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Found 650 results

  1. I've developed a page using CDML to enable a person to add a record to a database through the web. Is there a way that an image can be loaded through a web browser and added to the database (ie. a company logo?). Thanks
  2. I want to limit the number of characters a user can enter into a text area on a form. before i put any scripts on my form when the user edits the fields and clicks update, everything works well and the db fields are updated. However once i put the javascript to limit the number of characters in my textarea and then submit the form i get an "unknown error number 102". I know filemaker says this error is about incorrect links or field names but not in this case. Below is the javascript that i have used: <head> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function limitText(limitField, limitCount, limitNum){ if (limitField.value.length > limitNum){ limitField.value = limitField.value.substring(0,limitNum); }else { limitCount.value = limitNum - limitField.value.length; } } </script> </head> <body> <table> <tr> <td class="style1"><div align="right">Contents</div></td> <td><textarea name="limitedtextarea" onKeyDown="limitText(this.form.limitedtextarea,this.form.countdown,100);" onKeyUp="limitText(this.form.limitedtextarea,this.form.countdown,100);">[FMP-field:drivingsection]</textarea><br> <font size="1">(Maximum characters: 100)<br>You have <input readonly type="text" name="countdown" size="3" value"100"> characters left.</font></td> </tr> Once i put this javascript in the textarea tag i get the error. Has anyone come across this before? Or know of another way i can limit a textarea....the ultimate goal is to limit it to a certain amount of characters based on contents of another field. I have just started with limiting it to 100 characters to test if it would work. Unfortunetly, it doesnt. Any help much appreciated....
  3. one of my databases contains a container field. In the container field i have pictures stored. On my mac where the database runs it is easy; i copy a picture and paste it into the container field and voila, their it is. Now i want this functionality with CDML. My problem is that (at least i think) that FMP-Fields can not be graphics. My question is twofold: 1] is it possible that the user copies a graphical object into a input field that can be submitted to a database 2] if the above is not possible how can i transfer a graphical file (JPG) to my server database. Sorry for this open question, any help is highly appreciated Jitse
  4. Is there a way to -edit multiple records using CDML. Situation - I Perform a search Now I would like to get a specific value "12345" into the 'Field:ID' for all of those records returned by search. thanks kevin
  5. Hi, I've been using CDML for several years, but not Lasso and I now have to answer a question about a site that's hosted externally for one of our companies. It's running Lasso/FMPro (sorry, don't know the versions yet) on NT and I think the problem is very simple: When there are non-ascii characters in the database, like an acute accent, they are delivered to the web page as junk. If it were a FileMaker tag in CDML, I'd just get it to perform HTML encoding, and in fact a made a little demo using the same database to show this. Doesn't Lasso work in the same way? the hosters are saying it's not easy to fix. thanks, Jeff
  6. hi there, here is a hard one, well for me anyway. i have a cdml page that has an input field for performing a find. so if you input an account number and press the find button it takes you to your found screen. is there a way take that account number pass on to an error page if the account number is not found. i want to it to say "sorry the account number "account number entered at search screen" is not found. please send an email regarding this record." i have tried to use a token but i have never used one before. Peter
  7. I'm new to CDML, so I hope somebody could help me on this one... I have a database with a text field "Location" . Every record could have multiple locations (Displayed as a standard field in FM, users click enter after each location if more than one is required) Each record also has a checkbox field "Remove". (Value "checked" when checked) I need to display a web page that would display every single "location entry used on the DB (there may be a few in each location field) as a header (there would be as many headers as there arer location entries), and records listed after each header that has this criteria (Location contains "location header text" AND "Remove" is not checked) I don't need a form on this, since no input is required, but I'm stuck trying to display this info. I have a value list that uses the value from the "Location" field, so I'm thinking about using [FMP-ValueList] [FMP-ValueListItem] and [FMP- InlineAction], but I can't quite put it together. Can anybody help? Thanks Frederick
  8. I'd like to parse CDML output to a page using JavaScript and don't know if its possible and don't know how to delimit it. If this worked, it would look like this: var textInput = [FMP-Field:course_materials, Break]; document.write(textInput.replace(/(http:[s|.S|,]*)/gi, "<a href = $1> $1 </a>")); but it doesn't work, nor do single or double quotes outside the square brackets. This line of code changes any full URLs in the field into links. It can be done within FileMaker, of course, but it's ghastly complicated, so being able to use the regular expressions in JavaScript would be nice. You seem a clever lot, can it be done? Doug
  9. Let me ask a newbie question with Lasso, I got the Lasso WDE and the tags and plugins for go-live. How does Lasso communicate with FMP? I can convert the CDML tags into LSO tags, but how is IIS supposed to allow lasso to see FMP, should I have specified an IP address? do they have a utility that is like the Web Server Connector? I appriciate the help, I was looking through the refrence manuals, LDML is far superior to CDML, more like Javascripting(except with no event handlers). Thank you.
