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  1. Hi, Maybe I'm an idiot, but I can't seem to figure out how to make Garry Claridge's suggestions for a dynamic value list work. I am a CDML moron, so that may explain it. This is my first try using CDML although I have been developing in Filemaker for years. I have a set of 3 fields for searching a catalog. Main field is Category, which works fine. The second field is ProductType, which uses a value list where the values are pulled from another file through a relationship. The third field is Vendor, which uses a value list that is pulled through a concatenated self-join relationship of Catego
  2. This should be a simple problem, but I have been scratching my head about it for a good while now. I have a CDML application that collects survey information. There is a link on one of the pages that uses JavaScript to render the results of the survey questions as a simple bar chart. Currently, the link renders the bar chart for ALL records in the database because I'm using "-FindAll": Horizontal Bar Chart I would like the link to render the chart for the current found set, whatever that might be. I have tried replacing "-FindAll" with "-Find" (does the same thing) and "-View
  3. I am trying to create a new web site for long surveys. Im trying to create a -new record (with only a few survey questions) that when clicking the "submit" button the -new record will be created and and another web page will appear with more of the survey questions that will now be in the -edit record mode. Can this be done? I have heard that others have done it but I cant find an example. Has anyone done this and can they share the CDML code with me. I am using CDML with Filemaker 6 unlimited. Thanks in advance to all.
  4. CDML Now Available for FileMaker 7 & 8 Demo site running on FileMaker 8 and Server Advanced http://blackbeltdemo.pointinspace.com/ ) Glen Allen, Va - February 27, 2007 - Thousands of FileMaker users have not been able to upgrade to the current version of FileMaker because their websites are created with CDML. FileMaker discontinued the CDML web language with FileMaker 6. CDML developers have not migrated to the newest versions of FileMaker because their websites would no longer function. We decided to create a tool to enable FileMaker users to continue using CDML with
  5. Would any of you be happy if you could use CDML flawlessly with FileMaker 7-8.5? You could upgrade your sites to 7 or 8, and the CDML would continue working. You can program with the same CDML code as before. Nothing has really changed, except CDML now works with the current versions of FileMaker. * You would have to have FileMaker Server Advanced, or use a FileMaker hosting company with server advanced. * We developed a solution called BlackBelt that works flawlessly. We've beta tested numerous CDML websites, simple to complex. All work perfectly with 7 - 8.5. BlackBelt also
  6. My last FileMaker web project was back in 2000 and it involved using CDML. What is today's version of CDML and what is a good book on the subject? Do I need to have the server version or will 8.5 Advanced suffice? I am trying to web-enable a database without using Instant Web Publishing. Thanks, Tony
  7. I have in mind a solution that seems simple, but maybe FileMaker doesn't let me do this...or maybe I just haven't quite figured out the right coding to make it happen. Here's what I'm after: I have a long online survey (using FileMaker and CDML) with a total of 50-60 questions in 9 different categories. Rather than feeding all of the questions to my online respondents, I'd like to split the questions into multiple format files so respondents can easily review their responses bit by bit, and build their complete response through a series of submissions. What I'm thinking of is a form with
  8. Using CDML, I want to display a particular heading if the CurrentFoundCount and the CurrentRecordCount are the same. When I type [color:green][fmp-CurrentFoundCount] I get 29 (which is correct). When I type [color:green][fmp-CurrentRecordCount] I get 29 (which is also correct). When I type [color:green][FMP-if: CurrentRecordCount .eq. CurrentFoundCount]CFC equal to CRC[/FMP-IF] nothing happens. If I change the .eq. to .neq. then it appears...though it shouldn't. Does anyone have an idea why it is doing this? I don't have a problem with any of my other CDML on the page.
  9. Does CDML have difficulty displaying fields that have periods in the field name? I am pretty sure that is what is causing the problem I am having, but before I go through and rename all my fields I want to make sure that there might not be another factor that I am not seeing.
  10. Is it possible to perform a search on multiple field with just one field in my cdml search page?
  11. I'm retrofitting an old FMP4 web-plugin DB to reflect some style changes in the HTML while I build an IWP solution in Pro 8. The Keyword (Find by searching all fields) function is working, but the dropdown menus are not populating or even recognizing their correct fields in the DB. They worked before, but do not even work now with the unmodified HTML and CDML and Original DB. Anybody ever run into something like this?
  12. Hi Can someone please help with this. What I want to do is get a value returned to CDML format page (in this case a file name), I then need to get the value into a PHP page that is running in the Apache root (OSX) to create a blind link to the file to download it (I'm assuming there is no way to run the PHP scripts out of the Web Companion Folder). I'm guessing that the best way to do this is with Javascript but I don't know anything about it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!
