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  1. Had to step away from this for a while, but now back with it. I have nailed up the two tables I want to sync, however, when try and sync, I get an error that reads Attempt to push data has failed (The message received from the server was : "201") I have two questions really. I don't need to push data, as no data will be allowed to be changed on the 'mobile' side, can I disable this, if this is what the issue is. What is a 201 error, and how can I identify which field is causing the issue?
  2. I think there was some instructions somewhere, but I cannot find them . I have a created local file and server file. Both contain the exact same data. I want to deploy this solution, but I want to avoid a massive first-time sync. How can I avoid a massive first-time sync?
  3. I see Tim has removed everything related to FM Easysync on his webpage I hope Easy Sync will continue to be developed as it would be a shame to trash somehting that good.
  4. We are so close to going live with this system, but we've struck a brick wall and need advice. First some background: The original system was built several years ago and has 50+ tables. Only 31 of those need to be synced to the mobile version of the file, which will be loaded onto iPad's to take into the field. Of those 31 tables, only half contain data which will be modified in the mobile version. The resat are mainly resource tables. We managed to get the sync process working perfectly on copies of the main file, but it refuses to sync to the actual file. It's extremely frustrating b
  5. I just like to have your opinion regarding on the problem I have met in using EasySync. Problem: One Time Pull only Scenario: Sync FileMaker_Mobile in FileMaker_Server (Deployed in AWS) - 1st time successful sync Add or update records in FileMaker_Server Sync FileMaker_Mobile again, cannot get records in FileMaker_Server - Unsuccessful sync when pulling data Add records in FileMaker_Mobile, successful sync in FileMaker_Server - Successful sync when pushing data Then when I delete the FileMaker_Mobile and copy the original solution again, it syncs again p
  6. Hi EasySyncers! I'm having a bit of a brain freeze. Can someone please explain the purpose of $script_override to me? tia, Barbara
  7. Hey again. In a previous thread I suggested using javascript in a webviewer to return the difference between the server and client UUID lists in order to increase the sync check speed. It was much faster, but the code I used included an algorithm with quadratic time complexity, meaning that as the size of the lists increased the time that sync check took would grow exponentially. @GisMo helped test confirm that this solution would not scale well. However I think I've found a bit of javascript that solves this issue and will scale linearly. I've changed the script from the previous thread
  8. Hi, I see that the system requirements state FM 13, but is anyone using it with a later version for instance FM14, 15 and perhaps even FM16? Regards Colin
  9. Hi, Self confessed filemaker noob. Longtime programmer. After a few errors, I have a small custom single table solution running however modifications made on the server are not synced to mobile devices. I have triple checked everything and all seems to match the sample setup. I have successfully deployed the examples to our server and ipads. These work fine so I assume the problem exists with something *I* have done. I *know* I've done something wrong but would like some guidance as to where to focus my debug efforts. We are running on v15/windows Any help appreciated.
  10. So I am new to EasySync, and trying to get the best from it. I am using it more to replicate a subset of a live database for external clients to access, but they will not be changing anything, so my only requirement is to pull data to my 'Mobile' dataset from my 'Hosted' dataset. At the moment the live database is approx. 120k records, but this grows daily between 100 and 300 records for the main customer view, and possible 3 times that for associated activity. I seem to have a serious speed issue, in that trying to sync the mobile version just locks everything up, trying to do
  11. Hi I have a strange error when I try to sync from my iPad to my Server if I create a new record in a specific table 'Echanges' at the next sync I got this error... "Field ES_Echanges is missing. FileMaker Error Code 102..." The thing is ES_Echanges, is the name of the relationship in the easysync context, none of my fields are named close to that... I have triple checked my fields and the relationships - no clues Any idea ?
  12. I've looked everywhere and I can't find the user name and password to login to the databases. The EasyDeploy doesn't ask for a user name and password, but everything is locked and grayed out. The Sample Databases (Host and mobile) both ask for a user name and password.