  10. Hi, I've got a set of pages in CDML that I suddenly had to convert to LDML. Thanks to this forum, I've got a lot of my problems sorted out. Now I've got hit by one that's really strange. I've got a results pages (showing results of a search) that displays data from the file being searched, as well as a related file. This works just fine in the CDML page, but on the Lasso page it gives an error as shown below, though there is no mention of not using related fields in the Lasso 3.6 manual !?! ________ Message:
  11. How can I go about using a check or radio box, that will make a record visible or invisible on the web? Say there are 10 records, and the person would like to have 1-5 visible and the rest invisible on the web. They would just check a box for each of the first 5 records and they would then show up on the results page. Kinda like an on/off switch for each record via the web/CDML page.
  12. I have some standard DHTML rollovers inside the [FMP-linkprevious] tags - they work fine in IE5 but not in NS4 - The rollover functions are working fine because they work outside of the FMP tags. Does anyone know if you can trigger a function from within the FMP tags in netscape? Thanks in advance.
  13. This is the CDML code for the totals (plus some) <P>Displaying records [FMP-rangestart] thru [FMP-rangeend] of [FMP-currentfoundcount] records found. ([FMP-rangesize] records displayed). As far as the columns, the standard for display for multiple records is in rows, it's easier to scroll down than over. But if you know that there will be a limited number of records, look here for a column solution: http://www.fmforums.com/ubb/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=22&t=000385
  14. Could some one please outline the requirements to perform a Search using CDML and listing the results. I have been at this for hours and can't seem to get it working. On the first try it gives me an error 4. All subsequent requests result in an error that says can access "layout24". User is logging in with a password that has access to entire file. Database "Job Tracker" has a field "Dept" used in "layout24". Here is my search form... ------------- <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="post"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-db"VALUE="Job_Tracker"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-lay" VALUE="Layout24"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-format" VALUE="listView.html"> <P><SELECT NAME="-op"> <OPTION SELECTED>equals <OPTION>not equals <OPTION>contains <OPTION>begins with <OPTION>ends with </SELECT> <P><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Dept" VALUE="" SIZE=30> <P><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-find" VALUE="Start Search"> <P><INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear Form"> </FORM> ---------
  15. I'm creating a web page that allows users to edit records. I'd like to simulate the pop up lists on my database by using <select> in the html. Normally, I'd just use: <select name="name"> [FMP-option: fieldname, list=listname] </select> However, because users can also enter their own data in addition to using the pop up list in the database, I want to test for what's in the field and match it against my value list before creating the <select>. Here's what I'm trying, but it's not working: <select name="name"> [FMP-If: fieldname .neq. valueListItem] <option>[FMP-FIELD: fieldname] [/FMP-If] [FMP-option: fieldname, list=listname] </select> I can't figure out what "valueListItem" is returning, if anything, and the CDML reference doesn't give much help. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Once again the and/or mixed metaphor. While this has been discussed many times, I still have not seen an answer which is any better than this: the operators 'and' and 'or' are not usable as you are proposing. If you look at the cdml reference page "Operator ... Tag Type Variable", you will find a list of operator values. There is even an example of the operator "eq" in a form action. If you attempt this, you will be equally disappointed. (pardon the pun) My experience is that these tags work well when you are embedding a conditional [fmp-if] on a format file. They work well in such situations as: [fmp-if: fieldname .eq. ''] display this text [fmp-else] display this other text [/fmp-if] What you need to learn is how to use the symbols of the database's status tool bar which are offered during a 'find' in the database file. Essentially, I am talking about ==, >=, <=, *, etc. Essentially these can be used in your cdml code, be it form action or link action. A recent example of this type of code was offered here in a posting started by "helmut" (I don't recall the name of the subject line) in which code for finding in a range was offered. Also there have been several mentions of FileMaker technical reference articles on the exact search (==). When you learn how to use these symbols in your code, you will be able to solve your problem. Peace Keith
