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Found 317 results

  1. I have always developed with FileMaker for windows. I have bought myself a MacBook Air and love it. So now I am using FileMaker 16 Pro advance for MAC. I know that MAC does not label their directories like windows does. So I am having problems figuring out to get the right coding to access my photos. I have a folder called "Photos" that reside on the C: drive in windows. Then I reference that folder so pictures will populate automatically when I put in a record. Here is what I have on the windows fileMaker: ImagePath: Let ( [ // Transform the contents of a container field named Images to text ImageRef = GetAsText ( ImagePath); Photos = Position ( ImageRef; "/"; 1; PatternCount ( ImageRef; "/")) ]; Middle ( ImageRef; Photos + 1; Length ( ImageRef ) - Photos ) ) images: "imagewin:/C:/Photos/" & Film::title & ".jpg" Then I go into Import folder and point to the folder all the photos are in. The problem I have now is how to point to that folder in "imagewin", is their an alternative called imagemac, then I could put in Macintosh HD/Users/patricks/Documents. The folder is in the Document folder, called Photos. Thank you for any help.
  2. I have just registered for this forum and Mac OS X Yosemite was not an option on the OS list. Tony
  3. Kiosk mode is a cool way to run a FileMaker database in a full screen environment where users are prevented from accessing the other functionality of the operating system. But what if you have a normal FileMaker solution and wish to use kiosk functionality in certain areas only? In this article we illustrate how a typical FileMaker solution can be enhanced with a kiosk component for carrying out certain actions. We use the article example file to help illustrate this. We also give some information on what kiosk mode is, and things to watch out for when developing for it. Click to read the full article here…
  4. un1teee

    mac FM Server 9 upgrade

    I'm not familiar with FM and need some guidance please. I have a client on FMS 9 on a Mac running OS X 10.5.8 (client). The plan is to move to a new Mac Mini running 10.8.5. For the time being, there are clients still running Leopard (and will continue to do so) and are on FM 8.5. Can I upgrade FMS? Should I upgrade FMS? If I do upgrade FMS, what version of the client should be running on the 10.5.8 Macs? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. Stephen
  5. Hello Everyone Today I installed the "fms_11.0.5.510" updater to my database server and my web server.  I needed to run the "fms11patch" installed  in order to get the admin console working again. Once I logged into the admin console again I was greeted with a big old error message that I have never seen before.  When I am viewing the "Filemaker Server Overview" page there is a red light with a error message stating " Server Status Information - An error was encountered communicating with the server" I have attached a screen shot - the odd thing is all my Filemaker web services appear to be working correctly but i really want this red icon gone... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Rick Whitelaw

    mac Allow incoming connections?

    Yesterday I installed the latest FMPA on my MBP and restarted my machine. Great! No Allow Incoming CConnections nonsense. Then today I upgraded FMPA on my desktop machine running OS X 10.7.5 and restarted. The first thing that happened when I launched the program was the dreaded "Allow incoming . . . ." message. My apologies to MikeDR for doubting his findings!
  7. Hi I am very new to filemaker pro and have used one of their templates to play with to meet my own needs. I have managed to edit a report layout to look how I want it to, however when i get it to generate a report from those files it does not show all of them, only the second list of them for some reason. I might not be explaining this very well. Basically I have a list of characters for a scene and how many I need for that scene. When it goes to generate a report it only shows up one of the characters listed and the quantity that goes with it, not all of them that are listed. I have attached the screen grabs so someone can have a look and see and hopefully my description above will make more sense. I forgot to attach them first time round so they are two replies below. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have four issues I need to sort out, but am trying to work out each one one at a time so I can try to learn myself first. Thanks Scarlett
  8. Is there anyway to have one login form on my webpage then have my server open the correct database based on the user name and password entered? Many thanks!
  9. Just talked to FM tech support, they currently have no guidance on this. Anyone have any comment on if/how this affects the server? I just read this post on the FM company forum: Eliminating the POODLE Vulnerability in FMS 13 on OS X Forum post posted October 21, 2014 by JohnDCCIU, last edited October 21, 2014 47 Views Title: Eliminating the POODLE Vulnerability in FMS 13 on OS X Your post: I did a little playing around to see if I could eliminate the POODLE vulnerability in FMS 13 running on OS X. FMS 13 installs its own version of Apache, it doesn't use the version from Apple as it did in previous versions. Out of the box, FMS 13 is vulnerable to POODLE. I turns out that the FMS web SSL functionality is controlled in an Apache config include file at /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf I edited that file with TextWrangler and applied the POODLE mitigation (adding "-SSLv3" on the end of the existing "SSLProtocol" line), restarted the server, and poof: no more POODLE vulnerability. My server seems to be fine afterwards, but YMMV, so use at your own risk, and only if you know how to edit config files without mucking things up (and always make a backup of the file before editing regardless). It's uncertain if FMS will eventually overwrite that config (since it manages it itself), either during normal operations or during a future upgrade (unless FMI incorporates that into the next upgrade, which they should), but so far the mitigation has survived a few reboots, so it seems stable. You can test your server's POODLE vulnerability at http://whodig.com/poodle/ or for a more comprehensive SSL test (including POODLE), use https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ John
  10. We have released version 2 of our Virtual Host Guide and tool, which supports FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as the Mavericks and Mountain Lion, which is the supported versions by FMI. News in this version: The new guide will work with FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as other supported versions. There are several new tips and tricks included in the “goodies” section. The new tool is now completely unlocked and does not use plugin anymore. Also new in this version is support for SSL. You can read more and download from here: http://www.datamanix.com/news/files/FMS-virtualhost-guide-tool-v2.html Feedback is very appreciated.
  11. Rick Whitelaw

