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Found 189 results

  1. Hi I would like to know where to find the time of last successful sync for a particular table, I currently am not getting a value from the ES_Payloads table the ES_Last_Succesful_Sync field ... Thanks
  2. Tim and whoever else is involved - thanks for making EasySync available for free. I turned the ES_Exclude field into an unstored calc (per instructions in http://fmeasysync.com/docs-easysync-integration/) so that certain records can be excluded from the sync based on the user's privilege set and account name. However, now if user A logs in on their iPad and syncs, and then user B logs in on that same iPad and syncs, there may be some records whose ES_Exclude values will now be 0, but they won't get picked up if nothing else about that record changed, because the ES_UTC_Time field won't have been updated. (It gets updated when a record is modified, but since we changed the ES_Exclude field into an unstored calc, the changing of its value doesn't trigger ES_UTC_Time to update.) Turning ES_Exclude into an auto-enter calc (instead of an unstored field) won't work, because it's value depends on the account name of the person who's logged in; i.e. it's a session-based value. Two people syncing simultaneously with the hosted file could have two different values in that field. So it seems that if ES_Exclude is an unstored calc, it won't work to have multiple users using the same mobile device. If they do, then the user logging in second might not get all his records. The only way to make it work then is to pull ALL the records again (change $$sync_method from Merge to Replace in EasySync Settings script) whenever the user logging in is different from the last time the mobile file was used. But the problem with that is that doing a full sync takes quite a long time to complete in our situation. Or maybe I'm missing something. Is there some other way to make this work?
  3. Dear FMF, during the sync with EasySync the FileMaker Go App Crashes. During debugging I recogniced it allways crashes during the Process Payload Step. This Problem doesn't happen in FileMaker Advanced. Does anyone got the same problem or a solution. Best regards and thanks for your help, 51m0n
  4. Hi I am having an issue where I did a preload on the mobile database by importing all the records from the hosted database to the mobile database (about 5000 records) and made sure the record uuids on all the hosted as well as mobile database were the same so that it would not sync again. I also changed the es_lastpushtime and es_lastpulltime on the mobile easysyncpayloads table to a time greater than the import time. However after I tried to do a sync again on the mobile - it's taking a very long time and is stuck on the pushing payload to server status. I think it is overriding the the last pull/push time - Im not sure but think so. Could you please let me know exactly how to preload data to the mobile file. I seem to have done all that is mentioned on this link ... http://fmeasysync.co...c-integration/) but its not working. Also on the mobile easysyncpayloads table I added a record and then set that records last pull/push time to a greater time. I hope that is the correct way of doing it, please let me know if not.
  5. First off, thanks for making this available to the community! I am in the "wow, what a great resource - how can I get it to work in my solution" stage of testing. I have a project that requires my users to have access to data on their mobile devices for read-only purposes (they are not editing the data, only viewing it). The data changes from time to time so I want the mobile device to "pull" the data from the hosted file but not push any changes back to the hosted file. I have followed the instructions to set up EasySync and have been able to get the process to complete successfully when I use "ES_TableName" in the relationship graph. When I set up my table to be "pull only" (by re-naming it "ES_PULL_TableName" in both the hosted and mobile file) the process generates a SyncError and I get a message window that says "There are no tables configured for synching" I can get it to work using "ES_TableName" just fine but I suspect if I require "pull-only" functionality, setting it up as "ES_PULL_TableName" is the way I need to go - probably because it would increase the speed of the sync process. Any thoughts as to what I may be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated! I am sure it is something simple that I have missed somewhere!
  6. Is there a method to exclude a specific field from the sync process? I assume that EasySync always excludes calc and summaries and probably globals (does it exclude globals?) and only lets through numbers, text, dates, times and containers etc. If there are some trigger fields on the mobile solution that have no bearing on the hosted files is there a way to tell the syncing process to ignore a field so that you don't have to add that structure on the host file? Thanks.
  7. Hello, When I sync the demo file every thing is fine but when I try to launch the sync process on my personal base with the same connection I always get this message. Is there a setting which can be optimized ? Jonathan
  8. Hi I'm new to easysync and was able to pull data but now pushing data to the server is giving me error messages. I'm getting a "the attempt to push data to the server has failed- the message received from the server was -3" message. Does anybody know what this error means?
