say i have project 918SC which started on the 9/18/09 and ended on the 2nd of this month (10/2/09). I would like for the report page to show all projects that ended at which ever month I select. How could I do t
  15. I need some ideas of what I can do on this part. I figured out my portals so that I am happy with. Okay this company I work for sorts parts. We have to keep a sort total on part for 1st and 2nd shifts. Now we get a sort job lets say its 00590090722SA and in that sort number they say here are the parts we want you to check 05254-0548-00, 05255-5548-01, 00585-5488-05.... This could go to as many as 40 parts for one sort. now this sort could last 1 day or upto 4 months + So does anybody have a suggestion on what to make so I can keep track of each of these parts within this sort.
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