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Found 66 results

  1. I'm looking for advice regarding strategies for storing photos/scans within my database. Currently, I'm of the mindset that I would prefer to have a single 'container table' that is used throughout the database where needed. This table would have a few identifiers, which autofill based on where (as in from which layout, or where on the layout) the container is populated. Then, there would be a single layout where all photos/scans could be browsed/filtered/etc based upon those identifiers. First question, is this design good practice or should I reconsider my approach? Please note that for my purposes a container is not always necessary for every record (i.e. some records will have photos attached to them, and many others will not), and some records will need multiple containers (a record can have more than one photo attached to it). Second, in the case this is good practice, are there any examples available on how to best implement it? I really appreciate your time, please let me know if further clarification of my question is necessary.
  2. I can't get find a range of dates with a script. The following script is supposed to find the last 12 records on the layout. The Perform Find results in the error that the provided find criteria is not correct. Even if I use Enter Find Mode and insert the variables, I get the same error. What gives? Layout [ “Log” ] Show All Records Sort Records [ Keep records in sorted order; Specified Sort Order: Log::Date; ascending ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Last ] Set Variable [ $End; Value:Log::Date ] Set Variable [ $start; Value:$end-12 ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Log::Date: “$start...$end” ] [ Restore ] //Enter Find Mode [ ] //Set Field [ Log::Date; $start...$end ] //Perform Find
  3. Hi. I have a database that lists grant applications. I need for my user to be able to view the records in a number of ways according to certain criteria for analysis purposes. These records are displayed in a List layout. I need to be able to: 1) see only records where the submission dates are between x and y then 2) filter these records according to what is selected in 2 dropdowns - Outcome and Status. The Outcome field dropdown value list is : <blank>, granted, unsuccessful, unknown. The Status field is dropdown value list is: <blank>,submitted, in progress, finalised. The <blank> is where that dropdown criteria are not required. Ideally, I'd like to be able to set the dates, select from the dropdowns and perform the find, but happy to do it in 2 steps if necessary. I've tried several things from solutions found searching the internet, but nothing seems to work and I'm getting increasingly frustrated with it. I'm not a coder and anyone good enough to help me out here needs to be aware of this. While I've been using FM on and off for a number of years, I'm by no means an expert or even near it. Thank you in advance for any guidance with this. You guys have helped me out in the past.
  4. Does anyone know about a plug-in for Sales Force?
  5. Hello All, The attached file is the simulation of my excel worksheets. I have three (3) accounts Admin, John & Lola all the three (3) accounts has no password. In my layout "ReportsEquipmentTime", I want that If I click the "project x equipment" button I will see only the record of the current account that is login. The script that Im using is Set Error Capture [on] Allow User abort [off] Set variable[$_columns; Value: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "Equipment" )] Set variable[$_rows; Value: ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "ProjectCode" )] Set Field[Users::RELOGIN; Get(AccountName) Enter Find Mode [Pause: off] Set Field [DailyReports::CreatedBy; Set Error Capture [on] Perform Find [] Go to layout ["ReportsEqipmentTime" (ReportsEquipmentTime; Animation: None] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Column Headers; $_columns] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Column Source; "EquipmentUsed"] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Row Headers; $_rows] Set Field [ReportsEquipmentTime::_Row Source; "ProjectCode"] Commit Records / Request [With dialog: off] Please see attached File. Thank you Lola Hours.fmp12
  6. Hi there - I need to create a simple crosstab report and wondered if filemaker 17 has this functionality built in ? If not can somebody point me in the right direction on this please. It would be very much appreciated. Also once ive created a series of reports how can i combine them so they appear at the press of a button in a single document ? Any help would be much appreciated. Peter
  7. I have a runtime solution that was created in FMP 12. This no longer works on High Sierra or Mojave. My iMac just gave up the ghost , but Mojave would not have run on that machine anyway. So Instead of sinking money into a new Mac, I am looking to see if there is anyone here on the forum that I could hire to render the runtime for Mojave (from the previous fmp12 file), do a simple runthrough to verify that everything works well and then create an installer package/DMG to get me (and my customers) back up and running. Thanks for your time and consideration!on in this matter
  8. I am using Filemaker Pro 17. I have created a container field with 'interactive content (PDF, MP3, etc.)' checked in the Data tab in the Inspector. PDF's won't upload. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader DC. I've tried other PDF files and they just won't load. What am I doing wrong? (I've done is successfully in the past with Filemaker 15 with the exact same PDF files). I'm using a MacBook Pro with MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.2 (18C54).
