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  1. I wonder if it is based on the Operating System's default email client? In Windows XP it would be: Start Set Program Access and Defaults Then choose default email client
  2. (See Attached Relationship Image) I wasn't quite sure what to call this problem, but I have a task tracking application I'm creating and I have a field that doesn't seem to be displaying correctly on a layout. I have a Task table which is related to a Status table (Task::Task Id = Status::Task Id) which is then related to a Contact Table (Status::Follow Up Contact Id = Contact::Contact Id). The Status table is a child to both Task and Contact tables. So when the status is changed for a task, a new record is created in the Status table and the Follow Up contact ID may be entered
  3. I think you'll need 1 more table to connect the two (see the attached picture). This is an important concept that has helped me in the past. It's called a "one to many" relationship. A little info A little more So you would have: studentinfo table classinfo table schedule table The studentinfo table would have 1 record per student and could have your main layout where you would enter the student's choices. The classinfo table would have 1 record for each class/period combination. If Emergent Lit & Math is offered in period 1 and 2, then you would have 2 records.
  4. I'm not sure of your skill level, so please don't take offense if some of these questions might condescending. Do you know how to use Related Tables? Have you tried making a Student table and a Class table? It sounds like your issue might be cleared up with properly related tables. (I don't have a whole lot of time right now but will try to revisit your issue later today or tomorrow).
  5. That's good news. Sometimes the answer comes when trying to explain it to someone else. ???
  6. Do you have the Account Name being Auto Entered by Creation or by Modification? Have your users started using this database yet, or are these just happening as you are testing? Do you have this set up as a stand alone file or is it on FM Server?
  7. Ah, ok then you won't want to do multiple tables. You could make a script that runs when the person wants to look up their holiday requests. The script would do a find just for their requests. You could have the layout so they can't navigate to it, and disable navigation while they are in that layout then have another button that puts them back to a default layout. Allow Toolbars Show/Hide Status Area
  8. Your question is a little hard to follow, but I think I have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish. I think you will need to do some of this with scripts. I think you will need to use the Random function in a script (so it will re-evaluate a random number each time the script is run) and then I think you will have to sort by the random number generated. I might be able to help a little more if you provide a little of your database structure. (Getting and giving help through a forum can be tough at times!)
  9. I'm not exactly sure if there is something as simple as that, but here are a few options for something similar: Use Instant Web Publishing to put a form on the web and email the link Use FileMaker inconjunction with PHP to add to a web page Of course if you can get the results in a csv, txt, excel, etc form you can always import them. I've seen Outlook add-ons that will automatically save attachments to folders based on type. I've seen some interesting stuff done with XML too. I'm sure someone else might know a better way, but thought I would throw a couple options out the
  10. Are you limiting which Fields they can see or which Records they can see? If it's certain fields, then you could use 2 different layouts. If it's certain records, you could use 2 different tables.
  11. Ah, well I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help then since I don't have experience with that. Can you authenticate to AD via PHP and have a returned result indicating which page for them to send to? Sorry I can't be much help.
  12. There's a Get(PrivilegeSetName) function that you could use in a script that runs when the file is first opened. Also, if you change the rights to certain layouts/tables the user wouldn't be able to see anything on those layouts (and might not be able to access them in the first place). Are they accessing through IWP or something?
  13. I tried something similar with Zip Codes and different colors representing different levels of sales. What I ended up doing was using Container fields and Calculations. I had a .png with the background and a .png for each zip code. Since all the picture files were the same size I could overlay the Container fields and the zip codes would show up in the right place on the map. You could have a "Neighborhood Map" table that only contains 1 record. The fields would be House 1 Address, House 1 Person 1, House 2 Person 2, etc. You could then create the outline of the map in a layo
  14. It might be better to use a Calculation for the Container field. The Calculation would look something like this: if( ShowPic = "Yes"; PicTable:globalPic; "" ) Remember to set the Calculation type as Container You would then have a script that will toggle the ShowPic field between Yes and No. (code is example not correct syntax). If (ShowPic = "Yes") SetField ShowPic = "No" else SetField ShowPic = "Yes" End If You would then set the Container field to run the script when clicked...
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