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Found 83 results

  1. I don't really know what I'm missing here. I have two windows next to each other. I want to activate a Script Trigger on Record Load (I have tried On Layout Enter as well) , and it does that fine as long as I'm only having one window open. But not when I'm switching between the windows. Ie, I want the script to run when I enter the Window. Isn't this supposed to work?
  2. A google search reveals that FMP not recognizing modifier keys is at least a decade old problem. It's hard to resist making some kind of a comment but I will resist. At any rate, it seems that restarting the computer, at least on a Mac, resolves the problem, (until it pops up again). My question is this: Is it understood what is it in the restarting process that corrects the problem, and if it is, is it something that can be imitated with some kind of script, command, etc? Thanks
  3. Excel and Filemaker calculates the difference between two dates differently. I always thought that when you subtract two date from one another, the result was the number of full days between the dates. For example: Calculate the difference between 1/15/19 – 1/9/19. There are 5 full days between these dates (10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th). However, FM and Excel calculations do not result in 5, and they don’t even agree with each other! In Excel, Difference = 7 In FM, Difference = 6 It seems that when you subtract two dates in Excel the result includes the starting and ending dates and therefore it is not the number full days between the dates. In FM the result seems to include either the starting or ending date (not both), and therefore it also is not the number of full days between the dates. What gives?
  4. Hi everybody, looks like I do have a sort of rookie problem here. I created a subsummary report which is sorted by a break field and all works fine. All is fine in layout and preview mode. Just in browse mode I seem to have a problem. There is a large grey empty area just underneath of the subsummary part showing. Anyone with an idea what it is I messed up here? I already googled but just found 1 similar report from 2010. Sort of optically annoying. Any help is highly appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone I am working with filemaker on and off for the last recent years but, no doubts about it, I am still a rookie. lately I have created a db similar to a booking engine for shore excursions for river cruise ships. Lots of modules, layouts, scripts etc. As I really have to work with my limited knowledge, it took a long time and is not really constructed in a way any pro would do it with a lot of workarounds and probably sort of unorthodox. However, it works just fine for me and I am sort of proud, to have gotten to the point where I am. However, I am afraid, that I corrupted the whole thing somehow. No I am trying to integrate a sort of an accounting layout consisting out of a summary or subsummary report. The report contains fields from 4 related tables. and a summary field. The db has some 5 different tables and around 35 different active layouts. First problem is that my subsummary part, which I created with the New Layout/Report assistant, does not show up at all in browse mode. I have tried to base the layout on all 4 tables, but it seems not to be working. The second problem is that the summary field is not working and producing some random weired numbers instead of the summary of the field it is assigned to. On the attached pics I have placed the summary field into the bottom in order to demonstrate the results. In every ordinary case it is located in the subsummary part. I have played around here a lot. deleted it, created a new field, created a new layout etc, etc, but it just won't calculate the value of the field it is assinged to. Anyone any idea, of what am I doing wrong here? Tnx for any help in advance.
  6. Hi Guys, There is any script who request user and password of user after click in a button. I have a check box in my solution with get username for log register and validation, i want to request user and pass to allow user enter this option. Thanks for all.
  7. This is a problem I frequently have. I can't custom format a date in the Inspector. I can't make a selection because the drop down menu becomes a long vertical blue stripe and selections are not available. I wonder if this is a FMP problem or a Windows 10 problem. Does any one else have the same problem?
  8. Hi, I hope you having a wonderful day, Currently I'm traying to create a dashboard with Filemaker, the idea is show several portals and grafics of differnets databases but with specific criterias. The case that i'm trying to resolve is the next one: There are three database related, one is for clients, another is the contract of this clients (services) and the last one is client's tickets, so we have the next relationships: tickets DB ------ Clients ------ Services (I didn't create that DB distribution). The idea is show in the dashboard which tickets were created for clients who have certain services. The first thing i did was create a self join relationship of Services to filter those clients who have the services i want to filter, next, i put this relationship into a portal in a layout based on the Services database and it works, but if i put into the portal a field related with the client's name, the portal doesn't match the results of the self join relationship whit the correct client, neither with the tickets that it supposed are related with the results of the self join relationships, how can I created a query in Filemaker taking into account more that one database? I made the self-join in the manage/database/relationships menu.
  9. I used to be able to host a limited number of clients with FMP. With FM17 it now says "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later." and the file shows 0 clients connected. Is the only way around this to get FMP server?
  10. Hello Friends, As such any script which can close the popover portal when a certain field have value ''No'' and if ''Yes'' it remains open. Popover portal is also open by script. Applying the following script steps but not succed Thanks
  11. Can anyone describe how to set up a layout for center fed #10 envelopes?😠 FM help says that after creating the layout you must verify margins and other settings before printing. How do you do that? I've tried everything I can think of, but the script print step prints 2 or 3 envelopes when the print dialog is set to 1 copy. I've tried adjusting the header and body dimensions (by guessing), I've tried deleting the header and keeping the body, I've even tried just keeping the header. Everything looks normal in Preview.
  12. I have a flat file database with only one table. However, I cannot not delete records. I get the error "This operation cannot be performed because one or more required related tables are missing". However, I can create records, just can't delete them. Obviously, I don't have a related table.
  13. I have a couple of questions before I take the plunge back into Filemaker after a long absence. When purchasing the annual contract can someone explain what a user is? Is it the number of people that can use filemaker at one time or does everyone that will want to get online need a separate licence? For instance would I need one licence when I access from at home and one from work. I might have many people sharing machines etc. Also there is a limit of "2 GB outbound data transfer per user, per month — tracked annually." What is this telling me? My databases will tend to be quite large as we use thousands of hi-res photographs.