  9. A google search reveals that FMP not recognizing modifier keys is at least a decade old problem. It's hard to resist making some kind of a comment but I will resist. At any rate, it seems that restarting the computer, at least on a Mac, resolves the problem, (until it pops up again). My question is this: Is it understood what is it in the restarting process that corrects the problem, and if it is, is it something that can be imitated with some kind of script, command, etc? Thanks
  10. Band Solution Design I am trying to create a filemaker solution for my band. I have been unable to find a pre-made solution that does everything I want, so I am going to try and create my own using filemaker. I am looking for advice on what tables and structure I should use, before I start. Entities Band Members - I need contact info and a history of money I have paid them from any gigs Clients - People that hire us for gigs. I need to send them a press kit in hopes of getting hired. Invoice them, and send a receipt. Fans - Marketing to these people , email, text, social media, etc. Can a fan also be a client? Yes, but it is pretty rare. I am thinking if a fan happens to be a client as well, they should probably be in both tables. I am not 100% on whether or not Fans and clients can be in the same table Assets - An inventory of our equipment owned for tracking and insurance purposes Merchandise - We sell shirts, hoodies, hats, etc, at our gigs. Invoice - We need to be able to invoice our merchandise and invoice our clients for our services (Performing gigs) Our merchandise is sold by us and has nothing to do with the clients. Songs - A table to keep info on all songs we play. Containers with pdf’s, mp3’s, song information, etc. This info will be shared with band members through email. Build reports to show clients what songs we play. Calendar - Track gigs and practices and band member availability. Hopefully I can have the calendar sync the gigs to an external calendar on our websites. Any other information, would be for band members only. Practices and availability should not be seen on any external calendars. Band members should be able to log in and block dates they are not available so I know when I can’t schedule a gig. Main questions from this are Should our services and merchandise we sell be in the same table? On a side not, the price of our services is not a set price but negotiated for every gig. There are too many variables to be able to have a set price advertised. In other words, I can’t have, “2 hours of music for $500”. One gig might be 10 minutes away, require none of our sound equipment, while another is an hour away, requires us to bring everything, and members need a hotel for night. So every gig fee is negotiated. Are Clients and Fans in the same table? My feeling is no, but I could be wrong The Calendar table. Band members need to see everything on this, and be able to block dates. The gigs listed on this table should sync with external calendars on our website, etc. I am not even sure Filemaker can handle this kind of calendar application, but if so, why not try? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  11. Hello -- I would like to open pdf files that are stored in a secure external manner. Only the first page of multipage files show in a FM container window (if I';m not mistaken) so I am wondering about using Preview (Mac, of course). I can retrieve the file path to the secure file by processing the text output of the container file, and then use it as a variable filename in a Send Event script step, but Preview cannot open it. Any suggestions?
  12. I used to be able to host a limited number of clients with FMP. With FM17 it now says "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later." and the file shows 0 clients connected. Is the only way around this to get FMP server?
