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Found 22 results

  1. We have a complex MySQL and PHP; multi-tenanted application which we are now looking at syncing to an offline portable FileMaker model. I have essentially solved every problem thus far and have MirrorSync running properly. My challenge is this: Our main MySQL database works in tandem with a second MySQL database; the second database contains 25 million property records. The working set of data which needs to be synchronised is a small subset of data from the primary; and a single record from the secondary database into the mobile version of the application which consists of a single FileMaker file with identical tables to that of the primary mysql database and a table identical to that of that of the secondary. How do sync the two seperate databases in a single configuration? Or is that even possible. I could see that I could generate two seperate configurations; and perhaps split the mobile version into two seperate FileMaker files; i'm just wondering if there is a smarter way to go about what I need to achieve.
  2. We have a complex MySQL and PHP; multi-tenanted application which we are now looking at syncing to an offline portable FileMaker model. I have essentially solved every problem thus far and have MirrorSync running properly. My challenge is this: Our main MySQL database works in tandem with a second MySQL database; the second database contains 25 million property records. The working set of data which needs to be synchronised is a small subset of data from the primary; and a single record from the secondary database into the mobile version of the application which consists of a single FileMaker file with identical tables to that of the primary mysql database and a table identical to that of that of the secondary. How do sync the two seperate databases in a single configuration? Or is that even possible. I could see that I could generate two seperate configurations; and perhaps split the mobile version into two seperate FileMaker files; i'm just wondering if there is a smarter way to go about what I need to achieve.
  3. I finally was able to instal with success FM Server 12 on a Windows 7 dedicated PC. I have the Server Web, Publication Web motor and the Database Server running. When I start the Wamp Server (basically a MySQL Server) there seems to be a conflict with the port 80. FM Server runs well but I need to instal on the same pc a MySQL server. If this does not work, I could run the WampServer on another PC and connect to it via ODBC but with the FM Server license I have I don't believe I will be able to connect via ODBC to that db on another PC. Or am I wrong? Thanks for anyones help.
  4. This is about a Filemaker Server <--> MySQL sync setup. I have two fields, serialNumber and writeBackNumber, and an altogether separate primaryKey that isn't used for this part. If I create a new record on Filemaker, everything is fine. the serialNumber is auto-incremented on record creation and synced successfully. However, If I create a new record in MySQL, I can leave both serialNumber and writeBackNumber blank, but when the sync happens, Filemaker does not auto-increment the serial number and put it in the field. It looks like it's just skipping the auto-enter part altogether and leaving serialNumber blank. This seems like what's going on: Create new record in MySQL. serialNumber and writeBackNumber are blank. Click sync, 1 record gets synced to Filemaker. Record appears in Filemaker with both fields blank. Click sync, that record gets erased from MySQL but is still in Filemaker. Is this a bug? Do I need to edit the MirrorSync customization script to perform the auto-enter on hub (Filemaker) pre-sync and then copy that over to the spoke (MySQL) post-sync?
  5. Hello, I have a FM13 Database hosted on a FM13 Server which has an ODBC connection to a MySQL Database. I could connect my FM13 Pro client to the Database and use my MySQL Tables. My problem is I need to modify/link the Project starter solution's database tables to the MySQL tables but I can't figure out how to do this. Do I have to recreate all the tables exactly like they are in the FM database in the MySQL ?? Is there an easy way to do this?? Appreciate any suggestions/feedback ! Tell me if this is not clear Thanks
  6. Database Application Lead: FileMaker Technology Team Location: Devon/Philadelphia Area, United States Relocation assistance is provided Is this you? You love staying current with latest technology, mobility and social media trends. You love mastering skills, whether it’s playing drums on the weekends or developing a cool mobile iOS or Android app. You aren’t picky about what tool you use – you just want to design and deliver high-value database apps for client success. If you've got passion for innovative technologies in the FileMaker Platform and are excited about database solutions especially in a world of smart phones and tablets, we'd love to have you join our company, full of "doers" and "thinkers" just like you! As a Database Application Tech Lead on our FileMaker Philly team, you will design database solutions on latest version of FileMaker Software while leading a team of developers deploy custom software. As a Technical Lead, you will... Analyze Needs Sharpening your solid experience in systems analysis and consulting, you’ll work with clients to define goals, propose solutions and evaluate alternatives. Design Applications Building off of your strong skills in application design and architecture, you’ll create prototypes, define project plans, make estimates and write technical specifications. Implement Systems As you hit the ground running with your solid relational database skills, you’ll provide deep technical expertise and lead delivery of FileMaker systems. Deliver Value As a reliable self-starter who likes helping people, you’ll deliver significant value for appreciative clients, and you’ll feel proud as you partner with clients on achieving their business goals. Mentor Teammates Deepening your natural teaching abilities, you’ll work alongside rising developers by teaching, training and encouraging. Grow Your Talents Building off of your intellectual curiosity and your degree(s) from top-tier school(s), you’ll improve your skills each year and collaborate with technology communities. Keywords: Database, FileMaker, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, Developer, Consultant, Relational Database, MIS, Management Information Systems, MS Access, Lotus Notes, Domino, MySQL, XML, Oracle, Database Design, Data Manager, Project Manager, Data Solutions, Agile Development, Project Management, Iterative Estimates, Trusted Advisor, XP, Paired-Programming, Mobility, Web Development, PHP, Html 5, IT, Information Technology, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web Browsers Apply Online: https://soliant.recruiterbox.com/jobs/25605 Contact: Faridah Hemani e-mail: fhemani@soliantconsulting.com
  7. woodlandtrek9

