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Found 331 results

  1. I'm currently working on a solution that has a fairly complex client-side export that takes place multiple times per day by multiple users. Users are able to create their own custom exports using an interface with a list of available fields and then export to a formatted spreadsheet with custom header rows for readability. Some of the fields that they are exporting contain large un-stored calculations that need to be calculated on the fly, so larger exports (in my case, 800ish records with many, many sub-records) can take in excess of 10 minutes to process. I was hoping to speed up that process by offloading the export to the server however I've found that for my export, processing via Perform Script on Server actually results in a slower time to execute rather than a speed increase. Are there specific scenarios where you're better off keeping exports on the client rather than performing them on the server? I've also tried to narrow down the performance issues by looking at performance logs and the Resource monitor that's built into windows. Unfortunately I haven't really found anything useful with the Resource Monitor, because neither CPU, RAM, Disk, or Network resources even go above 5% utilization when the export is being processed. The only indication that there's something going on and is causing a bottleneck is seen in the Filemaker Server monitor window, where Elapsed Time (~17,000) and Wait Time (~10,000) both spike while the export is being processed.
  2. We are a team of 5 working on a hosted database solution locally via FM Pro 11, we just upgraded to FMS 13 and now we need to set it up on a new server. At present we run a 2009 Mac mini with 8GB and we are considering to buy a new 2.6Ghz, 8GB mini running OS X Yosemite. As a second option I would get a Windows PC with a similar spec. Which OS do you think it performs better with FMS 13? If a Mac mini does the job, which setup should I choose: CPU, drive (hard? Fusion? flash?) Thanks,
  3. I have installed FMS13 in Windows Server 2012 R2, after I deployed my databases manually, in the activity section in the web admin console, it shows all my database are closed in the status column and could not find a way to start them, any idea? thank you. Regards
  4. Corrupted Records

    Hi All, I'm not sure the best place to post it so we'll go here first. This has happened twice now and it is starting to scare me: I've had two different customers using similar but different FM databases on my FM server report the same issue. On one of the job records as the user was entering data on FM Go, the screen flashed and the job disappeared. Another user went on to FM Pro to look at the record and saw the job, but when he clicked on it, it did the same thing. Now when I look, there is a blank record in the database. No questions marks, just all blanks. When I perform a find on the job using the information that we know about it, that record comes up, but no data is visible. Is there a way that I can get this record back? What is causing it? Thanks, Ryan Smith
  5. I am attempting to build a set of found records and then Import them into another table using the Import Records script step inside of a script that is being performed on the server. When I call the PSoS script, I am current getting an error 100: The file cannot be found when I try to call the Import Records script step and use the name of the Filemaker File. According to the tech docs @ Filemaker, this Script Step should be supported by PSoS with 2 notable exceptions; File, where the garget for the import is 'New Table' or 'Import - Folder'. (Unless I'm incredible obtuse and 'New Table' doesn't actually mean "new table" but instead "any table you did not start the Import on", in which case I leave you here...) I did find one post on the Filemaker Forums that seems to indicate as such http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/bce8abbd1a but I want to make 100% sure that this is the case before giving up.
  6. Hello im planing to install fm server on windows server 2012 that is used to run an exchange server . Is this recomended or i will get problems on future? My server solution will serve 10 users . And actually the exchange server is managing about 15 email accounts. Please let me know your recomendations i will aprecciate Thank you
  7. We have released version 2 of our Virtual Host Guide and tool, which supports FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as the Mavericks and Mountain Lion, which is the supported versions by FMI. News in this version: The new guide will work with FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as other supported versions. There are several new tips and tricks included in the “goodies” section. The new tool is now completely unlocked and does not use plugin anymore. Also new in this version is support for SSL. You can read more and download from here: http://www.datamanix.com/news/files/FMS-virtualhost-guide-tool-v2.html Feedback is very appreciated.
