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Found 543 results

  1. Dibritti


    I hope you can help me, I have a data base in .xls where I go to search the data, until here all good, the case complicates when I try to put at the same layaut 2 different fields going to search information at the same database, the result of field one is always equal to the field tow , I also have one scritp to make "next" in each one of fields, but when I execute this script, always runs in the two field.Please help... thanks
  2. Hello I am new, I have installed updated my QuickTIme When I go to the 'Learning Ctr' ie, about IWP internet web pub.. and click on the video option for training... it loads fine, I get audio but no picture... says something about "QT ..says missing system file to perform, unfortunately it is not available on the QuickTime server?"" Any idea's?
  3. :mrbug: I use Value list for find some data and use two fields in specification of Value list. When I selected filed as [color:blue]drop down value I got result which I want: Choose Country e.g.: [color:red]United States of America and in field I got short from second value list specification: [color:red]USA, bat if I like to use field whit [color:blue]Pop_Up List result isn’t as I wish Value list don’t change from one to another. Is it fp8.5v1 bag : :qwery:
  4. I wonder if this is a bug or some new limitation in fm8 or maybe its just me. I have a script that deletes the "current login/password account user" and creates a new one. It used to work fine with 7 but now i receive a error when the account is created, not enough privileges. Even the custom privledg set i created in my solution allows all. The option"[Full access]" is ghosted in the "Add Account Option" Any ideas whats going on? I think the new account created has the custom privilege and wont allow to create a new account but "[Full access]" is not working, what to do? Here the script: Login: Admin or 1 Pass: no pass or 2 Untitled.fp7.zip
  5. Database Designs

    Mac Compatible

    I have a solution that I created in my Windows platform. If I create a runtime version can it be run on a Macintosh? If not, can a macintosh run my files?
  6. I'm in search of a complete list of features (script steps, functions, etc.) added since version 7. Is there such a thing? Bonus if it shows in what version it was introduced. Two separate lists for 8 and 8.5 would be fine too.
  7. Hi, I'm finally going to version 8.5. I bought advanced this time ( I did not have developer in the past). While reading about conversions, on the filemaker site it is written that "files should be recovered and then compressed before conversion to version 7 and higher". That is big news to me as I was always told that recovers are to be avoided but in dire circonstances. My question is the following: should I then recover and compress with my 8.5 advanced in the old format ( i.e. .fp5 format) and then convert so as to have the advantage of having the developer report of the old version handy? Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! -) Luc ps as I am filling up the fields to submit this post, the platform for FM Server does not show linux which is my platform...could that be added to the choices by the webmaster(obviously this is not related to my question)?
  8. My extended characters display as the black ? box on the mac, and the box on the windows machine. Is there anyway I can get these to show how they are supposed to? I'm talking about upside-down ?'s and !'s, and like 1/2 symbols, stuff like that Anyone got any idea's for me?
  9. Where on my hard drive would I find the filemaker help files? Mac 10.4 Thanks
  10. Hey all, Well, after months of periodic saturdays spent combing my scripts, fields, layouts, buttons, etc etc etc in a converted FMP5 to 8 set of 24 interrelated files, today was the day for the final reconversion of our most current FMP5 files, and final data import into our (hopefully!) fully functional and fixed FMP8 solution! Good bye classic mode, finally. Man, it flies too! Working with FMP Server 8, 4 clients, I maxed out the server RAM and boosted everyone's caches up to 64 megs and we are SMOKING.. love it so far, and my initial final test is turning up only a couple of new "close window" script steps I forgot to add to prevent unnecessary screen clutter. I have noticed some bugs though, such as printing multiple scripts at a time doesn't work (only prints the last one) or printing multiple page scripts only prints the last page. So I'm considering the 8.03 update, but I've seen some issues around here on it. So the $64k question is.. should I go ahead and patch all 4 clients and the server? Or should I sit tight on 8.02 until the next update? What say you? Thanks in advance! I'm off to keep humming speedily through my newly zippy databases :yay:
  11. Hello group. As the title indicates, I am a complete newbie to Filemaker Pro. My boss at work purchaed it as a "gift" for me, but now I am expected to learn it and implement it. My question is not so much how to do something, but more of "can Filemaker Pro do this?". We have 4 inventories total. 3 are at different locations. Every week each location submits an Excel spreadsheet with their current on hand count. Is it possible in Filemaker to create a solution that will allow me to import the inventory from the 3 different locations (Excel spreadsheets), compare them to the main inventory at the fourth location, generate a printable report of what needs to be shipped to each location based on the current quantity each location has and then finally look at the main inventory and suggest items to order based on the onhand count after the numbers have been carried over to the 3 other locations? I hope I worded that right. Sounds confusing, but I have the flow in my mind. I just wanted to know if this is something Filemaker can handle? Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. For the longest time, I have used the 'Open URL' ScriptStep which makes a 'https://' request from both FMPro 5.5 and FMPro 8, to Internet Explorer. After installing the Internet Explorer 7 Beta on my PC, this wonderful functionality simply stopped working. Now when I initate the 'https://', the URL I receive in IE is 'http://1/'. Please note, normal non-secure 'http://' request continue to work properly. In search of a solution, I have checked my IE Internet Options against a PC with FMPro that still works correctly, but unfortunately I could not find an answer. Thus the post, anyone with any idea. All the best from Prague, Czech Republic, Dino
  13. I've been using FileMaker Pro 5.5 and 7 for a while now... and I'm currently working on recreating the database I have in 5.5 in 8. I wish i had the Advanced version but i'm stuck with the no so advance one for now. Questions: 1. Text Bounderies: As i started creating layouts in 8 i noticed that when you add some text in a layout the text boundaries don't shrink to the size of the text when i click on "Line Spacing, Single" like it used to do in 5.5. This is really annoying when trying to align text. What's the workaround? 2. Aligning: in 5.5 there was a dialog box that let you decide the aligning options along with the vertical or horizontal distribution. You were able to set the option and they would stay that way till you changed them, you could get to those setting by Ctrl+Shift+K and then apply those setting whenever needed by pressing Ctrl+K. Now what? 10 more clicks for each alligning operation? 3. If i were to get FM 8 Advanced. The database i create in Advanced... would it work (with tooltips and everything) for everyone in the office if they have the basic version installed?
  14. Well now we have intel based macs and a whole new potential can o' worms to deal with. Anyone have any idea when/if FMI is going to put out a universal binary version of FM8 products for the mac? I'm sooo very tempted by the new MacBook Pro, but leary of running/developing via Rosetta translation. Thanks, --Perren
  15. grand poobah

