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Found 46 results

  1. On windows 7 (VMware on OSX), using FMP17 and Microsoft Access 2016 Trying to do a ODBC import and selecting the datasource, I get asked for Username and password, even if the Access DB is not password protected. The data sources are correct (tested from Livecode) and should be working without user name and password. On the properties of the ODBC pane setup the path seems correct (not pointing to 32): %windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe What am I missing?
  2. I have a customer that has 3TB of photos in the program Picasa. They use it to edit images and then put some in Filemaker. Currently the images are on a NAS. The problem is it seems to be getting slower and slower. Picasa is discounted so I'm looking for a replacement that can handle the large amount of images they take on the job site and interact with Filemaker, seamlessly. they run on a windows platform but would like to perhaps introduce iPads to the mix in the future. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I thought I'd give it a go. Any guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I use FMPro infrequently--and would be most appropriately described as a novice. I've received help with the script below--but my portal isn't sorting by alphanumeric order--in the order I want it to. I have a text field in my portal called __pkPosnCtrl. There is a max string of 20 characters in this field but location of letters or numbers within the field vary. The script allows my records to sort by toggling back and forth between ascending and descending order. There is an optional script parameter of "__pkPosnCtrl" which appears on a button over the portal label. Below is the script (I've added comments to help me understand and remember what the script is doing.) Set Variable [$SP; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter)] If [IsEmpty ($SP)] Exit Script [] End If # make sure a record is active If [Get ( FoundCount ) = 0] Exit Script [] End If Set Variable [$SortField; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter ) ] If [t01b_departments_POSITIONS::SortField = $SortField] # If the $SortOrder is not equal to 1 go ahead and set it to 1, otherwise set it to 0 # Allows the enduser to toggle back and forth between ascending and descending order Set Field [_t01b_departments_POSITIONS::SortField = $SortField] Else # Since the $SortField is not equal to the column you just clicked go ahead and set the sort field # equal to $SortField (of that colum) Set Field [_t01b_departments_POSITIONS::SortField; $SortField] # equal to $SortField (of that column) End If Commit Records/Request[] Refresh Window [Flush cached join results] Additionally, I'm sorting the relationship between my parent table T01_DEPARTMENTS and my child table _t01b_departments_POSITIONS based on 4 calculations: SortValueDynamicAscNumber, Unstored, from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=0; GetField (SortField)) SortValueDynamicAscText, Unstored, from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=0; GetField (SortField)) SortValueDynamicDescNumber, Unstored from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=1; GetField (SortField)) SortValueDynamicDescText, Unstored, from tblPOSITIONS, = Case (SortOrder=1; GetField (SortField)) When I perform an ascending sort (descending is also an issue) the result I'm getting is: DevGrantWritPt48s1 DevMktgCoordFt66s1 DevCorRelEvMgrFt80s1 DevPreCirPGMgrFt80s1 DevVpAdvanceFt80s1 DevGiftProDbaFt80s2 DevAnnFunRCIIFt80s32 But what I want is: DevAnnFunRCIIFt80s32 DevCorRelEvMgrFt80s1 DevGiftProDbaFt80s2 DevGrantWritPt48s1 DevMktgCoordFt66s1 DevPreCirPGMgrFt80s1 DevVpAdvanceFt80s1 Any ideas on how I can get the sort order I'm looking for?
