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Found 331 results

  1. I have a job that I will need Filemaker to do, At the moment I would have to load it onto our old 2008 standard server till we get a new machine in the new year. For now this project will not be very intensive about 5/6 users at most. Would it work?
  2. I can't access or download PDF's in a container field when the solution is hosted via Webdirect. Is this problem fixed in FMS15? Thanks for your help - it's much appreciated.
  3. PHP 7.0

    After php 7.0.1 installation (successfull) i can´t edit filemaker server´s deployment anymore. on test step, there´s a message: "The FileMaker installation process was unable to communicate with the web server.". Someone knows how can i fix this?
  4. I'm going to be buying a new FM server machine. I want it to be Mac. I'm thinking of getting the Mac Pro trash can however I don't know if it would be better to get the 3.7 quad core or the 3.5 6-core. Also, is 16 gb of RAM enough? Any thoughts are much appreciated!
  5. OK, In my FMS15 Server Event Logs, a Server Side script is throwing a lot of 645 Informational messages for a 101 scripting error. I know what causes that - it's a loop with Exit After Last, and I know how to suppress that from the logs by adding an Exit Loop If: Get (FoundCount) = Get (RecordNumber) However, before I do that, there's an extra piece of information in the log that I don't know what it means: Schedule "RT - RoyGen (2012)" scripting error (101 [175x]) at "RightTrack v3 : 6001 | Find Payable Royalties for an Event : 288 : Go to Record/Request/Page". Right after the 101 is some data in square brackets that I can't find a definition for - in this case, it's 175x but the data varies, and is sometimes not included at all. Is this that it had this error 175 times in a row, and the Informational log has reduced this to a single line? Or is it something else?
  6. I use the following calculation to determine the investment gain or loss between two successive records. The records are sorted by date descending. Case ( Get(RecordNumber )>1;Total investment-GetNthRecord ( Total investment;Get(RecordNumber) -1 ) ) The calculation works well except that on the last record in the found set it results in a question mark. How can I eliminate the question mark? I would like the result to be be empty.
  7. web direct in fms13

    I have a setup with fms13 running on a network that is using an Airport Extreme as router, wifi and firewall. It has worked perfectly for years. However it started playing up recently so I tried to setup a new configuration for the Airport Extreme where I opened all the ports that I thought needed to be open for FMS13 to work : 80, 443, 5003, 389. What is weird is that if I install the new setup in the Airport Extreme web direct does not work. I know that it actually functioning in FMS as I can test it locally. If I install the old setup in the Airport Extreme web direct does work, however after a few minutes the Airport Extreme becomes inaccessible, and I fear unreliable, as you can see in the attached image. Would someone know what I am missing here?
  8. Installing on VPS

    Is it possible to install FMS on a windows based VPS rather than host on a single computer?
  9. Hi everybody, I would like to connect my FMS to an other app (Gestix) which has an API using the POST method. The method needs a response URL on which Gestix will reply the answers, and this where I'm strugeling... Is this possible in Filemaker? With the help of a plugin? I have to say that I have absolutely no experience in webservices or even HTML... Thanks everybody!
  10. Double login with EA?

    Have external authentication set up for FM server 15 with several databases. When a user logins in with WebDirect it shows all the databases and a user may click a database and have access. In FM Go 15 or Filemaker Pro, a user logs in and then see the databases they have access too, but upon clicking on a database they are promoted for their user name and password again. Is there a way to make it so once a user logs in with FM Go and FM pro that they do not have to login a second time?
  11. FMS15 Mac OS X virtual machines

    FileMaker Inc's new licensing seems to favour multiple VMs running separate server licenses. per VM. I've tried FMS (actually 13.0.9 so far) in a 4GB VM with 2 cores and it seems to cope with moderate load OK. But I guess the real test is if you have multiple similar VMs competing for host-node resources. Using Parallels Desktop at the moment (as that's what I know), but also considering VMWare Fusion, and regular VMWare installed bare-metal hypervisor without any Mac OS X on the host. Anyone else tried anything like this?
  12. FM Server on VM

