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Found 311 results

  1. Am I righting in thinking I can use a case statement to evaluate two fields and return an answer into a third field ie: Field A has the number 27 in it. Field B has the number 32 in it. Could the case statement look at the difference and put the difference in Field 3.The difference being 5? I’m also trying to get this to do the math on data entry, so the figure in Field A is 27 but when the user enters the new figure in Field B (i.e 32), it looks at that difference between A and B, copies the difference of 5 to Field 3 and then also copies the figure 32 from Field B into Field A thereby updating Field A to the new value. Help, suggestions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I record all of my personal account details in a database that I started in 2000. I have my three separate accounts in different databases. I have routine income and expenditure items that occur on the same date each month. I have created scripts and buttons to enter these items on the due date. Is there any way that I can program the database so that it recognises the date and automatically makes these routine entries.
  3. Hello, I have a FM13 Database hosted on a FM13 Server which has an ODBC connection to a MySQL Database. I could connect my FM13 Pro client to the Database and use my MySQL Tables. My problem is I need to modify/link the Project starter solution's database tables to the MySQL tables but I can't figure out how to do this. Do I have to recreate all the tables exactly like they are in the FM database in the MySQL ?? Is there an easy way to do this?? Appreciate any suggestions/feedback ! Tell me if this is not clear Thanks
  4. I am unable to get FM Server 5.5 to start at all on an iMac G5 with a clean install of 10.5.8 with no other software. I've trashed and reinstalled FM server on this computer and tried several other computers with the same result. I have tried it with a test database with three fields and four records>same thing. I tried it with no database at all> same thing. Anyone have an idea? Have any of you seen the installation disc get corrupted in this way?
  5. Rick Whitelaw

    mac PSOS concerns

    I've been checking out PSOS but have yet to use it. I suppose any concerns about whether a file is local or hosted could be resolved with something along the lines of: If(Get(HostName)) PSOS etc. Else Perform Script etc. That way if a file isn't hosted the script would run locally. However there doesn't seem to be a way to DeBug a PSOS designated script. Is it safe to say that if a script shows compatibility with Server (and all the contexts are made clear as required) that the script will run on the server? I've yet to do safe testing on a number of routines I believe would be better handled server side and am uncertain how to proceed.
  6. Is there anyway to have one login form on my webpage then have my server open the correct database based on the user name and password entered? Many thanks!
  7. Daniel Wood

    Producing Pretty Portal Pagination

    Navigation of portals in FileMaker is a pretty simple affair, you either have a scrollbar, or you don't. In this article we demonstrate another way to navigate portals using a pagination style. We also demonstrate how it can be implemented at the relationship level, or the portal level using filtering. Read the Full Article Here…
  8. We have released version 2 of our Virtual Host Guide and tool, which supports FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as the Mavericks and Mountain Lion, which is the supported versions by FMI. News in this version: The new guide will work with FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as other supported versions. There are several new tips and tricks included in the “goodies” section. The new tool is now completely unlocked and does not use plugin anymore. Also new in this version is support for SSL. You can read more and download from here: http://www.datamanix.com/news/files/FMS-virtualhost-guide-tool-v2.html Feedback is very appreciated.
  9. When a user logs into FileMaker Server, is there any way to keep that user from seeing all of the databases that have been uploaded? I would like to allow the user to only see the databases he/she has access to. Thanks, Susie
  10. We are currently running FM Server 12 with unlimited concurrent FMGO connections. We want to install the FM Server 13 trial but I need to know how many concurrent connections the trial allows so it does not disrupt access to our server.
  11. I literally copy and paste the default folder address and delete part of the path, and it still won't validate it? What gives?
  12. I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I can't find out how to do it anywhere.. Â Â
  13. Does anyone know what FMSError=no subscriber refers to when enabling the plug-in? Permission for the plug-in is correct. Thanks, Agi
  14. Hi, Can someone tell me if it is safe to install Java update 17 for Mac OS X 10.6 on FMSA 12 ? Reall bad experiences with Java updates make me wary.
  15. Hello Group! Is it possible to import many images into my FM file from a very basic unlinked excel file? If so any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Chichi
  16. I'm about to jump on a plane so I can't test much before posting, but Web Server and Web publishing are turned on and show as active (green) but php, Xml and web direct are show as disabled even though they are checked on. Any thoughts. Cheers.
  17. I read that the new 3.01 version does not require Java. When I run FMPAv16 on my Mac (10.11.6) and use the sample Email database it works just fine and I see nothing related to Java. I had the older v2.12 plugin installed on here and have just updated to v3.01 today. When I run FMPAv16 on a different Mac (10.11.6) and install the v3.01 plugin (never had the plugin installed on this machine before today) and run the sample database a Java App runs without any windows, Just visible in the lower right dock and its single menu is titled "Java" Any ideas as to this oddity? Leland Long
  18. I am having a script that searches through records of vehicles to find vehicles currently running today, when found, loops on this records, runs a subscript on another file/database table to create an invoice for each vehicle and within this subscript another subscript executes to create a payment record on the invoice in another file/database....... Is this all exercise possible through running a server schedule, am having hard time getting it through, the script i have runs fine through the debugger but when i schedule it, it will execute on all the existing records and ignores found set, even with no found set, it will still go on to execute on all records in the file - could i be attempting an impossible case maybe???
  19. un1teee