  4. Hi! I have a video in a global container field. If I play it in one record, say from start and for 10 seconds, and then move on to the next record, the video is from the beginning again. I would like the video to stay in the last paused frame, no matter what record I move to, Is this possible? And if so how? Thanks for any help Patrik
  5. I have great hopes that someone can help me...please. Although I am very new to this forum, I am a long time user of FileMaker products. I recently migrated from FMP 13 up to FMP 17 Advanced. In FMP 13 I was using a plug-in to allow me to open and run a script in another file. Unfortunately, that plug-in no longer works in FMP 17 as it is no longer supported and I was told that the new version of FileMaker allows users to perform all the functions that the plug-in previously offered. As a result, I have been trying to bring myself up to speed with FileMaker's new scripting methodology (which I am no fan of). I have exhausted all the resources that I have accessed and am lost. In greater detail here is my problem: In total I have 11 different files which are the core of my book database. Two of those files allow me to create the 200 or so static web pages I use to populate my web site. The primary file is one called "Inventory" which contains active records for well over 4,000 books. A second file is called "Web pages" where there is a separate record for each of my 200 plus web pages. In that file there is a field called "Script name" which references a script of the same name which resides in the file Inventory. I need to create a script which allows me to call up the script name appearing in Web pages and then run that script in Inventory. All of my efforts to create such a script so far have been complete failures. I hope someone can please write out the actual lines to accomplish this feat. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hey gang, FileMaker has a deal going for a limited time . - buy one get one: https://store.filemaker.com/individuals I am not doing too much FileMaker these days (more cloud PHP stuff), but I would like to have a copy of this just in case my old clients need me to work on their systems. Anyone interest in going 50/50 on this deal. I'd be willing to pay my part via PayPal. Contact me PRIVATELY if you are interest. Thanks!
  7. preit

    fmp17 No Table View Available

    Hello, I have been using FMP for only two weeks, so please excuse my ignorance. I am using a trial version of FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced ( on Windows 7 After accidentally deleting my primary layout, I successfully copied it from a backup. However, since then I have not been able to switch to table view. Both the button and the menu command are greyed out. Is there another step that I must do to be able to use the other views? I guess I could try to make a layout that mimics the table view, but I'd prefer to fix what I have broken. Thank you
  8. Hi All, Please could you assist? I have a layout with just a container field to view PDF. when opened, it displays the PDF logo and the name of my file but the actual PDF does not display. If I insert a picture it displays fine, just not the PDF Have it set up in browser mode any suggestions?
  9. Hello everyone, i'm making a study about changing our phone system. The main interest would be to use IP system and get data back. For example, when some on call, with Windows you could use TAPI for getting back the number and make a request in your database system (sales forces, etc). I don't find anything about connecting FILEMAKER with TAPI and more useful for me using IP Phone to open FILEMAKER database with Mac Os Did someone already work on it ? Tom
  10. I’m trying to write a script that creates records for each Sunday in any two-month period. Below, the script creates records for January and February 2019. It simply checks each day of the month to see if it is a Sunday and if so, it creates a record. It does fine except that the second month portion of the script creates a record for the first Sunday in March! No doubt this is due to the fact that the Loop exits after 32 days. However it seems to me that since the DayOfWeek calculation is based $month2=2 (February) it should not result in a record with a March date. Is it necessary to make the loop dependent on the number of days in the month? I was hoping to avoid that additional complexity. Or is there a simpler script do the job? gYear = 2019 #CREATE RECORDS FOR FIRST MONTH Set Variable [ $month1; Value:1 ] Set Variable [ $day; Value:1 ] Loop If [ DayOfWeek ( Date($month1;$day;Schedule::gYear ))=1 ] New Record/Request Set Field [ Schedule::Date; Date($month1;$day;Schedule::gYear ) ] Set Field [ Schedule::Flag; 1 ] End If Set Variable [ $day; Value:$day+1 ] Exit Loop If [ $day=32 ] End Loop #CREATE RECORDS FOR SECOND MONTH Set Variable [ $month2; Value:2 ] Set Variable [ $day; Value:1 ] Loop If [ DayOfWeek ( Date($month2;$day;Schedule::gYear ))=1 ] New Record/Request Set Field [ Schedule::Date; Date($month2;$day;Schedule::gYear ) ] Set Field [ Schedule::Flag; 1 ] End If Set Variable [ $day; Value:$day+1 ] Exit Loop If [ $day=32 ] End Loop
  11. Hi, I have a tab control with a few tabs in my customer layout. I would like to goto a specific tab from another layout. I have the goto customer layout sorted but go to object does not give me the option to select the tab control nor tab control tabs how do I go about doing this?