    Good evening all, We are currently running FMS15 within a VM on Server 2012 R2 with no issues. At the moment all our databases and documents/etc are stored within the same VM and not on separate drives (meaning that at the moment our VM file is around 650GB). I was thinking about worst case scenario that we have to restore the server after an attack but if that happened - at the moment we'd have to roll back to the previous nights backup (potentially losing 8 hrs x 8 peoples work). If the DB's were on a separate drive/storage/etc we wouldn't necessarily lose the DB data, just the server, (which could then be copied back very quickly from a previous backup). What is the general consensus for storing the DB's on another device (NAS/drive/physical disc) when operating in a VM environment and how would performance be affected? I would have thought that putting the DB's on a NAS drive would be too slow and SAN's are too expensive for us (we only have 8 local users). The performance is great at the moment as the VM is on an SSD drive and I don't really want to lose speed as a result of moving it away remotely. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - we can't be the only ones with this scenario! Cheers, Rick.
  13. Hi all My server is running on FMS 13.0v9 and my clients are running FMP 12.0v4. The mismatch is due to my clients still mostly being on OS X 10.6.8. I'm having a strange issue with slowness that I was hoping to get some insight on. Here goes: I have a layout (named "Checkin Layout") that access a table and a few related tables. The main table has a field named "CheckedIn" which contains either a 1 or a 0. The user checks a checkbox, which enters the value "1". The auto-enter calculation is as follows: Case (CheckedIn = 1 ; 1 ; 0) This makes it so that the value isn't ever empty, but will be either 0 or 1. Users have lately been complaining that toggling this checkbox is becoming incredibly slow. I initially tried to remove objects from the Checkin Layout, but found that even if the layout contained nothing but the field in question, toggling the checkbox was still incredibly slow. I then tried changing the auto-enter calculation, thinking that may help. I changed the "Case" function to "If" and noticed that the speed shot up immediately. However, I found that if i closed and reopened my layout, the slowness came back. After some more experimentation, I found that opening the "Manage -> Database" window and changing ANY definitions or calculations would make the Checkin Layout extremely fast, until it is closed. Then once it is opened it becomes slow again. I'm curious if there is anything happening when I adjust definitions that I could do via scripting. The slowness is taking its toll on productivity, and I can't be around to mess with definitions every time a user needs to check something in. Is there anything I can do?? Thanks in advance for your help. MoMo
  14. I'm considering upgrading my FM servers to v15, mostly for the Top Call Statistics, but also the WebDirect features. To save me some time and effort, has anyone used the Top Call Statistics in a meaningly way and can give a honest review of it? Is it really helpful in any way, and if so, how? Or is it another feature that looks great on the onset, but not very helpful once you start using it?
  15. Every time I upgrade FM I lose functionality. This time, it seems that FM15 Server does not play nice with OS X Server 5. I have the latest versions of each. OS X is finding my virtual hosts just fine but installing FM15 Server breaks that. All virtual hosts display the FILEMAKER DATABASE splash screen. I read a long post about this problem relating to 13/15. Any new insights or workarounds for 15? Thanks
  16. Is still the newest Mac Mini a good choice as a server for FMS 15? This is for for about just 5 simultaneous users to upgrade from FMS 11 that is running fine on an older Mac Mini. Thanks in advance!
  17. SSL Connection State Issues

    If you are experiencing SSL connection state issues with FileMaker Server, this post by Wim Decorte is an absolute must read:http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2016/06/filemaker-15-bonjour-goodbye-ssl-challenges Steven
  18. Any experiences on the latest El Capitan upgrade (10.11.5)?
  19. web server not passing test

    Hi I am installing a new OSX server and FMS. During the deployment I can't get past the web server test with error: Test web server ( Connection refused any thoughts - I turned off websites in the admin server. Funny I did this not so long ago and didn't run into this. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello Board! FMS 13. Hardware crashed. File closed incorrectly, listed as 'closed' on server console. I've opened the file locally with a version of Pro, done the checks and now have a file that works and can be opened locally. I log into FMS, using the console login and password, get access. Then i try uploading the file via FMP - it checks the file then asks me for the admin login and password for the Console. That fails as 'incorrect login/password.' But it's not incorrect. I've logged in to FMS Console with that password, changed it, tried it, been refused as incorrect, then logged back in/out of console with the new password to put it back to the original one which also fails! What is going on?
  21. Why does it do this?

    I get strange symbols sometimes. anyone know why? is it because I do not have enough memory? Thank you.
  22. I'm having an issue with external authentication lately. I'm running FMS on OSX 10.9.4. Intermittently external authentication seems to not let users in to the database. The server doing the authenticating is sitting right next to the filemaker server. Both on the same network. When I go to System Pref. > Users & Groups on the filemaker server, the network account server is green and appears to be connected. I then do various things in FMS, turn the database server off/on, Go to Database Server > Security > Client Authentication and toggle the accounts dropdown from "FM and External" to "FM Accounts Only" and back again...THEN everyone seems to be able to get back in. Any idea what my issue is?
  23. I have a database on a Filemaker 13 server. Initially I was having trouble uploading to a container, as it started taking a VERY long time for small documents. This was due to port 443 not being open. It is open for me now; however, I still get intermittent periods of slowness as if it isn't open. What seems to happen is when I go to the server, to check if things are still open - nothing seems to have changed, but when I go back - the file uploads much faster. The power saving settings on the server are disabled, but I think this slowness has something to do with when it goes to sleep. I'm not even sure what to look at or search for, it's so bizarre. Little Snitch reports that I'm accessing port 443 with no difficulty re: my filemaker connection.
  24. Server 14 and El Capitan 10.11.4

    Before insouciantly applying the latest OS updater, please see the Tech Info at http://thefmkb.com/15844 for important compatibility information. Steven

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