    mac FM Server 9 upgrade

    I'm not familiar with FM and need some guidance please. I have a client on FMS 9 on a Mac running OS X 10.5.8 (client). The plan is to move to a new Mac Mini running 10.8.5. For the time being, there are clients still running Leopard (and will continue to do so) and are on FM 8.5. Can I upgrade FMS? Should I upgrade FMS? If I do upgrade FMS, what version of the client should be running on the 10.5.8 Macs? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. Stephen
  20. I haven't seen this discussed here (please correct me if I'm wrong). Since the latest update to FMP, every time myself or my assistant starts FMP, it asks if we want to accept incoming network connections, even though the Mac firewall is properly set to let FMP do this (on both Mavericks and Yosemite). That is, the normal workflow is it asks *once*, but it asks *always*. It appears that this is a known issue, but I'm wondering if anyone here has come up with a good workaround. I've tried re-signing the digital signature for FMP to no avail, for instance. http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/681ddd5845 Again, a shot in the dark . . . .
  21. Kiosk mode is a cool way to run a FileMaker database in a full screen environment where users are prevented from accessing the other functionality of the operating system. But what if you have a normal FileMaker solution and wish to use kiosk functionality in certain areas only? In this article we illustrate how a typical FileMaker solution can be enhanced with a kiosk component for carrying out certain actions. We use the article example file to help illustrate this. We also give some information on what kiosk mode is, and things to watch out for when developing for it. Click to read the full article here…
  22. dpistolenma

    mac PHP API Slowness

    Hey there, I'm currently building a web interface that interacts with our filemaker solution (FM Server 13) and have run into some performance issues. We have a table which has 161,000 records, and I am exposing 6 of its fields via a layout. When I run a filemaker find command via the API, looking for specific values in 3 of these fields, it takes extremely long for the results to be returned (up to a minute sometimes). The result is usually 1 or 2 records. For what its worth, I have another table with 73,000 records that does not have performance issues. I've tried to use xdebug to profile my PHP code, and the majority of the response time is this one findCommand and curl_exec, so I don't think the slowness is on the webserver. I've also looked at the statistics page on the server and when the call is made there are tens of thousands of "remote calls" for the client used by the PHP API, not sure if this is normal or not. I thought about maybe increasing the PHP memory limit on the server, but not sure which php.ini is used by FileMaker Web Services. We're running OSX mavericks and I changed the value in a php.ini file that I found in "FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/mavericks/lib/" from 128M to 1024MB but did not see any performance increase (though I am not sure that the change took effect, nor that that is right PHP ini file). Anyone have any other ideas? The server that it is running on has 64GB of RAM, and finds are quick when using a filemaker software client.
  23. Hi all, I’m trying to execute a shell script from a FileMaker Server schedule. FM 13 and MacOSX Server 10.8. It’s a simple script to put a message in the syslog to test. Running from the Terminal app works fine but from within FM Server it doesn’t seem to kick off (no error messages anywhere I can find). Things to consider: - MacOSX Server 10.8 and FileMaker Server 13 - File is in the right location (/Library/FileMaker Server/Date/Scripts/) as I'm able to select it when creating the schedule - fmserver is the owner and fmsadmin is the group of the .sh file - I’ve tried permissions of 755 and 777 - File contents (following 2 lines): #!/bin/bash syslog -s -l error "This is a test." - I’ve tried #!/bin/bash and #!/bin/sh - Running from the terminal app works as expected - I see the message in the Console app (using either /bash or /sh) - When I run the server schedule, FM server's Event.log file shows: 2015-04-03 11:12:27.866 -0400 Information 146 XXXXXXXX Schedule "test" run now by "YYYYYYY". There's no succeeding line of a process ID being spawned so it looks like it's not even trying to execute the script. - The server schedule has the default settings for the account (fmserver) Anyone have any bright ideas of why this isn’t working? Mark
  24. Hello I am trying to do sync over 6,000 records using easysync from hosted db to mobile db on ipad. It is very very slow, its almost 3 secs per record while pulling data. Would it be the ipad version issue? I am interested in finding the initial pull script as mentioned in this link which will speed up the initial pull process. http://timdietrich.me/blog/easysync-initial-sync-preview/ the link above mentions beta 8 version so can i use it? if yes where can i find it? thanks for all you help Bab
  25. I am sending emails from FM 13. I want the name of the person who it is address to included with the email address: John Doe <doe@forest.com> I have no problem bringing the address to Apple Mail but can not get the name and address. This does not seem to be a difficult problem but for some reason all the methods I have tried do not work. Thank You Patricia

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