  13. Greetings All I am looking to add a line into the following code into the 'prepare payload for client' section to select only records that match the following criteria I have a variable set called: $additional_settings The field that needs to match with $additional_settings is called _kf_uuid_companys the code that i have already is as follows, i need to add a line into this code to pick records where the field _kf_uuid_companys matches $additional Settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated: "SELECT " & $dyn_sql & ", '" &
  14. Hi, has anybody ever tried setting up more at least two servers and using FM EasySync to keep the data synchronized on them? As far as I understand this would require some kind of separate sync worker machine to keep some kind of master DB. Regards Franz
  15. Hello there, I've set up 2 files syncing with Easysync. I've set up just a single table in sync called ES_TRIP (without pull or push, because I want to sync in both directions, is that correct). I put the same cfg on mobile and on host file and the process start working but it throws me an error: "The attempt to push data to the server has failed. (The message received from the server was: "111A01C0-27AE-414B-AC1C-DC56C83F877E" The hosted file is on a fm server 15 that is reachable and working - I've tried the hosted link and it is correctly working. The TRIP child tab
  16. Hi guys, Not sure if any of you has had this issue before. I set up FM Easy Sync following the documentation and for the most part things work. Nonetheless, I'm getting a strange error when pulling the data set from the server (roughly 2600 records). Somehow data from "field 1" is getting imported into "field 2" (my table has 95 fields but a good portion are unstored fields I'm not trying to sync). I checked the relationships on both my host and mobile files and my server data and everything checks out. Any thoughts on what could be the cause for this? Thanks.
  17. Somehow my current and last 7 backups are corrupted and unable to be recovered via FM. Ugh. What's the best way to rebuild the server database from the clients' data such that it's minimal impact to clients? Anyone have step-by-step instructions to reseed the database client data and make sure everything gets synced properly?
  18. Our application just started giving Push Failed errors on sync from mobile devices. However, an older version was not failing on the same iPhone, leading me to think its not a server issue. The error text: "The attempt to push data to the server has failed. (The message received from the server was: "-2.1") In our application, though, we have no data to actually push - no one is allowed to update records on the mobile device. However, the sync process has to go through all its motions in order. I will start to troubleshoot (the NGS directory app), but if you had something I coul
  19. Hi all, I have a hosted database with department, order and order_items tables which are synced to mobile devices. We have three departments, each department has a mobile device for order picking. Orders are always owned by exactly one of those departments, order_items are related to orders, orders are related to departments, nothing fancy. Due to time and my limited knowledge I started last year by syncing all records to all three devices and restrict the records the users can actually see. This makes the process slow, it's getting slower over time and conf
  20. I was running some speed tests with EasySync recently and was surprised to see how long a sync took after I added a few images to the the sample record set that ships with EasySync. It was taking over 5 min. to download those records from FileMaker server which was installed on the same machine as FileMaker Pro. A competitor's product was doing the same sync in under 10 seconds. The interesting part was that all records in the sync took much longer to process, once the images were added. In other words, the fact that I added some images to record #1 made records #2-100 take exponentially long
  21. Hi, In order to use the ES_Exclude fonction, I need to send some value list to the server for the calculation. (I am filtering the customers according to 2 lists : department and job ). Is there anybody who can explain how to send these list to the server ? I think I can't use the $$additional_pull_info because the list items are separated with carriage return right ? Btw can we have a debug mode for the the server scripts ? thanks and have a good day ! Jonathan
  22. Hi, Can you tell me how long is the step ""EasySync is go for launch..." on your solution ? When I try to sync with Joshua files (sync check improvement part 2), It looks very fast, but when I used exactly the same script on my solution I have to wait 20 seconds. Do you have any idea why ? Best regards
  23. Hi, I have a db ~27Mb. Using EasyDeploy As Is takes very long to complete (~20 minutes). Each segment takes around 10 seconds and there can be anywhere 90 to 300+ depending on the $segment_size. I modified the EasyDeploy file by adding a table occurrence for the hosted file's EasyDeploy table and then replacing the script's loop with a simple Set Field that copies the B64 data from the host's field and decodes it locally into the container field. The new wait time is < 1 minute. Soooo... My question is why use this looped Get (ScripResult) method instead of simply grabbing t
  24. Hey fellow syncers, stepping back from any method, I was wondering if there's an issue that all sync solutions have. The issue is this: Client A pushes a payload, and it's processed and ready for ClientB to receive...all nice and transactional. However, ClientB gathers records to pull a table at a time. Couldn't ClientB gather Orders - ClientA's processing completes - and ClientB gathers Order Line Items (thus, missing the parent record of some of those Order Lines since ClientB has already pulled Orders for his payload?). We're seeing this and wondering if it's a design flaw in
  25. Hi. I noticed that when using EasyDeploy, the new file will not pull records the client pushed just before updating. This is because the client will not pull records that have the same ES_Device_ID despite their ES_UTC_TIME being greater than the last sync timestamp of the updated file (file stored in 'database_container' on server's EasyDeploy table). i.e. Client A has version 1 and new version is listed as 1.1. Client A pushes a record to server and then updates his file with EasyDeploy The new file opens and does not contain any of the records created by Client A af
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