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Found 311 results

  1. Am I righting in thinking I can use a case statement to evaluate two fields and return an answer into a third field ie: Field A has the number 27 in it. Field B has the number 32 in it. Could the case statement look at the difference and put the difference in Field 3.The difference being 5? I’m also trying to get this to do the math on data entry, so the figure in Field A is 27 but when the user enters the new figure in Field B (i.e 32), it looks at that difference between A and B, copies the difference of 5 to Field 3 and then also copies the figure 32 from Field B into Field A thereby updating Field A to the new value. Help, suggestions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am not a FileMaker power user by any stretch of the imagination, nor does my question relate to any particularly sophisticated use of the program, so I hope others here will forgive and bear with me. I formed a band my junior year of college with guys who have remained my best friends throughout all of the subsequent 46 years. Though we’re scattered in different parts of the country now, we reunite at least twice a year to make music again, and for the past 23 years we have recorded songs together at these reunions. I created a FileMaker database to chronicle these recording sessions, and all of the songs done at each of them. The record for each song contains the fields you might expect: Title, Songwriter; Original Artist (for songs we didn’t write ourselves); Year; Session; Lyrics; and a repeating field for personnel — i.e., who sang and played what on each song. Each band member also has a Comment field so he can share his feelings about the song or memories of the recording session for it. We store the master copy of the database in Dropbox, and all can access it at any time — though I’ve put a system in place to ensure that no more than one person at a time can modify or add data to the file, to avoid the dreaded “conflicted copy” syndrome. Each record in the database also has a Container field for the recording it pertains to. To avoid the unthinkable bloat that would result in storing 23 years worth of .wav files in the database, I naturally used FileMaker’s “Store only a reference to this file” feature for this field. The music files themselves reside on a 128GB thumb drive. The plan was to strike exact copies of this Master thumb drive for each band member that they would physically insert into their own computers, so the the song associated with a given record would play when they access the database and double-click the Container field. Perspicacious readers may now guess where I’m headed. I am the only one of the five of us who is on a Mac system. My Master thumb drive, as well as a copy I struck from it, works perfectly for its intended purpose. I have taken the copied drive from home (where it was created) and used it with no problems whatsoever on my work Mac. No matter which Mac I use, as long as I access the database from Dropbox and have the thumb drive inserted in that Mac, all is well — since the Mac automatically “sees” and can instantly access any external device plugged into it. My bandmates, however, are all on Windows systems — and as my closest friend feared, when I sent that copy of the thumb drive to him. it did not work in the same way, due to Windows’ convention of assigning a letter to any external device plugged into a Windows-based machine. It appears a Windows system needs a strictly defined file path to locate the music files on the thumb drive. And a different letter is likely to be assigned to this drive in each person’s machine, based on how many other peripherals he has plugged into it at any given time. My obvious question: is there any way around this issue? Is there some way to tell a Windows system “Look for the music files referenced in this database on the ‘F:’ drive” (or whatever drive is appropriate)? Or is each individual member doomed to manually relinking each one of the 280 or so music files that I so carefully linked on the master thumb drive? Only my closest friend I referenced has a degree of computer savvy, so I was hoping to make this entire process as easy as possible for all concerned. Thank you very much in advance for any help that can be given. P.S. The database was created in FileMaker Pro 11.
  3. I record all of my personal account details in a database that I started in 2000. I have my three separate accounts in different databases. I have routine income and expenditure items that occur on the same date each month. I have created scripts and buttons to enter these items on the due date. Is there any way that I can program the database so that it recognises the date and automatically makes these routine entries.
  4. Hello Group! Is it possible to import many images into my FM file from a very basic unlinked excel file? If so any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Chichi
  5. When I try to open the FMS12 Console, I see a dialog   Is this because I'm running Java 7.75?  I could not find any settings in System Preferences or Safari Preferences that had to do with certificates.   This occurred on Yosemite.  On Mavericks, nothing at all happens when I click the Start Admin Console button.  Please give me some suggestions.  --Doug  EDIT:  Fixed with installation of version 12.0.5 on Yosemite.  Off to install 12.0.6 on Mavericks to see if that helps there.
  6. Hello I am trying to do sync over 6,000 records using easysync from hosted db to mobile db on ipad. It is very very slow, its almost 3 secs per record while pulling data. Would it be the ipad version issue? I am interested in finding the initial pull script as mentioned in this link which will speed up the initial pull process. http://timdietrich.me/blog/easysync-initial-sync-preview/ the link above mentions beta 8 version so can i use it? if yes where can i find it? thanks for all you help Bab
  7. Hello Everyone Today I installed the "fms_11.0.5.510" updater to my database server and my web server.  I needed to run the "fms11patch" installed  in order to get the admin console working again. Once I logged into the admin console again I was greeted with a big old error message that I have never seen before.  When I am viewing the "Filemaker Server Overview" page there is a red light with a error message stating " Server Status Information - An error was encountered communicating with the server" I have attached a screen shot - the odd thing is all my Filemaker web services appear to be working correctly but i really want this red icon gone... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I'm about to jump on a plane so I can't test much before posting, but Web Server and Web publishing are turned on and show as active (green) but php, Xml and web direct are show as disabled even though they are checked on. Any thoughts. Cheers.
  9. As stated above, no idea where this came from. Last successful edits performed a few days ago, today, no modifications allowed. Logged in as admin remotely as well as on the server itself, same behavior. Can't change anything in the file, or in the security settings etc. This is on the MacPro running 10.6.8, latest available OS patches, server version, running with IWP, all other web options off. Security: FM accounts only; List only authorized DBs; SSL enabled. I did install the SSL patch for 11 several weeks ago, but no adverse effects were noted at the time... Any ideas welcome...
  10. dpistolenma

