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Found 543 results

  1. Hey all, Well, after months of periodic saturdays spent combing my scripts, fields, layouts, buttons, etc etc etc in a converted FMP5 to 8 set of 24 interrelated files, today was the day for the final reconversion of our most current FMP5 files, and final data import into our (hopefully!) fully functional and fixed FMP8 solution! Good bye classic mode, finally. Man, it flies too! Working with FMP Server 8, 4 clients, I maxed out the server RAM and boosted everyone's caches up to 64 megs and we are SMOKING.. love it so far, and my initial final test is turning up only a couple of new "close window" script steps I forgot to add to prevent unnecessary screen clutter. I have noticed some bugs though, such as printing multiple scripts at a time doesn't work (only prints the last one) or printing multiple page scripts only prints the last page. So I'm considering the 8.03 update, but I've seen some issues around here on it. So the $64k question is.. should I go ahead and patch all 4 clients and the server? Or should I sit tight on 8.02 until the next update? What say you? Thanks in advance! I'm off to keep humming speedily through my newly zippy databases :yay:
  2. stefanshotton

    FMP8 Problem

    Have been using a database where a referenced file is entered onto the database by a 'insert calculated result" that being a filename/location allready dtermined via another script. this used to work but now is saying it can not find the file needed to complete script. Ideas anyone?
  3. I wonder if this is a bug or some new limitation in fm8 or maybe its just me. I have a script that deletes the "current login/password account user" and creates a new one. It used to work fine with 7 but now i receive a error when the account is created, not enough privileges. Even the custom privledg set i created in my solution allows all. The option"[Full access]" is ghosted in the "Add Account Option" Any ideas whats going on? I think the new account created has the custom privilege and wont allow to create a new account but "[Full access]" is not working, what to do? Here the script: Login: Admin or 1 Pass: no pass or 2 Untitled.fp7.zip
  4. I believe FMP7 Developer shipped with media and a non-commercial (debug, development, etc.) license for Server 7 Advanced. Does anyone know if this will still be the case with FMP8 Advanced and Server 8? Chris
  5. Hello I am new, I have installed updated my QuickTIme When I go to the 'Learning Ctr' ie, about IWP internet web pub.. and click on the video option for training... it loads fine, I get audio but no picture... says something about "QT ..says missing system file to perform, unfortunately it is not available on the QuickTime server?"" Any idea's?
  6. Yesterday I updated FM 8 on two machines running Windows XP Pro to v.03. Since then I already experienced 3 instances of the application freezing ("FM not responding" in Windows Task Manager), forcing me to force quit it (and lose recent changes in scripts.) This happened on several different files, and under slightly different circumstances. In one case the feeze occurred when looking at the table structure, in two other cases while editing scripts. Has anybody else experience this annoying and dangerous behavior?
  7. :mrbug: I use Value list for find some data and use two fields in specification of Value list. When I selected filed as [color:blue]drop down value I got result which I want: Choose Country e.g.: [color:red]United States of America and in field I got short from second value list specification: [color:red]USA, bat if I like to use field whit [color:blue]Pop_Up List result isn’t as I wish Value list don’t change from one to another. Is it fp8.5v1 bag : :qwery:
  8. I have a script which archives records into an archive file, that has stopped working since my client upgraded from FMS7 to FMS8. It does a find, to isolate the record to be archived, and then performs an import script in the archive file, to import the found set from the original file. It then deletes the original record. This is then repeated many times, for each of the related tables. The records are now being deleted, but not archived. Has anyone any ideas? This is the portion of the script for one table: Set Field [jobs:gJob; jobs:kJob] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [jobs:kJob; jobs:gJob] Perform Find [] If [Get ( FoundCount ) > 0] Perform Script ["import_acrchive_job" from file "archive.fp7"] Delete All Records [No Dialog] End If (gJob is a global to hold the key field kJob) And the import script "import_archive_job": Import Records [No Dialog: "control.fp7"; Add; Windows ANSI] TIA
  9. Hi Guys, Ive finally migrated my FP5 solution to the new FP7 format, and boy its been great learning the new language and the potential power of FMP 8. Im going to be embarking on a new project and I'd like to use the "transactional" method of data entry, i.e. use a save/submit button which will be scripted to commit records once the user has finished editing or adding a record. My question is, has anyone used this method successfully, and what kind of pitfalls should I look at out for? I've always disliked the fact that anyone could edit records easily without even knowing. Im concerned about editing portals and records mainly in a multiuser environment.... I'd love to hear if any of you guys have adopted this approach.
  10. I hope it is an ommission, but while adding scrolling in FM8, right clicking in a record for some simple commands (duplicate, copy, etc) was deleted.
  11. jhomer

