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Found 145 results

  1. We are currently running FMServer 9 on an old G5/OS X 10.4 server. It hosts student records for various projects, has a maximum of 2 users and it's been fine. But I need to update. Would FMSA11 run on a lightly used xServer? The server in question only runs a few web sites; some Joomla and Moodle. I know that best practice is for a dedicated server but I am running out of options here. Is anyone else in this position and has found sharing a server acceptable? Thanks for you time - much appreciated.
  2. Hi Fixed _ I found a server uninstall app in the user library>>caches. that seemed to work where as the option to uninstall in the "insaller" didnt for me. A reinstall and hopefully back to normal. ------------------------------------------------- I installed the server trial and seemed to be ok. Then my drive mysteriously "filled" up but after a restart went back to normal (93Gb available). After that I couldnt access the server admin (http://hostname:16000/) so I reinstalled the server trial. Now it is hanging at the prelaunch page. Any ideas appreciated. Before the reinstall I ran the uninstall and it hung and froze at the second pane- "Deleting the program files"
  3. Since about a week ago, we noticed that after a routine server restart that the previous radio button enabling External Authentication is now always disabled and must be re-enabled. Is there a plist or preference file that may be damaged, and if so, which file(s) should I yank (and where would they be located)? We have also been experiencing "communication was lost to the host…" errors, which affects all connected users, connected via the WAN from any location (Austin, Sacramento, VPN). Maybe it is related, since it never seemed to occur previously? Thanks in advance, - - Scott
  4. Hey guys! So I have FMS 11 running on a computer, hosting a file. I installed FMP on a new computer but didn't realize one other mac on the wifi network is already using it. When opening the hosted file on the server, I was given the license conflict message. Fine. I uninstalled FM, removed all preference files, etc. started fresh with a different license key. Same problem. I tried all kinds of different things to absolutely no avail so finally I removed FMP from the OTHER mac that already had FMP on it. So now I only have one computer on the wifi network using FMP. I try and connect to the server hosted file and I still get license conflict message. BUT THERE ARE NO OTHER COMPUTERS WITH FMP! What should I do? Pah-lease help. Thanks so much, Rob
  5. Hello everybody, I have installed FileMaker Server 9 on My IMac 10.4.10(tiger). Installation successfully completed but when i deploy the server after all the setting that deployment continues forever(It is not deploying , taking infinite time). Then i forcefully quitted that admin consol page. I tried this 5-6 times but the same result. Can anyone solve this problem ? Thanks in advance. Pandit
  6. I'm serving an FM db on FM Server 9 on my local development machine (macbook pro) running the latest leopard and FM Server. A few weeks ago I got the file uploaded, and I got lasso to view it and all was well. Now lasso says it sees it, and seems to act like it sees it in the browser (though i'm having permission issues), and i'm able to open the file thru 'open remote', but the file is not showing up listed in the FM Server Admin console. It says "0 databases" on the databases page, though the opening page says its hosting 3 databases. why doesn't it show up on the console?
  7. Hi, All on the same machine: Mac Mini, Mac OSX Lion Server, Filemaker Server Advanced 11, Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 Client. I am sure that my general stupidity is preventing me from accomplishing this EZ task. I have some videos that I would like to view in a container field either using IWP (enabled) or on another remote machine with a Filemaker remote install. I keep getting the same messages, no matter what I try, of "cannot locate URL" or no link or video at all ..... I have tried: 1) putting the video in the web folder of the Filemaker Pro Advanced Client, and trying to access via "Quicktime Access" I do not see anything in the field remotely via Filemaker or on IWP. If I insert as a "file" and select the "relayive file path" dialog I see the "link" in both Filemaker Advanced Client and IWP, but when I click on the link it tells me that it cannot find the file and lists the path ..... 2) Have tried other weird derivations like placing the video file in the Library/Webserver folder on the server, and placing the file in the Filemaker Server web folder....of course that did not work either ...... Help????
  8. When I open a FM remote file the records DO NOT display properly. None of the styling or buttons I have applied to the fields are visible. This is a problem with 2 of 3 users. The 3rd user (using same version of FM--9.0v3) has no problems viewing the remote file and records correctly. This is the case when I am logged in as the admin or other user. Is this an FM Server issue or what and how can I repair. Thanks. Pedro
  9. Hi guys, I'm a bit of a FileMaker noobie but I've kinda been given responsibility of a FileMaker Server Advanced 11 and recently, for no reason that I can see, databases started crawling. Especially when duplicating records. When I first open a database, I can duplicate near instantaneously and everything is very fast. However, after 10 minutes it slows down, so there is a delay of about 2 seconds per duplicate record. I can recreate this on several machines and it consistently happens. This only started last week, with no changes in network infrastructure or software. All client machines have 4GB RAM and wired ethernet. They are on Mac OS X Leopard. FileMaker Server 11 Advanced is running on Mac OS X Server 10.6.4 on LAN. Running about 120 databases. The RAM is fairly maxed out on the server but it seems to cope fine. I've checked CPU, Network, Disk Access on all affected clients and the server and none suggest any bandwidth throughput issues. Anyone care to give me some pointers on how to proceed from here? Much appreciated!