  8. Hi, i was running FMS13 on windows 8.1 pro but I am upgrading the network so I have built a new server thats running server 2012 R2. Ive installed FMS13 with all of the updates but the IP address that is displayed in the admin console is different to the systems IP address. The machine is setup to be the domain controller and hosts all of the profiles and is the file server for the network. The machine thats running 8.1 at the moment is then going to be upgrade to Server 2012 R2 and run the website and exchange server. Can anybody offer any advice? if you need to know anymore information just ask. Thanks Edit. Forgot to say the machine has 3 network cards setup as a NIC Team but ive only got one plugged in currently but it made no difference when i disabled the team.
  9. I'm having a FMS13 server install issue. I've uninstalled and installed FMSE about 5 times. I cannot get my plugins and or web server to connect. I've used the uninstall app and removed all folders and prefs from the Library folder. I install version 1 then apply the updates, v3, v4 then v5. Nothing. Running 10.10.1 and running java 7. Anyone have any ideas before I completely wipe my MacMini server? I have the Yosemite server app, but all services are off.
  10. I have a Mac Mini running Yosemite with Java 8 update 25. I downloaded Filemaker server 13.0.520 and it will not install. It says I have a invalid version of java. Does anyone know how to get it to work?? thanks
  11. We have two FileMaker servers on our LAN. One is running FMS12 and the other one is running FMS13. How can I control which server WAN users are routed to? We have users accessing the servers from (Desktop, FMGO, and Web Publishing). Thanks.
  12. I have a scripted import of a found count (about 500 records) to another table. It works well locally. However, in FileMaker Server 13...no luck. My process: 1. Find the records 2. Change layout to new table 3. Import the found records in 1. In server something is failing. I think it might be the import path. Can anyone provide some advice? Thank you. The literature is often discussing imports of excel files, etc. thanks Todd
  13. Greetings all, My company has a remote virtual Windows Server 2012 instance set up with an installation of FileMaker Server 13. One issue we are seeing in the logs and have experienced ourselves is that occasionally a FileMaker client is getting kicked off the server even though the user is actively using a hosted file. The error is as follows: 'Client "Fake Person" no longer responding; connection closed. (10)'. I have tried to research what might cause this error. My understanding is that FileMaker Server will periodically ping connected clients to verify the connection. If the ping fails, the user is disconnected. In that case, the previously mentioned error will show in the logs. However, in my situation, we have received the error while the client is actively using a file. I know there are a lot of factors to take into account including internet speed, firewalls and user hardware. However, this has happened periodically across several users including myself so I would like to research the error more. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone know more about the connection closed error? Thanks ahead for the help, Andrew
  14. I was a bit surprised to notice that I can not check 'Minimum version allowed' to 13 in a file while it is being served. I just wanted to verify that others experience same thing. My thinking is that, since we are IN the file, and if anyone is in the file, FileMaker can not test & prohibit a User from opening the file so instead it just disallows the action across the board. I would think FM would be capable of testing that currently there are no 12 served Users in itself and would allow the checkmark.
  15. Hi all We have recently installed a new instance of FileMaker 13 server to replace our version 10. An issue we're having is that because 13 server seems to install its own instance of Apache we need have this run scripts in cgi-bin Has anyone done this? or configured 13 server to use another version of Apache rather than its own installed version? In previous versions you just used OS X server version of Apache and it was easy ... not now. Can anyone help or offer any advice? Many thanks Marc
  16. CWP XML Authentication

    All, Getting my hands dirty with CWP XML for the first time. Running FMS13 What i want in the end to for FMGo to exchange data with FMS13 via xml rather than having to open a FileMaker session as such on FMS13 from FMGo : very shaky internet connection on both ends... So i'm finding that activating cwp xml is not so terrible in the end and even getting to like the way it works. The only thing i cant get to understand is authentication: >tests from a web browser accessing a URL in the vein of http://someHost/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=someDB_db&-lay=myLayout&-findallworks okwhen granting xml permissions to guest account > expectably, disabling permissions on guest account and granting on some named users (or directory based group) prompts Basic HTTP Authentication to bring the usual login dialog up; Works fine when inputing adequate credentials: the xml feed displays as it should. > Now, what if the client was not a manned web browser but a scripted application ? I have tried a very basic script in FileMaker Pro to "Insert from URL" the very same feed: if Guest account is xml enabled, it works a snap.. If guest is xml disabled and named acocunt is xml enabled, then i get an error : 1631| Connection failed. So..... How the heck does one specify credentials along to open some kind of a secured session, as - of course - leaving the ******* guest account open for free browsing is just not an option... Is it feasible or is the feature simply limited and I should turn to paid products such as restFM or 360Works-MirrorSync ? Many thanks ahead!
