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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. But my problem is, I get my data from an Internet site and is in MySQL. If I create calculation fields, will that affect the table structure in MySQL?
  2. Hello, I am creating a letter as a layout. Ant inside the letter, I need to print a global variable which was previously computed in a script. I tried using the Merge Field but it only ended up printing the <<$$variablename>> during Browse mode. How should I do it? Thanks in advance
  3. Gee Thanks LaRetta, I will try to send the FP7 file as soon as I can...
  4. Can somebody please tell me EXACTLY what to do (step-by-step)? I am really stuck on this one... Thanks In advance...
  5. Hi LaRetta, I know it's not a normal practice to "copy records from one table to another" but here is my application, in a nutshell. I have a list of "Default Transactions", for example: Cash Purchases Credit Purchases Borrowed Stock Cash Sales Cash Discounted Sales etc. And Each "Default Transaction" has its own list of "Accounting Entries". All these data will be supplied by the user (prefereably a CPA). When a source document is created, the user selects which type of "Transaction" This falls under. So when he selects a "Transaction Type", I want my applicati
  6. Hello, I don't know if I am putting this in the right sub-forum, but I am stuck again in my first FileMAker Development. Ok, so this is how it goes: 1. I have two tables Header and Detail (one is to many). For each Header::Type, there are several Detail::Accounts and Detail::Percentages 2. In my transactions, I will create a table similar to the Detail Table, except for an additional field called "Value". 3. When my user enters a "Type" in my Transaction Header table, I intend to copy the related "Detail" records in #1 into a new table called Transaction Detail. The
  7. Thank you Everybody!!! My two portals are finally working... the only "kink" i need to iron out is the "flashing" of the portal everytime i move to another record in my "Master". Another thing I wish to "fix" is how the portal looks. It seems that there are "gaps" in between rows. It doesn't look that "neat". Other than that, I am already happy. Any tips? :
  8. Hi Comment, Thanks for the link. It is going to be useful for me. I already checked it out and now I know exactly what to do. Thanks again...
  9. Thanks a lot SD, was quite educational and informative. I read somewhere that I need to do the following: 1. "trap" the Record number of the Item I selected in the portal. I understand I need to do this via the Button Setup. 2. Store that record number in a Global Variable. Unfortunately, I don't know how... WHen I go to the Button Setup of a field in the portal, I don't know what else to do when I select the "Go To Related Record" command. In other words, I am stuck. And I surely would appreciate if anybody out there could show me the step-by-step procedure.
  10. cartesian portal? GTRR? I am truly sorry, but I did not understand a word you said.... Please be patient, for I am such a newbie... : Thanks for all your help.
  11. Hmmm... There seems to be a problem... I followed your advice and created the 2 relations and the 2 portals just as you said. However, the Child portal doesn't seem to "refresh"when I select a Parent record. I displayed the 2 "accountID"s on the layout, Chart 1 and Chart 2, and both values did not change, even if I placed the cursor on another record in the parent portal. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Danny Philippines
  12. Oh ok... my mistake... I related the Account Balances to the Chart of Accounts 2 table... Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply mr_vodka. However, there seems to be a problem. The 2nd portal does not display the related records, but displays all records. Hmmm... I wonder where I went wrong...
  14. Hello Everyone, I am a FileMaker newbie. But I have been a programmer for over 25 years. I started with Basic, to Clipper to VB. I have also experience in MySQL. But my question is this: I have two (2) tables, Chart of Accounts (which has only 3 fields) and Beginning Balances (which is related to the Chart of Accounts via AcctCode). So obviously, this is a one-to-many relationship. I already have a solution where you browse through your Parent Table, one record at a time, and automatically view the related records in the portal. But since I am only working with a 3-field ta
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