  10. Please let me know if this is not the right forum for this question. Background: — We have FM Pro 10 Advanced loaded on a Mac OSX server in NY. — We have a contractor who has been hired to edit database content in Kentucky on a Windows Vista laptop running FM 10 Pro. — We have successfully set up a VPN connection and have remote access to the DB files (using favorite hosts and setting a local/internal IP address for the server network). Problem: When VPN connection is active, internet browser connection slows to a stand still (even though FM works fine) and he must have access to both while editing the DB as he uses browser to gather data entered into the DB. I am a Mac guy, but through a PC buddy of mine, I found that the PC tends to default to using the VPN connection for all internet traffic and was thus serving all traffic, including browser traffic, through the server in NY. So, I turned off Use remote gateway as default in the Network properties section on the PC. This immediately fixed the browser problem, but also killed FMs ability to see the remote files in Open remote. Does anyone know how to either: 1)get FM to see the remote files when VPN is on and Use remote gateway as default is off? 2)how to get the browser to bypass the VPN without it compromising FMs connection? thanks guys Roger
  11. I'm trying to get FMServer 11 to execute SYSTEM SCRIPTS on Mac OS X 10.6.3. In the first instance I can get simple commands to execute, such as 'ls' without problem, but what I really want to do is fire up a separate database and use an installed FileMaker Pro 11 to "save records as PDF" - this is an option not available within FMServer. My simple scripts is: #!/bin/bash open '/users/stagebase/documents/file.fp7' which execute correctly when initiated from a terminal session started from the Finder. I have applied the changes to the /etc/sudoers file as recommended by the FMS Admin Console help, so that the script can execute under a local system account. The changes are: Host_Alias FMSHOST = yourhostname Defaults:fmserver targetpw, timestamp_timeout=0, passwd_tries=1 fmserver FMSHOST = (ALL) /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Scripts/*, /bin/kill and I substituted "yourhostname" with the real hostnmame as determined from the hostname command. When the script is executed the following log entries are generated: 2010-06-09 09:51:00 Server Events Information Schedule "BashTest" running. 2010-06-09 09:51:00 Server Events Information Schedule "BashTest" has started system script "BashTest" with process ID 27732 using account "stagebase". 2010-06-09 09:51:00 Server Events Information Schedule "BashTest" aborted; aborted by user. What's wrong with my setup? Is this even possible? Many thanks.
  12. I am setting up a shared-file solution for multiple user access at a site. When scripting the file 'open' step and specifying the network file path, can I us a 'set variable' step to define the path? Or does it have to be a fixed value? Since the solution will be deployed to multiple sites, the networks are unlikely to be set up identically.
  13. Hello, I have a very fustrating problem right no with filemaker server. I was trying to set up the SMTP settings for a gmail account. Does anyone know how to set it up? the correct ports etc.? I tried the usual paorts 465 , 587. Any help would be grateful, Vidal.
  14. Hi Everyone - Firstly I hope I posted in the right place and also really hope someone can help me? This is my first time, so please be gentle... I have 10.4 server with FM Server 9. I have external authentication running and connecting to remote server via VPN. At home I have an iMac running 10.6 with FM 11 client. I can connect via VPN without any problems and open databases. Two laptops one with windows 7 and the other vista. Both with connect to VPN. Originally when I open remote on either PC I could click on the server in Favourites and it would open the user and password box... enter all details and see and open databases. My client complained that during this process they lost internet connection and could not access email etc. After a bit of research as I don't know windows too well, I established that by clearing "use default gateway" in the VPN settings I could still use my internet connection while connected to the VPN. This is where my problem lies, as soon as I disable "use default gateway" when I go to open remote in FM client, I can see the server i added in favourites but when I click on it, nothing. I have tried putting the path to a database and it eventually times out. Can anyone please tell me how or what to change ? or even just point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance. Shelley x
  15. Here is the output of ls -l from /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Scripts/ -rwxrwxrwx@ 1 fmserver fmsadmin 73 Dec 5 15:17 touch.sh This is the shell script: !#/bin/bash touch /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Data/Documents/touchtest.txt This is the failure in the FileMaker server logs: 2011-12-05 15:26:59.389 -0500 Information 146 filemaker.hostname.com Schedule "touch" run now by "accountname [123.456.7.8]". 2011-12-05 15:26:59.395 -0500 Error 642 filemaker.hostname.com Schedule "touch" aborted; unexpected error. (-1) This bash script is being called from a scheduled system script from FMS. Nothing else is attached to it like in a script sequence. I am using the default user ( FMServer ). What am I missing that is causing this very basic script not to run?