  12. I am using Citrix to access my FM17 solution. Recently, I noticed that the cursor gets jerky/won't move smoothly over a button that has "change cursor to hand over button" selected. It seems like maybe it's making a call back to the server. If I disable "change cursor to hand" it becomes smooth again. This does not happen when using the client software. I believe this started happening within a month or so; we've been using Citrix for years and don't think this has been an issue. Thanks for any insights.
  13. Hey all, I'm curious if anyone else as seen this and what a possible fix might be? This is happening on two of my macs running FMPA 17
  14. Hello there I am hoping for some guidance from those far more knowledgable than I. I am new to filemaker, using the Asset template, adding some extra fields and making it work for me, unfortunately, there is an error with "CreatedBy is defined to require a value, but it is not available on this layout" as the pop up. I have worked out I need to have a box, linked to createdby, I am logged in, when I complete the process of assigning an asset to an individual, the createdby linked box inserts my name automatically, then when I try to click off or to a new asset entry, the warning comes up. I am on mac, Mojave, if that makes any difference. I have validation on "not empty" which it isn't, as my name is auto populated, so not sure how else to sort this out. Any advice would be appreciated, aware this may be a little vague, I'm new at this so let me know what extra you need to see. Many thanks Mat Richardson
  15. When I "Save Records as Excel" all the found set records are saved out of the system. However, when I "Export Records," only about two-thirds are exported. What would explain not all records being exported? Thanks.
  16. I have a table named Sales with the following data: ---------- ID DATE UNITS ----------- Based on Sample data below, i am trying to query the table by creating a relationship to find the ID that achieved a specified Unit amount on the earliest date. In other words, and for example, which ID achieved a specified Unit amount first (earliest date) Specified Unit Amt of 5 = 1 Expected records returned result 301 10/13/2018 6.5 Specified Unit Amt of 2 = 2 Expected records returned result 766 10/03/2018 2 360 10/03/2018 2 I think a selfjoin may be required. Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks Alan SAMPLE DATA ID DATE UNITS 301 10/15/2018 9 301 10/14/2018 8.5 301 10/13/2018 6.5 360 10/14/2018 5.5 305 10/15/2018 5.5 301 10/12/2018 4.5 656 10/13/2018 4.5 360 10/13/2018 4.5 305 10/14/2018 4.5 611 10/14/2018 4.5 305 10/13/2018 4 15 10/13/2018 4 301 10/11/2018 3.5 360 10/12/2018 3.5 611 10/13/2018 3.5 301 10/09/2018 3 15 10/11/2018 3 656 10/12/2018 3 611 10/12/2018 3 200 10/14/2018 3 301 10/06/2018 2.5 611 10/09/2018 2.5 200 10/13/2018 2.5 766 10/03/2018 2 360 10/03/2018 2 785 10/05/2018 2 301 10/05/2018 2 611 10/05/2018 2 439 10/10/2018 2 656 10/11/2018 2 510 10/15/2018 2 360 10/01/2018 1.5 510 10/04/2018 1.5 611 10/04/2018 1.5 305 10/05/2018 1.5 200 10/08/2018 1.5 656 10/09/2018 1.5 785 10/02/2018 1 766 10/02/2018 1 305 10/03/2018 1 439 10/03/2018 1 15 10/04/2018 1 301 10/04/2018 1 200 10/07/2018 1 656 10/08/2018 1 766 10/01/2018 0.5 510 10/01/2018 0.5 611 10/01/2018 0.5 200 10/06/2018 0.5
  17. Thank you for enduring my simple question, but I just couldn't find this issue in the Forums. I'm using the FM Starter database "Estimates" and have heavily modified it (added fields, buttons etc...) to make it more usable for our Company. As you may know, the Estimates database is three integrated databases (Customers, Products & Estimates). I have successfully (thanks to the help on this Forum!) implemented many very useful features, but one eludes me. When you enter an Item, the Description is copied from the Products database auto-magically (I didn't mess with this). However, some in the company want to be able to change the Product's Description (add to, delete words) for a particular Estimate. But, when you change the Item Description in the portal row, it changes the Description for the Product in ALL the Estimates. We, of course, do not want this. So, how can I make the Description field "editable" (based on the imported Product Description) WITHOUT changing the original product Description? Sort of making the Description a "one-way" import from the Product page. Thank you in advance for your help and advice!