    Renaming ESS fields

    Does anyone have any tips for renaming fields that are connected through ESS? According to the ESS tech brief, it seems like this should be possible without an issue: So if I'm just renaming the field, the unique key should remain the same, right? When I tried it and synced the tables again, the old field was changed to type "Unknown" and the new name was added as a separate field? Is there any nice way to do this and keep field linkings in scripts and layouts? (Details: The files are hosted by FMS13 on Mac, connected through ActualODBC to MySQL)
  8. I'm trying to connect to MySQL server via ODBC. MySQL views are only open to analyzer such like us. However, it seems most of those views don't contain primary unique key. So it keeps showing the error below. "The selected columns contains some non-unique value.... " Is there any another way to use MySQL data source via ODBC within Filemaker even if the view doesn't contain unique key column? MS Access allows me to do that. By the way, it's hard for me to add id(serial) to view because I have no permission to it. Any good solution?
  9. I have an application with a FMS10 server under Tiger, multiple FM9/10 clients, & a remote MySQL/PHP/Ajax/Apache webserver. We need Filemaker 9 to make reports based on data from both FMS and MySQL tables. The FM programmer we use proposes to put an ODBC driver on one of the client machines, have it interrogate the MySQL server, and then build the reports only on that machine. I am wondering if it is possible to have FMS-10 instead do the connection to the MySQL, so that any client could read the data & create reports. But I'm clueless as to what server ODBC support really means. Thanks...
  10. Hi, I have FileMaker 11 and I created a interface to pull data from my website's sql. I am able to change the name of a product, but I cannot change the price of the mysql table through the FM 11 interface. Is there something I miss doing? I am using odbc to connect. Thanks.
  11. Hi everybody, I have trying to combine data from a MySQL source with my local FM database using a shadow table with ESS connector. Basically I have done a Point Of Sale (POS) that gets the data from a MySQL database (it contains the information about the products, prices, stock, etc). I have two problems: 1. I have done an script that connect to this shadow table when I insert a barcode for a product and extract the information about that product. If I open the FM solution and initially run the script, the process is too slow but if I go firstly to the shadow table and then I run again the script, in that case the process is faster. I have solve this problem using and script that goes briefly to the shadow table (when I open the application) before returns to the main layout. Is there other alternative more elegant? 2. Certain products are duplicates in the database and have different barcodes. If I insert one of these barcodes, a floating panel is shown, an script using ExecuteSQL query is run to show only this products (from shadow table). To do this query, I need to go to the shadow table and do a search in Find Mode and then run again the ExecuteSQL query. I think that both problems are related and I suppose that I need to optimize the connection to MySQL shadow table. Could anyone help me to enhance it? Do I need to include any other step in the scripts to establish or maintain the connection to the MySQL database? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  12. Hi. Some years ago I used FM7 to control a large 'one table' database, but now having acquired FM13, would like to do far more. However considering what I would like to do, videos on Youtube appear suggest that knowing the language behind FM would be very advantageous. What language lends itself to FM... JS, PHP or MYSQL? A few years ago I learned HTML5 and CSS3 to build static webpages, but weighing-up the pluses and minuses of learning the more comprehensive languages of MYSQL and PHP, decided not to learn either as I would rarely use them... but now I am once again using FM, am wondering if it might be beneficial to learn at least one of these languages, but which best compliments FM? Cheers
  13. Hi, I'm trying to use Filemaker to manage a mysql database on Amazon RDS. I'm trying to set up an import layout that will allow users to load data into into the RDS database. Mostly, Filemaker and mysql are playing well together. But I'm getting a problem when I try import data using LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE . I've run the query successfully with a different client on the same database (Sequel Pro) but when I run it using the Execute SQL script step in Filemaker I get an error, with the message "Load data local infile forbidden". I've looked around online, and it seems like I need the server and client to both enable 'local_infile'. I know it's enabled on the server (because I can check manually, and the query works on a different client). Does anyone know how to check or change this within Filemaker? Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas as to how I might work around this? Unfortunately I can't call a stored procedure on the server because the query relies on variables. My understanding is that you can't use variables in a LOAD DATA INFILE statement on the server, and you can't use LOAD DATA INFILE in a prepared statement. Does anyone know how to change the local_infile variable within the Filemaker mysql client, or failing that, does anyone have a good workaround for the restriction on variables with the LOAD DATA INFILE statement if I run it on the server? In case it's not already blatantly obvious, I don't really know what I'm doing, so any help (especially help that is dumbed down) would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, John
  14. christoalberts30