  14. Hi, My solution opens an Excel file and loops through 3 tabs in it, importing and processing the contents of each. What I really need to do is get the user to specify an Excel file (preferably by opening a script generated default directory and filtering to only Excel files...something I can't seem to get to happen) then, in a loop, import data from 3 separate tabs in the file (tab names are fixed but import mapping is different for the different tabs) and process that data. When I'm running locally I can get the input file name by using Insert File into a container to hold on to the file name and can set up the imports specifying the filename, tab, and import order for each import step. This seems like a really clumsy way to get a filename that can be accessed multiple times without repeated user input, but it seemed to be the only approach back when I wrote .V1 of this script (a couple years back). But it worked for a local database. Now I'm trying to run from FM Server where Insert File is not supported. So how do I do this? I'm running on Mac and Windows so any solution that involves plugins needs to work for either (seamlessly). Conceptually, this seems to be very simple ... get a filename and access it multiple times. But I'm tearing my hair out trying to make this work. Thoughts or guidance? Thanks
  15. I want "Continuity Header Calc" to take "Group_Header" if it exists. If it does not, take Scenes:Scene Header I tried making the calculation with this: If ( IsEmpty ( Group_Header ) ; Scenes::Scene Header {; Group_Header} ) But it gives me the error: "The specified field cannot be found" I think I'm missing something... Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi, i am trying to find a position of new window so that new window opens on each record's line. is there a formular that can give pixel position of an object ?
  17. Hi, i am having a problem when i try to set a transparent color for the portal. previous version - fmp 11 , i never had this problem. is it disabled in fmp 17 ?
  18. I'm experiencing an issue regarding on my database. Every hour 1 I see perform find popping even I just scrolling through records. I already check if there's an On timer script but nothing. This issue happens every day.
  19. Is it possible to put the empty blank new record line on top of the portal view? Currently it shows up on bottom, and I'd love it to be on top if possible. Thanks in advance!
  20. I'm looking for advice regarding strategies for storing photos/scans within my database. Currently, I'm of the mindset that I would prefer to have a single 'container table' that is used throughout the database where needed. This table would have a few identifiers, which autofill based on where (as in from which layout, or where on the layout) the container is populated. Then, there would be a single layout where all photos/scans could be browsed/filtered/etc based upon those identifiers. First question, is this design good practice or should I reconsider my approach? Please note that for my purposes a container is not always necessary for every record (i.e. some records will have photos attached to them, and many others will not), and some records will need multiple containers (a record can have more than one photo attached to it). Second, in the case this is good practice, are there any examples available on how to best implement it? I really appreciate your time, please let me know if further clarification of my question is necessary.
  21. I can't get find a range of dates with a script. The following script is supposed to find the last 12 records on the layout. The Perform Find results in the error that the provided find criteria is not correct. Even if I use Enter Find Mode and insert the variables, I get the same error. What gives? Layout [ “Log” ] Show All Records Sort Records [ Keep records in sorted order; Specified Sort Order: Log::Date; ascending ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Last ] Set Variable [ $End; Value:Log::Date ] Set Variable [ $start; Value:$end-12 ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Log::Date: “$start...$end” ] [ Restore ] //Enter Find Mode [ ] //Set Field [ Log::Date; $start...$end ] //Perform Find
  22. Hi. I have a database that lists grant applications. I need for my user to be able to view the records in a number of ways according to certain criteria for analysis purposes. These records are displayed in a List layout. I need to be able to: 1) see only records where the submission dates are between x and y then 2) filter these records according to what is selected in 2 dropdowns - Outcome and Status. The Outcome field dropdown value list is : <blank>, granted, unsuccessful, unknown. The Status field is dropdown value list is: <blank>,submitted, in progress, finalised. The <blank> is where that dropdown criteria are not required. Ideally, I'd like to be able to set the dates, select from the dropdowns and perform the find, but happy to do it in 2 steps if necessary. I've tried several things from solutions found searching the internet, but nothing seems to work and I'm getting increasingly frustrated with it. I'm not a coder and anyone good enough to help me out here needs to be aware of this. While I've been using FM on and off for a number of years, I'm by no means an expert or even near it. Thank you in advance for any guidance with this. You guys have helped me out in the past.
  23. Does anyone know about a plug-in for Sales Force?
  24. Hello All, The attached file is the simulation of my excel worksheets. I have three (3) accounts Admin, John & Lola all the three (3) accounts has no password. In my layout "ReportsEquipmentTime", I want that If I click the "project x equipment" button I will see only the record of the current account that is login. The script that Im using is Set Error Capture [on] Allow User abort [off] Set variable[$_columns; Value: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "Equipment" )] Set variable[$_rows; Value: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "ProjectCode" )] Set Field[Users::RELOGIN; Get(AccountName) Enter Find Mode [Pause: off] Set Field [DailyReports::CreatedBy; Set Error Capture [on] Perform Find [] Go to layout ["ReportsEqipmentTime" (ReportsEquipmentTime; Animation: None] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Column Headers; $_columns] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Column Source; "EquipmentUsed"] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Row Headers; $_rows] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Row Source; "ProjectCode"] Commit Records / Request [With dialog: off] Please see attached File. Thank you Lola Hours.fmp12
  25. Hi there - I need to create a simple crosstab report and wondered if filemaker 17 has this functionality built in ? If not can somebody point me in the right direction on this please. It would be very much appreciated. Also once ive created a series of reports how can i combine them so they appear at the press of a button in a single document ? Any help would be much appreciated. Peter
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