    mac Basic server Questions

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing FM Server. Here is my situation. I have three machines on site, all on the same home network. A Mac Pro, a Mac Mini and a MacBookPro. The mini is only used as a media server and has plenty of room. The desktop is the most used machine and I use it for all general tasks. The laptop is a convenience. The demands on the server will be light as I'm the only user. Since the Mini is the least used machine I'm thinking it's the likely candidate for server installation. Good idea? I would like to be able to develop the hosted files from either my desktop machine or my laptop. Am I correct in assuming there will be one set of files residing on the server machine and that when I want to tinker with them I would access those files remotely from either of the two non-server machines? In other words, unless I need to develop offline (I would grab the files from the server), only one set of files need exist? I've read the getting started guide but am still unclear about these things. I have absolutely no experience with server software. I've been advised that using FMS is the best way of avoiding any confusion over which file is the master or the most recent version. Thanks for any advice, Rick.
  12. I can't enable additional database folders. My system is: MacOsX 10.9.2, Filemaker Server   The message is: "Not a valid path: filemac:/MacOSX/Users/Nunes/Databases/" I tried to use various paths, but the message is the same  Someone knows what's wrong? Thanks
  13. HI, I just updated to FMS 13.0v2 and the admin console is having problems. No files or clients are listed on the Activity page. Schedules are not visible either. Files are being served properly. However it's not possible to edit a schedule. Oddly, the Close All command and Open All seem to work and the results can be seen in the Log. I've restarted the server machine. No change. Is anyone else having these problems? Rick
  14. Hi I Have just installed Filemaker v10.0.3 on a new MacBook pro running 10.8 and found I can see my hosted server but no available hosts. I have other computers accessing the available databases on the network fine but they are running filemaker v9.0.3 and OS 10.5 The FM Server Advanced is version Any ideas
  15. Hi all, I’m trying to execute a shell script from a FileMaker Server schedule. FM 13 and MacOSX Server 10.8. It’s a simple script to put a message in the syslog to test. Running from the Terminal app works fine but from within FM Server it doesn’t seem to kick off (no error messages anywhere I can find). Things to consider: - MacOSX Server 10.8 and FileMaker Server 13 - File is in the right location (/Library/FileMaker Server/Date/Scripts/) as I'm able to select it when creating the schedule - fmserver is the owner and fmsadmin is the group of the .sh file - I’ve tried permissions of 755 and 777 - File contents (following 2 lines): #!/bin/bash syslog -s -l error "This is a test." - I’ve tried #!/bin/bash and #!/bin/sh - Running from the terminal app works as expected - I see the message in the Console app (using either /bash or /sh) - When I run the server schedule, FM server's Event.log file shows: 2015-04-03 11:12:27.866 -0400 Information 146 XXXXXXXX Schedule "test" run now by "YYYYYYY". There's no succeeding line of a process ID being spawned so it looks like it's not even trying to execute the script. - The server schedule has the default settings for the account (fmserver) Anyone have any bright ideas of why this isn’t working? Mark
  16. This is an FYI / answered-question posted as a service to future searchers who may encounter this issue: I had a problem where FM Pro 13 ( though this would apply to any version of Filemaker on the Mac) would not recognize keyboard modifier keys (option, Shift, command, control) when a Get (ActiveKeyboardModifierKeys) script step was called. I was quite puzzled until I happened across this StackExchange thread on Mac OS X Secure Keyboard Entry. This is an OS-level feature that can prevent any app from receiving the full range of keyboard input from the OS. In my case, 1Password's Safari extension had enabled OS X Secure Keyboard Entry, thus preventing Filemaker Pro from receiving the modifier keys when they were pressed during script activation. To fix the problem I simply quit out of Safari. Note that in your case, the culprit app may be different; any app can invoke Secure Keyboard Entry; typically it's a password-management app but YMMV.
  17. Hi I received the task for a Filemaker 11 migration without having worked with this system before. The databases are running on a Filemaker Server Advanced 11 whith external authentication to our OD, which is running on a Mac OS X Server (SnowLeopard). The aim is to migrate the biggest filemaker database to another system, but to migrate the smaller databases as local files to a Windows System with local users only. The latter is the problem. I have full admin rights on the Mac OS X Server as well as on the OD, but I don't have the local filemaker account data (because the responsible person has left). I'm logged into the Admin Console with an account which is member of the fmsadmin group. But I don't get managed to login to the fp7 files with a local FM account. I tried different versions: closing down the database, copying over the fp7 file to another Mac or to a Windows system. Within the Admin Console I cannot find any point for inserting new local users or changing passwords.There is only the possibility to insert an admingroup. So my question is: how can I gain local admin access to the fp7-Files when only knowing the credentials of the OD accounts? Bernhard
  18. Hi, Can someone tell me if it is safe to install Java update 17 for Mac OS X 10.6 on FMSA 12 ? Reall bad experiences with Java updates make me wary.
  19. I tried to install MirrorSync 3.17 today on a MacOS with 10.12.3 and FMS The installer is hanging at about 80% progress at "Running package scripts..." Is there an installer log file that I can examine? In addition I noted in the docs the restriction against multiple users sharing the same file on the same device: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Can_I_share_a_device_among_multiple_users.3F I am wondering about the details of this restriction and is it possible for multiple users to share the same db file on the same device if there is no record filtering or record-level access features enabled?
  20. Charity