  17. Hello, We have a WebDirect solution where customers can log in to a personal account and make payments via credit card. This solution was developed as an IWP solution in FMP 12 running on Filemaker Server 12 Advanced using the Troi URL plugin to connect to the Nelix Transax gateway. Worked flawlessly. We have recently upgraded to Filemaker Server Advanced 13.05 and have hit a wall with the Trio URL plugin. The plugin fires fine on the server-side using FMP. However when run through WebDirect - nothing happens. I have installed the plugin exactly how the Troi website describes: http://www.troi.com/...e-plug-ins.html I uninstalled and reinstalled Filemaker Web Publishing Engine. Looking at the Trio log files (attached) it is obvious that the Fiilemaker Web Publishing engine is not recognizing the plugin. We are running Filemaker Server on a Windows 2008 R2 64bit machine. And we have installed the correct *.fmx64 files in the appropriate folders. Any advice? Thank you for your help! Jim Gill Troi Plugin Web Engine.pdf Troi Plugin FMServer.pdf
  18. This past Monday I pulled up the Admin console for one of our new FileMaker 13 servers and noticed that the status indicator next to “Web Server” was greyed out and it was reporting that XML was disabled. It also reported that the Web Publishing Engine was not running and FileMaker WebDirect was disabled.  When I checked all of these services, they were running just fine. I was able to connect to WebDirect and our CWP pages were working. I've tried restarting both servers, but nothing changed. I can also change all of these settings in the Admin console (e.g. disable XML, stop the WPE) and they keep working.  I’ve tried running the Deployment Assistant on the master machine but it gets stuck at the part where I’m supposed to specify the IP of the Web Server. I put in the IP address, but the master machine says that the IP address is “not found”. I can ping the worker from the master machine, I can run PortQry (http://support.microsoft.com/KB/310099 ) and it reports that the master machine can contact the worker on ports 16000, 16001, 80, and 443.  This was all showing fine in the Admin console on Sunday (or at least I don't remember seeing any issues).  This is a two machine config running Windows 2008 R2 with FileMaker server  Here is a screenshot of what I see:   You might notice how it says the WPE is off and XML is disabled but that there is 1 CWP connection (you can ignore that PHP is disabled, that is actually true...)
