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Found 203 results

  1. Hi, We have a workgroup (6 persons) with FMP9 installed, all with unique license key. Before we used PMP7, there have no problem of sharing common files. But after this updating, only one user can connect to database. If we open a common file at server machine, and all client machine report a "License key conflict with user FMServer". This is first time we get this kind problem, if anyone has an idea?
  2. Unable to open a database file created in 8.5 in version 9.0. It just hangs when trying open. I've tried deleting all file references and validations using files not accessible on computer where I am trying to open the file. I've deleted all users requiring authentication by anything other than Filemaker Pro.
  3. I have just upgraded from FMP 6.5 to FMP 9.0v3 on a single Windows XP platform (no network). My problem is that I keep getting the following message as I try to use my databases: "This record cannot be mofied in this window because it is already modified in a different window". How can I overcome this? Thank you.
  4. I've got a very small database (1000 records or so) with about 50 scripts. In list view, when I move from record to record I get an hour glass with each move time. Likewise the running of any script. I'm mean its wicked slow. I'm running on a dual boot machine, xp on both sides, but I haven't upgraded one side to 9 from 8.5. On the 8.5 side its as fast as a scalded dog. Anyone else having this problem? Any help appreciated.
  5. I'm running Vista and my new FM9 Advanced. When opening the script editor the Copy Past Cancel and OK buttons are missing. Strange ..... Marcel
  6. Hi Filemaker Lovers, I am having the below doubt -- can any one help me please, I am going to create a website in php and which is going to be controled by filemaker CMS application. For this, I have the below doubt, 1. We can able to bold/italic the text selected using the filemaker format options. But, when I am showing this in web via PHP -- it shows the text normally without formatting. Kindly can any one help me please -- how to achieve this ? Thanks in advance.. Hari
  7. I am looking at rolling out the database i am developing within our business. I am looking at the best way to do this. I have a few questions... *Seat Rental-Has anyone come across this my boss mentioned it as a possiblity. Personally i don't see the benefits. *Pro V Advnaced-I want to use the features within advnaced for development and maintanence. Plus the tooltip/menus. But does this also mean i have to use advanced for all my users seats so they can utilise these features?? Or will pro cover this? *Server options-i am thinking of leaning more towards advnaced as i am the type of guy that likes to have options for expansion. And if i did need a feature offered in advance i would like to utilize it without upgrading and all the issues that come with it. any insight on these points would be helpful as. thankyou. Brendan
  8. I am a complete newbie to FMP, but at work we have a new setup where some of us are on Macs and some on PCs. The person who I am working with is using a PC and I use both PC/MAC. Whenever anyone attaches a .pdf file using a PC, the mac users cannot open the file (cannot double click or extract it to desktop etc). PC uses seem to be able to open their own attachments and those attached using a MAC. Does anyone have any advice about how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm experiencing something odd with V8.5 & V9, where the entire window does this sort of shifting or flashing or skewing several times before it finally stops. This happens usually in layout mode, although it has happened in browse mode a few times. The screen/window always snaps back into place, but I can't figure out why it does this. Never had this issue in V7, and I have downloaded any/all updates from FM. Anyone else had this happen?
  10. Has anyone else had issues downloading files from the website with a maintainence release link? I try and it gets about 5 MB on any file and stops. I have tried on 6 machines on various networks. Just curious.
  11. FYI, the FM 9 installer contains a Read Me file that is somewhat buried, and is not accessible after installation from the Help menu. I'm guessing that many of us missed it the first time. This readme file contains a lot of useful last-minute information that is not in the help system. On mac, it's located in the "English Extras" folder in the DMG installer.
  12. I loaded FM 9 adv on my Win Vista based HP laptop and the short cut keys ctl-alt-arrow for aligning objects stopped working. I have to use the menu to align objects. I don't have this problem with FM9 adv on my Win Vista desktop computer. Can this be a keyboard issue? Is there a setting somewhere in FM?