  16. Running Mac OS Server 10.6.8 When I try to configure Web services in FMS Console i get the following error: In "Edit Server Deployment", upon clicking "Finish", I see this error: "Deployment/Configuration error -30 Sending request error (attempt #1):java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused. I have verified that Apache is up and running. And that all needed ports are open. I have a backup FMS server that has same configuration, but does not present this error. Any insight would be most helpful.
  17. Hi, everyone, Today, I was looking over our FileMaker logs and I noticed the wpc_access_log. I was about to open it when I realized that it is over 1GB! My initial thought was to create a new text file with the same name, then rename the old one so I could go over it on my own time, but when I did this, permissions became an issue and I had to revert it. I was wondering what I can do with this file. I the log size limit enabled on the server and set to 40 MB, but perhaps that doesn't affect wpc_access_log? I would prefer to open it on my own machine and leave a blank text file there for the log to continue recording into. If I copy the file, then delete it from the server, will the server create a new one in it's place without issues? Thanks.
  18. Does the PHP package FM 10 Server offers to install (5.2.6) have any of the popular extensions that come with other PHP packages? How does it compare to the one installed with OS X Server 10.5? I use FX.php so I don't need any of the FM-specific stuff for the API, but the OS X version is usually barebones, so I was hoping FM's installation might be better. Anyone have a PHP info report they could share?
  19. Hello, everyone. Recently, I encountered a situation where a few records in a critical database were being deleted. Unfortunately, I don't know who or what deleted the records. Thanks to backups, I was able to recover them with relative ease, but it really got me thinking. Is there anything built into FileMaker Server that is capable of recording when a record from a database is deleted? If not, is there anything that can be coupled with FM Server (for example, an plug-in) that would allow for automatic logging of this data? Ideally, I would be looking for something that could be turned on and off for individual database (maybe even tables?) and recorded something like: 1/1/2010 12:01:02 PM User1 deleted record 5 in Database1::Table1 by running script SomeScript (runs with full access privileges). 1/2/2010 3:45:10 PM User2 deleted records 14-23 in Database2::Table4 via Relationship. 1/3/2010 11:03:52 AM User3 deleted record 8 in Database1::Table1 manually. The purpose would not necessarily be to see what is being deleted, since I can figure that out later, but rather how it is being done. I would prefer not to write any sort of "Deleted Records" database that gets populated by script triggers and what-not, since the server should theoretically already know when it's deleting records. Thanks.
  20. Hello there, I'm having trouble to run the simpliest system script in Perl. My scripts were working before we change our active directory server. Now I'm testing with this simple script and I keep getting a 642 error. use strict; print "Hello world!"; OS Server : OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard FM Server : FMS 11.02 Does somebody know how to fix that?
  21. For several weeks I try to run the Custom Web Publishing. Unfortunately, I encountered several problems. I see in the browser only a blank page. My configuration: OS: Mac OS X 10.6 Server (Snow Leopard Server), currently 10.6.8 PHP 5.3.8 Apache 2.2.21 FileMaker Server What I've done so far: Before installing the server, I installed the Pear Date Package. cURL was already running. In php.ini location I added of the FileMaker API. I also enabled CGI support. (http://support.apple...iewlocale=en_US) In Server Admin I turned off all Redirects for web sites. When installing FMS I chose the option "Use my existing installation of the PHP engine." The installation was successful. Test Page is also active. And at this point my problems start. I run Filemaker PHP Site Assistant and create the webpage using FMServer_Sample base. When I use the "View Site" I see only a blank white page. When I use the "Generate Site" and save my page in the /Library/WebServer/Documents and then run it again I see a white blank page again. I really need to have this operational. I would be very much obliged for any help. (This is a copy of my post from another forum. I'm sorry but I am looking for support everywhere)
  22. I have a number of databases that contain records that expire when certain date fields pass. Can I set a server script to check the date each day and send an email notification if the record is expired? Thanks, Bill
  23. How many processor / cores can FileMaker 11 Server utilize in 10.6?
  24. I know this topic has probably been talked about already, but is Filemaker Server 8 compatible with Leopard? I just got a MacMini and plan on using that as a Filemaker Server. I installed FMS 8 and get an error that I cannot connect to the server. If FMS 8 is not compatible with 8 and I can't install Tiger on this new MacMini, what are my options? Do I have to buy Server 9 and does anyone know if that is compatible with Leopard yet? Thanks!
  25. please help me : how i can get the filemaker file after it has been removed from server.? i have removed the file from server and i want to know where the files is located after removal. can it be located or not. ?
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