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Found 317 results

  1. Hi I am very new to filemaker pro and have used one of their templates to play with to meet my own needs. I have managed to edit a report layout to look how I want it to, however when i get it to generate a report from those files it does not show all of them, only the second list of them for some reason. I might not be explaining this very well. Basically I have a list of characters for a scene and how many I need for that scene. When it goes to generate a report it only shows up one of the characters listed and the quantity that goes with it, not all of them that are listed. I have attached the screen grabs so someone can have a look and see and hopefully my description above will make more sense. I forgot to attach them first time round so they are two replies below. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have four issues I need to sort out, but am trying to work out each one one at a time so I can try to learn myself first. Thanks Scarlett
  2. Is there anyway to have one login form on my webpage then have my server open the correct database based on the user name and password entered? Many thanks!
  3. Just talked to FM tech support, they currently have no guidance on this. Anyone have any comment on if/how this affects the server? I just read this post on the FM company forum: Eliminating the POODLE Vulnerability in FMS 13 on OS X Forum post posted October 21, 2014 by JohnDCCIU, last edited October 21, 2014 47 Views Title: Eliminating the POODLE Vulnerability in FMS 13 on OS X Your post: I did a little playing around to see if I could eliminate the POODLE vulnerability in FMS 13 running on OS X. FMS 13 installs its own version of Apache, it doesn't use the version from Apple as it did in previous versions. Out of the box, FMS 13 is vulnerable to POODLE. I turns out that the FMS web SSL functionality is controlled in an Apache config include file at /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf I edited that file with TextWrangler and applied the POODLE mitigation (adding "-SSLv3" on the end of the existing "SSLProtocol" line), restarted the server, and poof: no more POODLE vulnerability. My server seems to be fine afterwards, but YMMV, so use at your own risk, and only if you know how to edit config files without mucking things up (and always make a backup of the file before editing regardless). It's uncertain if FMS will eventually overwrite that config (since it manages it itself), either during normal operations or during a future upgrade (unless FMI incorporates that into the next upgrade, which they should), but so far the mitigation has survived a few reboots, so it seems stable. You can test your server's POODLE vulnerability at http://whodig.com/poodle/ or for a more comprehensive SSL test (including POODLE), use https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ John
  4. HI, I just updated to FMS 13.0v2 and the admin console is having problems. No files or clients are listed on the Activity page. Schedules are not visible either. Files are being served properly. However it's not possible to edit a schedule. Oddly, the Close All command and Open All seem to work and the results can be seen in the Log. I've restarted the server machine. No change. Is anyone else having these problems? Rick
  5. Hi, Can someone tell me if it is safe to install Java update 17 for Mac OS X 10.6 on FMSA 12 ? Reall bad experiences with Java updates make me wary.
  6. I record all of my personal account details in a database that I started in 2000. I have my three separate accounts in different databases. I have routine income and expenditure items that occur on the same date each month. I have created scripts and buttons to enter these items on the due date. Is there any way that I can program the database so that it recognises the date and automatically makes these routine entries.
  7. This is an FYI / answered-question posted as a service to future searchers who may encounter this issue: I had a problem where FM Pro 13 ( though this would apply to any version of Filemaker on the Mac) would not recognize keyboard modifier keys (option, Shift, command, control) when a Get (ActiveKeyboardModifierKeys) script step was called. I was quite puzzled until I happened across this StackExchange thread on Mac OS X Secure Keyboard Entry. This is an OS-level feature that can prevent any app from receiving the full range of keyboard input from the OS. In my case, 1Password's Safari extension had enabled OS X Secure Keyboard Entry, thus preventing Filemaker Pro from receiving the modifier keys when they were pressed during script activation. To fix the problem I simply quit out of Safari. Note that in your case, the culprit app may be different; any app can invoke Secure Keyboard Entry; typically it's a password-management app but YMMV.
  8. I've been checking out PSOS but have yet to use it. I suppose any concerns about whether a file is local or hosted could be resolved with something along the lines of: If(Get(HostName)) PSOS etc. Else Perform Script etc. That way if a file isn't hosted the script would run locally. However there doesn't seem to be a way to DeBug a PSOS designated script. Is it safe to say that if a script shows compatibility with Server (and all the contexts are made clear as required) that the script will run on the server? I've yet to do safe testing on a number of routines I believe would be better handled server side and am uncertain how to proceed.