  13. Hi Gang, I am reaching out to see if anyone can assist (or maybe point me in the right direction) with some ExecuteSQL() issues I am having in my my next version of my product. I want to execute a query like the following: SELECT code FROM Appts WHERE appt_id IN (’14’,’10’,’8’,’9') ORDER BY FIELD(appt_id, ‘9', ‘10', ‘8', ‘14’) I have tried several times for this to return a working result with NO LUCK. Do you know if FMP allows this sort of query or does it fall short. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  14. I know. Don't use them. But There is a simple task and a repeating field would be a quick solution. Field 1: a number Field 2: a calculated repeating field, each repetition adds the repetition number to the value of Field 1. Can it be done? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am looking to move some functionality away from BaseElements (4.0.3) and into Filemaker Pro's native functions. There are three functions that are used that I need to migrate. Could somebody please help me 'translate' the following line away from using BaseElements (BE) and into Filemaker's own functions? 1. BE_HMAC_Deprecated ( $queryString ; $$_API_Key ; BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm_SHA256_Deprecated ; BE_Encoding_Base64_Deprecated ) As I understand it, the new function would be: CryptAuthCode( data; algorithm; key) yet the BE function has four parameters, and Filemaker has only three, and I'm not sure how to "translate" the third and fourth parameters in the above line into the Filemaker equivalent. Details at: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204700668-BE-HMAC-Deprecated 2. I cannot find the "BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm _SHA256_Deprecated" details on the BE web page, yet I find something with a similar name similar at: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204700878-BE-MessageDigest-Deprecated If it is the same as the then what is the Filemaker equivalent? 3. Similar situation with the "BE_Encoding_Base64_Deprecated". The way the function in the command above shows no parameters being used, yet the BE reference guide (https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205350447-BE-Base64-Encode-Deprecated) shows a single parameter required. So as my command works with BE loaded as a plugin, I am wondering if it is even using those third and fourth parameters at all. Can anybody give me a hand please? Cheers, Greg
  16. Is there a way to calculate only the first row of a table? thank you in advance
  17. I'm not sure which section this goes under. I need help integrating RC2FM with my filemaker database. I'm looking to hire a developer. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  18. I work a lot with multiple windows open on the same Record. Something that is driving me mad right now is; I have a Field open in one Window and I try to edit the same Record in another Window. But of course I get the Record Locked message. Because I have multiple Windows open I have to go clicking through all my open Windows to release the Record - which is very irritating. I thought of making a Script containing the Commit command which I could quickly run with a Command-[Number] keystroke. But Commit only works on the frontmost window. Is there some workaround that would let me Commit the Record across all of it's open Windows?
  19. Say I have a 2 page letter pdf in a container. I want to make a 1 page pdf that is 11X17 of this PDF. Do I need a plugin to do this? If so what? Or can I achieve this natively in FM?
  20. I have a customer that has 3TB of photos in the program Picasa. They use it to edit images and then put some in Filemaker. Currently the images are on a NAS. The problem is it seems to be getting slower and slower. Picasa is discounted so I'm looking for a replacement that can handle the large amount of images they take on the job site and interact with Filemaker, seamlessly. they run on a windows platform but would like to perhaps introduce iPads to the mix in the future. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I thought I'd give it a go. Any guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hello I am integrating with Apple's GSX API's, and one of the functions allows you to download a PDF of a 'DepotShippingLabel' which we need to send faulty parts off to Apple. The data is sent as an application/octet-stream. I have tried saving that data into a FileMaker field, and then using 'Export Field Contents' to a path that resolved to Get ( DesktopPath) & "mypdf.pdf" However, the resulting file is not recognised by Preview or Acrobat. Does anyone know how I can convert this type of data into a usable file using Filemaker (or an custom/plugin functions)? I can't post the whole data here as it contains sensitive data, but below is the beginning and end of it, just so you can see what sort of data I am being given by Apple. It is just plain text that I have moved into a text field. JVBERi0xLjQKJeLjz9MKNCAwIG9 <lotsOfDataRemoved> k+PgpzdGFydHhyZWYKMjQwOQolJUVPRgo= Any hints or tips would be appreciated!
