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Found 543 results

  1. I wonder if this is a bug or some new limitation in fm8 or maybe its just me. I have a script that deletes the "current login/password account user" and creates a new one. It used to work fine with 7 but now i receive a error when the account is created, not enough privileges. Even the custom privledg set i created in my solution allows all. The option"[Full access]" is ghosted in the "Add Account Option" Any ideas whats going on? I think the new account created has the custom privilege and wont allow to create a new account but "[Full access]" is not working, what to do? Here the script: Login: Admin or 1 Pass: no pass or 2 Untitled.fp7.zip
  2. I see that FM8 IWP lets you customize the iwp_home page. Anyone know if FM8 IWP handles popup blockers better than in FM7 ?
  3. I have a products file that was built in FMP 6.0 and I could really use your help and recommendations before adding it to a new solution I’m building in FMP 8. My question is, is their any reason to build the solution differently from 6 into 8. A picture tells a 1000 words so I’ve attached a picture of what the layout looks like. Our products can have up to 6 price points based on tonnage plus prices for "FOB" and "X-Warehouse" as shown. There is no set structure pertaining to pricing. Some vendors have one price, some have six and others can have anything in between. You can also see the “Special Promotion Data” that pertain to some products. The other side of the equation is the Invoice side that needs to be considered in making changes to the product file. Pricing is based on total tonnage amount. So if the customer buys 5,000 pounds of the product shown in this example the price is $2.60 per pound. But if the customer buys other products and the total of all products combined is 32,000 pounds. The product in this example drops to the 32,000-pound price of $2.54 and all other products on the same order are based on the 32,000-pound price as well! BTW, the reason for the Lb Price and Case Price fields is this. If a vendor bases his price list on pounds, the price is entered into the Lb Price field and Case Price under “Selling Price” is calculated automatically. Same is true if the vendor bases his price on the case. Enter the case price and Lb Price is entered automatically under Selling Price. Is there anything you see that I should consider when making the switch? Thanks for your help, Bill
  4. Hi all, Before I get too far into things and potentially destroy a good database, I wanted to check to see if there are any known issues around opening a v7 fmp db in v8, then re-opening it in v7? We are unfortunately running both versions at the moment. I've tested this and it appears to be fine, but would love to get confirmation around this from other users. many thanks, julia talley
  5. Our IT director set up an install script so that all our employees would have to do is double-click on the Pro 8 set-up file and pick English for the language. We are in a testing period with approx 10 individuals and the install when fine for 6 of them. The others receive an error message that basically states "FileMaker can not be installed or uninstalled on this version of Windows". I run XP Professional and can install fine but others running on the same can not. What's going on?
  6. everytime i open my db the field sort (view by) is reverted to creation order, is this my issue or something with FMP8Adv?
  7. 1.highlight color is grey and cannot read text selected 2.Printing a record with related line items does not print correctly when no related record(s) exists 3.rogue scripts are creating and deleting global record (but not sure where/when) 4.List view Search, cannot right click > insert symbol but can as admin i'd appreciate any help with any of these items, i can provide scripts and screenshots if more information is needed
  8. hello everyone, i'm updating our database and i'd like to combine several fields into one field. we have several fields like "notes" "comments" etc. and i'd like all of the data of these fields to go into one field, and then delete the fields we no longer use. can someone let me know how to do this? maybe there's a script, or is it a built-in function of fmpro? i couldn't find anything like this in the help files. thanks very much in advance alexandra
  9. Reed


    Boy am I happy I bought the maintenance on the volume license we got this winter.... Of course I just bought a 10-seat network license for Dacons MenuControl too : Oh well, we'll be using 7 until Server Advanced comes out for 8 anyway, so I'll get a few month's use out of it.
  10. I believe FMP7 Developer shipped with media and a non-commercial (debug, development, etc.) license for Server 7 Advanced. Does anyone know if this will still be the case with FMP8 Advanced and Server 8? Chris
  11. Greetings.... I have been running FM v8 (upgrade from v7) for some time without a hitch. Yesterday, I accidently cut the power while FM was open. From that point on, I can't get it to load. It will attempt, up displaying the FM v8 intro panel, but will then shut down. I have verified & repaired permissions, with no luck. I removed FM v8 using AppDelete utility, and reinstalled it. No Luck. I removed FM v7 and FM v8 and reinstalled both. FM v7 seems to work fine, but not v8. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on what I am doing wrong. Thanks for your help
  12. aharown07

    I feel stupid but...