  13. Have been trying to learn FMP since it is the only "Userfriendly" db on the Mac. I want to develop a solution for my office integrating my word processor, spreadsheet and database. (I did make a prototype db to work in my office though it looks it might be better if I switch to Word, Excel, Acess VB.NET). All it matters to me is to get my work done in the most efficient way and still be able to easily customise the solution. Every time we noobies ask a question like "How do we get this functionality in FMP?.. General Patton said from FMP5.5 to FMP9: "Nothing is Impossible in FMP" with [color:gray]"that can be easily done in Access". Should I wait for Apple Numbers 2.0 (or its equivalent that outperforms excel) , then wait for FMP X to support Numbers, Applescriptability and Recordability, Learn Objective C/JAVA to create my custom data entry screen, learn APXL, PHP, Javascript or Should I use Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and VB.NET? What can filemaker do that MS Access cannot do other than run on OS X and Windows? Its surprising to find that under the hood FMP a "limited database" for people looking for user friendly functionality. FMP now has Limited SQL capability, Limited ODBC connectivity, Little better than Limited Applescriptability (compare that with VB.NET and Access). Better support for Excel than the previous version? Was really excited to learn that I can hide an interface element if I add it in a portal with a background set to none and somehow set the related table add or remove a record to show or hide the element. Then I learnt that in Access, I can use Object.visible="False" to hide an object. May be its more like an "Appletrick" way of showing people that though they are number "X" in the computer industry, they are growing daily and still there is room to grow.. Last year's sales tripled this year (10 to 30 = rate of 3X !! ) and its still growing?? FMPs cross platform advantage is eclipsed by its inability to add full support for all the latest apple technologies out there. If I need a good user friendly interface, I am limited to what the FMP built in tools offer. In Access for example, I can use all the power of VisualBasic to control the user interface. Control visibilty of objects via scripts, Events, a good timer that does not lockup the screen, change field properties like border color to give instant feedback to the user, a good scripting language, ODBC, integration with other office tools like spreadsheets, word processors... When will we see these features in FMP? Hopefully not when the Mac platform finally overtakes windows that >90% of the world is using a Mac! I pray to thee that then there will still be more room left to grow! Amen.
  14. I have been using the trial version FileMaker Pro 9 and have purchased FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced. I now want to use the Pro Advanced version instead of the trial version. Questions: Do I uninstall the trial version first? Do I install Advanced and leave the trial version active? Do I enter the license key in the trial version? What is the best procedure?
  15. I know that this isn't as glamorous as ESS, but the expansion of the Arrange Toolbar to include the "Resize to Smallest Width," etc will save me countless trips to the side-kick menu. Sometimes it's the small things. (Yes, I want Layout management folders, like Scripts).
  16. I was looking at the FMS 9 setting under web publishing on the PHP tab, there is a section labeled "Record Data Pre-validations" Any ideas what this does, and how it does it? I didn't see any documentation on it.
  17. Anyone else running FMP 9.0v1 on managed client? I have installed FMP 9.0v1 onto my 10.4.10 managed client and when logging in under a managed user environment, FMP 9.0v1 will not launch. It acts as if it will, but then stops. It almost looks like the program is trying to open some registration file, but I haven't been able locate what it's trying to do. If I log in as an admin, it works as expected. I called support and their answer was, give them admin access to the machine and it will work. Problem is, that's not a practical solution for us given the fact that we're a school and staff do not have their own machines, meaning middle school age kids will have a field day trashing the workstation and doing things that they shouldn't...let alone it being a nightmare. Previous versions of FMP ran fine if a user wasn't an admin, but not FMP 9.0v1. Anyone have any suggestions...should I abandon 9 and go back to 8.5.x? I have heard that 9.0 is suppose to be the one to use and I'd really like to go that route, but I seem to have hit a road block.
  18. OK, I am probably going to regret posting this, but it's the end of the day and I'm fried and I figure one of you guys or girls will be able to answer this before I can figure it out tonight...... Let's say I have a field(Field 1) with a list of items: 1 2 3 4 Now let's say I have another field(Field 2) with values in it: 1 3 Now let's say I want to return all the values in Field 1 that don't appear in Field 2. How would I go about doing that? FilterValues(Field1; Field2) will return those values in Field 2 that DO appear in Field1. I'm looking for just the opposite.