  17. Hello everone, Help!!! I have been searching the web for help and I found your web site where I discovered that you may be able to help me with the problem I am having with Filemaker. My query is this: If you are designing a custom web site that communicate with a database over the web using CDML tags, how would you display a pop up (drop down) menu to display value lists that are derived from a relationship ? I know that in order to display a pop up menu to display value list you could use the following tag: <select name="cs_Operation"> <OPTION VALUE="" SELECTED>- Select Operation - [FMP-option: cs_Operation, list=Operation] </select> Where cs_Operation is the field name and Operation is the Value List name. Operation is also a relationship between two database files: K_Coachv1.fp5 and Teamv1.fp5. cs_Operation is a field name in K_Coachv1.fp5 What I am trying to do is: 1- Display a pop up menu with all the operations available. I have used the tag above and it is working fine. Then the user adds this operation to the new record. Then 2- Display a pop menu with all the teams associated with the operation selected earlier. In order to this I used the following tag which does not seem to be working: <select name="cs_Team"> <OPTION VALUE="" SELECTED>- Select Team - [FMP-option: cs_Team, list=Team] </select> Where "cs_Team" is a field name in K_Coachv1.fp5 and "Team" is a Value List Name whose source is from Relationship "Operation". Please help me as I have searched high and low for the answer. Kind regards, Muhajer2k
  18. I am very new to using Lasso and am in the process of moving our site over from CDML. I hope someone can help with this query which I also hope is a basic one: Two databases, one where each record is an Event; another where Client creates a New Record as a Booking for one of the Events in the first database. Scenario: Client browses Events database, then has link to an "Add New Record" page in the Booking database, with two of the fields from the record they were looking at Events database having been entered into two of the fields in the Booking database. I could possibly call a script in FileMaker (set Global Values to two other fields etc.?) but how do I do it with LDML? Global Values? A Session?? Tokens??? This is probably a very basic query but I am new this week to LDML and currently trying to wade through Omnipilot's manuals, if anyone could post the required code that would be great, if not point me in the right direction? Presumably once I know how to copy the contents of fields between databases in LDML that is a little way towards creating a DB of registered users, but one step at a time! Thanks for your help
  19. Hey everyone! FYI While surfing the web I found a new program called "wData Builder" from a company called AppMac (www.appmac.com) that helps in creating CDML links and is a basic FileMaker-friendly HTML editor. It doesn't have a graphical front-end, but it still could be helpful to those who are just starting out. For one, it has the entire CDML library built in as a list of commands and links directly to the CDML Reference database for help. Pretty simple app, but I think it might be nice to have and it's not too expensive. Let me know what you all think. -Jeff (I do not work for, know anyone who works for, or receive any kind of compensation from AppMac. Except that maybe they should give me a copy of the program for such a great plug...heh heh)
  20. Help, I am submitting any date as xx/xx/02 and the results are returning as xx/xx/1902. The field is a date field and it has no validations. This only happens when I am submitting across the web. Inside the database this problem does not exist. Are there any special rules or tricks I should know about using date field with Web Companion or CDML?
  21. I am using the CDML mail tags to mail an email on creation of record. The error i am getting is "Unexpected Reply Code From Email Host." Everything is absolutely correct in the -mail tags. Does anyone have any suggestions of what it might be and / or what steps i can take to eliminate the problem. I've tried everything i know and i send many many other emails out the same exact way. I'm Confused. . . jeremy
  22. I'm running fmp4.0v3. On win 2000. All previous cdml pages work find. This page post the code as you see it here to the browser. Anyone know why? [fmp-cookie:sid]<br><br> [FMP-If: CurrentCookie:sid .neq. "1"] You are currently not logged onto the site. Please login <a href="login.htm">here</a>. [FMP-ELSE] Insert your page here [/FMP-IF]
  23. For some reason if you just point a browser to my FM6 server it loads quickly. http://helpdesk.chesaningschools.net but if I point it to a CDML page it loads very slowly. http://helpdesk.chesaningschools.net/FMP...0View&-view What might I have wrong? The password to display the database is "support" Thanks, Brad
  24. I've been reading about getting started with CDML on TechInfo Knowledge Base and I've managed to get the quick test to work. But what I really need to know is if using CDML I will be able to search a filemaker database on the web. The user would have some filters on the webpage to search and after he entered the submit button there would be a report webpage with the information he asked for. Is this possible to be done using CDML ? If not , does someone know how to do it using something else ? I use windows, Filemaker 5.5 and 6.
  25. I'm stumped... we have two CDML templates which call very similar fields from the same database (one is a small image, the other is a larger image), and the portal only works on the detail page. I don't know much about CDML, but I thought it should work since it's very similar. The only difference I see that might make a difference is that in one, the FMP-Portal is inside a FMP-Record tag? The portal isn't even being accessed. Here's the code for the CDML page that works: [FMP-Portal: Self|FilmNToIMG|pk_FilmNID|Relation] [FMP-Field: Self|FilmNToIMG|pk_FilmNID|Relation::imglinkurl_disp, raw] [/FMP-Portal] [FMP-Portal: Self|FilmSToIMG|pk_2ndFSID|Relation] [FMP-Field: Self|FilmSToIMG|pk_2ndFSID|Relation::imglinkurl_disp, raw] [/FMP-Portal] an either/or depending on what kind of record it is. In the CDML that doesn't work, the hit list, I tried using the exact code and it doesn't work. Any ideas?
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