    I must be missing something obvious but... where is the place in the FMP8 help file where it lists all the stuff that's new in this release and walks you through how to use it? If it's in there I'm not having much luck finding it... is there such a document elsewhere?
  13. hello all, i am not sure if this is the right place for this question, but it is my best guess. when i develop a filemaker solution anything bigger or more complicated then to print a few labels or something, i ONLY develop on my PowerBook G4. I have it cleanly installed, always updated to the latest patches. Other then filemaker, excel and maybe a graphic program i do not have any other software on that mac. also, as my own rule i would never copy the file over a network to a different system, develop a little, then later copy it back. especially i would never copy my document to another operating system because it contains a different filesystem... now that is actually very annoying. what i wish to do is: while in the office develop on my mac, in the evening put it all on my FAT32 memory stick, drive home, upload the stick to my windows xp ntfs formatted system, continue to develop, and in the morning reverse the whole routine. is there actually a reason to my paranoia, or could i do what i described above without fearing weird quirks or even data corruption? except a bad disk on one of the systems it should be all fine, but i just dont dare to do break my habit...
  14. I hope it is an ommission, but while adding scrolling in FM8, right clicking in a record for some simple commands (duplicate, copy, etc) was deleted.
  15. In version 8 I was getting consistently bloated PDFs (sometimes 100MB+) when using the Save as PDF script step, but in 8.5 this problem seems to have disappeared - has anyone else noticed this? I have not seen it listed in the 'New features'. (8.5 advanced / Mac OS X 10.4.7)
  16. musixer

    change printers

    Hi everybody, I moved my database from FM 6.0 to FM 8.0. It contains a change-printer-database correspondig to VB-Scribt on Windows doing a good job (and it was free!) Now it does not work any longer, beeing supported only up to FM 7.0 (I am to unexperienced in Windows VB-Scripts to know, whether you allways need special VB-Scripts for each application-version). Does anyone know a change-printer-solution for free working with Windows XP and FM 8.0? Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany, Axel
  17. I got filemaker pro 8 advanced about a week ago and I cannot get it to install. I have a powerbook 1.67 ghz w/ osx 10.4.5. I mount the file then start the install everything goes ok, I enter the serial as asked, it accepts the serial then goes to the easy install menu. I then click ok to start the install and it starts. It gets about 25% done then stops without any error message and goes back to the easy install menu. The last file that displays as installing is openssl. It then just becomes a loop. If you click install again it goes to the install and gets about 25% and then goes back to the easy install menu. I think it may be the software, but I tried downloading the trial straight from the website www.filemaker.com and it does the exact same thing. I also have access to filemaker pro 8(not advanced) and it does the same thing as my version of filemaker pro 8 advanced. I did get filemaker pro 7 to install with no errors, worked fine the first time. But 8 refuses to install for me. Is there anything that I can do that anyone knows of to help? I will give anything a try. I already tried searching the website for any refrence to filemaker, but nothing related to my error. I also tried the god (www.google.com) but no answers from him (maybe I asked the question wrong). Please help. Just as a note. I have not or am not trying out any pirated software as someone else suggested when I asked this question at http://www.macosx.com I am in the US Army and have access to this software. Also I am the admin so I know that I have the permissions to install it. I also tried installing under another admin account and I get the same thing.
  18. Just received our copy of server 8, but just wanted to know if those people still on v7 professional will be able to connect. Thanks
  19. Zero Tolerence

    ToolTips in Layout Mode!?!

    I'm getting a very strange bug in FMP8A. In browse mode, I see tool tips. No big deal right? Except these tool tips I didn't create, and its not over anything but a color background. These tool tips say things like "Queen of Hearts" "Jack of Spades" "Eight of Spades" I'm not doing ANYTHING with cards, about 6 months ago I built a little 21 application with FM7D, but I haven't opened it in at least 3 months. Sometimes, my mouse even turns into a hand, like when you mouse over a button. But nothing is on my layout! This still didn't bug me that much, made me laugh really, but those same tool tips are now showing up in Browse mode!
  20. Come on FileMaker! I have not seen any indication of Server Advanced 8 for Linux. Anyone have an inside scoop? I was not at DevCon.
  21. joaocarlo

    A litle of history

    i think, it is important to know the past... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FileMaker#History [[**]]
  22. I'm in search of a complete list of features (script steps, functions, etc.) added since version 7. Is there such a thing? Bonus if it shows in what version it was introduced. Two separate lists for 8 and 8.5 would be fine too.
  23. Along with the rename of Developer to Advanced FMI have provided an upgrade path for users like me who are not Developers but would love to get our hands on the custom features in the Developer versions. I paid an extra £70 to have the upgrade to 8 advanced rather than 8 and I think FMI should be congratulated for following up their reasoning for a name change and making it possible to move up.
  24. My extended characters display as the black ? box on the mac, and the box on the windows machine. Is there anyway I can get these to show how they are supposed to? I'm talking about upside-down ?'s and !'s, and like 1/2 symbols, stuff like that Anyone got any idea's for me?
  25. Here's the set up . . . Our database has multiple 'buttons' with various scripts attached to each, and there is only one script step in each - which is GTRR Showing only related records matching current record only. The related record and button is being displayed in a portal. Here's the fault . . . Click on the button and the user is taken to the first layout, and to the most recent record on the layout they had visited. No error given to the user about not being able to 'reach' the layout due to permissions - I have seen this one before. Unfortunately, this is not a repeatable fault . . . This can happen to any one of five users just once in a month, or even twice in a row for the same button, and then not for months - it has not happened to me personally, although I'm using FM Advanced 8.0v2 and I'm not navigating as much as the users are. All other users are Mac OS X 10.3.9 FM 8.0v2 networked from a Mac OS X 10.3.9 FMS 8.0v2. The script step shows the correct layout, not as mentioned my others on these forums. Any thoughts ?

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