  9. I am unable to get FM Server 5.5 to start at all on an iMac G5 with a clean install of 10.5.8 with no other software. I've trashed and reinstalled FM server on this computer and tried several other computers with the same result. I have tried it with a test database with three fields and four records>same thing. I tried it with no database at all> same thing. Anyone have an idea? Have any of you seen the installation disc get corrupted in this way?
  10. Hi I received the task for a Filemaker 11 migration without having worked with this system before. The databases are running on a Filemaker Server Advanced 11 whith external authentication to our OD, which is running on a Mac OS X Server (SnowLeopard). The aim is to migrate the biggest filemaker database to another system, but to migrate the smaller databases as local files to a Windows System with local users only. The latter is the problem. I have full admin rights on the Mac OS X Server as well as on the OD, but I don't have the local filemaker account data (because the responsible person has left). I'm logged into the Admin Console with an account which is member of the fmsadmin group. But I don't get managed to login to the fp7 files with a local FM account. I tried different versions: closing down the database, copying over the fp7 file to another Mac or to a Windows system. Within the Admin Console I cannot find any point for inserting new local users or changing passwords.There is only the possibility to insert an admingroup. So my question is: how can I gain local admin access to the fp7-Files when only knowing the credentials of the OD accounts? Bernhard
  11. I know how to manually install plugins on FileMaker Server 13 but I am struggling to find clear and concise step-by-step instructions that explain how to install server plugins using the new scripted install method. The official FileMaker Server 13 documentation is extremely lacking in details. It explains how to enable the feature to allow plugins to run on the server but where are the instructions for installing them via a script? Does anyone have a good resource for learning how to do this? Also...where do you enter the license information for server plugins? Thanks.
  12. I am going with a mac mini, maxed at 16gb, and with four cores, either the current or the new ones, which I expect to have pci ssds (which is no big deal if you'll be running your db from ram anyway), for a 50 strong company with 1-6 concurrent connections, for the time being. I ‘ll have for starters about 2-3 go clients, 5 desktop clients, and the rest will be webdirect. On average I would expect 3 people to be inputting at any time and about another 3 browsing the db. Are there any red flags that I should be aware of?
  13. I haven't seen this discussed here (please correct me if I'm wrong). Since the latest update to FMP, every time myself or my assistant starts FMP, it asks if we want to accept incoming network connections, even though the Mac firewall is properly set to let FMP do this (on both Mavericks and Yosemite). That is, the normal workflow is it asks *once*, but it asks *always*. It appears that this is a known issue, but I'm wondering if anyone here has come up with a good workaround. I've tried re-signing the digital signature for FMP to no avail, for instance. http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/681ddd5845 Again, a shot in the dark . . . .
  14. I can't enable additional database folders. My system is: MacOsX 10.9.2, Filemaker Server   The message is: "Not a valid path: filemac:/MacOSX/Users/Nunes/Databases/" I tried to use various paths, but the message is the same  Someone knows what's wrong? Thanks
  15. Navigation of portals in FileMaker is a pretty simple affair, you either have a scrollbar, or you don't. In this article we demonstrate another way to navigate portals using a pagination style. We also demonstrate how it can be implemented at the relationship level, or the portal level using filtering. Read the Full Article Here…
  16. Is it possible to form a live connection between two filemaker databases We have the following set up: Firstly all filemaker software is filemaker 9. A filemaker database on a mac host machine using filemaker server advanced A local network of clients in the same location A database sitting on remote windows machine Is it possible to form a live connection between the database on the mac server and the database on the remote windows so any changes on the client machines in the local network are automatically saved to the database on the remote machine. Please note the database on the windows machine must be open at all times.  There is a working ODBC connection between the windows machine and the host server machine, which is tested and working, so no issues with firewalls etc.   We can do sql queries to update the remote machine but is it possible to form a permanent live connection and what would be the steps  to do this  I attach a small diagram of the network configuration which hopefully makes it a bit clearer Â
  17. Hello Group! Is it possible to import many images into my FM file from a very basic unlinked excel file? If so any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Chichi
  18. Hi All, Â Need a help urgent. Â I have written a Filemaker server side Script. All the script steps are correct according to me. Howerver, when i run on the FM Sever 12, it gives script error. Â I am attaching the screen shot of the Filemaker script, as well as Logs created on FileMaker server. Â Please help me to solve this issue. Â Thanks in advance. Â Â
  19. Kiosk mode is a cool way to run a FileMaker database in a full screen environment where users are prevented from accessing the other functionality of the operating system. But what if you have a normal FileMaker solution and wish to use kiosk functionality in certain areas only? In this article we illustrate how a typical FileMaker solution can be enhanced with a kiosk component for carrying out certain actions. We use the article example file to help illustrate this. We also give some information on what kiosk mode is, and things to watch out for when developing for it. Click to read the full article here…
  20. We are currently running FM Server 12 with unlimited concurrent FMGO connections. We want to install the FM Server 13 trial but I need to know how many concurrent connections the trial allows so it does not disrupt access to our server.