  19. For some time now, we have been seeing crashes of FileMaker Server 13 when using container fields that are being populated with PDF files.  The crashes are infrequent, random, and quite frustrating.  I am posting again to see if anyone has any input into this, had any success in resolving this issue, etc.  FileMaker's support has been unsuccessful in resolving the issue to-date.  I do know numerous other folks are experiencing the same issue.   What we're running: OS X Server 10.8 (supported OS as per FileMaker's web site) FileMaker Server 13v4   What happens: FileMaker Server occasionally crashes when PDFs are being inserted into container fields   Suspicions: We suspect the issue is caused by the thumbnail generation for PDF files.  We have tried with both temporary and permanent storage, but crashes still continue.  Not sure if disabling thumbnail creation alltogether keeps it from happening.  It also seems that FMGo may be part of the equation - not sure 100% if the crashes have happened in a pure FileMaker Pro client environment.   Thanks for any corroborating info folks can provide, etc.  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this together.   - John
  20. I've got my FileMaker Server all set up and the web publishing turned on. The issue i'm having is that when i go to my address i get the following I'm wanting to access the server and make the changes to the database but unsure how to. I've tried looking into the user guides and haven't really found it helpful. There might be a bug or something if someone could help me out. Â I've got the web publishing on and the server turned on. Â Also when i add /fmi/iwp/ to the end i get the folowing I've followed the user guides the best i can but still getting these errors. Â Please help
  21. Hi, i am trying to implement Tim Dietrich "EasySync" utility to enable users to work on the system while in areas with poor connection and then sync when back to the office. I know that there is a part of this forum where people discuss only the "EasySync" but i think that my issue is somehow more related to the client - server connection and Psos than to Tims scripts as such. The scripts are using and seam dependent on PSOS feature. First time i installed the demo files and configured the features as per given tutorial it worked fine and processed whatever it was supposed to process. After a few successful intentions the script suddenly stoped working giving an endless loop on any Perform on server instance of the script. I was disabling one by one "Perform on server..." script and testing in Script Debugger and it always stops on the next script that is supposed to perform on the server which pretty much tells me that this particular feature stoped working for some reason (Psos). Why is this happening? - Is it possible that PSOS feature gets blocked by the server after some time (the server is AWS Wndows 2012 server) or for some reason. - Could it be just my computer (I am using a Mac for this and i also fullishly upgraded to Yosemite which brought me a lot of issues, maybe this one also has something to do with Yosemite)
  22. PHP API Slowness

    Hey there, I'm currently building a web interface that interacts with our filemaker solution (FM Server 13) and have run into some performance issues. We have a table which has 161,000 records, and I am exposing 6 of its fields via a layout. When I run a filemaker find command via the API, looking for specific values in 3 of these fields, it takes extremely long for the results to be returned (up to a minute sometimes). The result is usually 1 or 2 records. For what its worth, I have another table with 73,000 records that does not have performance issues. I've tried to use xdebug to profile my PHP code, and the majority of the response time is this one findCommand and curl_exec, so I don't think the slowness is on the webserver. I've also looked at the statistics page on the server and when the call is made there are tens of thousands of "remote calls" for the client used by the PHP API, not sure if this is normal or not. I thought about maybe increasing the PHP memory limit on the server, but not sure which php.ini is used by FileMaker Web Services. We're running OSX mavericks and I changed the value in a php.ini file that I found in "FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/mavericks/lib/" from 128M to 1024MB but did not see any performance increase (though I am not sure that the change took effect, nor that that is right PHP ini file). Anyone have any other ideas? The server that it is running on has 64GB of RAM, and finds are quick when using a filemaker software client.
  23. I've been tasked with setting up FM SERVER 13 at our office. We already have a Mac Mini running 10.9.5 Server with the following services: Calendar (8008, 8443) Contacts (8800, 8843) File Sharing (548) Time Machine VPN (various ports) I've been told that I must use a separate machine to run FM Server 13. We happen to have a good Mac Mini i5 for the job so this is not a problem. So I'm going to install it on that. My question comes down to the ports FMS needs to use which are 80 and 443. Do I need to be concerned with port forwarding of these ports? Do they both need to be forwarded to the FMS box? If so won't that affect other services on the OS X Server? I have to keep Contacts/Calendars running with out any issues. thanks, Brandon
  24. Hello, I currently have 3 databases running on filemaker server through a dedicated server. I understand form the filemaker server settings we can set the maximum amount of users that are allowed to be connected to the server. However, is there a way to set the amount of maximum users allowed to connect to a specific database? In one of the databases I would only like to to allow 1 user to connect to the database at a time. Giving priority to the first connection. Is this possible?
  25. Does anyone have any work around for getting at the contents of a file imported into a container field that will work using a server side script? I would like a user to import a file into a container field and have the server process the file later. Ideas?

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