  22. I have great hopes that someone can help me...please. Although I am very new to this forum, I am a long time user of FileMaker products. I recently migrated from FMP 13 up to FMP 17 Advanced. In FMP 13 I was using a plug-in to allow me to open and run a script in another file. Unfortunately, that plug-in no longer works in FMP 17 as it is no longer supported and I was told that the new version of FileMaker allows users to perform all the functions that the plug-in previously offered. As a result, I have been trying to bring myself up to speed with FileMaker's new scripting methodology (which I am no fan of). I have exhausted all the resources that I have accessed and am lost. In greater detail here is my problem: In total I have 11 different files which are the core of my book database. Two of those files allow me to create the 200 or so static web pages I use to populate my web site. The primary file is one called "Inventory" which contains active records for well over 4,000 books. A second file is called "Web pages" where there is a separate record for each of my 200 plus web pages. In that file there is a field called "Script name" which references a script of the same name which resides in the file Inventory. I need to create a script which allows me to call up the script name appearing in Web pages and then run that script in Inventory. All of my efforts to create such a script so far have been complete failures. I hope someone can please write out the actual lines to accomplish this feat. Thank you in advance.
  23. On windows 7 (VMware on OSX), using FMP17 and Microsoft Access 2016 Trying to do a ODBC import and selecting the datasource, I get asked for Username and password, even if the Access DB is not password protected. The data sources are correct (tested from Livecode) and should be working without user name and password. On the properties of the ODBC pane setup the path seems correct (not pointing to 32): %windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe What am I missing?
  24. I use FMPro infrequently--and would be most appropriately described as a novice. I've received help with the script below--but my portal isn't sorting by alphanumeric order--in the order I want it to. I have a text field in my portal called __pkPosnCtrl. There is a max string of 20 characters in this field but location of letters or numbers within the field vary. The script allows my records to sort by toggling back and forth between ascending and descending order. There is an optional script parameter of "__pkPosnCtrl" which appears on a button over the portal label. Below is the script (I've added comments to help me understand and remember what the script is doing.) Set Variable [$SP; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter)] If [IsEmpty ($SP)] Exit Script [] End If # make sure a record is active If [Get ( FoundCount ) = 0] Exit Script [] End If Set Variable [$SortField; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter ) ] If [t01b_departments_POSITIONS::SortField = $SortField] # If the $SortOrder is not equal to 1 go ahead and set it to 1, otherwise set it to 0 # Allows the enduser to toggle back and forth between ascending and descending order Set Field [_t01b_departments_POSITIONS::SortField = $SortField] Else # Since the $SortField is not equal to the column you just clicked go ahead and set the sort field # equal to $SortField (of that colum) Set Field [_t01b_departments_POSITIONS::SortField; $SortField] # equal to $SortField (of that column) End If Commit Records/Request[] Refresh Window [Flush cached join results] Additionally, I'm sorting the relationship between my parent table T01_DEPARTMENTS and my child table _t01b_departments_POSITIONS based on 4 calculations: SortValueDynamicAscNumber, Unstored, from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=0; GetField (SortField)) SortValueDynamicAscText, Unstored, from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=0; GetField (SortField)) SortValueDynamicDescNumber, Unstored from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=1; GetField (SortField)) SortValueDynamicDescText, Unstored, from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=1; GetField (SortField)) When I perform an ascending sort (descending is also an issue) the result I'm getting is: DevGrantWritPt48s1 DevMktgCoordFt66s1 DevCorRelEvMgrFt80s1 DevPreCirPGMgrFt80s1 DevVpAdvanceFt80s1 DevGiftProDbaFt80s2 DevAnnFunRCIIFt80s32 But what I want is: DevAnnFunRCIIFt80s32 DevCorRelEvMgrFt80s1 DevGiftProDbaFt80s2 DevGrantWritPt48s1 DevMktgCoordFt66s1 DevPreCirPGMgrFt80s1 DevVpAdvanceFt80s1 Any ideas on how I can get the sort order I'm looking for?
  25. Hi! I have a video in a global container field. If I play it in one record, say from start and for 10 seconds, and then move on to the next record, the video is from the beginning again. I would like the video to stay in the last paused frame, no matter what record I move to, Is this possible? And if so how? Thanks for any help Patrik
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