  9. I've had pretty good success using FMEasySync with pushing. I've got multiple users in the field pushing in records everyday. No problem. The issue I have is that there are some inspection records that everyone needs to get back to their Mobile. Each user is doing a monthly inspection. They need to have the record from the previous inspection to calculate how many "cycles" have occurred since the last inspection. It's never the same person going back. The issue I have had is that when Pushing from the server not everyone gets the necessary records. It seems like only those to created the original records get them back. Or one user will get the record and anyone after that does not. To get around that I push the new records from mobile to server using fmeasysync then after a successful sync toss away everything on the mobile device, then I do a regular import of all the records. (prior to the import I set a flag on the server for one field called "no_transfer" to 1. That field in the mobile solution is set to auto enter 0 when a record is created. I set the ES_EXCLUDE to be a calc field on the mobile side that says if "no_transfer" = 1 then exclude. [I could have left the ES_EXCLUDE as a regular field and used a script to set it to 1 after import but I also had it look for a "delete" flag to keep it from syncing a file that was marked "Delete" but we didn't really want it to get deleted from the ipad]. All new records have 0 in the No_transfer flag so the new stuff comes across. That prevents unnecessary roundtripping since no one can edit an old record anyway.) But as the records build up this secondary import process makes syncing longer. I would love to simply pull the last known inspection for that location (there's 30 of them). But everyone needs to get those 30 records, not just the last device to have that record or the first user to touch the record. How can I use the Pull side to grab the records for every user? I can easily script it to set the ES_EXCLUDE field to only allow those 30 files through, but what do I do to force them for every user? Do I reset one of the other ES_xxx fields to allow this. I've done some experimenting with trying to do a find before import but the 'found set" state of a server doesn't seem to act like a standalone file where the Found Set of a table will determine what comes in. I know I could do this with a middle man file but I would prefer sticking with fmeassync.
  10. I'm trying to find the exact settings for these in both the mobile and hosted files. The demo files seem to be slightly inconsistent. Also, As far as I can tell from the documentation, ONLY UTC_time should be Replace and all other fields(below) should be checked Can someone definitively tell me which, Replace or Do Not Replace Existing Value for each of the fields below. Thank you. Hosted File: Record_UUID UTC_Time Device_ID Mobile File: Record_UUID UTC_Time Device_ID
  11. Whilst syncing appears to have been working well within the solution I built, I have a situation whereby a number of records weren't pushed to the host from the remote client: Changes made on day 1 - sync appeared to run OK, host data updated Changes made on day 2 - sync appeared to run OK, data on host not updated Changes made on day 3 - sync appeared to run OK, host data updated I have no idea why the sync on day 2 would appear to have worked fine yet on later inspection of the data it transpires that record updates were not actually pushed to the host... I realise the remote client can run the 'reset' script and then sync but am I not right in thinking that this would update all records on the mobile device replacing with the data from the host (i.e. losing changes made on the remote device)..? This would be far from ideal. Can I run a similar reset script on the host – potentially only on select records – to force these to be updated the next time the remote device syncs (push to server)..? I suggested to the client that she "manipulate" the data on the device in those records which failed to sync on day 2 so that they are then pushed to the host the next time she syncs which hopefully will solve the problem for now, but I wonder if there is a better way...? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  12. I am syncing data from 10 tables from host to an iPad The tables range from 20 felds up to 190 fields I have denormalised these tables so that they contain and absolute minim of calculation fields and have removed indexing from those fields that do not need it The collection of the data to load onto iPad is quick but it then takes several hours to process approx 5k records received as a payload ! I have potential datasets which could reach 15k-20k of records in total ! The iPad(s) are remote and cannot be preloaded as they manage data for tours and the tours change which means that the user has to wipe the device and then go and get the new tours which have been activated for him/her This processing time is unacceptable for the users and so what should I be looking at to optimise how the data can be processed very quickly when it has been brought down to iPad ? Cheers Harry
  13. Hello, I am a new FileMaker user/developer although I am not new to database and client development in general. I have FM Pro Adv 14 and Server 14 along with FM Go 14. My intention is to develop some databases to manage our work here in Papua New Guinea and offline app use and sync'ing is a must. I have wired up EasySync/EasyDeploy with the Contacts starter solution to give it a try. When deploying a 7.7MB database with EasyDeploy it is at 75K segments and counting. It is also taking a long time to transfer. Is there a way to increase the segment size and speed up the transfer. If not, is there a recommended file size to stay under to keep the deployment transfers quick? Thanks, Jeremy
  14. Hi all, second post here. I heard about EasySync for the first time on Monday, decided to give it a go as I am struggling with sync for months now. My endusers carry devices but are often not able to call into the office, not to mention they can't reach the central server. I had to search for a bit as pull worked right away but push didn't do a lot. Using the debugger and the data viewer revealed much of how the scripts work but I couldn't find the problem, I decided to call for help here and composed a document describing in detail what worked, what didn't work, using pictures and quotes and such. This way I noticed my error so you helped me solving my problem without you even noticing it (Thanks for the help!) It turned out I made an error and choose the wrong script in a 'perform script on server' step. After that everything in my proof of concept solution was ok and it was a happy day demonstrating it to my collegues. This morning I started to 'easysyncify' the first serious app, Great!