    mac PHP API Slowness

    Hey there, I'm currently building a web interface that interacts with our filemaker solution (FM Server 13) and have run into some performance issues. We have a table which has 161,000 records, and I am exposing 6 of its fields via a layout. When I run a filemaker find command via the API, looking for specific values in 3 of these fields, it takes extremely long for the results to be returned (up to a minute sometimes). The result is usually 1 or 2 records. For what its worth, I have another table with 73,000 records that does not have performance issues. I've tried to use xdebug to profile my PHP code, and the majority of the response time is this one findCommand and curl_exec, so I don't think the slowness is on the webserver. I've also looked at the statistics page on the server and when the call is made there are tens of thousands of "remote calls" for the client used by the PHP API, not sure if this is normal or not. I thought about maybe increasing the PHP memory limit on the server, but not sure which php.ini is used by FileMaker Web Services. We're running OSX mavericks and I changed the value in a php.ini file that I found in "FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/mavericks/lib/" from 128M to 1024MB but did not see any performance increase (though I am not sure that the change took effect, nor that that is right PHP ini file). Anyone have any other ideas? The server that it is running on has 64GB of RAM, and finds are quick when using a filemaker software client.
  11. Daniel Wood

    Producing Pretty Portal Pagination

    Navigation of portals in FileMaker is a pretty simple affair, you either have a scrollbar, or you don't. In this article we demonstrate another way to navigate portals using a pagination style. We also demonstrate how it can be implemented at the relationship level, or the portal level using filtering. Read the Full Article Here…
  12. Kiosk mode is a cool way to run a FileMaker database in a full screen environment where users are prevented from accessing the other functionality of the operating system. But what if you have a normal FileMaker solution and wish to use kiosk functionality in certain areas only? In this article we illustrate how a typical FileMaker solution can be enhanced with a kiosk component for carrying out certain actions. We use the article example file to help illustrate this. We also give some information on what kiosk mode is, and things to watch out for when developing for it. Click to read the full article here…
  13. I literally copy and paste the default folder address and delete part of the path, and it still won't validate it? What gives?
  14. I tried to install MirrorSync 3.17 today on a MacOS with 10.12.3 and FMS The installer is hanging at about 80% progress at "Running package scripts..." Is there an installer log file that I can examine? In addition I noted in the docs the restriction against multiple users sharing the same file on the same device: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Can_I_share_a_device_among_multiple_users.3F I am wondering about the details of this restriction and is it possible for multiple users to share the same db file on the same device if there is no record filtering or record-level access features enabled?
  15. Rick Whitelaw

    Print Setup

    In the Print Setup step it would be nice if "Format For" (Any Printer, your printer list) could be determined by calculation. Perhaps there's a way using CUPS commands but I'm not sure.
  16. Charity