    Filemaker Development

    Hi, I am a Filemaker developer,and I work through Fiverr, so it is a safe place to order something you would like done. Here is my link: http://www.fiverr.com/christoalberts And here is my website. http://filemakerecom.com
  15. Hi There didn't seem to be a better forum to post to, so I hope this is the right place. I want to duplicate the table structure of an existing MySQL database in a single FileMaker 12 file. There are a large number of tables, so creating them all manually would be tedious. Is there a way to import the table structure in a (semi-)automated way? Thanks.
  16. I have been using Filemaker for many years, but just recently connected Filemaker Pro 12 to a Wordpress database with ODBC and am confronted with trying to extract data from a meta_value field. I don;t have a clue!!! Do I use EsecuteSQL? Here is the example: I have a meta_key of custom_field and the meta_value is a:5:{s:5:"phone";s:14:"(xxx) xxx-xxxx";s:16:"terms_conditions";s:1:"1";s:13:"refund_policy";s:523:"Since Company is offering non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods; we generally do NOT issue refunds. During checkout, upon clicking the "Submit" button, your purchase is charged to the credit/debit card that you supplied. If you are taking advantage of our Free Trial, your credit card will not be charged until the 15 day trial period has ended. You may cancel your Free Trial any time before 15 days. All sales are final. You cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase after your Free Trial has ended.";s:16:"how_did_you_hear";s:10:"Web search";s:11:"member_type";s:5:"Trial";} All the way at the end, I am trying to extract into a new calculation field "member_type";s:5:"Trial". If someone can show me how to do this, it will help me extract data from other meta_value. Thanks in advance for your help - Sam
  17. Filemaker docs say to call for a Refresh Window from a script to refresh the data. IT DOESN'T WORK!!! It only works when the script ends, but I need to alert the user ONLY when new data has arrived. AFTER the script runs, then the new data arrives!! My best solution so far is to have the first script install an On Timer Script to call the next script, so when the first one quits, data comes in, and the second one then sees that. Not very elegant! Anyone have a better way?
  18. Hi, accessing external SQL resources from within FileMaker is quite common. But how do I go about the exact opposite? I have an import_nwde:: table in a fmp12 file hosted on FMS 15. I have switched on ODBC in FMS. I can access the tables with Windows and Mac (using the Filemaker ODBC drivers specifically installed to do this). But how can I write into this table from within a MySQL database running on a LAMP machine? Whenever something happens on the website, I need to process the data in FileMaker. Thanks a lot for any help, Gary
  19. GeoSteven

    FMSA 11 - error 512

    I am running a server side script that attempts to update records in a MySQL table that is set up as an external data source. It runs without issue for hours to weeks at a time then gets hung on error 512 (Record was already modified by another user). The problem is that I can't figure out how to capture and handle this error. I've tried adding "If get(lasterror)=512 then <skip this record and continue to next> just after the 'Go to Record(next)' but it never gets to that step. Instead hangs on try to move the record pointer and writing error after error to the log. I've searched the forums fairly thoroughly but there is not a lot of info forthcoming. Surely this has been a problem for someone else that has figured out how to handle it. Any suggestions appreciated. Will be glad to provide more info on the environment if needed. Thanks in advance, Steve
  20. I'm in the middle of upgrading from FM11 to FM13/14 and found sets of data will not import to mySQL correctly. Instead of the found set importing, the whole table gets imported. I get the same result on FMPA 13 and FMPA 14 32 bit. FMPA 14 64 bit won't even import at all. This process has been working for years in v11 and older versions. Server: mac Client: Windows 7 mySQL: 5.6, ODBC driver: 5.2 and both the 32 bit and 64 bit drivers connect to mySQL successfully. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks, John
  21. I want to know if FM Server 12 can update a external MySQL db in the same manner as the client can using ODBC connection (ESS). It works great when running the scripts on the client, but seem like it won't work in the same manner via server and server scripting. I am using all relevant drivers and it does work with my solution, but I'm looking to move, automate and schedule this process to the server itself. Thanks in advance. Michael
  22. Hi All, Here it is my (wannabe) solution: A) One FM server 11A (Win Machine, unspecified so far), on the local Intranet, few clients (6) online One FM Server 11B (Windows Server 2008 Machine), on remote server C) One MySQL server on the remote server D) 2 distinct Databases (filemaker 11 and PHPMySQL) with exactly the same structure (i.e fields and tables) BUT differejnt data: Users working on FM database and MySQL database will be different, there will be no overlapping or editing of the same record between the 2 interfaces FM Server 11B and MySQL server are on the same remote machine. What I would like to do: The User (Jimmy as an example) insert a new record in the local intranet using Server A. Every now and then (let us say, every 3 hours) the updated database running locally should be uploaded from Server A (or even from a FM client (robot)) to Server B (Remotely). The new updated version should overwrite the previous one (3 hours old) and become the current one on Server B as well. Immediately after a sync between FM Data and MySQL data (receiving data from a totally different group of users) should be done so that an updated and current version of the database will be local and, after 3 hours, even on the remote machine (either in FM format, and MySQL format) Would be possible to make all the procedure automatic and schedule it to happen every 3 hours ? We are not talking about an enormous amount of data (No images, just text, around 10 new records every 3 hours MAX, usually much less) Thanks a lot for any help, Diego

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