  19. I'm having troubles with the Open Remote function in Filmaker 9 Advanced on Leopard. When I choose this command, nothing happens. One would expect a window with access to FM servers and remote files, but nada... It works fine on 3 other (Tiger) machines that access the same server. I've chekced my firewall settings, checked if something is blocking port 5003. I've reinstalled FM again from the cd. The first time I hit the Open remote command, Leopard asked me if FM remote connections should be allowed. I did allow this. I've even turned off the firewall. Still no luck. This is driving me mad! Any suggestions?
  20. Hi Guys, The IT department rolled out patch number 3 for version 9 for FM. The previous install was 9v1. It seems as though everytime a user tries to open up a LOCAL file (i.e. a file that is not hosted by our server but could be on the local disk or a networked mapped drive), FileMaker decides to go into uninstall mode. Has anyone encountered this behaviour and knows of a workaround. We have approximately 600 machines and about 60 have come back to us. We've had to unistall the whole app and then reinstall it. Reading through the patch notes, it does say you can install v3 on top of v1, as my initial gut reaction was you had to install the patches in sequence v1,v2 and then v3. Thanks Jalz
  21. March 9th 2008 Today marks the fourth anniversary of the release of FileMaker Pro 7, of the arrival of the still current .fp7 format, and of the beginning of the modern era of professional FileMaker development. This auspicious anniversary offers us the opportunity both to reflect on lessons learned and to apply the wisdom of those lessons to the future. First, we have learned that the conceptual changes required to master the modern versions of the products outstrip and outweigh the technical changes. We have needed to adopt new ways of thinking about business problems we use FileMaker Pro to solve as well as new ways to apply the products to achieving those solutions. A good number of our former colleagues from the .fp5 and the .fp3 days either could not make those transitions, or else, they did not make them. They have quit the field, so to speak, and now labor elsewhere. We need not join them, neither now nor in the future. Second, we have learned that the dramatic evolution of FileMaker Pro has brought new colleagues to the professional developer community. They have come with fresh insights, with fresh ideas, and with an occasional loud boom. They have for the overwhelming part raised the competence level of the community. We hope that a continued influx of new developers and new thinking will continue to propel us along that upward and expansive course. Third, we have learned that as a developer community we must take responsibility both for our own continuing education and for our continued self-regulation. We really have had a huge amount to learn these past four years. And by and large, we have accomplished that through our own efforts. That direction and that posture must continue. Indeed it must accelerate. So as we look forward to the future of FileMaker as outlined and described in the corporate Roadmap, we can do so with a certainty born of our experience these past four years and with the concomitant confidence drawn from the wisdom gained. We have a long way yet to go; we will make that journey. Steven
  22. I just bought the FMP 9 Advanced upgrade since my pre-relase version expired. Before starting the installing process I wanted to know if I need to deactivate my pre-release version, or unisntall it, or any other considerations (Mac OS X). Thanks!
  23. Is it worth upgrading a customer from 7 to 9 just yet? or are there usually bugs and the like with new releases of FM? just wondering as i have noticed that they are still selling FM 8.5 on the site, why is this? thanks
  24. I have a set up a small FMP database that runs on a server that hosts a web-based application (non-FileMaker) created by a another company. The purpose of the FMP database to simply to trigger two scripts - one that imports data from a file on that server into a database being hosted on Filemaker Server, and one that exports another datafile from a second database hosted on Filemaker Server, to be picked up later by this third-party application. The file simply calls the two scripts and then closes. It takes about 2 minutes to run. FileMaker server is hosted on a separate Server in close proximity on the network. The file is triggered by a scheduled task in windows. Since we set it up with FileMaker Pro 8.5 about 8 months ago, it has work flawlessly, kicking in twice a day, importing and exporting as required as required. My problem is that I recently asked our IT people to upgrade the FileMaker client software to 9.0v3, so that it is the same as all other users of our systems. Under version 9 however, the scheduled task will only run if I remain logged in as a user on the computer on which the scheduled task is to run. If I log off, so that the task should run without the user needing to be logged in, it fails to run. We have tried everything (setting up new scheduled tasks, logging in as sifferent users), but we can not seem to get it the scheduled task to work as it did with 8.5. I have just had the IT guys roll-back the software to 8.5 and it works fine again. Is anyone aware of any change to FileMaker Pro that would be causing this problem, and it there is any way around it, short of using an older version of the software?
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