    mac How to download

    I have hunted everywhere in FMS admin honestly I have. I have served my files and I have been changing them and now I want to zip a set so I closed the files or should I get the backup? I know I must be careful. There should be a button in FMS admin which when I select a file, it closes it nicely and presents a download dialog. Yes I am backing up also but I have iPad files and I want to keep them together as a set. I do see that I can email a file to myself but is that safe? I thought they should be zipped before emailing files.
  17. I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I can't find out how to do it anywhere.. Â Â
  18. We are currently running FM Server 12 with unlimited concurrent FMGO connections. We want to install the FM Server 13 trial but I need to know how many concurrent connections the trial allows so it does not disrupt access to our server.
  19. Hi All, Â Need a help urgent. Â I have written a Filemaker server side Script. All the script steps are correct according to me. Howerver, when i run on the FM Sever 12, it gives script error. Â I am attaching the screen shot of the Filemaker script, as well as Logs created on FileMaker server. Â Please help me to solve this issue. Â Thanks in advance. Â Â
  20. I went through a process of trying to move our backup directory; the current one is on the same volume as the live file. But, this might really be a problem with my understanding of hard links and remote container data. FMS12.03, Mac OS X Server 10.6.8. FMP client 12.01 (running on the server); live hosted file tested from FMPA client 12.03 running on Mac OS X 10.6.8. I made the new directory on the other volume, changed permissions, modified the path shown in the FM Server Admin console (hitting Validate to verify - it was good). In order to try and keep things in the same place, I then COPIED all the current backups from vol1 to the new location in vol2. No real problems there. I then changed the schedules (rather, I created copies of the originals and edited the copies, giving them new names) to also point to the new path. (Apparently the path defined in the console config is only a default?) I also left both sets of schedules running (old path and new path backups) just to be sure I had the new ones going correctly before altering the old ones. So, this morning, I checked on things. I have a variety of new backups in the new location. I made a COPY of one of the new backedup files (including the entire RC_Data directory) and pasted that to a temp directory on the desktop of the server. (So far, all of this has been done via screenshare to the server.) The file opens OK, and there is plenty of data there. However, when I go to a layout that shows some of this remote container data, it gives me a placeholder image saying "file missing: filename.ext" I copied a different set of files/RCfolder from an earlier backup, same thing. I copied a set of backup files from Vol1 volume (i.e. the original backup directory and schedules that I hadn't messed with) and got the same results: no remote container data showing up. I then copied the LIVE file and RC_Data, same result: no RC data showing. When I go to the hosted live file from my remote machine, I see RC_Data just fine for this same record (I have been checking the same record each time). Whew! So…instead of trying to unwind the various things I have done, perhaps it is just best to tell how to best MOVE a backup directory, or rather, switch the directory that the server is using for backups. Or maybe the move part was fine, and it is merely my method of testing and verifying the move that is wrong. I was thinking that it was a problem with the way the RC_Data hardlinks were being handled (or my perception of them - I thought if I made a COPY of the backups, that I would get a full real copy of the originals). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, J
  21. I am unable to get FM Server 5.5 to start at all on an iMac G5 with a clean install of 10.5.8 with no other software. I've trashed and reinstalled FM server on this computer and tried several other computers with the same result. I have tried it with a test database with three fields and four records>same thing. I tried it with no database at all> same thing. Anyone have an idea? Have any of you seen the installation disc get corrupted in this way?
  22. When a user logs into FileMaker Server, is there any way to keep that user from seeing all of the databases that have been uploaded? I would like to allow the user to only see the databases he/she has access to. Thanks, Susie
  23. I have just registered for this forum and Mac OS X Yosemite was not an option on the OS list. Tony
  24. Hello,  I am trying to get Server 13 up and running on a Mac Mini server running Mavericks. I have been having trouble with the Deployment Assistant. The first time I tried to install, I got a long Java error. I checked for updates to Java, found Version 7, Update 45, and installed that. Presto! The error disappeared, and I was able to complete the assistant. When something wasn't working right, our IT guy tried to edit the deployment through the Admin Console, which borked the whole thing. Unable to get it going again, I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the software. That didn't work. I tried uninstalling Java, so I could replicate the process which led to success the first time (letting the FMS installer install v7 update 25). Still didn't work. I tried uninstalling, removing the FileMaker Server folder from /Library, and reinstalling. No dice.  I'm at a loss. Every time I try to run the Deployment Assistant, I get the nasty error message (see attached) and can go no further. Any ideas?
  25. I read that the new 3.01 version does not require Java. When I run FMPAv16 on my Mac (10.11.6) and use the sample Email database it works just fine and I see nothing related to Java. I had the older v2.12 plugin installed on here and have just updated to v3.01 today. When I run FMPAv16 on a different Mac (10.11.6) and install the v3.01 plugin (never had the plugin installed on this machine before today) and run the sample database a Java App runs without any windows, Just visible in the lower right dock and its single menu is titled "Java" Any ideas as to this oddity? Leland Long

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