  13. Hi I need a CDML search form that searches on the following: - find search term 1 or search term 2 - omit any record of search term 1 or search term 2 whose JobStatus equals "Completed" I know it's all to do with -LOP and -OP but I can't get it to work!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  14. I have a series of CDML forms which work grat in Firefox, but are cutting off mid-form in Safari. The exact location seems to be at the first occurence of an [FMP-IF] statement. I have a series of FMP-IFs which determine which value list to display, depending on the settings of the current user. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this to work in both Safari and Firefox? I would hate to require everyone to only use Firefox, but I am not above doing that! I am using Tiger-Firefox 1.0.2 and Safari 2.0.3 with FMP 6 unlimited as a DB. I used the same types of commands last year (same f
  15. Hi! Im trying to use nested inlines, see example: [FMP-InlineAction: -db=program_kv.fp5, -lay=Layout 1, op='eq', event='ssk01', -find] [color:red][FMP-Field: inline1, Break] [/FMP-InlineAction] The idea is to have the outer inline find a specific record in the program_kv.fp5 database and then as a nested inline use the content from the calculated field "inline1" which as an example contains: [color:red][FMP-InlineAction: -db=abstract_kv.fp5, -lay=Layout 1, op='eq', event='ssk01', -find] [FMP-Record] [FMP-Field: event_rubrik, Break] [FMP-Field: event_text, Break]
  16. I'm working on a FM-driven website (ver 5-6) that is 99% finished. It contains at least a half-dozen cdml scripts. They were all working when I had the site on my Mac server for testing. Now that we've moved it to the client's ISP, none of the scripts are working. I imagine there's a difference in the way FileMaker is configured on the two servers, but I can't put my finger on what it could be. I'm past deadline now. Please help!
  17. I'm trying to get my value lists in a cdml page. When I insert a valuelist manually I can see them in my web pages with the following code: - [FMP-option: field_name, list=ValueList_name] But when i want to display value lists that gets its values from a relation to another database it doesn't work. Can anyone help me out on this one. I have no clue why the relational value lists don't show. Thanx
  18. Working on a CD shop with FMP 6 and CDML I want to send the visitor from the welcome page to a list of the 10 newest CDs and open a new order record at the same time. This is not so difficult: I make the new order record while sending the visitor to the page where the CDs are listed using an inline action. My problem is to get the token of the new order record. I need to pass it along when the visitor clicks on a CD. But when he clicks on the CD it's the RecID of the CD and not the RecID of the order record. Probably I should get the token while creating the page. But how can this be done
  19. Hi Using CDML I want to create a form where clicking on it downloads a file. I know how to do it as a URL but I want to use a form to suppress the path name from being displayed. The path name to the file will be along the lines of:[FMP-currenttoken].pdf Alternatively, is there something you can add to a web page that will force the browser (specifically Safari) to download the file rather than open it in a browser window? Any advice gratefully accepted!!
  20. I have a large database and the user will use a search form to search this. The results are then displayed down the page in between [FMP-Record] tags. The trouble I have is when a user searches and gets more than 25 results only the first 25 are displayed. There is no -max attribute configured on the search form. The [FMP-Rangesize] is displayed as 25 on the results page - is this the default? and if so how do you set it? Is there any other way around this so I can display a list of more than 25? Thanks in advance Howard Jacks
  21. I am using a Password field with CDML and I cannot get FileMaker to return an exact match. I've tried a few different things, but this is the code I have right now: <input type="hidden" name="EIN" value="=="> <input type=text name="EIN" id="EIN" value="" size=30 class="monospace" tabindex="1"> <input type="hidden" name="-Find" value=""> <input type="submit" name="-Find" value="Submit"> I've tried an op=eq tag, with and without an id parameter in the text input field, etc. Can anyone see what I might be missing? Thanks!
  22. Hi I've created a database and I've created some custom CDML pages. And it is driving me mad. The form works fine but there is only one problem. When I fill in one of the fields and hit enter something strange happens. In safari i get the result as you would expect but in Internet Explorer I'm redirected to the error page i defined. When I press the search button in Explorer, everything works fine but when i press enter it won't. Even stranger, this page is an adaptation of a page i made for another database, and this one works perfectly in both safari and Explorer. I've tried almost e
  23. I am very new to using Lasso and am in the process of moving our site over from CDML. I hope someone can help with this query which I also hope is a basic one: Two databases, one where each record is an Event; another where Client creates a New Record as a Booking for one of the Events in the first database. Scenario: Client browses Events database, then has link to an "Add New Record" page in the Booking database, with two of the fields from the record they were looking at Events database having been entered into two of the fields in the Booking database. I could possibly call
  24. Have a searchable database on the web using FMP 5.5 and CDML The original search page works fine but I now need to make an amendment. The present page has a -LOP setting of AND because the search can be refined by searching in more than one field as thought necessary. The fields are Town - with user text entry of a full or part name County - selected from a drop down list Postcode - with user text entry of full or part postcode All this works with no problem at all and returns the correct entries. However I now need to also find a record which cannot be found by b
  25. When a database on my filemaker unlimited server either quits unexpectedly or stops publishing on the web (this is an identified problem with the web companion)and i try to access a CDML web page i get a javascript application error window come up saying that the database is not open. What I want it to do is move to a static error page designed by me. I have specified it as a URL: <A HREF=""> I have put error pages in all the folders jsut in case i have
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