    Complicated upgrade to V8

    I have 5 versions of FMP5 and just received an upgrade for FPMv8. To my horror it is only valid for FMPV6/7 Any recommendations on what to do from here? Obviously I cant by V6...nore can I return V8
  16. I have a report I generate for my customers, at the end of the report, I want to throw in discriptions on how to fix the issues that the report lists. Is there a way to get something to only show up on/after the LAST page? I'm playing around with it now, and have been for a bit, hoping someone else has hit this problem. For those interested: Title Footers print only on the FIRST page of the document, and Footers Print on every page.
  17. I've created a layout with a very simple button, where I've attached a script and a parameter to it. The script calls a subscript, can I pass the parameter to this? At present I haven't managed to figure it out, but im hoping they can be passed to different files unlike variables. Jalz
  18. aharown07

    I feel stupid but...

    I must be missing something obvious but... where is the place in the FMP8 help file where it lists all the stuff that's new in this release and walks you through how to use it? If it's in there I'm not having much luck finding it... is there such a document elsewhere?
  19. How do I insert a photo into the Body field in FM 8 using the Email Campaign Management template that came with it? I don't want the photo as an attachment. I want it in the body of the email on the right side with the size being 2" square. All of the text needs to be wraped so that it is on the left side of photo.
  20. ZuperZZ

    Damaged File

    Hi, This file is the core of a accounting system I made a few years ago. It was first developed in FM 6 and then translated to FM 7, so far no problem. A few weeks ago I tried to run it over FM 8, everything works fine just for a small detail: I can't perform finds in date fields, when I try it gets a very strange error and then quits FM. It took me some time to "isolate" the problem, because everything else works fine. - First a supposed it was an script error, so I eliminate it (and eventually all of them). - Then all the relationships. - Then all the fields but one, "the" date field. So I ended with a file (36k) containing a single field with no relation nor fields, file references or scritpt. And the problem persists: I cant perform a find in that field. Any ideas? ZZ
  21. Hi Guys, Ive finally migrated my FP5 solution to the new FP7 format, and boy its been great learning the new language and the potential power of FMP 8. Im going to be embarking on a new project and I'd like to use the "transactional" method of data entry, i.e. use a save/submit button which will be scripted to commit records once the user has finished editing or adding a record. My question is, has anyone used this method successfully, and what kind of pitfalls should I look at out for? I've always disliked the fact that anyone could edit records easily without even knowing. Im concerned about editing portals and records mainly in a multiuser environment.... I'd love to hear if any of you guys have adopted this approach.
  22. Hi all, Quite new to FM and still using the demo of v7, but I have a few questions before I actually purchase it, including which version to get... Am I correct in assuming with FM8 Advanced that I can create a database that runs stand alone, and that others can search through and edit? For instance, I'd like to create a contact database that our advertising staff can search through and add records to WITHOUT having the full blown FM package installed? I could just create it initially as a stand alone, then pass it along to them to populate with their data? Then I'd like to create yet another one for our sports department (we're a small newspaper) to populate with football stats, etc, again without them having the full blown package. I can think of hundreds of other uses for FM here at the office, but the expense would be just too great for everyone to have full versions if I can just create standalone versions of the databases that they can edit/modify. Hope I'm making sense here... TIA
  23. jordioni

    survey help

    I really tried to figure this out but I need to go to the pro's. I am building a yes/no survey with 25 questions for 4 stores. There will be 12 responses per store I would like to sub summarize by store and total for each Q. Thus far I have one layout with fields for each question and a checkbox value list for yes. I appreciate any help in advance.
  24. jhomer

    8v3 oddity?

    Just wanted to see if anyone saw the same problem. I installed the update in our test env. and everything seemed to go well. BUT, when rebooting there is no indication that the update installed correctly, Server console still says v2. any like issues out there???
  25. I believe FMP7 Developer shipped with media and a non-commercial (debug, development, etc.) license for Server 7 Advanced. Does anyone know if this will still be the case with FMP8 Advanced and Server 8? Chris

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