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Found 6 results

  1. Hello folks I am experiencing a peculiar behaviour, which is creating a user case problem, in a solution that is utilizing the Data Separation Model and WebDirect. I need to know if this behavior is normal, a bug, or if my implementation is incorrect. I've got an interface file and a data file. Each file has two Privilege Sets defined (in addition to [Full Access]); call them Floor and Manager. Floor has very restricted access, and Manager has more liberal access (but no where near Full Access). Scenario 1) I've made a script in the interface file which performs a re-login. A user logs in as Floor privileges via WEBDIRECT. User then performs the script and enters credentials for Manager. The interface file successfully performs the re-login and gains the privileges associated with Manager. However, the data file does NOT change, it does not re-login, and it still exhibits the behaviour of the Floor privileges. I know this is an incorrect implementation. Which brings me to: Scenario 2) I've made a script in the interface file which collects the account name and password from the user (show custom dialogue), stores them in temporary global fields and as local variables, clears the temporary global fields (keeps the variables), then performs the re-login using those variables (which works). The interface file gains the new privileges as expected. Then, that same interface script calls a re-login script in the data file, passes those login credentials to it, and then performs a re-login there in the data file as well. This works perfectly in FileMaker Pro Advanced, but it does not work in WebDirect. WebDirect still exhibits the same behaviors as described in Scenario 1: interface file does gain the new privileges, but the data file remains unchanged, retaining the original login's privilege set. Thus, how can I make WebDirect act like FileMaker Pro in regards to getting both parts of data separation model to perform a re-login? Thank you
  2. I’m considering the solution bundle for a vertical market solution. One major issue looks to be the handling of user accounts. The various deployments all have lots of different internal Filemaker user accounts that are managed from within each solution by the local admins. How can one migrate those user accounts from the production version or is it something that can be recreated after the import? Advice welcomed.
  3. Is there a way for a script to "know" whether the last login attempt was sucsessful? I would like to use the outcome of the log in as an IF/THEN step. Something like... IF Get (lastloginattempt) = sucsessful perform action.... ELSE IF Get (lastloginattempt) = failed don't allow action.... It would also have to account for the user cancelling out of a log in prompt, or treat that as a failed attempt. I know there's not a Get (lastloginattempt) but I saw a Get (lasterror) which has many error codes pertaining to passwords. I'm not sure how to write the script though since there is no error code generated if the login is successful, and the Get (lasterror) function will return some earlier error NOT pertaining to the log in.
  4. Hello All I have an excel spreadsheet with contact names, company names , email, phone etc. I imported the company details email & phone to the Accounts module and I imported the contact names & associated account name to the Contacts module How do I "relookup" the account names so that the contact is assigned to the Account in the accounts module? Regards Stephen Murphy Ireland
  5. On the main layout I have "Get ( AccountName )" filling a field of who is logged in. The calculation is simply Get ( AccountName ). How could I get that same field to say essentially "Welcome back, Admin". I have tried "Welcome (Get ( AccountName ))" but the calculation doesn't like that... Help...
  6. Hi, I have a password protected-database. I currently have the file options set to "Log in using" the Guest Account privileges set to the single FileMaker file. (To toggle this, I can have users hold down the option key (mac) or shift key (windows) to override this and enter an Account Name and Password that has been authorized. However, what I want to do is have it to where a user can enter in their account name and password just ONCE, and then it will save this information, to grant them access to the FileMaker database. For example, maybe a script step that triggers an edit to the file option of "Log in using" and instead of the guest account (default) it will make a new default setting to their pre-authorized Account Name & password. Is this possible? If not, is there a way to have users enter an Account Name and Password only ONCE and have it pre-saved? I know on the Mac this can be saved to the keychain, but this is a cross-platform solution. I also don't have any unique logins, but instead just have one account with "Authorized User" and a password, that is given to multiple individuals. Any help with this would be appreciated, thanks.
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