    mac How to download

    I have hunted everywhere in FMS admin honestly I have. I have served my files and I have been changing them and now I want to zip a set so I closed the files or should I get the backup? I know I must be careful. There should be a button in FMS admin which when I select a file, it closes it nicely and presents a download dialog. Yes I am backing up also but I have iPad files and I want to keep them together as a set. I do see that I can email a file to myself but is that safe? I thought they should be zipped before emailing files.
  21. I'm about to jump on a plane so I can't test much before posting, but Web Server and Web publishing are turned on and show as active (green) but php, Xml and web direct are show as disabled even though they are checked on. Any thoughts. Cheers.
  22. As stated above, no idea where this came from. Last successful edits performed a few days ago, today, no modifications allowed. Logged in as admin remotely as well as on the server itself, same behavior. Can't change anything in the file, or in the security settings etc. This is on the MacPro running 10.6.8, latest available OS patches, server version, running with IWP, all other web options off. Security: FM accounts only; List only authorized DBs; SSL enabled. I did install the SSL patch for 11 several weeks ago, but no adverse effects were noted at the time... Any ideas welcome...
  23. Rick Whitelaw

    mac PSOS concerns

    I've been checking out PSOS but have yet to use it. I suppose any concerns about whether a file is local or hosted could be resolved with something along the lines of: If(Get(HostName)) PSOS etc. Else Perform Script etc. That way if a file isn't hosted the script would run locally. However there doesn't seem to be a way to DeBug a PSOS designated script. Is it safe to say that if a script shows compatibility with Server (and all the contexts are made clear as required) that the script will run on the server? I've yet to do safe testing on a number of routines I believe would be better handled server side and am uncertain how to proceed.
  24. Does anyone know what FMSError=no subscriber refers to when enabling the plug-in? Permission for the plug-in is correct. Thanks, Agi
  25. I haven't seen this discussed here (please correct me if I'm wrong). Since the latest update to FMP, every time myself or my assistant starts FMP, it asks if we want to accept incoming network connections, even though the Mac firewall is properly set to let FMP do this (on both Mavericks and Yosemite). That is, the normal workflow is it asks *once*, but it asks *always*. It appears that this is a known issue, but I'm wondering if anyone here has come up with a good workaround. I've tried re-signing the digital signature for FMP to no avail, for instance. http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/681ddd5845 Again, a shot in the dark . . . .

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