  21. I have hunted everywhere in FMS admin honestly I have. I have served my files and I have been changing them and now I want to zip a set so I closed the files or should I get the backup? I know I must be careful. There should be a button in FMS admin which when I select a file, it closes it nicely and presents a download dialog. Yes I am backing up also but I have iPad files and I want to keep them together as a set. I do see that I can email a file to myself but is that safe? I thought they should be zipped before emailing files.
  22. I read that the new 3.01 version does not require Java. When I run FMPAv16 on my Mac (10.11.6) and use the sample Email database it works just fine and I see nothing related to Java. I had the older v2.12 plugin installed on here and have just updated to v3.01 today. When I run FMPAv16 on a different Mac (10.11.6) and install the v3.01 plugin (never had the plugin installed on this machine before today) and run the sample database a Java App runs without any windows, Just visible in the lower right dock and its single menu is titled "Java" Any ideas as to this oddity? Leland Long
  23. We have released version 2 of our Virtual Host Guide and tool, which supports FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as the Mavericks and Mountain Lion, which is the supported versions by FMI. News in this version: The new guide will work with FileMaker Server 13.0v5 and Yosemite, as well as other supported versions. There are several new tips and tricks included in the “goodies” section. The new tool is now completely unlocked and does not use plugin anymore. Also new in this version is support for SSL. You can read more and download from here: http://www.datamanix.com/news/files/FMS-virtualhost-guide-tool-v2.html Feedback is very appreciated.
  24. I went through a process of trying to move our backup directory; the current one is on the same volume as the live file. But, this might really be a problem with my understanding of hard links and remote container data. FMS12.03, Mac OS X Server 10.6.8. FMP client 12.01 (running on the server); live hosted file tested from FMPA client 12.03 running on Mac OS X 10.6.8. I made the new directory on the other volume, changed permissions, modified the path shown in the FM Server Admin console (hitting Validate to verify - it was good). In order to try and keep things in the same place, I then COPIED all the current backups from vol1 to the new location in vol2. No real problems there. I then changed the schedules (rather, I created copies of the originals and edited the copies, giving them new names) to also point to the new path. (Apparently the path defined in the console config is only a default?) I also left both sets of schedules running (old path and new path backups) just to be sure I had the new ones going correctly before altering the old ones. So, this morning, I checked on things. I have a variety of new backups in the new location. I made a COPY of one of the new backedup files (including the entire RC_Data directory) and pasted that to a temp directory on the desktop of the server. (So far, all of this has been done via screenshare to the server.) The file opens OK, and there is plenty of data there. However, when I go to a layout that shows some of this remote container data, it gives me a placeholder image saying "file missing: filename.ext" I copied a different set of files/RCfolder from an earlier backup, same thing. I copied a set of backup files from Vol1 volume (i.e. the original backup directory and schedules that I hadn't messed with) and got the same results: no remote container data showing up. I then copied the LIVE file and RC_Data, same result: no RC data showing. When I go to the hosted live file from my remote machine, I see RC_Data just fine for this same record (I have been checking the same record each time). Whew! So…instead of trying to unwind the various things I have done, perhaps it is just best to tell how to best MOVE a backup directory, or rather, switch the directory that the server is using for backups. Or maybe the move part was fine, and it is merely my method of testing and verifying the move that is wrong. I was thinking that it was a problem with the way the RC_Data hardlinks were being handled (or my perception of them - I thought if I made a COPY of the backups, that I would get a full real copy of the originals). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, J
  25. I'm about to jump on a plane so I can't test much before posting, but Web Server and Web publishing are turned on and show as active (green) but php, Xml and web direct are show as disabled even though they are checked on. Any thoughts. Cheers.
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