  18. I have been using 'PackageMaker' in macOS for distributing my FileMaker runtime solutions since macOS X was deployed years ago. PackageMaker is 32 bit and will not run on macOS Mojave when it is released. Mojave is likely to be 64 bit only. What is a 64 bit replacement for building distribution 'packages'?
  19. When I click on the date format selection dropdown on the inspector, it goes super long and I can't select the one I want. Anyone know how to resolve this? screenshot attached. FileMaker Pro Advanced Windows 10 Pro Version 1803
  20. I have a solution that includes student photos. The standard display is 4.5cm x 5.0cm. I would like to include a popover that displays an enlarged photo. But no matter how large I make the container, the photo remains 4.5x5.0. If I export the photo and open it in Preview, it's much larger. Any suggestions? Thanks. macOS 10.3.6 FMA Photos are JPGs
  21. Hello All, Its been 2 months since I started using Filemaker. Now this is my first post. In the attached file Im trying to make something like Bill of Materials. I have a Product Table, Stock table and Components Table. The relationship is Below My Problem is when I update my Stock table using a portal in my Popover it always shows the balance to my Stock Portal. What I want is It will show the Individual Stock as I choose each Product. Please help me correct my mistake & Please see attached file for reference. Thank you so much in Advance. Product Allocation.fmp12
  22. I develop on a Mac (10.13.6) using FMPA 17. I would prefer to code in a text editor, and have recently become aware of the TextMate + FileMaker Bundle option. From my initial test drive, I prefer this environment to working in Script Workspace. But before I make the investment, I wanted to see if anyone has found an option that is better still. (The path of least resistance for me would be for FileMaker to be a language option in BBEdit, but I haven't been able to find that anywhere.) My primary desires for this coding environment would be choosing my own font (and size), code coloring, code folding, snippet expansion, and the ability to control everything from the keyboard without having to reach for the mouse. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has found such an environment, and from anyone who has been using TextMate and can comment on that experience. Thanks.
  23. Hello All, I have two tables, Material table and Material Transaction table In my material table I have the Quantity on Hand a Calculation Field (Sum ( Material Transactions::Units In | Out )) and on my Material Transaction I have the following Fields Quantity Dispensed ; Quantity Returned ; Type (Auto Enter Data "In") ; Units In | Out which is a calculation field(If ( Type = "Out" ; 0 - Quantity Returned ; Quantity Returned ) In my portal from Material Transaction I have a button bar (In | Out) which there is a single step script that set the type into In or Out which is not working and my Quantity on Hand and my Quantity Returned is not matching which is my problem. I want also that my Initial value for Quantity returned is my Quantity Received from my parent table. Attached is the file that I'm working. Thank you so much in advance. Material Transaction.fmp12
  24. Hi All, Please could you assist in how to use chart, scattered with straight lines as in excel? File Maker seems to only have scattered but not the sub section of "with straight lines"
  25. Recently my FMPA 17 client on one of my machines has decided to go bonkers and show me a blank launch center on opening. It's literally just become a white window with "FileMaker Pro Advanced" on the title bar and that's it. If I click around, it is responsive and will occasionally pop open options and such so I know the content is there it's just not visible. I've checked my video driver (updated and rolled back), reinstalled FMPA 17 several times. Uninstalled Visual C++ libraries and reinstalled. Uninstalled anything I can think of that's video related. But, nothing changes the status. I can launch a database from an fmp://<server-ip>/database.fmp12 URL and it will load. The layout content is visible as normal but dialog boxes are blank like the launch center. Has anyone seen this and know a solution? I have come across posts from folks relating the same issue with previous versions but none of those lead to a solution. Thanks -David

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