    Error Codes

    Does anyone have a list and or DB of the error codes for FM8? i have a list from 7 but wanted to know if there were any new or updated errors for version 8. Ive found a list online but im lazy and dont want to add it to a DB. However if no one posts to this by then end of the day ill do the work and add it back up for all. thanks!
  12. Here's an interesting file, showing a peculiar behavior of related value lists in version 7. It's a good thing I checked if this is true in v.8 also. Goes to show how risky it can be to rely on undocumented "features". RelatedValueList7vs8.fp7.zip
  13. Hiya, I've developed an intricate solution in FM7 that has been successfully running off FMS7 for quite some time without a problem. The file is 100% operational via FMP8 and FMP8A when being openned locally. However, when attempting to access most parts of the file remotely with any version of FM8 as the client, FM8 hangs and the server stops responding. Under windows, the FM8 client just hangs. Under OS X, it crashes with the error message: "Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed." The problem occurs when hosted from FMS7, FMS7A, FMP8 or FMP8A, and occurs on Windows as well as OS X. It appears to be entirely systemic to the networking capability of the FM8 clients. It is interesting to note that the file will not crash when viewing simple static layouts. The problem only seems to occur on complex layouts involving portals and relationships. The file is absolutely free of corruption, has never been crashed, and works flawlessly on 7. Our simpler solutions work on FM8 with no problem, so I am confident that it is not an issue with our machines or specific installations of FM8. The file in question consists of 65 tables, 250 relationships, and in excess of 100 layouts. My initial reaction is that there is a problem handling the relationships remotely, but due to the complexity involved in disassembling the solution, I would appreciate a heads up if anyone has experienced a similar problem, or is aware of any quirks in FM8 that may give me a clue as to what's going on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Brian
  14. I have noticed that, when cutting and pasting into a field, that the formatting information is copied from the source of the cut instead of from the definition of the field. I find this quite annoying as it makes my database look more and more irregular over time. I have two questions: 1) Is there a way to force the use of the field definition when cutting and pasting into a field? 2) How can I reset the formatting information to that of the field definition after it has been changed by cutting and pasting? Oviously I want to do this with a script, but I can't find any script commands that affect the format of a field. Surely there must be such commands. John Link
  15. Andy Martin

    Text Functions

    How do I set up a text field to make sure that it is always automatically formatted correctly for LastName, FirstName. I want to make sure that there is always a comma and "1" space following each last name and I want this to occur in one field called Pt. Name. Is it possible?
  16. Along with the rename of Developer to Advanced FMI have provided an upgrade path for users like me who are not Developers but would love to get our hands on the custom features in the Developer versions. I paid an extra £70 to have the upgrade to 8 advanced rather than 8 and I think FMI should be congratulated for following up their reasoning for a name change and making it possible to move up.
  17. joaocarlo

    A litle of history

    i think, it is important to know the past... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FileMaker#History [[**]]
  18. Can anyone confirm that this is a bug in FM 8.5 any sub version. I cannot move any window in FM of any size fully off screen. Not with the built-in FM script Move/Resize Window step or even a third party plug-in such as WindowUtility. It seems to only happen in FM 8.5. I can move windows offscreen with FM 7, 8 and 9. I have even tried different versions of Mac OS X and it is not linked with OS X. If you know about this do you know of a work around? Thanks
  19. I see that FM8 IWP lets you customize the iwp_home page. Anyone know if FM8 IWP handles popup blockers better than in FM7 ?
  20. I'd like to know if filemaker could handle groupware activity (email, contacts, forums, file management, etc.) through the web publishing? Are there any pre-built groupware applications for Filemaker?
  21. :P I need to have FMP automatically delete duplicate records down to a specific field when generating a report! My database has field like division, department, goal, objective, tasks... When I generate a report that tells a division each objective it has, there are many duplications because there is a record for each task (which may be 4 to 6 under each objective) I can clean these manually but there must be a way to auto delete duplications at the objective field level for this report!?
  22. S.A. Moor

    Find UnUsed Scripts

    t seems that I've posted my question to the wrong forum, sorry I'm new in here, so I hope that this time it's OK -) --------------------------------------- I've imported an application from FM version 6 to version 8.04 advanced. Before importing I've remamed all the Scrips so that I can find them once all the databases imported to a main base as tables. Is there a way (using the DDR?) to find out all the non used scripts in the final application so that I can delete them? Thank S.A.
  23. Greetings.... I have been running FM v8 (upgrade from v7) for some time without a hitch. Yesterday, I accidently cut the power while FM was open. From that point on, I can't get it to load. It will attempt, up displaying the FM v8 intro panel, but will then shut down. I have verified & repaired permissions, with no luck. I removed FM v8 using AppDelete utility, and reinstalled it. No Luck. I removed FM v7 and FM v8 and reinstalled both. FM v7 seems to work fine, but not v8. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on what I am doing wrong. Thanks for your help
  24. Just received our copy of server 8, but just wanted to know if those people still on v7 professional will be able to connect. Thanks

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