  15. Hi Tim, Congratulations on fmeasysync - it's a wonderful thing that you and others have shared in this way. I'd just started experimenting and had a little hiccup; at this stage I don't know if it's an fmes thing, or it's related to server issues. I was setting up the fields etc on a file that is hosted (FMS 13). The file includes an Images table with around 13k images. (All quite small, kb-wise) When I first entered the Base64 calc field, it took quite a while to process - obvious in retrospect but since I'd been following the instructions to the letter, I didn't think ahead. That's not the real problem tho'. Thereafter, I attempted to insert an image. The scripting resizes it if it is > 300 kb. Usually, if it's a few Mb, the upload (followed by the resize) will take around 3 mins. After I added the base64 calc field, the process just kept going. My patience expired at 17 mins and I force quit. Would this new calc field have anything to do with it? Once I'd removed the field, the process went back to normal. In fact, removing the field also turned out to be fairly laborious, processing time-wise, but as I mentioned, there do seem to be concurrent server issues so it's a bit difficult to disentangle the observations. Kind regards, Mardi
  16. So, after heaps of frustration I am almost there. However the one sticking point I am getting is the return of data to the host creates a duplicate record with the updated data. I suppose the question is Is that the way this is supposed to work? I would have thought there would have been just an update to the existing table data to reflect the changes. Now I have checked to make sure that the ES_Record_UUID is not empty and no both hosted and remote (read mobile) version have identical IDs ie one on mobile being child record UUID. So my next question is what could possibly be the answer to this. I have re invented the whole db. and started from scratch and same result so I am at a dead end and completely stumped with no further remedy in site. I suppose the positive is that it is at least "syncing" (pulling updated data back to the server even if it is a duplicate).
  17. Just a quick note: EasySync v1.1 is now available. It includes a few performance enhancements (one of which reduces the memory used by FileMaker Go during syncing by about 50%) and minor bug fixes. You can download EasySync v1.1 here: http://fmeasysync.com/download/ Thanks! -- Tim
  18. Can't seem to get any records to sync.. i get a "?" on the bug report layout. Any idea why this shows and what it means? Thanks
  19. Hi, Just a little feedback on the documentation for the EasySync Demo which I tried out. In The ReadMe says: However after setting the External Data Sources as per paragraph 1 above, the two remote scripts (Perform Script on Server) worked with no help from me. The Documentation page says, In my case testing the Demo files, both of the lines mentioned were fine as is (after I set the external data source). I did notice that these scripts got messed up if I logged into the mobile version with a new account that I added that was not in the hosted version. :-) Doug
  20. Hi, Can you tell me how long is the step ""EasySync is go for launch..." on your solution ? When I try to sync with Joshua files (sync check improvement part 2), It looks very fast, but when I used exactly the same script on my solution I have to wait 20 seconds. Do you have any idea why ? Best regards
  21. this query should select from the table only the records of the group set by the variable $PrivGroup, the query work fine without the red part, please were i am wrong? Var $dyn_sql : -------------------------------- "SELECT " & $dyn_sql & ", '" & $$record_delimiter & "'" & " FROM "" & $sync_table & """ & " WHERE " & " ( ES_PrivGroup = "" & $Privgroup & "" ) " & " AND ( COALESCE ( ES_Exclude, 0 ) = 0 ) ) " & If ( ( $$sync_method = "Merge" ) and ( $last_pull_utc > 0 ); "AND ( ES_UTC_Time > " & $last_pull_utc & " ) " & "AND ( COALESCE ( ES_Device_ID, 'X' ) <> '" & $client_persistent_id & "') " ; "" ) -------------------------------- the red part is my add, i get the error code 106. Please tell me were i am wrong?
  22. I am getting an error on push to the server "The attempt to push data to the server has failed (The message received from the server was 504)" Error 504 is: Value in field is not unique as required in validation entry options The only field in the server data base that requires uniqueness is my ID. This is an auto enter UUID. There is also the ES_Record_UUID field, but this seems to not be set to require uniqueness by default.
  23. Greetings All I am looking to add a line into the following code into the 'prepare payload for client' section to select only records that match the following criteria I have a variable set called: $additional_settings The field that needs to match with $additional_settings is called _kf_uuid_companys the code that i have already is as follows, i need to add a line into this code to pick records where the field _kf_uuid_companys matches $additional Settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated: "SELECT " & $dyn_sql & ", '" & $$record_delimiter & "'" & " FROM \\"" & $sync_table & "\\"" & " WHERE " & // Exclude records flagged for sync exclusion. "( COALESCE ( BS_Exclude, 0 ) = 0 ) " & // If the client is merging new/updated data with data already on the device... // Only include records that have been added/updated since the last pull... // And only include data that they did not just push (i.e. no "round tripping!")... If ( ( $$sync_method = "Merge" ) and ( $last_pull_utc > 0 ) ; "AND ( BS_UTC_Time > " & $last_pull_utc & " ) " & "AND ( COALESCE ( BS_Device_ID, 'X' ) <> '" & $client_persistent_id & "') "; "" )
  24. Is it bad to delete all the records in the EasySync_Payloads table? It's kind of building up.
  25. Dialog Displayed: “The Pull request has failed. No Payload was received from the server.” All tables are push ( labeled ES_Push_tablename ) there is no pull tables or other tables… In "Pull Payload" if the result of "Prepare Payload For Client" is empty then it is assumed to be an error and an alert box is displayed. In this case where there is no payload to pull from the host to the client empty is just fine, unless I have missed a check for pull or sync tables somewhere.... In "Prepare Payload For Client" "Get all the tables to be synced" it seems that the SQL statement should come back empty ( $sync_tables ) if there are only PUSH tables and yet... we do not see the dialog: Sync Error: no tables available for syncing
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