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  1. I’m trying to conditionally hide some text on a layout when a certain field is entered and display again once the field is exited. I have accomplished this with the use of script triggers. I was wondering If it could be done without the use of triggers. Any thoughts? Thank you Anthony Conditionally Hide Text On Field Entry.fmp12
  2. Thank You! Exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. It looks like I may have to go the script route after all. I was hoping for a custom function that might do the job. Thank you again for your solution.
  4. I’m am looking for a calculation or custom function that will compare two list to indicate if any value from ListA appears in ListB regardless of position in the lists. I have tried experimenting with PatternCount without success. The values must be an exact match.
  5. Thank you for the updated link, I was able to load the 4.43. Thanks for all your help and sorry for the confusion. Any additional thoughts on why the 5.05 would not load? The 4.43 is currently working in my test environment but would like to be on the latest at some point as I will be upgrading to the Pro version and would like to deploy the latest. Thanks again for all your time and help. Anthony
  6. I have verified all three locations, and there is nothing installed. I can launch FileMaker and nothing happens on startup, I can verify that there are no other plugins installed by going to plugins in FM preferences. As soon as I quit FM and drag the 4.43 extension I download from the provided link to one of the three locations and reopen FM and try to initialize it in preferences I get the first use dialog I click OK and FM freezes. The legacy version of Java had previously been installed.
  7. Thank you for your help and response. I removed the 5.05 plugin and the 360Works folder generated by the plugin in the user library application support folder and installed the 4.43. When I open FileMaker the plugin starts downloading the Java resource files, I click OK in the displayed dialog at that point FileMaker freezes and I have to force quit the app. It does generate a new 360Works folder in the user library application folder, but the only way I can get FileMaker to open in to remove the plugin. Thanks again Anthony
  8. Thank you for your reply. Please see attached log. 360Works_f3a2AE 5.05.log
  9. I am experiencing issues loading the ScriptMaster 5.05 plugin on OS X 10.12 Sierra using FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced. I get the "?" Failed to initialize. error when trying to enable the plugin within FileMaker. I have tried manually replacing the plugins 1.8.0_121 resource files and have tried the workaround suggested on the ScriptMaster site without success. Any suggestion on what my next step that I could try? Does anyone have this successfully working? Thank you in advance for any help. Thank You Anthony
  10. Thank you so much for your help. Just what I was looking for. Originally I was just looking for the notation for any number that fell into that range but your suggestion of rounding up makes for a much better result for what I was trying to accomplish. Thanks again Anthony
  11. Yes, having the numbers rounded up would be great.
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